The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Five




Marcus slid from the bed wearing only his black boxers, decorated with damp cum patches.


Eden was always struck by how muscular and masculine the Bull looked without his clothes. A firm stomach, square shoulders all covered in furry hair.

Even without his basque, heels, stockings and panties, Eden would have felt feminine and weak.

Swallowing, Eden watched the formidable Alpha male approach him, without eye contact as if he was thinking through some difficult problem.

As soon as the Bull grabbed a chair and swung it around, Eden’s tummy turned. Oh my God another spanking! And his bottom was still sore from the over zealous beating from his wife, Erika only hours previous.

The Bull sunk onto the upright chair and patted his lap.

Oh no! He knew from past experiences not to protest, no matter how unfair was the chastisement. Thus he clip clopped over in his heels and spread himself over the man’s lap without dispute.

Marcus laughed.

Eh? Why did he laugh?

“Dumb sissy,” Marcus said.

Looking up Eden could see that the man was grinning merrily.

Should he stand? Eden remained in position, not knowing what to do.

“I want you to sit on my lap!” Marcus said.

Oh! Eden slid hesitatingly off the man’s thighs, in case he was joking, and he ought to remain in the punishment position.

Giggling, Erika crawled down the bed, in her flimsy nightie. She wanted to get a better look at what was to happen.

“Erm,” Eden felt uncertain. “You want me to sit … erm, on your lap?”

The humour vanished from the Bull’s face. “You need me to tell you again, you dumb sissy?”

“No! No, sir. Honestly. It’s just that it seems strange …”

“Get your arse on my lap before I put you there!”

In the smallest moment of time known to physics, Eden plopped down on to the man’s knees, edging back gingerly.

As soon as his heels left the carpet, so Eden felt vulnerable and helpless. God, Marcus always knew what he was doing! No wonder it felt instinctively right to obey him.

Two meaty hands grabbed the sissy’s hips to drag him tight into the Bull’s body. A beefy arm slid around Eden’s shoulders holding him tightly up against the chest of the masculine man.

How hard his body felt to Eden, how soft he felt. Feeling uncomfortable on the lap of a man, Eden angled his body and head away from his tormentor. But Marcus held him firmly, pulling Eden tight to his chest.

With Eden held firmly in position, Marcus fixed him with a hard, unwavering stare.

“So you want to know who I think I am?”

“No, no, Sir, I guess, what I meant, now I come to think of it …”

Marcus cut in, “Well let me tell you who I think I am. I think I am Master of this house and Master of all I survey. What do you think of that?”

Trying to swallow but finding his throat too dry, Eden croaked, “yes, fine. I see that.”

“So, you agree?”

“Well …” Eden didn’t have the courage to argue. Anyway, surely what Marcus said was perfectly right. He was dominant here and could be said to be Master of the house. “Yes, I see what you are saying, Sir.”

“That’s good. Not as dumb as you look, sissy.”

Erika giggled, kneeling up to eagerly take in the scene before her. Why did it arouse her so much to see her husband put in his place by her manly lover?

“So then,” Marcus said slowly, “obviously you should both refer to me as Master.”

Eh? Crossing his stockinged legs, Eden made to object. Calling the bully Sir was bad enough.

“Well, I think,” Eden said, his cheeks aflame, “That is something we could all discuss. Chat about it.”

Marcus nodded, leaving Eden to believe the brute was seeing sense at last. Erika leaned forward, her eyes fixed on the Bull wondering where he was going with these thoughts.

“The thing is,” Marcus said coldly, “as you just agreed that I am Master of the House and all I survey, I don’t need to indulge you and your slut of a wife in girly chit chat.”

Looking at his wife for support, Eden saw her licking her pink lips, eyes glued on her lover while totally ignoring her husband.

“It’s just that I think,” Eden said, with a winning smile, “if we all discussed the terms you propose then  …”

“ … fuck all would ever get done. You two could gossip all night. So as Master of the House I declare that is how you should both refer to me from now on. You always address me as Master when replying to me and if you are talking about me when I am not present then you refer to me as Master of the House. Have you both understood that?”

Giggling, Erika said, “Oh yes, Master. Very wise, Master.”

The Bull turned his intimidating attention on Eden who nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, yes Master. Of course.”

The very mention of the term master made tummy tingling shame rise up inside him. It had all sorts of connotations of slavery and ownership. Clearly Erika hadn’t grasped the full implications of this development, else she wouldn’t so readily agree! It would have to be explained to her later.

“I’ll continue to teach you both in bite sized chunks so that I may educate you easier.”

Again, Erika tittered and again Eden felt a coldness fill his body.

Marcus continued, his voice even and confident, “That means that your slut of a wife is now referred to as Mistress, at all times. If you mention her to me then you call her Mistress. Got it?”

Eden nodded, his eyes fixed on his stocking tops, “Yes master.”

That word again, how strange and humiliating it felt. As if the mere mention of it demoted him further, if that were possible.

“And you will be the household maid.”

Eden’s dick immediately attempted to thicken in the tight chastity device.

“Yes Master.”

“Ok, maid. Fetch us a couple of cold beers. Present them on a tray.” Marcus smiled at the panting wife on the bed but continued to give directions to the maid without looking at her. “You stay outside the door until you are summoned. The Mistress of the house has business with the Master of the house, and we’ll call you when we are ready.”

“Yes Master.”


Marcus had risen from the chair so quickly, Eden was sent tumbling to the floor on his sore bottom. Looking up he realised that he wasn’t the only person aroused. Marcus’ shorts were poled outwards to an astonishing degree. His hidden cock appeared staggeringly long and thick.

If Eden had few doubt as to the business the Master and Mistress of the house were attending to as he prepared the drinks in the kitchen, in his lingerie. He knew exactly what they were up to from the bed creaking and Erika’s gasps.

As he placed the frothing beers on the silver tray, he smiled and relaxed. Fortunately, Alicia will be home in a few days, and then they could return to some sort of normality in their lives! Marcus would have to leave and they could return to their normal, quiet lives.


3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Five

  1. Thank you Miss Ford for uploading the Part 5.

    In the mind of sissy Eden now Marcus become master and Erika is mistress and Eden demote to maid …
    I like the photo of maid i don’t now from where you collect all great stuff but who is Alicia? Again suspense ? I hope like me every one want to know who is Alicia is Eden or some one new … let wait for another part

  2. Thank you Arvi. Just to remind you, Alicia is the daughter of Eden and Erika, and she is et to return from college next week! DF

  3. Opss I skip Alicia .. now i remember in part one Eden was worried about what happened when Alicia come home. Wow! let wait for another part….

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