The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part six



Eden was exhausted, he had been toiling all day, his heels were uncomfortable and his calves burnt.

As soon as he heard Erika’s bell, he stopped pulling the sheets tight on the guest room bed, flattened out his maid’s dress and used a tissue from a box on the sideboard to mop the sweat from his brow. Erika had explained that appearance was everything for a maid, though Eden felt certain those words emanated from the Master of the House.

He checked his hair and face, the subtle make up, gently enhancing some features, such as his eyes, cheeks and lips while diminishing his nose and jaw line were still intact. His wig required straightening, but within seconds he was able to return downstairs to the living room where Erika languished on the sofa with one of her endless magazines in her lap. She wore tight jeans around her long shapely legs and a light white blouse. She had enjoyed a quiet, peaceful day.

As instructed by Marcus she pointed to a spot before her and when the maid reached the spot, followed the Master’s instructions of shaking her head, sighing and pointing slightly to one side.

Marcus had told her, “It is imperative that the maid is always off balance. Whenever she has obeyed a command ensure her service is corrected. That way,” he wisely pointed out, “she will always be alert to instructions.”

As Marcus had predicted, the maid shuffled to the new position, inches to the right, without complaint.

She looked up and asked, “Have you completed your task, maid?”

Erika had to refer to the maid as maid at all times to help the maid acclimatise to her new situation. Another point made firmly by the decisive Marcus.

Eden nodded, staring at the sofa and chairs with need. How he craved to sit down on the soft, comfortable furniture.

“Yes Mistress. All my clothing has been placed into the two large suitcases as the Master of the House instructed. I have moved Alicia’s items into the adjoining room of the Master bedroom.”

Tilting her head slightly to one side, Erika raised her eyebrows, expecting the maid to continue.

“Oh yes! Sorry, and my maid items have now been placed in Alicia’s former room. Though,” he looked away finding the strength to point out something that was obvious to him, “I can’t see that she will be happy being moved down the corridor to be in an adjacent room to the master bedroom.”

Crossing her legs, Erika said, “I am sure that when the Master of the House wants your views he will make a point of asking you.”

“Yes Mistress.” Eden felt foolish. Why had he said that? Marcus clearly knew what he was doing. He always seemed very prescient in his instructions, as if he knew exactly how everything would turn out.

She checked her watch. “In ten minutes we will have a visitor …”

“A visitor?” Eden was startled, and had to quickly add, “Mistress.”

“Yes honey. A visitor. You will greet her at the door and lead her into the kitchen.”

“What?” What the hell was going on? “Look, this isn’t happening! We can’t involve someone in our games!”

Picking up her mobile phone, Erika used speed dial to tap out a number.

Eden heard the ringing tone and was mortified. “Mistress, who are you ringing? Mistress?”

“Oh, it’s Mistress now, is it?” The call was answered, and Erika turned her face away from the maid. “Master? Oh hi!”

She giggled while Eden held his breath. Obviously, his wife wouldn’t betray him to the Master of the House.

Would she?

“No, Master. All is fine. Yes, she has been a good girl …”

Eden closed his eyes and felt his entire body relax. Phew. She wasn’t going to squeal on him to Master. She was simply frightening him as a warning. Well job done!

“Yes. Yes,” Erika appeared proud of the maid’s achievements. “Her old stuff is all in the two suitcases you ordered him to put his clothes into. Yes. Shoes, coats, everything. Oh, and he has moved his new girly stuff that we bought him into Alicia’s room.”

This was going well, Eden thought. Not so much a smack on the bottom tonight as a congratulatory pat on his behind from his Master.

“Yes, the maid has been very good in referring to you appropriately. I know, you are a brilliant teacher.”

A broad grin lit up the maid’s face. Perhaps not only a series of pats but also, maybe he could be freed from the chastity device for a quick play. The Master of the House had said that could happen to a well behaved maid.

A long sigh from the wife. “Yes. All was going well until I told the maid about the visitor.” She checked her watch again. “In just two minutes. It seems our, oh, so clever maid, has ideas of her own. Said we shouldn’t involve others in our games. Yes, yes Master, she called them games.”

Oh no! The maid’s tummy felt tingly. Maybe his wife is merely teasing, maybe Master isn’t on the phone. That’s it. Just having a joke, he thought, simply to keep the maid in line. He gripped that thin straw with all the hope a maid could muster.

“Yes, I know. But you did say she is only a maid and can’t be expected to work things out for herself.” She paused to eye the terrified maid. “The Master would like a word with you.”

She held the phone out to the uniformed maid whose hands remained determinedly down by her side. “Please Mistress,” he whispered, hoping Master wouldn’t hear.

Erika pushed her arm insistently out further with the alarming phone between her thumb and forefinger.

The Maid accepted the device as if it were poisoned, raising it to her ear slowly in the hope that something would happen to curtail the call before the mobile reached her head.

But nothing happened to prevent her hearing her firm Master’s voice. In fact, that was the story of Eden’s domestic life right now. If it could go wrong, then it would go wrong.

The maid’s voice croaked, “Hello Master.”

Rather than sounding admonitory, the Master seemed in good spirits. “Hi maid. I hear you’ve been especially industrious today.”

With relief the maid said, “Oh yes, Master. I’ve been very busy. Doing all that Mistress has directed me to do.”

“That’s great. Good girl, maid. I’m pleased with you.”

The maid closed her eyes and simpered. “Thank you Master, thank you.”

She knew she sounded desperate, but her tone reflected her true emotional state.

With the Master in good spirits, Eden was wondering whether to point out the error of moving Alicia into the adjacent room of the master bedroom when Marcus cut in.

“I gather you are reticent about answering the door.”

“Exactly, Master.” Marcus understood Eden’s fears. What a release!

“I can understand that. Only the Mistress of the House and I have seen you in your new uniform. Yes?”

“Yes Master.”

“So you are bound to be a little shy about others seeing you, isn’t that right?”

“Well, I, well, it’s not just about being shy, though obviously you are right Master. I do feel embarrassed about showing anyone how I look right now. But really, I don’t want this getting out. You know. Just our secret.”

“Of course. But you needn’t worry your silly little head about anything.”

Eden felt reassurance well up in his stomach. Yes, of course Marcus would have thought such matters through.

“You see,” his Master continued, “the visitor is a special friend of mine, whom you can trust. Because I say so. And the visitor has a special present for you which you will love.”

A present? Now Eden was excited. A present for him. How intriguing.

“So be a good girl and listen very carefully to the visitor’s instructions and follow them to the letter. I don’t want any of your silliness getting in the way of her helping you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Doubts still floated around Eden but his fear of challenging Marcus dampened them.

“Master,” Eden ventured, “perhaps we should talk about this, and then decide on the best way forward?”

He left the end of the sentence hang in the air like a question, the better not to enrage the volatile Bull, who seemed in such a good mood.

“Good idea, Maid!”

Eden was thrilled. “Thank you Master!”

“So do as the visitor tells you and then indeed tonight, after you have served dinner, then we will have a chat about your experiences.”

“Erm,” that was not what Eden had meant. “Yes Master.”

“So be a good girl and run along to answer the door. And remember, do as you are told like the good girl, I know you can be when you try extra special hard.”

“Well,” there didn’t seem to be any further argument, and Marcus’ brain was so flooded with sexual desire it couldn’t think for him.

“So be the good girl you aspire to, and hand the phone back to your Mistress.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden returned the phone hesitantly to the woman who yesterday had been his wife, but now ran the household – and him, her husband.

She accepted the mobile just as the doorbell rang.

The visitor!

“The door, maid.”

Erika held the phone in her hand as she raised her eyebrows expectantly at the maid.

“Yes Mistress.”

How could he escape this ordeal?

Again, the insistent clang of the doorbell, somehow sounding impatient.

“Well?” Erika asked.

Nodding, Eden shuffled to the hallway in his painful heels.

As soon as he was in the hall, he heard his wife’s voice. She was relaxed, giggly.

“All is fine Master. You needn’t worry. You’ve sorted out this household really well!” She laughed. “Yes Master, you are a wonderful teacher.”

Approaching the door, Eden felt he was moving closer to a savage dog that might bite him.

The alarming doorbell once more! Clanging in his head.

Oh no!

He reached out for the door catch, closed his eyes, knowing there was no alternative.

The fully uniformed maid opened the front door onto the warm afternoon sun.

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  1. Marcus can control Eden on phone and Eden fallow ever order WOW!! how powerful. And other side Eden full makeup high heel and every detail … Yes it was just like video playing.
    and now door bell ringing … “fully uniformed maid opened the front door” Who is on door ? Again Eden in new mysterious situation Miss ford know how to make great suspense.

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