The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eight





Eden felt brow beaten. It was really unfair. Obviously he would require male clothes if guests called over or he had to go out.

He noticed that his wife Erika, and the hairdresser Lynn remained not only quiet but appeared nervous. Their eyes flited from the large Bull to the cowed sissy and back, but never ventured a word.

“You dumb bitch,” Marcus fired at the intimidated maid. “Don’t you think I’ve thought of stuff like that?”

Oh! Gosh, now Marcus has pointed that out, it felt obvious to Eden that, yes, he would have thought through details like that.

“I’m sorry Master. Yes, I should have asked you first.” He swallowed, fearing a hard spanking. “But then I’m sure you see that I just didn’t know what …”

“You know fuck all,” Marcus pointed out.

Eden nodded his head in agreement, though resisted reminding Marcus how he  didn’t tell him anything at all. How was he supposed to know what was going to happen?

The maid, shuffled, took stock of the situation and said, “Yes Master. Sorry Master.”

“Haven’t I warned you before about thinking, maid?” Marcus asked.

The husband sighed, “Yes Master.”

Marcus was right, as usual. Yes, he had been warned about thinking. A few times in fact, so he could have no complaints about being reprimanded.

“Bring that chair into the centre of the room.”

Marcus was pointing at the upright chair near the desk.

“Yes Master.”

Eden complied quickly, he desperately needed to earn some brownie points from the master of the House. It had not been a good morning.

“Face the seat towards your Mistress!”

“Yes Master.”

As he placed the chair in the required position the maid noted that his wife and his hairdresser’s frown had intensified. Erika was chewing her lip with concern.

“Bend over the back of the chair and place both hands on the seat of the chair.”

“Yes Master.” The maid obeyed the instruction quickly, in order to impress the irritated Master.

As the maid bent forward, he felt the short skirt part of his maid’s outfit slide up, revealing his stocking tops, and then, once he had settled, exposed his panties.

Eden felt it worth one more desperate attempt to avoid his physical punishment.

“If it pleases Master, may I say that I didn’t intend to be naughty. It’s just that …”

“Quiet, Maid. A maid should be silent when being spanked. She should think about why she has been so naughty.”

Closing his eyes, Eden squirmed both physically and inwardly. Ever since he could remember, he fantasised about some firm man punishing him in a humiliating manner. As he grew older, he thought about his girlfriends being present for the chastisement and more recently, since he married, his wife observing his downfall.

Yet since Marcus had begun spanking him when he was adjudged to be disobedient, Eden found that the helplessness made him feel small. Somehow reduced in life. Indeed, right now his dick was shrinking further in its tiny steel confinement. He wished the two women would leave. In fact, he felt a little angry that they didn’t go somewhere while he was being corrected.

As ever with a Marcus punishment, just when Eden thought he had a grip on the fate to befall him his Master made matters worse in a unique way.

First, Eden heard the sliding of material close by. He wondered what that was about until he heard Erika say …

“Oh, Master not the belt!”

Lynn slapped her fingers to her lips, a reaction Eden recognised she did when alarmed.

“She did behave,” Lynn said. “When I was doing her hair. She was very well behaved. You’d have been proud of her.”

Erika cut in, “Yes Master. And she was well behaved before you got here, too.”

Marcus strode around so he was between the nervous, bent over maid and the two anxious women.

“Listen you two dumb bitches. First,” he looked at Lynn, “you said, the maid didn’t use the proper titles for me and the Mistress of the House.”

Lynn peered around the brute to look plaintively at the maid.

“You were sorry though, weren’t you maid?”

Might this save him? “Yes Miss Lynn. I deeply regret being bratty. Really.”

The hairdresser looked hopefully at Marcus who shook his head, his voice agitated with impatience. “Its no good the maid being sorry after she’s been naughty. Or do you want to end up over the chair after her?”

The Bull raised the belt to shoulder height and Lynn stepped backwards. “Oh no, Sir. I see you have a point.”

Marcus directed his gaze on Erika, “Well behaved you say? You dumb bitch. You told me on the phone how she refused to answer the door, didn’t you?”

“Oh! Yes!” Erika appeared genuinely surprised, as if she had forgotten that conversation.

“What is the good of a maid if she won’t answer the fucking door? Eh?” There was no response, so Marcus answered his own question. “Zilch! Zero! Fuck all! Maids answer the door. Always.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said. “I can see what you mean. Good point.”

As Marcus turned his attentions back to the trembling maid so Erika winced an apology to her husband, as if to say, ‘I tried’.

For Eden his life tumbled away into despair. He had been hoping the two women could save him, but now he had no choice other than to face the consequences for his errant conduct. He decided then and there to work harder at being compliant.

But worse for the already tormented maid, Marcus fully understood how to maximise the mental anguish of a punishment to go with the physical pain.

As he pulled down the maid’s panties over her suspenders, he said in that quiet, authoritative voice that always made Eden listen intently …

“Now maid, you will look at the Mistress of the house and Miss Lynn.”

Oh no! The thought of having to look at his wife and another woman while being chastised would be horrific for the subjugated husband. It never failed to impress Eden, how the Master of the House ensured that his punishments were always so intense.

“Girls,” Marcus said, “you watch her eyes closely and tell me when you see any tears. Then you let me know. Got it?”

“Yes Master,” Erika said, already fixing her eyes on her dumbstruck husband.

Lynn nodded and said breathlessly, “Yes Sir. Of course, Sir.”

There was nothing like seeing the Master of the House punish one of the girls to make the other girls improve their disposition.

For Marcus, this was like Christmas. None the tramps appreciated what he was doing. The dumb sissy’s wife would see exactly when her husband began to weep. She would never forget it. The dumb fuck bent over the chair just didn’t realise that his life was changing irrevocably with very passing day.

Eden felt a hand grip his chin and raise his troubled eyes to those of the Bull.

“Maid, it is important you remember these lessons. You understand?”

The maid’s voice was squeaky, “Yes Master. Please Master I promise I won’t forget again.”

At that moment Marcus felt like smiling and patting her pretty, blonde permed, little head. She looked so cute and forlorn that the belt whipping appeared to be over the top.

The Bull considered revoking the punishment.

Instead, he crouched down, combing his fingers through the newly acquired blonde curls.

“You know maid, I think you mean it. But consider this. If I let you off now, then forever and a day you will think you can be naughty and then get out of the consequences by simply showing me your big brown eyes. Then where would we be? You would always be naughty and always talking back to me. Worse, you will think that you can get away with not calling me Master if I am not in the house.”

Sadly, for the poor maid, all of Marcus’ points seemed valid to Eden.

“I will try harder, Master.”

A soft smile grew on the Bull’s mouth and Eden gathered in hope, promising himself that he would be well behaved in future.

The Bull rose to his full height with the maid staring hopefully up at him.

“Sadly maid, there is only one outcome following bratty behaviour, and that is punishment.”

Eden bowed his head, why had he been so naughty?

“Eyes fixed on the women in your life, maid,” Marcus commanded in his even quiet tones.


Eden was thrown into the seat so that his he felt his tiny steel chastity container strike the wood of the chair, even through his skirt and voluminous petticoats.

He yowled and for a brief moment was going to stand up straight to rub his bottom. But he knew he couldn’t dare be naughty, not in the slightest of ways.

The pain was shearing.

A whoosh and again the agony crushed his soul. He squealed.

But he kept his eyes fixed on Erika, who appeared to be feeling each of the blows, as if they were delivered to her own bottom.

As he wasn’t counting the slices on his sore bottom, he didn’t know how many he had received before he heard Erika say …

“He’s crying master. I can see a tear.”

“A tear isn’t crying you dumb bitch,” Marcus stated bluntly.

Everyone in the room was forced to agree to the logic of the Bull.

So the stinging assault continued. Whack after whack. Now Eden felt the tears rolling down his face, but kept his shameful stare locked on that of his wife.

It is the nature of a truly awful punishment that there comes a moment of total regret from the miscreant being punished. And knowing that his wife was seeing him blubber like a child was the most demeaning punishment he had received from Marcus. Maybe he cried a little when Marcus was pissed off the time his wig fell off during a spanking. He then really laid into beating his backside. But the sobbing was nothing compared to this.

There was no danger of his blonde permed hair falling off! It was part of him.

“She’s crying, Sir,” shouted Lynn with urgency. “Really!”

Marcus had to see this. He loved control but he fed off his own sadism too. The maid’s arse was stripped red, with some of the belt marks already turning a bruised blue. This was one maid who wouldn’t be sitting down in a hurry.

He squatted next to the blubbering maid and lifted up her chin. How satisfying. Tiny thin black lines from the mascara had run down both cheeks. The maid’s expression was one of absolute contrition.

“Maid, tell me what you have learned.”

The Master’s voice was soft, even. Calm, as if gently inquiring.

For Eden though, the question was fraught with terrifying danger. What if he answered incorrectly, or not to the satisfaction of the powerful Bull?”

He knew he had to reply.

Coughing on the fluids passing from his nose to his throat, Eden squeaked, “Master, thanks to your firm guidance I have learnt to always address people in the right manner, even if they are not present.”

The words failed to placate the dominant man, who continued his fixed gaze, expecting more.

Eden’s blurry eyes grew huge. Oh God! What else?

“Erm, that Master will always find time to correct me, no matter how busy he is.”

Marcus nodded, “Clever girl, but there is something even more important. Now think hard, I know that’s difficult for you, but think what it might be.”

With the pain still searing through his body, the terror bubbling in his mind, Eden couldn’t think straight. He sniffed up a few tears and then remembered!

“Master,” the maid beamed, “when Master says he will punish the maid, then the maid will be punished, no matter what.”

Marcus ruffled the delightful blonde curls. “Clever girl, good girl.”

Despite the pain Eden giggled with relief.

“Its an important lesson, maid. You will always be aware of any consequences of your errant behaviour. Even if your friends or office colleagues are here. Or if we invite neighbours over. You will know that if I say you will be spanked, then it doesn’t matter who is around, how much you apologise, you will be spanked. Good and hard!”

The maid’s mouth fell open.

What? Office colleagues? Neighbours? Friends?

“Erm, Master ….” the maid saw Marcus’ face darken and immediately said, “yes Master I understand. Thank you, for my punishment.”

The Master of the House smiled, job done. “I think you have little maid.”

Marcus rose so his groin was inches from the intimidated maid’s face. He wanted the cuckold to see the huge erection bulging his pants.

“Now maid. Me, your Mistress and your hairdresser are going to the Master bedroom for some entertainment. While we are there you will go online and learn how to make a bed like a hotel maid. Got that?”

Not daring to rise from his bent over position, Eden, spoke eagerly, “Oh yes Master. I will do that immediately.”

“No, you won’t!” Marcus spoke with his firm authoritative voice. He always wanted to correct the dumb fuck of a husband so he would never know whether he was coming or going. Everything the maid said or did would be corrected. “You’ll wait until the master bedroom door closes and then count to one hundred before you log on. Got it, maid?”

“Oh yes Master. Yes.”

With that the Master of the House gathered the two women near the door, under each arm, and led them away to pleasure him. He laughed out loud, none of these dumb fuckers knew what he had planned. But after he finished fucking the tramps he would have to get Erika and Lynn to do a few things for him with Eden.

His plan was going in the right direction.

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  1. Thanks for Excellent story Part Eight Miss Ford
    “….Even if your friends or office colleagues are here”… Poor Eden so no rescue from Office colleagues? Neighbours? Friends? What about her daughter Alicia ?
    Don’t Know about Alicia may be she is also part of Marcus herm…
    …”Erika and Lynn to do a few things for him with Eden”… Again a twist i am thinking now what the going to do with Eden.

    It was just like … Nobody does it better then you Miss Ford.

  2. I know, Arvi. It is as if all Eden’s escape routes are being closed down, one by one.

    Thank you for your support xxx Deborah Ford

  3. I am thinking the situation of Eden.
    1. In Chastity
    2. Cuckold
    3. Have a Master
    4. His Wife Become his Mistress and part of Herm
    5. In high heel
    6. Wearing Sexy lingerie
    7. Maid Uniform

    All thinking of Eden’s escape plain how silly they are … Any way i am so exited what is new coming for Eden…

  4. Maid 959, I think you have got it right. I am sure you hope that one of Eden’s plans for escape will work out otherwise life could become very traumatic for him!

    Thank you for your supportive comments x Deborah Ford

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