The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twelve


Maids are often regarded as figures of amusement. Welcome, calming influences in any household. A joy to have around in life’s turbulent times.

Yet little consideration is given to what maids actually think, even for maids themselves.

So it is for Eden, standing before the window, his cute nose barely an inch from the glass, staring out onto the front garden, the line of bushes and the street beyond. He wasn’t sure what to think.

With his hands fixed flat to his head, his maid’s trousers and tights pulled down to his ankles, his mauve panties with the delightful detail and bows at the side are on display. Nor was he sure whether the panties were on display to any curious onlooker in the street below. Hopefully they were below the line of the windowsill, but as he’d been ordered not to look away from the street, he couldn’t check.

Of course, the passers-by would have to peer between the bushes at the odd figure with the wide eyed fearful expression standing before the glass to actually see him, but if they stopped they would certainly observe him.

There was a small gap at the bottom of the drive but people who had scurried past never looked back up at the house from that spot. If they did, Eden was convinced he would simply pass out. As it was, he could feel his heart thumping in his chest. The pain from his caned bottom was nothing compared to the pounding blood in his chest and his head. It was thunderous.

Of course, he had been commanded to keep his back straight and his eyes fixed on the street, so he dared not glance down to see if his panties were above the sill. By standing straight, the straps from his corset painfully gripped his waist and shoulders. He was left in no doubt as to his attire, he could feel it.

The small bumps on his chest, advanced by the corset shape, were heightened by the tight white blouse. He might as well have B sized boobs when his back was straight.

Worse the timer, also on the sill, was twisted away from him so he would only know his time was up when the alarm sounded.

Oh God!

Why had he been so foolish?

The morning had started so well …

He had served the scrambled eggs and bacon breakfast at the correct time of 8 o’clock, with the toast still so hot the butter was melting through it. The Mistress of the House said it was ‘yummy’. Even the Master of the house didn’t berate the maid for any short comings. As Eden, in his tight trouser maid’s outfit, refilled the coffee cups the Master of the House cleared his throat, with his eyes fixed on Erika

“You’ve done ok, this morning maid,” he said without looking at Eden.

The maid was thrilled. Praise indeed!

Marcus sat back in his shirt, “Well, better than yesterday anyway.”

Just the thought of the previous day’s spanking made Eden wince. “Thank you, Master.”

Again without moving his dark eyes from Eden’s wife, Marcus said, “You can see what a good teacher I am.”

“Yes Master.” Eden was about to add that ‘he was most grateful’, but he had been punished for jabbering too often, so just let the words rest in his mind.


Eden was shocked. Dismissed? Before they had finished their breakfast? Had he heard correctly? Should he put down the coffee pot, still held in his hand?

“You still here?” Marcus asked.

Eden’s wife giggled and when the maid turned in her direction, he could see his wife’s eyes were fixed on those of the Master of the House.

The lids were half closed, but the eyes glistened. There was an intensity in her stare with her lover. An intensity Eden had never experienced himself but of which he had become aware of since Marcus had started calling around. He never before seen in that expression in her eyes in his twenty years of marriage.

Making a decision, Eden plopped the coffee pot on the table, carefully so as not to spill any on the white tablecloth and stepped back.

Should he say anything? He could see they were both engrossed in each other, so retreated quietly to the door and closed it lightly behind him.

It was only in the kitchen, when the relief drained away that rebellious thoughts stirred in the mind of the maid. For some reason, when he was in a room with the Master of the House he just aimed to be complainant and obedient. Over the last day or so he had even been wary of misbehaving before his wife, ensuring speedy compliance to any request. The Mistress often couched instructions in the form of a request rather than a command unlike the more gruff Marcus. There was no doubt in his tone when he requested something.

So he stood in the kitchen and felt irritation gnaw at him. Irritation is like a bubbly gas. Once it starts so it multiplies.  

That was his own wife that Marcus was hitting on in the dining room! Eden had wooed and married her. Erika was his. They had a daughter together, who would be returning to their marital shortly. Yet here he was, in the kitchen about to clear up the breakfast dishes and start hoovering through the house.

He felt anger and jealousy fizz. Ok yes, this was his fantasy, but this was no longer a fantasy. In fact, Eden worked hard all day. He was constantly on call since Marcus had brought home those two house bells for him and Erika. And how the Master of the house loved summoning the maid by clanging the bell wherever he was.

Eden felt there were times when, somehow, the Master of the House knew Eden was in the middle of putting a load into the washing machine when he would tinkle the bell in another room, or worse. Upstairs!

Perhaps it was time to call a halt and finally reclaim his own wife. In his imagination, he imagined Erika being impressed at his standing up to the bully. She would be so much in awe of her powerful husband defeating the swaggering bully, that as soon as Marcus was out of the front door and in his sportscar, she would drag her long lost husband into bed.

Eden’s dick firmed up inside the tiny confines of Marcus’ miniscule chastity cage. What was it made of again? Oh, he could never remember. Graphite? His eyes closed; his breathing became short as he rubbed at his groin through the tight trousers.

His dick was now so large it was painfully crushed inside the container.

Words floated into his dreamy head, “Yes Master.” “Thank you, Master.” “I will obey you Master.” “I adore you Master.”

As such it was a long moment before he realised Marcus was shouting at him from the kitchen doorway.

“Maid! MAID! M A I D!”

Eden jumped to his short heels.

“Master. Sorry, Master. Sorry!”

Not sure of what exactly he was sorry, Eden stared with terror at the Master of the House, whose thick arm was locked around the shoulders of Eden’s wife. She looked half asleep with sexual arousal.

Marcus raised his chin, “What you doing?”

What was he doing? Eden could barely remember his name when the Master of the House spoke to him like that, never mind what he was actually doing.

“I, erm, well, just having a coffee. Sorry Master.”

“Who told you, you could have a coffee?”

Eden raised his eyebrows in shock. “Well, erm, no one. I was just having a coffee and …”

“Dumb bitch,” Marcus said.

Erika places her hand with fingers wide apart on Marcus’ deep chest, as if to stem her lover’s fury.

“She didn’t mean to be naughty, Master.” She tugged on his arm. “Why don’t we go upstairs and leave the maid to clear up the kitchen?”

Marcus nodded. “Yeh, sure. You mean what she should have been doing in the first place. Drinking coffee when there’s dishes to be washed! Dumb bitch.”

“I’ll get onto it immediately Master,” Eden said, ready to throw himself at his chores.

“Stop right there! Have you been told to do anything? Eh?”

“Well, no, no I guess not, Master.”

“Dumb bitch. Right, in future you wanna drink a coffee then you ask permission first!”

Even Erika gasped at that one.

“You want to eat, you ask permission. You Got it? You want to do anything then you ask first!”

“Yes Master. Yes.” Eden’s head was full of problems. What if the master was out? What if the Master was busy? The Master clearly hadn’t thought this through.

Eden pouted, before saying, “Perhaps we should discuss it.”

Erika sighed out loud and closed her eyes waiting for the storm.

Marcus froze in astonishment.

“Yeh maid. Yes. Let’s discuss it! Get your fat arse in my office!”

Eden swallowed, about to apologise.

Taking a quick step back from the door, Marcus shouted, “Now!”

Eden noticed his wife staring at him with rebuke, as if he was spoiling her and her lover’s fun.

Well that ‘fun’ about to come to an end. They’d discuss it all right, Eden said to himself as he clip clopped on his short Cuban heels out of the room. It was about time they had a discussion on what was unfolding.



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  1. *curtsy* hello Miss Deborah Ford
    Yes representing of Eden is different… and your stories is a slippery slope…i always enjoy the ride… since “THE OFFICE DUPE”

  2. *curtsy*hello Miss Deborah Ford
    Yes repenting of Eden is different I must say you every story is different even the center idea is same a sissy husband but still …. it’s a slippery slope… i enjoy the ride since the “THE OFFICE DUPE”

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