The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Nine



It is just ten minutes before Marcus calls on the phone.

They are standing before the full length mirror in the maid’s room, curtains drawn against the mid-morning sun. Birds tweeting.

The maid is turning this way and that, stunned at the sight in the mirror. The uniform is the ‘male’ one, as directed by his wife Erika. There is nothing male about it and nothing other than feminine about the wearer.

Erika and Lynn also check the image reflected back, while occasionally examining the actual outfoot.

All are dazed by the maid’s appearance.

She is wearing a crisp, translucent white blouse, tiny buttons run up the front all the way up to the delicate collar. The black trousers are secured tightly about the waist, with a tiny front zip and an elegant thin belt. The pants might as well be painted on.

Erika had shown Eden that by lying on his back on the bed he could secure the top button of the trousers and then pull up the zip. They flared out around the ankle length, Cuban heeled black boots with their zips on the inside of the leg.

Beneath the blouse, it was possible to see the faint out line of the hefty basque tightened around the now narrow waist with tiny breasts formed by the bra element.

No stockings under trousers, Erika had said. He was about to pull on the shapewear tights when Erika and Lynn had giggled knowingly.

“Silly maid,” Lynn laughed. “Panties on first. Beneath tights. Only guys think panties go on over tights.”

So, he wore a pair of frilly rose coloured panties.

“It’s important,” Erika pointed out, “to wear something girly under trousers.”

As he twisted to his side, so he could see the effect of the tights and shaped trousers on his backside. It jutted out roundly, emphasising even more his narrowed waist.

The face wore, what Lynn now referred to as, the light make up. Subtle colouring to enhance the eyes, lips and cheeks, but virtually invisible to most eyes.

Of course there was nothing subtle about the blonde, frizzed out hair style.

The effect was most certainly not of a man, but of a girly maid.

Eden turned to Erika with alarm in his eyes. “Mistress, I honestly cannot answer the door wearing this.”

She half closed her eyes and smiled, “The Master of the House says you will soon get used to it.”

He glanced back at his sexy reflection.

“But Mistress …”

She cut him off, still sympathetic, but never the less firm in tone, “You can always argue with the Master of the House. Prove him wrong.”

He moaned in despair.

He was certainly aroused, he could feel his panties dampening around his tiny chastity cage, but the arousal wasn’t overwhelming the alarmed tingling in his tummy.

Lynn rubbed his arm.

“Honestly, maid. I’ve done this a few times. You will get used to it.”

Panic! Lynn and Marcus had done this a few times?

“How many times, Miss Lynn?”

“Oh maid,” Lynn smiled, “just relax and let yourself know you are in the hands of experts here. We will take care of you and help you through every stage.”

His reflection showed wide terrified eyes and a hanging open mouth of soft, barely pink lips.

“I simply cannot answer the door like this!” His wide eyes turned to his wife. Surely she would save him. “Mistress, please you must speak to the Master of the House. This is getting crazy.”

She shook her head, so that her blonde hair shook about her face and smiled, “Maid, he’s been right so far, hasn’t he? And haven’t you been always wrong?”

Other than knowing this was crazy Eden couldn’t think of any further arguments. Not least, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a belting from Marcus. At one time the punishments from Marcus were hot and arousing. But now they were served the practical purpose of keeping the maid in check. Rather than looking forward to a spanking, he now did all he could to avoid any level of punishment.

He dutifully replied, “Yes Mistress.”

But his heart wasn’t in the agreement.

And then the phone went!

Erika’s mobile. All three stared at it in shock, knowing who was calling.

Erika, under the surveillance of the other two, picked up her phone, breathed in a deep breath, fixed a smile and then answered.

“Hi, Master,” her smile grew wider. She looked Eden up and down and narrowed her eyes, “Oh yes Master. The maid is properly attired. Oh no. She looks great. Me and Lynn have worked hard.” There was a pause, during which Erika concentrated on what she was hearing before her shoulders sagged with relief. She laughed. “Oh no Master. She has been totally obedient. No Master, really, I am not just saying that. She has. Lynn has even shown her how to sit. Silly girl was sitting like a truck driver with legs apart.”

Something was said, but the desperate Eden couldn’t hear anything form the other end of the call other than the thin garbled noise you hear from a distance.

Erika gasped, her mouth fell open.

Eden was terrified. What had the Master said that had so alarmed his wife? Lynn stepped forward putting her hands up to her mouth. The three ‘girl’s waited to hear words form Erika to know what was going on.

“But Master,” Erika said, “we won’t be ready yet. Lynn wants to show the maid how to stand properly too and …” She had obviously been cut short and her tone lowered. “Yes Master. Of course, Master. No, Master I will tell the maid.”

Eden’s hands rose to his lips. Tell him what?

Erika turned off the phone and held it before her, simply staring at it.

Eden and Lynn waited silently for her to share the news.

She placed the phone on a set of drawers and said with raised eyebrows, “it seems Master has decided to give himself the rest of the day off. He will be with us in half an hour!”

“Its not long enough!” Lynn said.

“I told him!” Erika closed her eyes and shook her head. “You know what he’s like. He speaks, we all jump.”

Eden stepped close to her. “What must you tell me, Mistress?”

She stared at her husband bewildered and then suddenly remembered. “Oh yes.” She giggled. “Your Master said that if you continue to be well behaved when he gets here then you’ll get to play with yourself.”

Eden was shocked he will be permitted to play with himself? At last. How many days was it since he had cum?

Lynn laughed and patted the maid’s bottom.

“Aren’t you the lucky one!”

He was. Eden felt elation. Dare he hope? Yet, his wife was right. When Marcus said he’d do something then that something happened. No matter what. Gosh, so long as he behaved then he will be able to have relief. He’d finally be able to free his head of all the erotic clouds of sexual need and finally be able to think straight.

“Right maid,” suddenly Lynn was all business. “We must get you to sit and stand straight. We haven’t got much time!”

“But, Miss Lynn …”

The maid had other, more troubling matter son her mind, but Lynn and Erika were now anxious.

Erika said, “Maid! Pay attention. It won’t just be you who feels the Master’s belt.”

He was about to argue when a stinging slap to his thigh from his wife brought him up short. Clearly the tight fitting material of the trousers and tights offered little protection against a whack.

“Maid,” Erika sounded annoyed. “Listen up. Listen to every word Miss Lynn tells you. Remember, it won’t just be a spanking, you won’t be permitted to play with yourself. Yes?”

Oh God! Yes, he must concentrate.

And concentrate he did as for the next half hour Miss Lynn showed him various standing and sitting positions.


Marcus was later than expected. When the doorbell finally rang the three girls gasped together.

His arrival was always met with the same levels of fear and excitement, and maybe the fear fired the excitement. There is something erotically charged about an alpha male in the house. Prior to his arrival life is calm and collected, post his arrival the world become hyper.

“Well answer the door maid!”

Erika glared at him, as if frightened he wouldn’t let in Marcus.

“I can’t Mistress. I mean suppose it isn’t him.”

His wife closed her eyes. “How dumb are you? It no longer matters. That is the outfit you answer the door in.”

He swallowed. He still wanted to believe all this was a game but that reliving notion was quickly sliding away like a balloon disappearing into the sky.

Erika knew she couldn’t let Marcus think she couldn’t be mistress of the house if he wasn’t around.

Speaking quickly, she said, “do you want it to answer it in the little black maid’s uniform?”

The doorbell rang again. Somehow it sounded insistent, threating. Demanding.

In his low heels Eden made his way downstairs to the front door, through the frosted glass he could make out the hazy figure of the Master of the House.

He knew he had no alternative. All escape routes were closed down.

 He swallowed, pulled back his shoulders in their tight confines of the corset and opened the door to the Master of the House …

… who seemed more angry than usual.

He was dressed in a dark grey suit that fitted neatly around his broad shoulders. He simply stood and glared at the shuffling maid before him.

“Just how long does it take you to answer the damned door?”

“Erm, sorry Master. We were upstairs.”

For a moment he thought about lying, but that notion was chased from his senses by the horror of the consequences once Marcus knew he had lied.

So instead of making up an excuse, he said, “Master, I am very sorry for my tardiness.”

Marcus was unimpressed and pushed the maid aside as he entered.

“Where’s those two dumb tramps?”

“We’re here Master.”

Erika and Lynn giggled as the hurried down the stairs to the imposing figure in the hallway.

They stood expectantly before him, both grinning inanely.

Eden felt sick, why didn’t anyone look at him like that.

“Is that it?” Marcus’ jaw jutted out.

The two women stared at him, the smiles disappearing with trepidation.

“Right! When the Master of the House gets in, he’s to be greeted by all the girls in the house as if they puppies!”

After a brief pause, Erika threw her arms around his neck and started kissing his cheek. Lynn quickly followed suit, pecking at his chin.

The sickness increased in Eden’s tum. His wife had never greeted him like that. Not ever.

A click of fingers.

Though smothered by Eden’s wife and his hairdresser, Marcus raised his hand and clicked his fingers at the maid.

“I said, all the girls in the house. Get your dumb arse over here now!”


Eden stared. His mind refused to understand, but of course he knew he had to force himself to understand. He stepped forward, holding his breath and put his arms to rest on the muscular male’s waist.

The two girls, though still clinging around his neck, stopped to observe this unpredicted event.

“No maid. Girls put their arms around a guy’s neck!”

“Yes Master.”

Eden immediately threated his arms around the other two girls about the hunky man’s shoulders.

“Why aren’t you girls welcoming me?”

Erika and Lynn returned to their enthusiastic kissing of his face. Marcus’ eyes were fixed on the hesitant maid.

Eden pulled himself closer, amazed at the muscular strength about Marcus’ neck, and then lightly kissed the rough, hairy skin of the alpha male.

Marcus pulled himself clear.

“Right tramps. That’s how I am to be greeted from now on. Every time I arrive you are like dumb puppies who have missed their Master.”

The two girls nodded and said “Yes, Master.”

Eden quickly added his own, slightly shocked, Yes, Master.”

Marcus raised a finger and wagged it at the fearful maid. “I’m expecting good reports about you. You want to be permitted to play with yourself, yes?”

“Yes, Master,” Eden said quickly, his eyes wide with expectation.

“Ok. I’ll tell you exactly how you play with yourself from now on. And, bitch?”

“Yes Master?” Eden asked.

“You deviate from your instructions and your play time ends. Right there and then. Got it bitch?”

“Yes Master!”

Oh My God! He was going to be allowed to play with himself. The maid stood in the hallway in his sexy tight fitting outfit and beamed.

“Thank you Master.”

Marcus’ face darkened with an evil grin. He thought, if only the dumb bitch you knew what I was about to put her through!”

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  1. *curtsey* Hello Miss Ford *curtsey*
    Black trousers … at least not in that sily tiny skirt.
    So finally Eden got chance to play with himself self lest wait what happened next.
    Thanks for Part nine

  2. Thank you Arvi, you are welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Let us hope Eden is sufficiently well behaved as to be allowed to play with himself

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