12 thoughts on “A pink collar goes with any outfit

  1. Um, I might be getting hyperteknical (boy that’s a big word!) here, but why is she letting that drip out? Is she going to be punished for that?

  2. Me? Lick it off the floor and get spanked? No, never. Why would I get spanked. And licking it off the floor would be so yuck. Ewe!

    But you mean her, don’t you. What was I thinking? Of course she should clean up her mess. That would be quite fitting.

  3. *** Why would I get spanked.

    Does there have to be a reason?

    ***And licking it off the floor would be so yuck. Ewe!

    Agreed. My heavenly bosom is much more sanitary and pleasing. Don’t you dare miss a single drop!

  4. I’m glad everyone is thinking this through.

    I have an idea though. perhaps she is in her first week of lessons and doesnt know what to do with stuff in her mouth …

    … though I guess, she must know something about stuff in her mouth in order to get stuff in her mouth – erm …. if you know what i mean !


  5. You’re right Miss Ford. We need to think this through. And I am smart. So I can help

    This is quite the condomdrum. There is a puddle of something on the floor. And someone needs to clean it up. So how does that happen, and who does it?

    See? I knew I could help.

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