The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Eleven






“Maid,” Marcus spoke with his quiet emphatic tones that quietly underlined his dominance in the house, “pay attention.”

Pay attention, were words that made Eden hold his breath. He concentrated on every syllable spoken to ensure complete compliance. Anything less would lead to a swift punishment.

“Press start on your new laptop.”

Eden obeyed.

Oddly, only a few programs were available on the opening screen. Obviously, there was a problem with the laptop and equally obviously Eden felt it wise not to point these out to the Master of the House.

“Select Surveillance.”

Eden was aware that both the girls were watching every action with absorbed interest.

When the program Surveillance was selected a camera image filled the screen. It showed the bed and behind Eden, and Eden himself in his basque, stockings and frizzy blonde hair staring into the camera on the computer. He appeared nervous, like a squirrel in a garden.

“Maid,” Marcus announced, “That program always remains on. Don’t let me ever see it off.”

“Yes, Master.” Eden shuffled on his heels, took an intake of breath and bravely asked a question. “Erm, Master, hope you don’t mind me asking, it’s just that I thought I might, you know, if I …”

The Bull shook his head with impatience. “Get on with it, girl. I haven’t got all day to listen to your inane jabbering.”

Eden blushed, his embarrassment made worse by the two girls tittering behind him.

“Yes Master of course.”

Evidently, the maid reasoned, the Master of the House would have important matters to attend to! Eden cursed himself for being so silly. “Well Master, I was wondering who sees this image.”

Marcus became even more impatient. “Obviously anyone I want. I need to keep an eye on you, don’t I?”

Did he?

“Erm, well I suppose so, Master, but …”

The Master of the House was in no mood for the maid’s mindless chitchat and pointed at the raised pillows.

“Kneel astride the pillows, maid.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden climbed uncertainly on to the bed knowing how often he had misunderstood instructions from the Master of the House. He wrapped his stocking clad thighs about the pillows, that felt firmer than he expected as they pushed up against his panties and the cock cage locked beneath them.

“Lie face down.”

Obeying, Marcus gingerly lay down on the bed, feeling his legs spread by the pillows and his head now on the duvet. His pantied bottom was stuck in the air with nothing to hide his shame. He stared up expectantly wondering what next. He noted his wife and Lynn were staring with fascination at him as he complied with the commands.

“Tramps,” Marcus said to the girls, “put the pillow with my underwear under his head.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said as she pulled the unevenly packed pillow beneath Eden’s head.

Yuk. Eden sniffed. He could only breathe in the musky odours from the pillow now. He moved his head slightly to one side but still couldn’t escape the pungent smell.

Crouching next to the mystified but horny maid, the Bull spoke softly.

“Put your hands up so they are beneath the pillow. Good girl. Now they must remain there. Remember, maid, I will be watching you meticulously.”

He indicated the laptop screen image where Eden could see his dreamy face staring back.

Marcus continued, “Listen carefully to your instructions. You can rub yourself against the pillows between your legs. You can bounce up and down and wiggle all you like. What you mustn’t do is stop.”

“Yes, Master,” Eden spoke distractedly, desperate to hear his instructions but feeling the overwhelming erotic state wash through his body and mind. It rolled away all logic and all thought.

“You must not remove your hands from beneath the pillow. Not until told to so. Got it, maid?”

Eden found it difficult to even speak, his words coming out slowly, “Yes Master. I understand”

“So you cannot finger yourself like a man. Understood?”

On the screen Marcus watched the dumb maid’s eyes flicker as if she were about to fall asleep. The reply was slow in coming back.

“Yes Master.”

“You will never be permitted to play with yourself like that ever again. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

Eden felt a heavy series of pats to his bottom, just a little less fierce than a spanking.

“Good girl. Clever girl.” Marcus stood upright, in command of all he surveyed. “Now girl, open your eyes and look at the screen.”

For Eden the voice came from a distance as if spoken somewhere else to someone else.

He managed to open his drowsy eyes sufficiently to take in the screen showing him lying in his tight basque on the bed, his hands beneath the pillow stuffed with his Master’s underpants.

He was vaguely aware of the Bull taking out a tablet and typing on it.

On the screen in large blue letters emerged the phrase, My Master owns me.

“Now be a good girl and repeat what it says on the screen.”

A dreamy, “Yes Master,” was mumbled, followed by, “My Master owns me.”

“Louder maid. I have the mic on, and we will be able to hear you in the master bedroom.”

“Yes Master.” Eden wiggled, the pillows keeping his legs firmly spread. “My Master owns me.”

“Good maid. But you must keep pumping and rubbing yourself at the same time.”

“Yes Master.”

Eden couldn’t think clearly but was dimly aware of there being a great deal to think about.

He massaged his pantied groin against the pillow feeling himself becoming soppy wet between his legs.

“Watch the screen, maid. Like a good girl.”

“Yes Master.”

The maid simply wanted to close her eyes and be washed away to orgasm even though he was aware that an orgasm was impossible with his cock locked in the cage.

The words on the laptop had vanished and were replaced with, Thank you Master.

With his mouth squashed by the pillow Eden said out loud, “Thank you Master.”

Then the words became: I will always obey my Master.

“I will always obey my Master,” the maid mumbled.

For Marcus this was a huge step in his plans for the dumb sissy. Each time the sissy progressed in her education, so doors were closing behind her. There was never any going back.

The dumb sissy would now associate his Master’s manly smells with arousal, the way a woman does. The bull’s musky scent would stimulate the sissy’s sexual needs, which would always be on a high due to his inability to cum.

The Bull caught sight of the two girls staring at the maid’s antics with their own burning arousal. The hot wife was nibbling her lips while her eyes dropped with sexual stimulation. He grinned. They would both cum in seconds as he entered them, associating their orgasms with him. He would become the wife’s world, her only source of penetrative orgasm.

He wrapped an arm around each girl tugging them back towards the open doorway. They instinctively followed his guiding arms, their eyes still locked on the stimulating sight humping hopelessly on the bed.

The maid mumbled, “Master I adore you.”

The threesome made their way to the master bedroom and were locked about each other the moment they entered.

On a monitor sat on the dressing room, a sexily clad maid humped and ground herself into the pillow. Her voice thin through the speakers.

“I love my Master. I adore my Master.”

A long groan followed by, “My Master is my world …”

Satisfied the plan with the dumb sissy was well on course he turned his attention, and that of his erection to the two panting women.

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  1. *curtsey* Miss Ford for another fantastic part *curtsey*
    i have not the words which i can use to explain how much i like the this new type of … Eden situation i mean humiliation and brain wash are going same time. Thankyou for Very fantastic part

  2. ESCAPE !! oh lol … i don’t think Eden will remmber the word escap are exit any more for him…. arr mean her.

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