The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Three



Erika knew Eden was desperate to ask some inane question – so she ignored him. Giggling inside, she used the remote to tap through the channels delighting in her new power.


The screen showed a sumptuous fish dish that captured her attention, she watched the butter melt over the textured fish before asking, “Hmmm?”

Finally!!! Eden closed his eyes and drew in a deep lungful of air ready to get all his complaints off his chest.

“Really! This is just crazy. Totally crazy! I mean, who the hell does he think he is?”

Some overweight bald guy on the tele held up some parsley and spoke about shredding them with ordinary scissors. When he finished and the music started, Erika spoke without taking her eyes from the images.

“Really? Shall I phone Marcus and ask him who he thinks he is?” She lolled her head on the cushion to stare up at him. “Tell him who was asking?”

Swallowing Eden looked away, already defeated. “No. Please don’t bother him.”

“Bother who, honey?”

Her eyebrows were raised with innocent expectation.

Shuffling his feet, Eden was about to say ‘Marcus’, when he caught himself. “Sir, I mean Sir.”

“I thought you did. You just forget to refer to him by his official title, didn’t you?”

“Well yes, I guess.”

“You guess? You mean you don’t know?”

“Please, Mistress. Its just that I think the three of us need to sit down and have a chat before this all spins out of control.”

Her eyes were now fixed on her fearful husband, “You haven’t answered the question, Honey. I asked if you forgot to refer to him as Sir.” She saw him thinking of ways to avoid answering the question so added pointedly, “Or did you deliberately disobey his instruction?”

Her horror struck husband was all smiles and bluster, “No darling, Mistress. No. I didn’t forget. You are perfectly correct. He needed to change the subject. “It’s just that …”

“Oh. I see.” She powered on. “So you need a reminder of Sir’s instructions then. If only you said so straight away.”

“Mistress. No, its ok. You don’t have to get up. I am sorry. Really.”

“Because you know what Sir said I should do to help you remember the new situation here.”

“Yes Mistress. But I am sure …”

“So why not be a good sissy and fetch me Sir’s cane from the bathroom.”

Oh no! Marcus had slippered his backside before he left that morning, only a few hours previously. It was still sore. This was crazy.

“Please Mistress, I …”

“And didn’t Sir say what I should do if you were hesitant in obeying an instruction?”

Her blue eyes fixed hard on her apprehensive husband. On one level it would be nice to have her man of the house back when Marcus moved on to another hot wife, yet, on another level relegating her know all husband like this was fun. Marcus had explained that sissies like Eden, or rather, as Marcus had put it, dumb sissies like Eden, loved having a dominant Mistress. She knew that was Eden’s primary fantasy.

When aroused he had, from their wedding day, urged her to tie him up and spank him. Marcus had unlocked Eden’s laptop and showed her all the images of leather clad dominatrixes wielding whips and canes. They had played games in the bedroom which weren’t particularly satisfying, but now that he had to obey her, it was erotically empowering. Little her having her egotistical hubbie run around like a genuine, timid maid.

“Mistress, all I wanted to say …”

Her look turned to a glare.

“Yes, I’ll fetch it now Mistress. Its just wearing this lingerie beneath my clothes all day. Every time I move, I am aware of the suspenders and the bra, and this tight corset and …”

“That’s how you insisted I dress for sex, wasn’t it?”

“Well, yes, yes, I suppose. But that was only for an hour or so.”

A wicked smile darkened her face, “With you it was for ten minutes. Now be a good sissy and do as you are told.” She clicked her fingers. “Cane!”

Eden had a few fears well up in his nervous mind. Whether she really would cane him. Whether he would have to take down his pants. How many strokes. But the overwhelming fear was: would she tell Marcus that he had said, ‘who does he think he is’?

When he pulled the bamboo out of the long jug in which it was held, he smiled. Of course she wouldn’t be that cruel! Not his submissive Erika.





4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Three

  1. oh my – wonderful fun. How many chapters before he figures out his new reality? Something about getting banished from Eden seems appropriate here..

    1. Overcome in terms getting absolutely what he deserves? A happy and well satisfied mistress and a killer wardrobe. Yes my money is on him succeeding beyond his wildest dreams.

  2. LOL. Getting what he deserves. I like that, could be the headline for this series 🙂

    Deborah Ford

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