The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part seven






While Erika stood leaning against the door jamb, the guest she took out a mirror from her large case and placed it on a kitchen cupboard before opening it up to a couple of feet in height.

“Now I am Lynn, obviously you refer to me as Miss Lynn, else just Miss. I really don’t mind.” She moved in a girly manner, and when she spoke, at a rate of knots, she used her flapping hands in a decidedly feminine manner.

She wore a hairdresser’s trouser suit in a shade of light blue with white piping.

Eden was sat in his maid’s uniform on a kitchen chair staring fearfully at his reflection. What was going on? He could see his face, subtly feminised by the delicate use of make up. He could also see in the reflection, Erika, standing behind him with arms folded and a mischievous smile on her lips.

She seemed thoughtful as she laid out on the countertop an array of brushes, scissors and trimmers that Eden now regarded as torture equipment. For some reason, feeling helpless about their use made the hairdressers tools formidable weapons.

“There we are,” Lynn said. “So let’s get started.”

She took hold of Eden’s wig with her thumb and forefinger as if it were a dead rat she was picking up from a dinner plate. Plucking it off, she gazed at it with disgust before saying to Erika, “Bin?”

Erika winced comically, as if at a bad smell, before nodding emphatically.

Taking the bedraggled wig from Lynn, Erika dropped it in the kitchen pedal bin.

“You’re not the only one relieved to see the back of that,” Erika said, shutting the lid with a clang.

Lynn shivered theatrically, before standing directly behind Eden so that he could observe her delicate actions in the mirror. She used both hands to cup the rear of his hair while pursing her lips in thought.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Erika said. “If you need anything just send the maid to fetch me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ve done this many times before for Marcus.” She giggled, “we’ll let you know when we’re done.”

Smiling, Erika nodded and left.

“Now then,” Lynn said, “your Master has told me what he wants, but you know men, they haven’t got a clue about hair …”

In order to clarify any misunderstandings, Eden cut in, “That wig. Its special, I’ve had it for years and …”

“Maid, it looks like you’ve had it for years! The rubbish bin is too good for it!”

At that she took out a note pad and pen from her bag before writing in it.

Noticing she had neat handwriting, Eden struggled to see what it read.

“Are you making notes?” He asked lamely, not able to think of what else to say.

The silence felt threatening, at least when she was speaking the kitchen felt more welcoming.

“Yes that’s right maid,” she said with a beaming smile, as if congratulating him on being right. “Your owner wants a full report. You know what men are like. So, I have to tell him when you don’t refer to me in an appropriate manner.” She shook her head as if exasperated, “I mean why it’s so important to him I really do not know.”

“You’re going to tell him I didn’t say Miss Lynn?”

“Oh yes, and anything else he might deem as bratty. You know what he’s like. In fact there, you did it again.”

She wrote out another neat line on her pad.

“Oh!” he was shocked. “You mean I should have said, ‘I didn’t say Miss Lynn’, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed. “And he said you were dumb. Clever maid.”

Oh no! her notes were bound to lead to more punishment and less chance of his frustrated little dick being unlocked.

“Erm, please, Miss Lynn, you don’t have to tell him that.”

Did he sound as desperate to her as he did to himself?

Lynn frowned. “Oh dear. Now I am going to have to report that you wanted me to tell him fibs. Oh dear.”

She wrote out yet another line.

Oh my God. No! Clearly she didn’t know how much he could be punished by Marcus.

“Miss Lynn, I’m really sorry. Honestly I am. I didn’t mean for you to fib to him,” his brain raced, but the best he could come up with sounded lame as soon as he heard the words exiting from his mouth. “I just think he’s too busy to be bothered with such matters.”

Suddenly she was behind him again, once more balancing his hair in both her palms. “I don’t think you should be trying to second guess your Master, do you?”

“Oh no! I wouldn’t do that, Miss Lynn. Really.”

“Now then, he wants a hair style that will feminise your face. Of course he doesn’t know, being a guy, that we girls have all sorts of tricks to soften our features.”

She pushed his hair forward over his cheeks. “Curl it down over the face. Lengthen it. We will need extensions. That will give us length and body. Give me something to play with. Then we’ll perm it …”

“Perm it, Miss Lynn?”

He didn’t have a clue what she was jabbering on about.

“Perm it. Then dye it blonde. I think honey blonde. Butterfly blonde may be a little too light for your delicate skin tones. Anything darker would be a little heavy on you.”

“Erm, Miss Lynn,” he spoke urgently, “Please. My daughter, Alicia, is home next week, and I don’t think it would be good for her to see me like that.”

“Oh!” Lynn froze as if troubled. She returned to her pen and pad and wrote out a long sentence.

Eden felt his heart pounding. “Miss Lynn? What are you writing, please?”

“Oh, I am just asking your owner whether you are allowed to call Alicia by her name without a title.” She looked back at him. “I mean I don’t know. Has he told you?”

“Erm, no, well no, Miss Lynn. What do you mean title?”

“Oh, you know, Miss, Mistress, Mistress Alicia. I’ll just leave it for him to think about.”

With his mouth hanging open Eden didn’t know how to respond to such madness. His daughter couldn’t be involved in their games!

“You know, Miss Lynn. Thank you for all your trouble, but I think I should have a talk with the Master of the House, this is all a little bit further than I …”

She shut him up by sweeping a hairdressing cape around his uniform before fastening it behind his neck.

“That’s a real good idea. You chat to him tonight. I’m sure he can explain it far better than me.”

He felt desperate, “I really think a wig is fine for what we are doing right now, Miss Lynn.”

She laughed.

“Oh, your master told me all about your wig falling off when he was spanking you!”

Grimacing, Eden recalled how angry Marcus had become. As if the wig falling off could be prevented when he was over the brute’s lap. He became so cross, he used a tawse to finish off the crying maid.

“But can’t we clip it on with hair clips and …”

She laughed again. “Silly. This will be the best way. I promise you will never want to go back to boy’s hair. Maid’s and their hair!” She exclaimed. “A marriage made in heaven.”

After an hour of feeling the pain of hair extenders being tightened into his hair, of curlers being rolled agonisingly tight to his scalp and his hair being dyed over the sink, the two of them were giggling and chatting as if they had been close friends for years.

She told him funny stories about men not understanding hair styles.

“One guy didn’t even notice when his sissy maid’s hair was changed from a black pixie look into a flowing ash blonde. Can you believe it?”

He laughed with her. How can men be so ridiculous he thought.

“I can believe it, Miss Lynn.”

He also felt pleased that after the first quarter of an hour she didn’t have to make any notes whatsoever. It made him feel proud of his accomplishments. He felt sure Marcus would be delighted in his good manners. Eden imagined Marcus being so pleased with his maid’s achievement that he would release the chastity cage. Then Eden could free his throbbing trapped dick and enjoy a moment of release.

The doorbell!

The maid sat up straight in her seat. He’s back already.

Miss Lynn also took in a sharp breath before ducking down and whispering straight into his ear.

“Now just behave. We’ll see what he says. I hope he likes it. Oh, he must like it.”

Now Eden was terrified, “Why wouldn’t he like it, Miss Lynn? Isn’t it what he wanted?”

They heard the front door open, and Erika’s giggle floated down the hallway.

The hairdresser patted both his shoulders at the same time. “Just don’t say anything. Oh God, you can never tell with real men like him.”

Eden saw his fearful wide-eyed reflection in the mirror. His fizzed out blonde curls softly framing his face. Oh no, he thought. It is absurdly over the top. Marcus will hate it!

The kitchen door clattered open.

Marcus, in his neat suit, white shirt and blue tie holding Erika, Eden’s wife, around her shoulders as if she were his property. He carried a black sports bag that instantly increased Eden’s nervousness. What was in it?

“Stand up, maid,” said the hairdresser briskly, as if nervous.

Leaping to his heels, Eden felt a little lightheaded. He held his hands together before him, cursing the fact that maid’s outfits failed to possess pockets in which to place his awkward hands.

“Wow!” Erika put her long fingers to her mouth. “That is amazing!”

“You like it?” Lynn asked, her eyes wide with anxiety.

Eden could see his wife was about to say yes, but then stopped and looked up at the glowering Marcus. Marcus was one of those guys who never looked happy. Constantly grumpy.

The room waited for the Master’s verdict.

At last, he grunted. “Yeh. Not bad.”

“Not bad?” Giggled Erika. “It’s astonishing. You wouldn’t know he was a guy. No one would!”

“He never was,” Marcus grinned.

Lynn and Erika laughed too loudly at his joke and Eden felt it wise to join them, until Marcus asked:

“Was the maid naughty?” Marcus asked.

“Oh no, not really,” Lynn said. “I made a list. It’s there on the counter. Just silly little things really. Nothing major. I’m sure she …”

Closing his eyes, Marcus said. “Yeh. I get it. Bring the list upstairs. Come on, I need you to do one last thing before you drive home.”

“Yes Sir,” Lynn said.

The Bull and the two women entered the hall. Marcus stopped to turn and glare at Eden. “Oi, Maid! You included! Get your fat arse upstairs with us!”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

Eden tripped forward on his heels. At that moment he was fully aware of the powerful commanding presence of the Bull. Without any great effort the three girls in the house awaited his instructions and his views. Eden wondered how weak he appeared when he tried to lead people, especially to women.

Oddly, rather than heading for the Master Bedroom, Marcus led the way to Alicia’s room at the rear of the house. Of course, her stuff had been cleared out by Eden and neatly stored in the adjoining room to the Master Bedroom.

It was a large bedroom, with nice views of fields and trees from the main window. It had a neat, modern en-suite, and the decorations in a light pink and grey colours reflected those of a teenage girl.

There were two large suitcases on the floor, both open revealing Eden’s clothes, shoes and jackets. In fact, all his clothing in the world was stuffed in to the two cases.

They awaited Marcus’ instructions.

After a moment’s reflection, he said to the nervous maid, “So let’s get this straight. All your old clothes are in those cases, yeh?”

He was speaking to a maid so nervous, she swallowed before replying, “Yes Master. Everything.”

He raised his eyebrows, “You sure, Maid?”

“Yes Master. I double checked all the drawers and cupboards.”

Marcus didn’t look convinced. “And your coats and shoes from downstairs?”

“Yes Master. I promise. I even got my gym stuff from the bag in the garage.”

Marcus turned his firm attention to Erika, “You agree, slut? All his stuff is in those cases.”

She appeared anxious. “I – I – I think so. Yes.” Then she had a long think.

Marcus felt relief and smiled, until Erika gasped:

 “Oh! The dirty washing basket! There might be stuff in there!”

At that moment Eden felt himself sway. He had double checked everywhere, even under the bed and in Alicia’s wardrobe, but he had omitted the laundry basket from his search.

“Fetch it,” commanded the Bull.

Moments later an apprehensive Erika removed the lid from the straw laundry basket to reveal shirts and under wear belonging to Eden.

“This deliberate?” he demanded of the maid.

“Oh no, Master. Honestly. No. I forgot about it. Please believe me.”

“Dumb bitch,” the Master of the House said. “Get it your dirty things into a bag and in one of the cases.”

“Yes Master, of course Master.”

In seconds Eden had jammed the shirts and underwear into a polythene bag and placed it the first large case.

Marcus crouched down checking the internal tumbler of the lock for the case. “Everyone turn around while I set the combination locks.

The two women and the maid obeyed his demand.

Eden held his breath as he heard the tumblers turning into place. Then he jumped as the lid of the case was thumped shut. Seconds later the other lock was set before that case was also closed.

“Turn around, all you dumb tramps.”

The two women and the maid turned quickly to face the dominant male.

“Ok girls, watch!”

From his black sports bag he took out a long chain and lock, the type motor bikers use to secure their bikes to railings for security. He wrapped it tightly around the first case, winding its length about the handle before sealing it shut with a hefty lock. He did the same to the other case.

All of Eden’s male clothing was now locked in those two formidable cases. Oh no! Even without the chains he would never be able to open them without knowing the combination number Marcus had chosen.

“Ok maid. Carry them down and put them into the boot of Miss Lynn’s car.”

What? His clothing would be locked away securely in those cases and kept in a place he wouldn’t know the address of. He had no idea where Miss Lynn lived.

It was time to make a stand. This was getting silly.

He knew he needed to be polite and well behaved, but nevertheless, he needed to make his point – before it was too late.

“Erm, Master, permission to speak please.”

“No. Get on with your task.”


Obediently, the maid lifted the two heavy cases, but then immediately settled them back onto the rug. He had to explain this to Marcus.

“But Master, I just wanted to say, that suppose friends came over? Or I had to go out. Or …”

He wasn’t able to finish the sentence.

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  1. Wow !! As i said no one can make any guess what twist is coming in story You are superb master is making suspense and twist Miss Ford. Thanks for another surprises.
    We think may be Alicia was on door but it was Miss Lynn the hair dresser not only hair dress but also she is another slut of Marcus
    I guess may more surprise are also coming in future stores.
    So now Eden have new hair style and no more access of his clothes any more.
    So now we don’t know how many Sluts have Marcus and how may sissy he own.

  2. Thank you Lisa.

    And a big reminder to all the visitors at Hotel Transform, Lisa has a truly amazing website, packed full of stories and educational material. This includes how to sit and stand, with a test so you cannot skim through the material!

    Deborah Ford

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