Advice from Bulls for Bulls

What are your views when you read the following guidance from Bulls to Bulls?



This from a Reddit sub group for BullPsychology.

Thought this might interest some of the visitors to HotelTransform Blog.

These comments are in reply to ways to establish dominance in realtionship to the cuck outside of sex:


Reply 1.

There are the obviously classics like having the Master Bedroom be off limits to the cuck when the Bull is around (or permanently), doing chores for the Bull and running errands (especially while he is pleasuring your wife), the Bull can take control of finances and give the cuck an “allowance”, the Bull can set restrictions on the cuck (TV time allowed, bed time, clothing options), the Bull can have cuck explain every day/time they pleasure your wife why you need them to do it/call him and beg to do it in the first place.

Being told when you can/can’t communicate with your wife, being kicked out of the bedroom even when the Bull isn’t there, paying for their dates, having speech restrictions (“quiet time” or “no talking in the Bull’s presence”), getting spanked/punished by the Bull and of course thanking him after.

Really it also depends on what your Bull and Wife consider as dominant/what aspects of control most interest them.

Hope this helped inspire some options!

reply 2

I establish certain things that are off limits while I’m over. Obviously we sleep in the master bedroom while the cuck is on his own in regards to sleeping arrangements. One of my favorites is the “no contact” rule where the cuck is not allowed any contact with his wife while I’m over even in between the time where we have sex. I like to have fun with it too. The wife will put on his favorite lingerie/perfume and will sit in my lap while we have the cuck sit inches away from us but not allowed any physical contact.

reply 3

Perhaps surprisingly, the most dominant thing a person can do is ask personal questions, and offer instruction and guidance. Taking a paternal role can be a gentle, subtle process of subjugation by assumption of responsibility. I think it’s important to earn the dominant position emotionally, before using it to issue commands. The three can roleplay however they want, but they’ll know deep down that it’s not serious. They’ll know the submission isn’t heart-felt if they jump right into a scene. I say take the time. Do the lap-sitting talks. Reward submissive attitudes and behaviors with quick little handjobs. Get the sub to open up about feelings and past traumas. Be a kind father before having the sub call you daddy.



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