Never Complain

From an idea by Missy, in her story Process


r/SissyChastity - Sulking & going back to sleep as I can’t touch myself 😭😡🔒⛓

Her frantic mind was elsewhere, close to a panic attack.

“I can’t argue with you now.”

“But, Eleanor, erm, Mistress …”

“Hush now, you can see I’m late for my date. Where’s my bag. Ah! here it is.”

She stopped panicking and, with closed eyes, took in a deep breath of calm.


She turned to him, feeling guilty.

“Don’t go looking at me like that! You know he wanted to make some rules for us. With you chained and collared, he knows you aren’t going to follow us or anything. Find out where he lives. Don’t pout.”

“Yes, I know. But the chastity cage?”

She shook her head with impatience.

“You know you’d be playing with yourself as soon as went out the door. He said he was going to ration that.”

“But Mistress, it will take me ages to get down stairs and make my dinner.”

“You agreed to abide by his instructions. That was the deal. You made it. Nothing to do with me.”

She paused and smiled. “And you do look cute. I never thought of you like this before”

“Mistress! What if there’s a fire?”

She grinned.

“The the fire officers will have a good laugh. Now stop your complaining.”

Again she fell silent, this time staring at him.

“Oh God, you look so hot. That Bull you found is so full of good ideas.”

The husband pulled on his chained wrists finding that, as he did so, his ankles and neck felt a tug.


Her mobile rang. She picked it up and looked with wide eyes at her defeated husband.

“It’s him. So hush now!”

“Hello,” she said slowly as if being naughty. “Yes. I’m just leaving now. Oh him?” She glanced at the chained, sissified figure sat forlorn on the bed. “Oh yes. I did everything you asked. What? Oh. Well yes I guess so.”

She sounded uncertain as she turned the phone to face her husband and the camera flashed, triggered by a click of the button.

Her husband’s mouth fell open. “What are you doing, Mistress?”

“Hush!” She then jabbered quietly to herself. “Oh God how do you send these pictures? Ah yes. That’s it.”

She raised the phone back to her ear and spoke breathlessly, anxious to please.


She rolled her eyes at her husband, more out of nerves than anything else.

Her husband heard the man’s deep voice over the phone but couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“Did you get it?” She asked.

More muffled words, then she beamed and giggled. “I know. Doesn’t he! Well you can have a closer look when you bring me home tonight.” She took in her husband’s appearance. “I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Everything. Just as you ordered, Sir. Yeeeees. Even the chastity cage. I know! I never thought any man could get his dick into something as small as that!””

She sounded some kisses into the phone, “I’m ready to be picked up!”

She turned the phone off and placed it in her bag.

“Apparently he’s already outside.”

With difficulty, he maneuvered himself closer to his sexily clad wife.

“You shouldn’t have sent that photo!”

Suddenly she appeared cross. “You don’t get to make decisions. He does!”

“But, stupid bitch, he can blackmail us now!”

She was suddenly still. As if all the frantic alarm of the last hour where she tried on umpteen dresses, just vanished.

She stepped closer to him, watching him edge nervously backwards.

“Listen. Who is the stupid bitch here? You or me? From where I am sitting you look like one dumb fuck, whose in deep trouble.”

He swallowed, blinking quickly. Nothing hurts more than the truth.

“Secondly. You agreed to his rules. Not me!”

He hung his head, feeling the blonde wig tickle his bare shoulders.

“And thirdly, bimbo, the only one he can blackmail around here is you!”

Oh God!

His eyes were close to tears.

“Mistress. I am sorry. Please don’t tell him what I said.”

A gush of power roared through her being. She had never felt this strong – not in her entire life. Her husband was caught and completely in her remit.

She spoke softly, with a confidence he had never before seen.

“Then I suggest, dumb sissy, that you deal with this. And when we get home, you will be sure to be extra polite to the man who did this to you. In fact, be grateful! I’ve got a feeling, your life and my life have changed forever.”

An impatient horn sounded outside.

“Oh! I have to go.”

And with that she was gone.

he heard her heels on the stairs, and the front door open and slam. He held his breath as he heard her giggling outside. there was a low impossible understand, words from some guy. Car doors closed and the car swept away into silence.



















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