The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Three.


Marcus squeezed the wife and daughter into his solid frame.

Satisfyingly, he heard them both sigh and gasp.

He felt their arms encircle him.

The Bull spoke softly, “You both did really well”.

“Thank you Master,” Erika said, her voice muffled by his shirt.

Alicia simply giggled, indulging her pleasure and contentment in his powerful arms.

“That was very difficult,” the Bull continued. “No one likes having to punish a maid as harshly as that.”

Kissing the Bull’s breast through his shirt, Erika said, “It’s not your fault. If the maid is going to be as naughty as that …”

She let the words trail off.

Alicia felt compelled to join in, “No, it’s not your fault, Master.”

“I know girls,” with their eyesight hidden with their faces rubbing against his clothing, he knew he could afford a wide grin, unseen by the dumb sluts.

“Let’s hope it helps her become the maid she seeks to be,” he said.

Reluctantly, the teenage girl pressed herself out of his arms.

“Sorry Master. I really must go. My new boyfriend won’t want to be kept waiting.”

“Impatient, is he?”

She closed her eyes, “Oh, God yes. Everything has to be done his way.”

The Bull was pleased. Excellent. The sort of guy who could help him maintain discipline around the house.

“I tell you what, why not bring him into say hi, after your date?”

She looked uncertain. “Really? Oh. Well ok. I mean if you want that.”

“I do young lady.” He saw how she relished being addressed as ‘young lady’.

Unconvinced, Alicia pointed out, “It’s just that … I don’t know. You know … how he’ll react to your maid. Especially now there’s going to be a maid’s dress.”

“Should I dress the maid in the trousers uniform again?” he asked, keeping a straight face.

Alicia laughed, “Well, I doubt that makes that much difference. I just don’t feel comfortable explaining it all to him.”

“Good point,” Marcus said, making the teenage girl feel even better about herself. “But you know, houses do have maids, don’t they? Restaurants have maids. Hotels have maids. It’s no big difference, is it?”

She didn’t look too convinced. “I suppose so.”

“There you are. See how it works out, eh? He won’t know who the maid is.”

It all made sense when the Master of the House spelt it out like that.

Logical in fact.

Yet as Alicia made her way to the landing, so uncertainties floated in her mind. They were offset by the fact that even the Master of the House had said she had done a good job with the maid. It was with that uplifting thought that she gave the Master a girly finger wave before leaving for her date.

As she left the Bull kept his eyes fixed on her joyously, bouncing arse through the tight dress.

Seeing his fixation on her daughter’s arse, an irritated Erika but she consoled herself with the notion that she could hang on to the stud for a little while longer if Alicia was around. She knew he would vanish the moment he was bored with the setup in the house.

She felt a sharp slap on her arse and giggled.

“You slut, mustn’t let the dumb arsed maid know we will have company later on.”

She frowned with concern.

“Hey girl! Look, the maid has already had a hard time, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I suppose so,” she said, still feeling guilty about her part in the maid’s severe punishment.

“So let’s not worry her little head about anything. Eh?

She patted her hands on his hard chest.

“You’re right.”

“That’s what I find.”

He laughed and she laughed with him, adoring his arrogance and total confidence in himself.

“I tell you what. I know you’ve been dying to play with your maid. So how about some ‘you time’ with her?”

“Aw. She does looks so gorgeous. Especially in the maid’s dress. Oh, and that hair.”

“Then go for it.” It was practically a command.


She grinned. She had permission to play with the maid, at last.

She slapped a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you, Master. You are the best Master in the whole world.”

“Have fun,” he said as she left.

He knew he’d have fun! He turned on his laptop and logged in to the maid’s room webcam.

Unzipping his fly, he sat on the bed and pushed his bear paw of a hand into his pants to grab his junk.

“Go for it, you sluts,” he said under his breath.








Even while Eden was dressing in his mid thigh length maid’s outfit, he was still seething about the unfairness of what had taken place.

His spanking was wholly out of kilter with his offence, and his daughter, Alicia ought not to have witnessed it. It was all outrageous. And what on earth gave the Master of the House permission to squeeze his daughter’s bottom like that? Who did he think he is?

Worse, Eden was now having to don the humbling maid’s dress to be worn in full view of his family.

Words would have to be spoken! Oh my, was he fuming at the Master of the House!

Then the thoughts swam out of his vacuous head as he saw his reflection in the long mirror.

With a smile on his pink lips, he checked how the outfit hung on him. The slightest of movement sent the dress floating around his thighs, just below the stockings. If he turned quickly the suspenders could just about be seen.

Erika bounced in, full of energy.

“Oh my!” She clapped her hands and eyed him from head to foot. “You look adorable. I really love that dress. The others are fine for the bedroom, but that one looks just right.”

“Mistress,” Eden said, “Isn’t it a bit short? You know, I mean, too short?”

“Oh nonsense! It looks smart like that!”

Erika started pulling at the sleeves, and the bodice.

“Turn around.”

Eden turned to have his back to her, looking looked back over his shoulder.

“Mistress, is it appropriate that I wear this now. I mean with Miss Alicia here?”

“Stay facing away, silly maid. I am checking out how you look from the back.”

He turned to look away, feeling his wife plucking at the hem line of his skirt.

“Oh no! That Bow!” She exclaimed.

“But Mistress, it’s hard when you can’t see it. Its behind me …”

“Hush. You know what he’s like. Everything has to be perfect. We’ll get you a second mirror so you can check it all looks fine at the back. Good. Now face front again.”

“Yes Mistress.”

He turned back to face his wife, whose face was screwed up in concentration as she examined every detail of his attire. Her eyes settled on his hair.

He held his breath wondering what defect she had detected.

Erika shook her head, “Oh no. That silly little maid’s cap. It really won’t do. You need one that stands up more, with a nice frilly bow. Show me your others.”

“But Mistress, the Master of the House hasn’t complained about it before.”

She laughed.

“Silly maid. Guys just don’t get detail. Quickly, show me your maid’s hats.”

Not daring to stamp his foot in protest he pulled open the lowest drawer, which held his head gear.

“Ah, how about this one?”

She had pulled out a large cap, with neat decorations around the top, that would tie in a bow behind his head.

“Oh Mistress, please. Not that one. I’d die if anyone saw me in that.”

Erika laughed. “So why did you buy it?”

“Well, you know,” he blushed, “for when I am playing alone. On my own.”

She held out the lavish headwear to him with raised eyebrows.

He reluctantly took it from her and removed the one he was wearing which was simply a flat piece of lace, before trying to pull on the more ostentatious one and secure the long silky ties behind his head.

As he fixed it behind his hair, he could barely raise his eyes to his wife.

“Turn around,” the Mistress of the House commanded.

He did so, now facing away from her.

“Oh, the bow could be much larger if you tied it correctly.”

She tugged at the bow, making him squeal as it pulled his hair.

“Oh, my, my, my. Don’t you look a picture!”

He felt his dick expand in its confinement at the compliment. Perhaps all maids have a such a desire to please that any compliment hits the pleasure senses.

“Turn back!”

He edged around until he was facing her. He did not look self consciously happy!

“Aw. Maid! You look absolutely delightful. The Master of the House will love it!”

He beamed.


He raised his eyes to her, wondering what she wanted.

“Shouldn’t a maid be grateful when given a compliment?”

With a pout, he whispered, “Yes Mistress.”

“Oh my God!”

With that, Erika was all over the maid, forcing the servant back onto the bed.

As they slumped down, Mistress on top, the maid lying on her back, Eden felt his wife’s tongue dart into his mouth, as if she owned him.

When did she ever initiate a kiss in this way?


Her knee drove his stockinged legs apart.

At last Erika came up from air, breathing hard with eyes locked on those of the bewildered maid.

“When the Master is out for a night, you and I are going to have some serious play time together.”

Eden’s dick was rigid in his cage. He felt her heat, her softness, smelt her perfume and stared at her sexy beauty framed by her tumbling blonde hair.

She kissed his nose.

“Now there are rules when playing with the maid. I’ll have to ask the Master of the House to remind me. Like, you can’t touch me below the waist.

He nodded, “But Mistress, why can’t I do that?”

She brushed his fringe from his eyes, “Only real men can do that.”

What? “But Mistress!”

“And nor my boobs. I’ll ask him if you can kiss them. That would be soooo hot.”

“Mistress, shouldn’t we decide what we can and cannot do if the Master of the House isn’t present.”

She giggled. “Oh, look at you trying to think! No, of course not!”

She pushed up the curls above his eyes.

Before he could protest she said firmly, “You are the sexiest thing on two legs. And you are all mine.”

He nodded, grateful but still in shock, “Thank you Mistress.”

“The Master says he is still Master of the House, even if he isn’t here.” She screwed up her face. “I don’t get it either. But it made sense when he explained it. I dunno. If he’s the Master of the House then it doesn’t matter if he is present. Oh, I don’t know. Shall I ask him to explain it to you?”

“No Mistress!”

She laughed at his wide eyed fear.

“I know maid. Really, I get it. Everything he has to explain to me ends up in a spanking too.” She looked away with a dreamy expression before her eyes returned to her maid, her very own maid. “You know what he’s like!”

“Yes, Mistress. But Mistress, shouldn’t we have rules of our own?”

“Oh, you are so cute when you are being funny! Of course not. What is the point of having a Master of the House and then having to make our own decisions?”

She kissed his forehead, there was a shimmer of sweat.

“Why are you looking so sad, maid?”

“But mistress. He’s controlling everything.”

“That was your fantasy remember?”

“Yes. But just as a game. Mistress, I am now the actual maid in the house.”

“I know. And I’m the Mistress of the House. I never thought I’d like that role. But he makes it so easy.” Then her eyes widened as she remembered something. “Oh. How’s your bottom?”

He pouted. “Still painful Mistress. It was horrible!”

“Aw. He once spanked me with my slipper and that stung like crazy. Even the next day my bum was sore.”

“What? He spanks you?”

“Oh, don’t look so shocked. He is Master of the House. He has to control the Mistress, doesn’t he!”

“But, but, you are my wife. He shouldn’t be spanking you!”

In the main bedroom, Marcus stared at laptop showing the video and conversation from the maid’s room. He’d loved how Erika had forced the maid to wear that dumb fluffy cap with the big bow. It looked ridiculous. Maybe one day, he’d force the maid to wear a frilly bonnet.

He laughed at the thought.

He also loved how they played together. Girl on girl action was his favourite fetish with online videos. The slut of a wife was sexy beyond words and would look great in lingerie. The dumb sissy cuck didn’t look too bad in his outfits either. Lynne had worked wonders with his hair and the corset moulded his body just right.

He’d get them to perform and then record the output for his mates.

His pleasure evaporated when the dumb cuck started whining about the slut being his wife.

He’d need to put a stop to that! Little grumbles when left unchecked grow into major protests.

He climbed from the bed and rearranged his erection. The problem with having a large cock was that he constantly had to check its situation. It was a habit he’d had since his teens.

When he reached the maid’s room, the couple were snuggled up tight together, deep tongue kissing.

Their stockinged legs intertwined. The obedient maid keeping her hands up near his Mistress’ shoulders.

Had the maid not opened her eyes and caught sight of him, he’d have remained like that, enjoying the view.

As the maid tried to squirm from beneath her, Erika realised that could only mean one thing.

She turned to see the Master of the House staring at them. As he always looked angry it was difficult to gauge his mood.

“Oh Master. Hi. Me and the maid were just having a chat. Do you like her maid’s cap?”

“Did I hear the maid say you are his wife?”

The wife and sissy gasped  both sitting up in fear together, as if orchestrated.

Erika spoke quickly, jabbering like a teenage girl.

“Oh Master. No. We were just talking that’s all.” She gave a forced laugh, “And you say I’m a slut of a wife.”

He wasn’t amused. Rather he nodded and walked into the room near the apprehensive couple on the bed.

He said. “I see. I see.”

Eden wanted to cry, he just couldn’t handle another spanking.

“Please Master,” he began, “I’m sorry.”

Though he wasn’t entirely sure what he was sorry about, Eden felt it best to say so, before, curling up his legs beneath the maid’s dress.

He stared at her, his face betraying little.


“Yes Master?”

“Have you got any wedding rings in here.”

Eden slid into a sitting position on the edge of the bed, eager to help the Master with his inquires.

“Yes Master. You told me not to wear them. So I put them in the dish on the chest of drawers.”

The master picked up two gold rings from the dish, examined them and placed them in his shirt pocket before turning back to the apprehensive wife.


Erika squeaked, “Yes Master?”

“Hold out your left hand.”

“Yes Master.” She did so.

“Expansive engagement ring and a nice wedding ring.”

She swallowed, not sure where this was leading.

“Yes Master. Thank you. We both chose them.”

He nodded and then held out his own ham of a hand.

“Give them to me.”

“Oh! Master,” her arguments dissolved with a simple glance from her Master. “Yes Master.”

It took some effort to twist off the tight rings, but she finally did so and handed them to the Master of the House.”

“Where’s your wedding certificates?”

“Em, in the Master bedroom, Master.”

“Fetch them and any wedding albums.”

“Master, I ..”

Erika bound into action when he raised his eyebrows.

As she bolted from the bedroom, Eden gripped his thighs tightly together for comfort. He wanted to make himself as small as possible.

He watched as the Master of the House wandered around what had become his room. At one point he edged the open laptop a little to one side, as if checking its position with the bed.

Erika returned with the large white wedding album and the legal documents of their marriage.

“Good girl.”

For the first time, Erika took no joy from the words ‘good girl’.

“Bring me a lockable case. A small one.”

“Yes Master,” Erika swept away to do her Master’s bidding.

Should Eden say anything? Ask what was happening?

His mouth felt dry and as ever his brain was frozen into inaction.

This didn’t seem a good time to complain about him grabbing his daughter’s bottom either.

Erika brought in the case and the Master pointed at his feet, so she laid it before him. He clicked his fingers and pointed closer to his feet.

“Yes Master,” she choked, opening the case near to his toes.

The Master of the house dropped the wedding album and certificates into the case. He then placed Erika and Eden’s rings into a zipped up compartment on the suitcase lid. He closed and locked the case.

“You have your wedding pictures on your computers?”

Erika stole a quick glance at her stupefied  maid still sat on the bed. But the maid only looked as terrified as she felt. What was the Master up to?

“Yes Master. And we have them stored on a cloud.”

“Ok. I am going to transfer them all to my cloud. Then do a back up onto a drive of mine. After that I will delete all pictures and evidence of your wedding from the cloud. I’ll have Lynne hide this case with the ones containing your dumb sissy’s old clothes. You won’t be able to find them.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said, her eyes unblinking.

“By tonight, it’ll be as if you were never married. There will be no proof in the entire house. I’ll have taken every picture and every memento.”

The terrified couple exchanged a long look of numbness.

Eden felt sure he should remonstrate, but his bottom was still on fire from his beating, and he felt totally ridiculous in the mid thigh maid’s uniform with the flouncy large bowed maid’s cap. How could someone wearing such attire make a stand without everyone laughing at him?

Satisfied he was wholly in control of the situation, and seeing the pain they were having to endure, the Bull added, “And if either of you mentions that you are married again,” he wagged his finger, “you’ll both feel my belt.”

They both quickly responded with a “Yes, Master.”

He was already continuing.

“Even if you refer to yourselves as husband and wife, then,” he had a thought, “I’ll use the list of wedding guests you have in that case get them all to erase or destroy any pictures or videos they had of your day.”

Erika inhaled, putting her hands to her mouth.

“But Master …”

“From now on, you are Mistress of the House, and you are the maid. Fuck all else. And if I hear you even intimate anything other than that, to anyone, then you know what action I’ll take.”

“Yes Master,” Erika said,

Eden’s hands were flat on his stockinged thighs. “Yes Master.”

The Master picked up the case and went downstairs while the Mistress and maid cuddled each other for comfort as if they were sheltering in a dark storm.

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  1. Also love the little “finger wave” … which was such a lovely part of Club Zero Nine! One of my favorite bits, actually … where our hero has to learn the whole dance routine; then has to perform it in front of everyone! … but first needs to do a little wave to the wife who’s stunned at how much her husband seems to be enjoying what’s happening. *shiver*

  2. So, once Marcus leaves, Eden will think everything will go back to the way it was. Will it? Or will Erika and Alicia, having gotten a taste of having a sissy and a maid, disabuse him of that thought. And if they do, how will he react to the permanent reality? This is too good!

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