The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Two.




Of course Marcus ensured the dumb sissy howled loudly.

Eden had steeled himself for his spanking with his ‘comforting thought’. The thought was so reassuring that he did all he could to avoid analysing it. He feared losing it.

His comforting thought was that Alicia would have left her room immediately the Bull came in to spank her father. Perhaps because she had things to do for her date, maybe so as not to endure the embarrassment of the punishment or for other reasons that Eden couldn’t quite fathom at that moment. All that quelled his fears was that she was not behind the open door witnessing his dreadful beating.

He clung onto his thoughts, despite being aware of how ludicrous they were. He wanted to believe them. He needed to believe them.

Initially Eden just whined as blow after blow landed, forcing the Bull to step up his efforts and ensure his aims landed precisely across the deep red buttocks of the sissy.

How satisfying when the little whelps turned to howls and squeals. It was at that point that the Bull set his aim for the sensitive under hang of the buttocks.

The result was as satisfying as it was quick. Shrieks and crying out.

“Please Master. Stop!”


Feeling his chest heave with the exertion of the punishment, he said matter of factly, “Sorry Maid. Did you say something?”

Eden wriggled his heated sore arse. It was on fire, by far the worst punishment he had endured.

“Yes, Master. Please stop.”

“Sorry, maid, I can’t hear you.”

Oh God. Eden felt sick.

He slightly raised his voice, knowing how the Master wished him to humble himself in listening range of his daughter. But Eden ensured that he enunciated every syllable.

“Please, Master, I am really sorry.”

“Sorry babe,” the Bull grinned, “I need to hear you if I am to know how truly sorry you are.”

Eden groaned, but remained bent over, his eyes full if tears.

He swallowed and then said loudly, “Please Master, I am so very sorry,”

A pause. No beatings.

Eden held his breath. Hope! He sniffed up his tears, not daring to wipe his face until told.

At last, the Bull said. “That’s good to hear.”

The maid wriggled. It was all over!

“Thank you, Master.”

“In that case, maid, I will give you just six more, for good measure. Then you can apologise properly to Miss Alicia.”

What? Apologise more to his own daughter!

The sickening blow knocked any fight from him.

He screamed out loud.

Never mind his daughter, the neighbours could surely hear him!

Three more and the bedroom door opened.

“What on earth is going on in here?”


Eden sniffled his tears as he looked at his wife’s beautiful long legs.

The Bull was off hand, “just a difference of opinion. So I’m sorting out the maid.”

“What on earth has she done?” Erika saw the redness glowing into a blueish tinge on her husband’s buttocks. “Master. This is too much!”

Wives! They were always, way too soft with their dumb fucks of husbands.

The Bull kept his cool. Really he wanted the wife also bent over the bed feeling a taste of the tawse. He didn’t appreciate being questioned. He’d have to convince her of the merits of the spanking.

“Your little, dumb arsed, maid here, thought he should be telling Miss Alicia what she should and shouldn’t be wearing.”

Eden wanted to bawl loudly. Why had he said those things! The Master of the House was right, he was dumb and needed to be constantly educated.

“Oh,” Erika winced. “Well that shouldn’t happen. I wouldn’t want the maid telling me what I can and can’t wear.”

“Exactly,” the Bull smiled.

“But still. Wow. Look at her arse.” She put on her pleading face, “Aw come on Master. Please let her off. I think she’s been punished enough.”

Still the bull remained focussed. Though the thought of the mother being spanked in front of the daughter was equally as arousing. And that would defiantly help the slut of a wife understand his word was final.

Instead, the Bull spoke calmly, “You need to know, the maid didn’t even address Miss Alicia appropriately. You know how important that is.”

The wife closed her eyes and moaned. “Perhaps the maid just forgot herself. Just for a short movement. I’m sure the punishment is adequate for her offences.”

The wife telling the Master when a punishment was sufficient? Marcus had a good mind to beat the maid until she couldn’t stand, just to show the slut who is boss around here.

He nodded, as if contemplating her view, his face growing serious.

Erika never liked his serious face. His expression became cold and hard, at which time he seemed capable of just about anything. At times like that, she learnt to keep her mouth shut. But the sight of her snivelling husband gave her a final moment of strength.

“But Master, if we all in the household, insist on her using the proper titles for us all, I am sure we can move forward.” She crouched down next to the maid, feeling the heat from his arse and seeing the line of tears faintly marked by the thin mascara he now wore.

“Isn’t that right maid?” She purred, stroking his gorgeous curly hair. “You’ve learned your lesson, haven’t you, maid.”

As he went to speak, snot and fluid swept up from his throat masking his words. He cleared his throat and started again.

“Oh yes Mistress. I have so learned my lesson! I promise!”

Rising to her small heels, Erika lowered her head pleadingly to the bull. “You see Master. You have taught her a lesson I am sure she will never forget.”

The wife appeared so full of herself, despite her submissive demeanour, as if she had scored a point over him, that, despite himself, the Bull sneered at her.

He’d fix her!

“Yeh? You think? The maid called your daughter a slut.”

Eden’s hope vanished like a receding water line. At that moment he felt as if he would never again know hope.

This time when Erika crouched beside the sobbing maid, her expression was grim. Her eyes narrow, her mouth tight.

“Did you really call Alicia that?”

“Well, Mistress, I, er …”

“Maid, I am asking you a question. Do you want me have your master beat the answer from you?”

“I said,” he choked again on the mucus in his throat from his crying, “only that someone might think she looked like a …”

He didn’t dare use the word again. And internally he vowed never to use the word ‘slut’ again.

His wife’s face was now so angry her bottom lip shook.

Eden simply nodded and looked down to the floor.

She slapped his face cheek. Then, being unsatisfied with the force of the blow, slapped it even harder, so that a red circle appeared on one side of his head.

The Bull revelled in the way the wife rose from her haunches, a picture of rage. What mother would want their own daughter called a slut? He nibbled the inside of his lip to avoid laughing out loud. He got her! Better still he got the sissy maid trapped.

Shaking her head, Erika spoke deliberately, “Beat the maid’s fucking arse sore!”

Great! The Bull adopted his mystified look. “Are you sure? She looks pretty raw right now.”

“Please Mistress …” Eden simpered.

“Quiet maid!” Erika spat.

His wife was having none of his contrition.

“Perhaps another six?” The bull asked innocently. I was going to give her another three.”

“Yeh, Make it six. Six good ones!”

The Bull raised his eyebrows theatrically. “Now, are you sure, Erika?”

“Yes! Yes! Do it now!”

He nodded, as if reluctant. “Well, if you’re sure …”

Six more spanks of the tawse followed, leaving the maid gripping the bedcovers in distress while using the top sheet to dry her face.


The Bull’s command was given firmly but quietly. There was no requirement to shout when an Alpha male knew he was in charge.

The sobbing maid brought herself stiffly to her feet, her panties still around her thighs, her  tights about her knees and trousers tight around her ankles. With lowered head she sobbed, covering her tiny chastity device with her hands.

“Aw,” Erika said, pouting at her weeping hubbie. Suddenly she felt pity for her husband. “You did bring it on yourself, maid”

Erika spoke to lighten her own sudden feeling of guilt over her husband’s punishment.

Eden nodded, without raising his chin from his blouse.

The wife turned to the Bull, “Maybe we were a bit harsh then, with the beating, I mean.”

“Maybe,”  the Master of the House said. “Let’s find out. Maid! Pull up your panties and tights. Get yourself sorted.”

Again, the instructions were spoken with mild authority and again, the maid complied instantly.

Inside, Eden felt destroyed. Yes, he realised he had been naughty and should be more careful when speaking to those in the house, but did it have to be such an exacting punishment? Surely, a simple over the knee spanking with the hand would have sufficed.

As he dressed, he found his tights gripped his sore cheeks, reminding him of his ordeal. The trousers were so snug that they too held on to his cheeks as a constant reminder of the spanking. He knew that his backside would be sore for a long time.

As he did up his belt, around his waist, narrowed by the corset, the Bull gripped his ear and tugged him into the daughter’s adjoining bedroom

Eden’s last remaining barrier to complete humiliation was washed away. Not only was Alicia still in the room but she was stood in the same position that Eden had left her. His daughter was wide eyed and open mouthed as if frozen in incredulity and might have been like that for the duration of the punishment.

Her shock was not abated at seeing her father hauled into the room by his ear. It was as if the Bull were a teacher dealing with recalcitrant sobbing child.

Releasing the bedraggled maid, the Bull ordered, “Stand there.”

He pointed to a spot before the dazed teenage girl.

“Yes Master.”

He stepped to the appropriate point.

“No girl! I said, stand there!”

It now seemed to Eden as if the Bull had changed where he was indicating. But obviously this was not a time to remonstrate, so he shuffled a few inches forward.

He was so close he could smell his daughter’s enticing fragrance, and he could see her lovely legs, inherited from his wife. Eden didn’t dare look up at her face.

“Now maid, have you anything to say to Miss Alicia?”

If only he wasn’t locked in chastity and in constant deep arousal, surely Eden could then think of a way out of his dilemma. But he was trapped inside his own needs. So his brain was as solid as a lump of wood.

“Please Miss Alicia,” he began.

“No mumbling, maid,” the Bull stated with relaxed authority.

“Sorry Master.” Eden tried to clear his head. He needed to think, but he couldn’t.

“Please Miss Alicia, except my unreserved apology for my behaviour earlier.”

The room fell silent, Eden could only hear his own breathing. Oh no! Would that be adequate remorse for Alicia? Surely the Master of the House wouldn’t spank him again. He felt like crying out loud again. He was just so helpless.

The Bull asked, “Alicia, are you satisfied the maid understands she was bratty earlier?”

Bratty? Alicia gasped at the word. Bratty? Surely only small children are bratty. But she was anxious to end her father’s suffering.

“Yes master. I am. I can see the maid is contrite.”

“Good,” the Bull smiled. “And are you sure she will always address you appropriately?”

“Oh yes. Yes. Defiantly,” Alicia insisted with all her heart.

“That’s good. Good girl.”

Alicia beamed at the words ‘good girl’.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Now, as everything is sorted, how about a big group hug?”

The Master of the House held out his arms and after a moment of the mother and daughter exchanging ‘should we’ expressions they jumped gleefully into his arms.

“And you maid,” the Bull said, “I don’t want you feeling left out.”

“Thank you Master,” Eden said cautiously.

He moved forward and felt himself crushed into his wife and daughter by the powerful arms of the Bull.

Erika and Alicia giggled as they squirmed deeper into the Master’s hard body, loving the feeling of being protected by such a powerful man.

Erika kissed her hubbie’s damp cheek and laughed, “I love you, maid.”

The Bull whispered to the group of dumb sluts taken in by his shielding act of being protective.

“See girls. I can sort out any problems here.”

“Yes Master,” Erika and Alicia said.

A little afterwards Eden added a “yes Master.”

He was anxious that he had been too late in agreeing with the Master of the House.

“Now then, how about, as an extra special treat for the maid, we let her wear her maid’s outfit? How does that sound?”

What? Eden briefly looked up at the Bull’s face, before sharply glancing back down, burying his face in the Bull’s shirt. He couldn’t wear the maid’s dress in the presence of his daughter!

Erika said, “Aw yes. She deserves it. She’s been through so much.” She quickly kissed the Bulls chin and added, “Of course she deserved the spanking, but it would be nice to give her a treat after her exacting punishment.”

“I agree,” the Bull said, nodding. “How about you Alicia. Have you forgiven the maid sufficiently for her to have a little treat?”

Alicia’s jaw fell open, “Well, Master, erm I …, I …, I guess, I don’t mind. I mean if that’s what the maid wants, then I guess …”

The Bull gave Alicia a hard squeeze and chuckled. “It’s not up to her. She is a maid. You obviously can’t have a maid deciding her own punishments nor her own treats. It is for us to decide what’s best for her.”

The daughter looked doubtful and became silent.

The Bull smiled, “I understand, Alicia. She did say some horrible stuff earlier on. Maybe you’re right. She doesn’t deserve a treat just yet.”

“No Master!” Alicia was horrified. “No, no. I didn’t mean that. Erm, no, I, well, I guess you’re right, the maid deserves a,” she stumbled over the word she was using for her own father, “treat.”

“Excellent,” the Bull announced. “Maid. Go and change. Immediately.”

No. No. Eden was horrified. This cannot happen. He had to put his foot down. Draw a line.

Eden slipped out of the embrace and brought his eyes up to those of the Bull’s, though he couldn’t maintain contact.

“Erm Master, please may we have a chat.”

The Bull raised his chin, “I hope a little maid isn’t being ungrateful.”

“Oh no, Master,” Eden swallowed. “Not at all. Oh no. Its just that, well if …”

The Bull laughed good naturedly. “Silly maid. No need to thank us. Just run along and get changed.”

For a moment, Eden remained stationary, aware that all eyes were fixed on him. The Bull was making it out that humiliating him further before his daughter was somehow a nice present for Eden. He needed to say something but dared not.

“Yes Master,” he said but didn’t move.

He was desperately trying to think of a way out of this mess.

Erika said, “Not the way too short one, yes? The mid thigh one. Think that would be best, right now.”

The ‘way too short’ one was a dress suitable only for fetish parties and games in the bedroom. Its tiny flared skirt didn’t even cover the panties. The thigh length one was bad enough though. It swished around his legs constantly threatening to reveal the stops of his stockings.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Off you go maid,” the Bull said. “I have a few things to talk to your superiors about.”

“Yes, Master.”

Eden set off for the door, his mind still trying to think of a way out of his nightmare.

At the door he turned back to the trio, not as if he knew what he was to say, but he just needed to say something!

Instead, he gawped at the sight before him.

The Bull was staring at Eden, but had each of his hands on a buttock of his wife and daughter, who had their backs to Eden.

The Bull smiled and then gripped the buttocks tightly making the girls squeal and giggle.

How dare he!

Eden tuned and fled back to the safety of his own teenage girl decorated room. This was too much!

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  1. Marcus is an unmitigated cad and an absolute bounder ! I shall now retire to the smoking carriage where I may rest my shattered nerves.
    Hopefully I can get some shag before I clean my pipe to the delightful thought of Eden in his maid’s outfit. A long time coming, as my partner constantly complains.

  2. Oh!

    You don’t think Marcus is being helpful and noble in using his spare time to sort out Eden’s (former) household? Clearly he spends a great deal of his time with each of the household members benefiting from his hard work.

    On the other hand, maybe you have a point …

  3. The action of the human in authority did not compute. The punishment could have continued for approximately 30% more strikes before the Eden unit suffered impaired mobility and operational efficiency.
    Also, forcing the Eden unit to apologise to Alicia with his hands on his head and knickers round his ankles, would have given this droid a 20% bigger erection.

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