The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Two



Marcus twisted the tiny steel mesh around in his fingers. It was so small and his hands so large he could clasp it without a problem between first finger and thumb, as if it were a small child’s toy.

Erika was in awe. “That’s amazing. It’s so intricate. How the hell do they make them so small?”

“They need to, for the smaller guys in life,” grinned Marcus.

Wrinkling her nose Erika spoke almost apologetically. “He’s got a chastity cage though. Remember? We showed it to you.”

Guffawing and shaking his head, Marcus said. “Nah. Those cheap plastic Chinese knock offs are hopeless.”

Widening her eyes, Erika prepared herself for some mansplaining from Marcus. Why did she find him expounding stuff to her as if she were a child, so thrilling?

“You see, those knock offs have a generic key. Dumb arsed sissies like your husband …”

She bit her lip to stop herself giggling while the continued.

“… just get a pile of keys. For safety they say. Then they indulge their own fantasies but unlock themselves for relief on the quiet.”

Shocked, Erika demanded, “Is this true Eden? When we’re playing your maid games you just go and unlock yourself and spurt for your own satisfaction? Without me knowing?”

She could tell be the way he grew even more pink and looked away that Marcus was once again totally correct.

Squatting down she said to him, “That’s despicable. Why couldn’t you be honest?”

Marcus said, “Nah. Its not his fault. They’re all the same these sissies. Saying one thing but then backing out of it. So how about we ensure he can’t back out of anything until we say he can?”

“Look,” Eden began, “yeh, you know, you got a point. I shouldn’t have gone against what we agreed. Sir, that’s how I should address you when we are playing. Like we originally agreed.”

“You reckon?” An amused Marcus asked.

A spring of confidence grew within the bound over the chair Eden. “Yes sure. And hey, rules like safe words, they are all open to discussion.”

Marcus laughed. “Yeh sure. Up for discussion.” He turned to the bewildered wife, “tell your hubbie to hush while the adults are talking.”

Slapping Marcus’ wide chest, she smiled. “You are terrible you know that?”

Gaining confidence from having spoken and his wife’s apparently admonishing words, Eden said, “How about, untie me and let’s all go downstairs? Talk it through. See where we stand?”

Erika folded her arms, why did he have to keep interrupting when Marcus was telling her stuff?

“Be quiet Eden!” Then she smiled and locked eyes with her Bull, “Adults are talking here.”

Marcus nodded as if a teacher encouraging a deserving pupil.

“And those plastic devices,” he continued, “they can pull their little dicks out of them anyway.”

“Really?” The thought that Eden cheated, filled her with rage. “I didn’t know that.”

“Na. Most wives don’t. Too trusting, and their hubbies too deceitful.”

Now she felt like an idiot. Eden must have been laughing at her behind her back. She had to play the dominatrix and he got everything he wanted. Bastard!

“Also,” the Bull sighed, as if speaking sorrowfully, “simple tools from a supermarket will break them out of those cheap containers like a finger going through a wet pussy.”

Erika laughed at his naughty gag. Normally she detested coarse men, but Marcus somehow could carry off dirty jokes.

Raising the tiny cage he continued, “so this is made of graphene.”

“What?” the wife asked, loving having this all explained to her – especially before her helplessly tied hubbie.

“Graphene. Its manmade. Not found in nature. The hardest substance known to mankind. 200 times stronger than steel, even when just a few atoms thick. And look at this key.”

Eden struggled to twist and turn to see the key being shown above him. He saw how wide Erika’s were eyes. Almost bulging.

“Oh! I’ve never seen a key like that.”

“It’s called a tubular key. Its designed only for that lock on that chastity cage. So once it’s on …”

He let the words hang in the air as he studied the hot wife. She was far and away the sexiest woman he had ever shagged. The fact that she belonged to another guy made her even more desirable. At that moment her eyes were twinkling with awe at the devices he held in his palm. The cage and the key, she now understood were unique. Once he locked her hubbie up into it, she would know only he could release the dumb sap.

This would amplify his power in her mind and further diminish her husband. Thus, she would be even more aroused when they had sex.

“So watch how I fit it, maybe I’ll leave the key for you to release him one day, and then you’ll need to know how to fit it again.”

“Wait!” Eden screamed out loud. “No!”

Crouching down, Marcus stroked the panicked, dumb sissy under the chin. “Now, didn’t you hear your Mistress say that you should be quiet when adults are talking. I tell you what. Just to help you learn your lesson, you know what I am going to do?”

Oh God! Eden froze. Not another spanking, his arse couldn’t stand further punishment. His rear cheeks were singing with pain.

Knowing he dare not speak, he simply shook his head in reply to Marcus.

“I’m going to lock you up for 24 hours in this device. That’s your first lesson. But,” he paused relishing the fear in the hubbies wide eyes. “To help you learn to keep quiet when ordered by your Mistress, I’m going to add another 24 hours.”

Eden desperately wanted to complain. This was ridiculous. He couldn’t stand 2 days without wanking.

“But,” Marcus slowed down his speech so that the dumb arsed sissy would understand the weight of every word, “but, if you are naughty, in any way, then I’ll add a third day. Do you understand? Just nod your head, as your Mistress told you to be quiet.”

A dry mouthed Eden nodded his head.

Moments later, out of his sight, he felt the oddly warm and smooth device being attached behind his ball sac.

“Easy, yeh?” Marcus asked. When Erika nodded a shocked yes, he continued, “and then simply slide the cage up his member, give it a little shove over the two pins, to line it up. Then use the tubular key to lock it in place. One chastity wearing cuckold ready to learn his lessons.”

‘Lessons?’ Eden thought, ‘lessons? What would he be taught?’

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