The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Four

Eden didn’t know why Marcus had to be so dismissively cruel.

There he was still in his crushing basque, heels and stockings, his head adorned by a wig. He had worn them all day, even when Erika had so unfairly caned him for not referring to Marcus as ‘Sir’.

Now he was stood along on the landing just feet from the bedroom door through which he could hear them screwing.

Only he wasn’t even allowed to look at the door. He had to keep his eyes fixed on the wall.

Marcus had arrived in a hungry mood for sex.

Erika had changed into a short blue dress that tightly hugged her curvy body. The moment the thug was through the front door he gripped Eden’s wife as if he were going to devour her.

Their mouths hoovered together, only drifting apart when Marcus scooped her up into his arms and carried the giggling wife up the stairs. The giggling was suffocated by another passionate kiss as they paused on the landing.

Creeping up in his heels, Eden felt it wise to wait until they parted, and he was addressed before speaking. Though he was looking forward to watching them screw.

As he observed the powerful brute flatten his wife against the wall, his huge paw grabbing her backside, Eden felt his dick engorge in its confines.

Fuck! This metal chastity device was uncomfortable when he was aroused. Yet something else he best point out to Marcus. There was no way the ape would be able to know unless he was told.

Now the driven couple pushed through the master bedroom door, Eden in his heels followed.

“Oi!” Marcus was staring hard at him.

The command froze Eden in his tracks.

Eden gasped before stepping back.

“You stay out there until you are summoned!”

“Yes Sir.” Eden swallowed hard.

“Stand facing the wall until I call you in!”

His wife giggled as she watched her shocked hubbie turn stiffly around to face the wall.

“You stay like that until I call you in, got it sissy?”

Feeling his hot breath bounce back from the wall, Eden said. “Yes Sir.”

Suddenly Eden felt the Bull standing right behind him. There was a hard slap to Eden’s pantied arse.

“And get this,” Marcus said slowly, “if you move from there then I’ll know about it. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” Eden croaked.

The chastised husband heard the couple kissing again, before Marcus said …

“You know, we’ll have to get a naughty step for your dumb hubby to stand on when he’s naughty.”

Giggling, Erika asked, “Are they real? I mean can you actually get them?”

“Sure. Had to get a couple in the past for naughty hubbies.”

“Oh, but Sir,” she said quietly, “wouldn’t that be totally humiliating for him?”

Why was Eden’s dick so firm in its uncomfortable container?

“Listen girl, you call the sissy ‘him’ again, and I’ll spank the senses out of you.”

Eden heard his wife utter a breathless ‘wow’ before adding, “Yes Sir.”

Thus, it was that Eden could still feel the imprint of Marcus’ hand on his bottom as he stared at the wall while wild lovemaking sounded from beyond the door.

How would Marcus know if he remained fixed in position? Surely he was bluffing! But maybe, behind Eden sat a camera that went straight to the brute’s phone. Anyway, he most certainly wasn’t going to turn around and earn the Bull’s further ire! That would be too dumb for words.

Thus, he waited as the couple powered onwards in their incessant raucous rutting.

Finally, it fell silent. Marcus held his breath listening hard, but the house had fallen oddly still after the relentless noise.

Now he could hear low chattering, but far too quiet to make anything out. Occasionally Erika would giggle or gasp, but other than that the conversation was too low for him to make out what was being said. Which made him even more paranoid. Were they talking about him?

He shifted from aching heeled foot to the other.

God, he felt silly standing like this when Marcus wasn’t even present!

“Sissy!” It was Erika calling out. “Come in.”

He had heard her correctly? He turned slowly fearing he’d made a mistake. There was no obvious camera. He cautiously turned the handle and opened the bedroom door.

He stepped inside a room whose temperature had risen with the love making and in which a heavy sultry sex smell hung.

They were under the sheets, both naked from the chest up, the rest of their bodies hidden. Marcus held Eden’s wife in the crook of his hefty arms, so that her head rested against his hairy chest.

After a few uneasy moments of silence, Eden asked, “Yes, Mistress? You called?”

“Yes,” she looked half asleep, dreamy and exhausted. “Didn’t you want to ask Sir something?”

Relief! Of course he did!

“Oh yes, yes,” he spoke quickly. At last. “Sir, I’ve loads of points to make. Firstly …”

“Sissy,” She said, waiting for his jabbering to subside. “No, you wanted to ask him who he thought he was.” She stared at him, her eyes widening with innocence.

Eden’s mouth fell open in terrified shock. Oh God! No!


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