The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty One.

Government warning.

All sissies should avoid travelling further through this tale if they are unaccompanied or unsupervised. Smelling salts should be at hand, and access to fresh air in case of feeling faint.


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When Alicia saw the maid had finally arrived in her bedroom, after her ringing the bell, she twirled around revealing the dress gaping open at her back.

“Oh. Thanks for coming up. Be a dear and do up my zip. Its jammed.”

Eden froze in unmitigated anger. All the rage he had felt throughout the morning boiled over at the sight revealed to him.

Her dress was silky white, moulded around her figure and, to Eden’s horror, ended just about an inch below her curvy bum. Her dark hosiery was visible right up to the tops of her thighs. Her shoulders revealed by the dainty straps.

“Alicia! You can’t go out dressed like that!”

His daughter’s wide shock gave way to teenage exasperation.

“Oh, dad! You can’t tell me what to do. I am eighteen!”

As ever with confrontations between a teenager and a parent, emotions were quickly inflamed beyond all reason.

“I just don’t care! Alicia! Change into something more decent.”

Alicia merely pouted, folding her arms and narrowing her eyes at her red faced father.

So Eden continued, “Quickly! He’ll think you’re a right, easy slut going out dressed like that!”

“You can’t tell me what to wear! I’m not a kid anymore!”

But by now Eden was fixed in his warfare trench, fully mired in the battle, which he felt he had to win. “Alicia. Change at once.”

“What’s going on in here?”

The Master of the House!

The voice was full of forbidding, like the unmoving air before a storm.

Eden’s brain froze to a halt. He saw that Alicia was standing mouth hanging open and with wide eyed trepidation.

Closing his eyes, Eden quietly dealt with the. Quite simply, in his own mind it wasn’t happening. The Master of the House wasn’t in the adjoining main bedroom. Nor had he heard the heated exchange.

Eden was simply lost in a deep, dark nightmare.

There was just one problem with his solution. He knew that as soon as he opened his eyes his hypothesis would be tested and found wanting.

For that reason, he kept his eyes closed, like a child avoiding the inevitable.

He could feel the Bull step passed him, as if the Bull’s intimidating size gave him the mass of a dark star.

“Alicia?” the Bull asked gently. “What’s happening here?”

Now Eden finally opened his eyes.

The Bull was in his shirt sleeves, leaning down over the young girl, seeking to placate her. he towered over her like King Kong over Naomi Watts.

For Eden it was as if Alicia had shrunk.

“Master,” Alicia began, swallowing. “It’s nothing really. Honestly. Nothing.”

The Master of the House gently took her bare arms in his fingers and continued to speak softly.

“I could hear shouting,” he paused and looked back at the fearful maid, “And I heard the maid using your actual name.”

Alicia’s eyebrows rose in an attempt to appear surprised.

“No, no, Master. I wouldn’t say shouting. Really.” She turned to the terrified figure beside her, “Was there dad? Er, Maid. Any shouting?”

A glare from the Bull at the petrified maid silenced Eden.

“You put your finger on your lips. I don’t want to hear a sound from you.”

“Yes, Master.”

It was a relief to put his finger on his lips as it meant he could not say anything further and worsen his plight.

Marcus sat the young girl on the bed, before settling beside her, his arm protectively about her shoulders.

“Now, just tell me what happened.”

“Oh, it was nothing really. I just summoned the maid, like you said I should. Using the bell. I wanted her to do up my zip. It got a bit stuck. That’s all.”

“But your zip is still undone,” the Bull said perplexed. “Couldn’t the maid do her job?”

“Oh. Gosh. Yes. I am sure she could. It’s just that,” her voice trailed off.

She caught the huge eyes of the terrified maid, looking ridiculous with his finger on his pouting lips like a naughty kid in a classroom.

She had to make a choice. If she had to get into trouble with one of them, then she sure as hell wasn’t going to get into trouble with the Master of the House.

“Master.” She closed her eyes in thought. “All it was, was that the maid thought my dress might be a wee bit too short for my date tonight.”

“Eh?” Now the Bull was disconcerted. “I don’t understand. What is it to the maid how long your dress is? Or what its colour is? Or what the hell you wear?”

For that, Alicia had no reply. She glanced at the hapless maid and shook her head. “I don’t know, I guess, the maid was trying to be helpful.”

“And the maid used your actual name too,” the Bull said quietly, as if calming the troubled girl. “I heard.”

“Oh yes. But just a slip really. I mean, I don’t mind.”

The Bull smiled, his dark eyes glinting. It was as if he suddenly understood the situation.

Alicia relaxed and returned the smile.

“Yes. I am sure you are right,” he said. “Just a slip.”

Suddenly Eden calmed. How grateful he was to his young daughter for saving him like that! As soon as the Master of the House left her bedroom, he would thank her from the bottom of his bursting heart.

The bull took both sets of the teenager’s fingers and held them.

It was deliciously sexy feeling to have her hands held like that by a strong, powerful alpha male. It made her feel both helpless and protected.

“You see, young lady, the problem is, that your kind heartedness will seem like weakness to a dumb maid. The maid will presume that she can always get away without using the proper title of those she addresses. It gives everyone else a problem.”

She sighed, “Oh Master. Truly. As far as I’m concerned …”

“No. It isn’t a matter for you, or even me for that matter. Maids have to use the proper references.” He laughed softly. “Can you imagine? You give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

“Erm,” Alicia couldn’t refute such an obvious and pointed explanation. “Well … I suppose so …but …”

“And as for the maid thinking she can dictate what we all wear.” He shook his head, as if dismayed. “No. That is just absurd. The servants thinking they are the Masters of the house.”

“I think she was trying to be helpful, Master.”

Oh, good girl, Eden thought. That will be helpful.

“By shouting at you?”

“Well, I guess …”

“By failing to use your title?”

“I do see that, it’s just that …”

“By dictating what you can and cannot wear?”


“And I heard the maid, plain as day call you a slut!”

Alicia stared at her father, with wide defeated eyes. She couldn’t think of anything else to say.

For Eden’s part, he thought he was going to throw up. Bile emerged in his throat which he quickly swallowed. He managed to keep his finger locked to his puckered lips. Oh God, had he really called her that? Yes! He knew he had. He was sunk.

The Master rose from the bed slowly, as if weighed down by some momentous decision he had to make.

He stared hard at the cowering maid.


Lowering his finger, the maid squeaked, “Yes Master?”

“Go into the master bedroom and find my tawse in the left-hand wardrobe.”

Oh no. The tawse! The most venomous of all the punishment tools.

Then Eden caught site of Alicia, simply staring with incredulity at her father.

Eden winced. God. His own daughter heard that command. He was to fetch the tool of his own punishment!

“Then, stand next to the chair. I will be with you shortly.”

Feeling his knees become too weak to move, Eden remained fixed in position.

The Bull spoke quietly, knowing he would be obeyed.

“I said now!”

The maid fled the room in a flurry. There was even a squeal as he entered the adjoining, larger master bedroom. The bedroom in which only a week before, he had slept with his own wife. The bedroom which was now inhabited by his wife and her Bull, the Master of the House.

In automatic pilot Eden found the tawse and placed it on the bed. Through the open door he could hear the quiet chat from his daughter’s room.

He held his breath to hear the conversation as both spoke in hushed tones.

He caught his daughter saying:

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”

The Bull grunted a laugh, it sounded endearing.

“It’s very kind of you to seek to protect those in your charge. That is an import part of being responsible for any domestic servant. It demonstrates a good deal of maturity on your part.”

“Aw, thank you, Master.” Alicia sounded proud of the accolade. “It is difficult for me. You understand?”

“I’m sure. But you’ll soon find that with responsibility comes a certain release. Maids are very useful members of the household. They free you up to do your college work, go out on dates, listen to music, anything you wish. You are not tied down to the mundane tasks that plague so many young girl’s lives.”

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

“There,” the Master of the House announced, “So if you will excuse me, I have an appointment with the maid to help her understand her responsibilities.”

“Erm, Master?” Alicia said.

There was silence and Eden swallowed. His entire life appeared to be revealed by the Master’s words to his daughter. As if he was now a full-time maid in the household! But obviously she objected to something. Eden stepped closer to the door, to hear more distinctly.

“I was wondering. Isn’t a tawse, well, a spanking instrument?” She swallowed the word spanking as if embarrassed.

“Yes. Good girl.”

“Thank you, Master.”

What was happening? Eden could tell she was complimented by the Bull’s remark.

“It originated in Scotland,” the Bull said, “and has been used ever since. Not just in schools, but in the army and navy.”

A short moment of throbbing quiet before Alicia cleared her throat.

“I mean, you know, you’re not going to spank the maid, are you?”

“Why not?”


Again, the room fell still until the Master spoke again.

“Punishment has been used effectively for thousands of years. Quite right that you cannot punish children these days, but no reason why amongst consensual adults it cannot be used for its original purpose. To aid compliance and obedience. Improve the quality of the work.”

“Well, I was spanked,” whispered Alicia. “Dad, thought it an important lesson.”

The Bull tutted. “In my view it is wholly wrong to beat children. If you can’t keep children in line with out beating them, then hey, what sort of responsible person are you?”

Eden felt sick, wishing he had never spanked his daughter. Now it felt as if he somehow deserved what was coming.

Alicia said, “Oh!” As if she had just realised how unjust it was for her own father to have beaten her.

“So, I’ll deal with the maid. Will only take a minute or so. Never takes long.”

“Will it hurt Master?”

“Of course, it will!”

It was the first time Eden had heard the Bull be impatient with Alicia.

The Master of the House’s voice calmed. “As you know when children are spanked, they feel the pain and they sometime cry. Yes?”


“So please don’t be alarmed if you hear crying. It is all part of the process.” He paused. “And really quite unavoidable.”

Alicia gasped. “But perhaps a good telling off.  Or, I know, standing in the corner like you did with the maid last night. That works.”

Sighing, the Bull called out, “Maid! Get your fat arse in here. Right now!”

No. No . No. Please no. he didn’t want to look at his daughter right now, not after the Master’s explanation of his forthcoming punishment.

But knowing he had no choice, a red-faced maid stepped into his daughter’s bedroom.

“Yes Master?” His voice was squeaky and his breathing short.

“Miss Alicia here,” The Bull said, with his usual quiet confidence, “is quite rightly weighing up the pros and cons of different punishments the maid of a household should receive for her naughtiness. Isn’t that right, Alicia?”

Alicia was surprised at the question, but managed a, “Yes Master.”

“I explained to her that punishments helped improve the maid’s efficiency and competence.”

Eden found himself nodding eagerly.

“Yes, Master.”

If he placated the Master of the House, then his punishment might be diminished for good behaviour.

Smiling at Alicia, the Bull said, “See. We are all in agreement.” He turned back to the keen maid. “And a spanking is the most effective and memorable of the punishments, isn’t it, maid?”

Eden’s enthusiasm for this discourse melted away. “Well, yes Master. Though there are many others, of course.”

The Bull looked at the daughter and nodded at the maid with a gentle laugh. “Maids are full of it aren’t they?” Back to the maid, this time, eyes fixed hard, “But a good spanking, garners results doesn’t it?”

Lowering his head, the maid responded as he knew he must, “Yes, Master.”

The Bull was satisfied, “There you are. We’re all in agreement. A maid must be kept on her toes. So, if you will excuse us for a moment, Alicia.”

Her eyes were now bulging. “Erm, yes of course, Master.”

“Master’s bedroom. Right now, maid.”

“Yes, Master.”

Obviously, the bull would deduct smacks for good behaviour.  … Surely!

The Bull was right behind him as they entered the main bedroom.

“Right. Trousers down!”

Eden stared at the open door, just feet beyond which stood his daughter.

Eden whispered to the Bull, “Master, perhaps we should close the door or …”

“Trousers down this instant. Unless you want me to drag them down!”

With shivering fear, Eden undid the top of his tight pants, his fingers working from muscle memory alone.

With his trousers around his ankles, and his dark tights exposed, Eden rose up, but remained cowering.

Under his breath, as quietly as possible, he said, “Master, perhaps we …”

“Tights down. Around knees!” The Bull announced, tilting his head back. “Quickly girl, if you know what’s best for you!”

Eden placed his thumbs under the elasticated waist band and tried to think of something to say or do to escape punishment in earshot of his daughter.

His eyes watered with shame, and his mouth became dry and rough like sandpaper. He could no longer swallow.

“Quickly girl!”

As commanded, he pulled down the tights to his knees and stood in the scarlet red panties he had put on that morning.

The Master took in the panties with a look of impatience.

Oh no, Eden thought. No. No! Surely, he wouldn’t …

“Maid. Panties down to mid thighs!”

He groaned but he was hanging on to one comforting thought that he would use to help him through this dreadful ordeal. A thin light of hope shining in his mind. Suddenly everything felt all right.

He slid down the silky panties to his thighs feeling his legs become totally immobile.

“Over the back of the chair!”


Did he have to command him so loudly?

But Eden had that one liberating thought in his head to help him get thought his humiliating ordeal.


7 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty One.

  1. Master must put Eden in full maid uniform i mean that sexy maid uniform which have all type of cloth but actually hide nothing every thing too reveling then Eden maid at least understand there is no returning back to male not even allowed anything which look like a pant or trouser or anything which have two holes for leg only skirt so small so her ass always available for any thing like spanking or for entertaining or humiliating.

  2. That slow, slow sinking is the trademark (and absolute joy!) of Miss Ford’s writing. The teensy little traps where the girl is cornered and uses her silly little brain to think she’s making a little sacrifice just for this moment … and then that sacrifice somehow becomes her new reality. And then it happens again. And again. It’s just thrilling. Please, Miss Ford, recognize that I say this with the utmost reverance for your work. There is a similar theme — but you always (ALWAYS) make it unique, make it exciting, make it titillating. It’s so exciting to because I can see myself making every mistake the Eden makes (or so many other of your amazing protagonists). And — even worse — you make it so I WANT to make those mistakes. I love watching how hot Erika gets watching Marcus’ control Eden. I love watching how Marcus lures Alicia into her role above Eden, and how humiliating it is for Eden. And I cannot wait to see what happens next! Thank you, Miss Ford! *curtsey*

  3. Maid Tiffy, I think you have hit the nail bang on the head. Like cooking frogs? Bring them gently to the boil so they never quite know whats going on … until its too late.

    I suspect you are going to enjoy the next few segments, they are writing themselves in my head faster than I can get them onto the hard drive.


  4. Oh my gosh!!! I have tingles running down my spine at how devious the Master is! Using Alicia’s growing independence and desires to undermine her view of her father as an authority figure.

    The thought of the Master knowing that the more protective Alicia’s father tries to be, the more she will rebel and begin to view him as just Eden the maid who has no say over her, what she wears, or is allowed to do has me positively squirming!

    And the best part for the Master has to be knowing that Alicia will think it was all her own idea. He just has to play the role of supportive confidant as Alicia’s slowly comes to view Eden as merely the ditzy maid of the house…oh, I cant wait to see what happens next!!!!

  5. Oh my, Maid Kitty, ‘squirmy’ is right! If he doesn’t stand up for himself pretty soon then I don’t know where he will end up!


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