The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Fourteen



Eden knew a number of things as his wife Erika played with him in his new bedroom. The girly, light pink bedroom that had once belonged to Alicia, his daughter.

Firstly, he knew his wife seemed more relaxed than he had ever before known. She giggled and fussed but was at complete ease with the situation. He was also aware of the precise outfit she wished to see him dressed in: a black and red basque, with delicate lace features. To this was attached black stockings, for which a pair of 5” heels were provided.

“You won’t have to walk far, so heels like that are fine,” she pointed out as she tugged the basque into position.

The basque, she had explained, would give him a curvy shape, more so than even the tight body she and the Master of the House had forced him to wear.

Around his neck was a black collar with red decorations, to match, as she put it, the basque.

He was also aware that she expected him to be obedient and patted his bottom, just like the Master, when she felt he was sufficiently compliant.

Somehow it felt odd, perverse even, to be accepting commands from his wife. Often he had asked her to be dominant in the bedroom, but now he had no say in the proceedings. A tang of discomfort made him feel wary, perhaps a little fearful.

Yet he was also aware of his dick pulsating and leaking in the chastity device, so part of him was responding to her demands.

But Eden was unaware of two matters:

Firstly, that Erika had been given precise instructions by Marcus on how she was to play with her husband. This included not permitting any backchat, threatening to use the paddle or even the cane if he were naughty. She was also encouraged to warn Eden that she would call Marcus if the maid appeared rebellious.

Erika only had to issue this threat once, when Eden had complained about the corset being too tight.

“It’s strangling me! I can barely breathe!”

She stood before him, feeling nervous, how would he take the warning of her calling Marcus? What if he didn’t succumb? What if he braved it out? Then she would lose all credibility!

If he was aware of her trepidation, then he didn’t show it.

He was defeated the moment she lifted up her mobile phone and said, “Perhaps you might like to discuss it with the Master of the House?”

He looked horrified and bowed his head.

“No Mistress. I am just saying it is very tight, that’s all.”

“And how does a good maid say that?”

Beneath his dyed blonde, curly hair, he blushed hard red, and whispered, “Please, Mistress will you slacken off the cords a little.”

“There,” she said, as her tone gave way from anxiety to relief to authority. “Good girl. Your Master will be pleased with you.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“I will paddle your bottom six times and then you can ask politely again. Ok maid?”

He was horrified, his bottom was already sore from the caning earlier, but a glance at her phone, still gripped in her fingers brought sense to his troubled head.

“Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Good girl. Now why don’t you bend over the end of the bed like a good girl so I can deal with you.”

He knelt down slowly, hoping she might change her mind, or he could find the words to convince her to not beat him. But nothing was forth coming. So he bowed stiffly over the mattress in his unyielding basque so that his knees fell to the carpet and his face to the soft bed covers.

Enjoying the acquiescing site before her, Erika felt, for the first time in her life, truly powerful. Marcus had told her she would feel the full joyful experience of being the mistress of the house. He said it wouldn’t feel like role playing, it would be her new position. As usual he was totally right.

As the wife set about spanking her husband’s black pantied bottom, so she became more fierce with each blow. When she found the right force, he would whimper loudly with each blow.

What a feeling of true power.

How did Marcus know so much!

There was something that neither Eden nor Erika knew: Marcus’ full plan.

The dumb husband was going to learn the lesson of respecting everyone else. That was what he had told the dumb fuck would happen and that is what would take place. The dumb maid would be obedient and polite to everyone. Marcus had explained this on that fateful night, and that was going to happen. He would teach the cuckold about not apologising when told to do so. All Eden had to do was apologise when told. He didn’t now he would be subservient to everyone.

For that to happen the former husband, and head of the household, would have to be demoted to maid of the house. A full time position. Not just when the Bull was present but always.



After the maid’s paddling, following Marcus’ clear instructions, Erika had the maid kneel before her and said.

“Now the Master of the House is very concerned with your reticence to answer the front door.”

Still barely able to breath because of the constricting basque and now made uncomfortable by his sore bottom resting on his tall, killer heels, Eden sighed.

He was irritated that he had been reduced to an actual maid, not even permitted to offer a comment with out asking politely.

Raising her eyebrows, in full Mistress mode, Erika asked, “was that a sigh I heard little maid?”

“Mistress, please may I speak?”

She ruffled his curls.

“Of course, maid. Its easier with me. Its just that the Master is often too busy to listen to your babbling. So go ahead.”

“Mistress, clearly I cannot answer the front door to people when I’m dressed like a maid. Even if it is trousers!”

Smiling she said, “Whilst the Master won’t indulge your silly whims, I as your Mistress will. So, who else will answer the door of not the maid? Is that not one of the fundamental duties of an efficient maid?”

Oh! Now Erika was sounding like the Bull, twisting everything Eden said until he felt confused.

“Yes Mistress. Of course those are important duties of a maid. But obviously I can’t just open the door like this.”

“You think the delivery drivers or post people give a damn how you look?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

He hadn’t thought of that.

“But what if it is friends or family?”

She lolled her head to one side, making her blonde hair fall over her shoulder. “Silly maid. Who comes out to visit us without contacting us first?”

“Well, I … I hadn’t thought of that.”

Now Eden felt foolish, the way he did when ever the Master of the House pointed out something to him. It was always obvious when he was told it.

“But I just don’t want you answering the door, maid. I want you performing that duty like all your duties, enthusiastically. With a welcoming smile. Everyone loves a happy maid.”

Everything she had said had come from Marcus. He had instructed her in this, an important function of a well behaved maid. But she had one additional point, that she wished to add.

Erika raised the head of her maid by lifting up her chin.

“And it is very important to me that you always appear to anyone, looking nice and fresh and immaculate. I don’t want anyone thinking the Mistress of the house puts up with a sloppy, lazy maid. Clear?”

Wanting so badly to please her, Eden gushed: “Yes Mistress. Of course. I’ll use the hall mirror to check my appearance.”

“What a good girl you can be!”

He beamed at her compliment.

“Now,” Erika grinned, “how about some entertainment between you and me. Without any angry Bulls around telling us what to do?”

Eden nodded with enthusiasm; this was like a fantasy come true.

Erika took command, having the maid lie on her back on the bed before ordering her to spread her stockinged legs. The laptop on the dressing table was on, and showed the image of the bed, with the reclined maid staring fearfully at his own image on the screen. Was Marcus watching?

Erika settled between his opened out legs and rubbed herself on her maid’s groin. Just as Marcus had told her, the hard chastity device rubbed straight against her clitoris making her feel dreamily hot.

Pushing her nose amongst his thick curls, she whispered, “I love my little maid,” before pausing a moment and then adding, “when she is behaving.”

She kissed his cheek, hearing him sigh with arousal.

“Tell the camera, you love your mistress.”

Eyes half closed, he leaned his head to one side, facing the camera in the laptop: “I love my Mistress.”

It felt so good to hear those words, for Erika. Her pussy melted. Her heart pounded.

“Say it again, maid, make me believe it.”

At that moment it felt easy to for Eden to say anything she wanted.

“I love my Mistress. I adore my Mistress. She is the world to ….”

He broke off with a groan and gripped her waist.

 His hands moved down to his wife’s bottom though the silky kimono.

Giggling, she whispered, “no Honey. That’s only for real men like your Master. You are forbidden to touch any of my erogenous zones.”

She kissed and sucked at his cheek, her mouth suddenly finding his and they were kissing. Tongue on tongue, sucking on sucking. Deep arousal from both.

Heat. Heat. Killing heat. Burning away all before it.

Then they came.

For the first time since his Master had locked away his cock Eden felt the equivalent of an orgasm. His mind went blank, before his body was overwhelmed with a compulsion bounce rhythmically on the bed. He was vaguely aware of how his Mistress also increased the pace of her grinding.

They both moaned and shouted together.

Eden came without cumming. He certainly ejaculated as he could feel the wet goo on his bare thighs, above the stockings. Yet he hadn’t cum. He needed to cum. Yet he had cum.

Yet he hadn’t.

It was a weird dichotomy. Cumming without satisfaction.

His mouth chewed on his Mistress’ face until she rolled off him, exhausted, spent.

Moments later she lay on her back, still above the sheets, sweaty, gasping for air. Her maid’s fizzed out hairy head in the crook of her arm. The maid’s curly hair tickling her bare flesh.

She was hot, languid, sleepily tired.

She might as well have run a marathon. Her heart pounded like it would never lessen in intensity.


“Shhh.” She said, her eyes closed.

For a moment he was quiet but then he whispered, “Please Mistress will you unlock my chastity cage. Just for a moment. Just for a minute. That’s all it will take.”

Leaning up on her arm, she smiled down at the maid she loved with all her heart.

Kissing him on the nose she spoke softly.

“Your Master has taken the keys.” She smiled, as if sympathetic to his plight. “He didn’t trust me with them. Thought I might go soft on you.”

She didn’t have the keys! They weren’t in the house!

His eyes grew wide with horror at the full implications. He couldn’t be unlocked until the Master of the House returned.

“But Mistress …”

“Hush, honey. You must learn to accept these things.” She stroked his hair. “Oh heavens, maid. I love your new hair. We should have done this years ago.”

Quickly, she kissed his inviting face a number of times. For some reason his helplessness and his needy eyes sent her orbiting the moon with love. Also, she knew Marcus would be proud with the manner in which she had dealt with the maid. That was a fresh joy in itself. Pleasing a real Alpha Male.

Glancing at the laptop screen she knew it was not possible for anyone in the maid’s bedroom to know whether or not they were being observed or even recorded. That was an important point for Marcus. She knew that he had to have the power and those around him to only know subjugation.


Her thoughts were brought back to her needy maid.

“Yes Honey?”

“Do you think we can play this again. After Alicia goes back to college?”

She knelt up, her eyes wide with bewilderment.

“I don’t know maid. I don’t know Marcus’ plans. I guess so.” She smiled, her eyes glittering. “I hope so. He hasn’t said anything about that.”

“Before she gets back, I’ll need to get my hair trimmed and dyed back to being black. Guess, I’ll have to move my stiff back out of the maid’s room …”

The slap to his bare thighs, just below his panties surprised him.

His eyes looked up to see an irate Mistress glaring down on him. The smiles and glinting eyes had vanished, replaced with a hard, determined glare.

“Why do you have to be so naughty?”

“Sorry Mistress?” he didn’t understand.

“We were having such a great time and you spoil it!”

“Mistress? I don’t follow. Really.”

Her tone lowered a pitch. “No. You damn well don’t understand.” She sighed and said, more softly, “I don’t know when you will be moving your stuff out of here or even if.”

She saw her maid’s face scrunch up, looking perplexed.

“That is for the Master of the house to decide,” she explained.

Trying to lighten the situation, Eden said, “Well he can’t let Alicia see me like this can he?”

He caught his breath. His Mistress had not agreed. Rather she closed her eyes and wearily shook her head.

“Maid. I am sure the Master of the House can explain anything to anyone. Or hadn’t you noticed?”

He rolled the words over in his mind. It was almost as if his Mistress was saying that the Master of the House was going to explain Eden as the maid to Eden’s own daughter.

“Mistress, I …”

Placing her finger on his mouth she whispered, “Quiet Honey, you just don’t know who might be listening.”

She kissed his nose and left the shocked and puzzled maid to mull over what she had just heard.

Thirty miles away in his home office, Marcus watched the proceedings with his firm, thick dick in his hand. He loved girl on girl sex and looked forward to directing the traffic in the maid’s bedroom. He turned off the video recorder on his PC and filed the video away for future reference along with the 125 other videos he had of various hotwives and their cucks.

All going well.

Now for stage two.

He picked up his phone and glanced at the paper with the phone number Erika had written out for him.

He punched out the number and grinned to himself. Why did he always win?

A girl’s voice answered, breathless as if impatient.

“Alicia. Yeh?”

“Hi Alicia. Now we haven’t met but I’ve been chatting to your mum and thought it best to bring you up to speed on a few changes to your household. You got two minutes?”

She sounded suspicious. “Do I know you?”

“Friend of your parents. We’ll meet tomorrow.”

“Ok. Go on …”

And he did, all the time thinking about the excitement of stage three.

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  1. The wife seeing the husband as less … Eden being slowly diminished and downgraded … is so so so hot. You manage that so well in your stories, Miss Ford. Thank you, once again, for a delightful tale.

  2. *curtsy* Miss Deborah Ford *curtsy* sorry for late response.

    Wow! I know Marcus will also make Alicia too the part of his Haram the point is how? I am waiting to know … like any sissy will wait to unlock her chastity cage 😉
    *curtsy* Miss Deborah Ford Thanks for this wounder full novel *curtsy*

  3. Marcus should be an environmentally-conscious character : Eden is forced to wash his dirty underwear with a bar of soap in his mouth after Marcus discovers the hidden dangers of microplastics ?

  4. Gosh Miss Tykes, I have never taken my characters down an environmental path before! perhaps as a maid, simply working from home will lower Eden’s carbon footprint.


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