The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Ten




In his silk smooth, black lingerie, Eden could barely think. His brain could have resided in another universe.

Erika and Lynn fussed busily over the maid’s lingerie, snapping garters into place and ensuring fastenings were securely in place.

The Master of the House had been most particular. The maid’s out fit was to be sexy, tight fitting, with stockings and high heels. He wanted the maid’s feet to be dramatically arched when lying down for some reason.

So Erika had chosen the red and black basque as the centre piece. It’s suspender straps were rigid and thick, as were the shoulder bands that she tightened to dig into her husband’s shoulder.  It was like being fixed into bondage.

The waist of the basque was pulled slim and then squeezed again until the girls each had to hang onto the fastening ribbons to maintain its rigidity while they fastened it in a pretty bow behind him.

They took a last look at him, anxiously taking him in, from the strappy heels to his hair.

Lynn pushed up his hair at the sides, stepped back, appearing concerned, before fluffing up his hair some more. And still she agonized over the appearance.

For Eden the effect was as if he had taken a potion to make his brain melt. His thoughts floated ineffectually above his head as if his skull were empty.

He just needed to cum to think again, and the Master of the House had said he could cum because he had been so well behaved.

A niggling thought troubled him. What if he were inadvertently naughty and suffered the consequences? Oh My God! The Master would keep him locked away for at least another day, and that would be his opportunity lost for another night. How long is it since he had cum?

He closed his eyes, sighing with concern.

Erika spoke softly to Lynn, so that her Bull, still in their bedroom down the hall, couldn’t hear her, “What do you think?”

Lynn was equally as troubled. “Oh, I don’t know. You know what he’s like. Even when you do what he commands he finds fault.” She breathed out long and hard through her nose before adding, as if bravely, “I think she’s ready.”

Erika said to Eden, “Now you behave. He’s in a good mood. Don’t do anything to disturb that else we’ll all be in trouble.”

Eden understood. The master wanted everything just so, which Eden was finding comforting in an odd way. All he had to do was obey and keep out of the way and he could evade a spanking. After all Marcus was the Master of the House. It was for him to ensure the smooth running of the household and clearly, he was excellent at that. As a consequence, Eden knew he had to satisfy the whims of the difficult Master of the House.

As he stared at his erotic, pampered reflection in the full length mirror his dick threated to grow so large as to break out of its confinements. Of course, the materials the Master had chosen for the chastity cage were not going to give into such a minuscule force. The Master had made it clear when putting it on the now domesticated husband that it was impregnable. Hadn’t he said ‘graphite’ or something like that? Perhaps when the Master wasn’t busy he would ask the Master to explain the nature of the tiny robust chastity device he had secured to his equipment.

“Ready, Master.”

Erika had called down the corridor.

The three girls, or rather two girls and one dumb maid, stood staring uneasily at the open doorway. Would the Master of the House approve? Or would they all be punished?

Marcus surveyed the scene with hidden, dick tingling glee. The two sluts were hot in their short dresses, he knew they’d be creaming themselves desperate for his hard cock. The maid in her tight fitting lingerie was exactly what he wanted.

He wore his shirt and pants and carried the sports bag that always troubled Eden. The maid shuffled on her heels, stressing over its contents. What did he have in it this time?

The Bull took in the full appearance of the maid, running his eyes slowly up from the heels, over the shapely legs in their sheer black stockings, the hour glass figure with the artificially created breasts and to the worried lightly made up features.

When he reached the hair, he said:

“Turn around, maid.”

Holding his breath, fearful of the Master finding fault with his dress, Eden turned so that his pantied bottom was to the Bull. He felt eyes burrowing into him, making him feel embarrassed, self-conscious and, surprisingly, aroused.

“Not bad,” Marcus mumbled.

Marcus had learnt over the years to never praise the subs, else they always became carried away and then, as a consequence, wayward.

Erika and Lynn, giggled.

“I knew you’d love it Master,” Erika said.

Marcus sniffed. “Didn’t say I loved it. Just not bad.”

Erika lowered her head, “Yes, Master.”

Eden noticed Erika offer a sly smile to Lynn as if they were naughty school children.

“Ok, girls,” the Master of the House said. “Get the maid’s new laptop out of my sports bag. Set it up on the cabinet, next to the mirrored wardrobe doors. I want the slut to see what’s happening to her.”

“Yes Master,” the two girls said, before rummaging eagerly through the bag.

Eden felt wantonly helpless. Here he is standing in what had once been his daughter’s bedroom, which was now allocated to him as the maid. He felt as if he were the only one in the room who didn’t know what the Master of the House had planned. As such he had to stand in his heels in the middle of the room while the two girls flurried purposefully about him.

As instructed a pink laptop was placed on the cabinet.

Marcus said to the maid, “pile two pillows, one on top of the other near the edge of the bed. There.”

His finger was pointing at a spot nearer the cupboard and wardrobe mirrored doors than the wall side of the double bed.

Dutifully, Eden complied, dragging two pillows into the position requested.

“No,” Marcus said, “there!”

Eden wondered if his finger had moved slightly as he felt certain that he had placed them where he had been commanded to do so. But how often is Master of the House wrong? Never. And how often is the maid wrong? Always it would seem, so Eden wisely edged the pillows into their new position.

“Good maid,” Marcus said. “Sluts!” he had turned his attention to the two girls who had opened the laptop and started it so that the password screen was present.

“You’ve got a lot to take in, maid,” announced Marcus. “So listen carefully.”

Eden nodded readily, “Yes, Master.”

He didn’t want another beating, particularly from the Master’s belt, so he hung on nervously to every word. Somehow, he felt certain he would mess up and earn further punishment and be denied the chance to cum.

“Girls,” Marcus turned his attention to the two girls. “My underwear is in a bin bag in the sports bag. Stuff them all into the maids pillow slip. Don’t touch the pillows the maid has set on top of each other.”

The two girls looked quizzically at each other for a brief moment. They didn’t pause sufficiently long to earn a punishment, of course. They dug into the sports bag and pulled out the packed bin liner.

Lynn giggled. “Master, how many pairs are in here?”

Shrugging, Marcus said. “Dunno, about two weeks supply.”

Eden hated not knowing what was happening. What on earth was the laptop about and what was the underwear for? He shivered. Ignorance made him feel wholly helpless.


The Master was addressing Eden again, making him skip in his heels in surprise.

“Yes Master?”

“This is your new laptop. You will be given a matching mobile phone too.”

Erm … Eden needed to say to the Master that obviously he couldn’t have a pink mobile phone! What would people say? But this wasn’t the moment to approach the Master of the House.

Marcus continued, evenly, “I’ve set both so you can only have basic access, after all you are just a maid.”

That made sense, Eden thought. A maid shouldn’t have complete access to a computer or phone.

“Your logon and password are both dumbmaid , all one word. That way you won’t forget your logon and password.”

Eden felt breathless. The power and control being exerted over him was overwhelming. “Yes Master.”

“Log on, maid. Let’s see if you can remember your name and password.”

“Yes, Master.”

The laptop seemed new. Did the Master really buy it for him? Wasn’t that sweet?

He typed in the required logon and password, dumbmaid , while the giggling girls shoved the Master’s underwear deep into the pillow.

The laptop screen flashed up with a picture of a naked Erika collared and leashed, on her knees staring out of the image with wanton wide eyes and a drooping mouth. The leash ran up to the hand of the Master of the House, who held it with his chin pushed up so he was staring down at the camera. He was naked save a pair of dark boxers and Eden could make out his tight muscles encompassing his fit body.

Oddly there were very few icons on the screen, save the start button and the Microsoft Word link.

Where were all the apps?

“Finished Master,” Erika said holding the crammed pillowcase.

“Use masking tape from my bag to seal it.”

“Yes Master,” Eden’s wife said, before complying with the command.

Eden glanced at the bulging pillowcase, then the two stacked pillows on the bed before gazing back at the pink laptop that appeared to have so few programs.

He nibbled his lip, tasting the lip toned lipstick, as he pondered what was happening about him. He found his heavy breathing restricted in his corset.

Oh, when would be permitted to cum? How he ached to have the chastity cage removed to free up his needy little cock that it could spurt and release his pent up frustrations.

He just knew he dare not ask, for fear of jeopardising his promised sexual relief.

He needed to be patient and not say a word. That was the way forward.

Everything was in the hands of the Master of the House, so Eden felt relived that at least the Master knew what he was doing.

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  1. None of them good for our humiliated little sissy Eden but somehow i think he arrr… (i don’t want that belt on my Butt)… She will love it!!

  2. Congratulation!!! For releasing Part 10.
    NOW !!! Again i don’t have any idea … whats going to happened Eden. Your works has inspired every sissy maid to be a better sissy Maid! Maid 959 always want about punishment … But i love the whole new Idea to write the same sissy maid them in new way … You are master in it.

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