The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Five




Marcus was in a bustling hurry.

He is always in a hurry, Eden thought as he helped the Master of the House by pulling the Master’s coat up his arms and over the broad man’s shoulders.

As he shrugged the coat into position, Marcus said. “I’ll be back later. You know how important this meeting is.”

Erika, Eden’s wife, dragged hung her arms around Marcus’ neck enabling him to haul her tight for an almighty kiss.

As sleepy eyed Erika stepped back, aroused and in need.

“Be good,” Marcus said to her before turning to his maid. “And you buck up. No more bratty behaviour from you!”

Eden swallowed. So unfair! He hadn’t been bratty! Marcus had spanked him because he cleared away the dishes from breakfast while Marcus was still drinking his coffee. Eden hadn’t intended to be naughty.

On other days, Marcus would spank him for not clearing way the table fast enough.

“Yes, Master,” Eden said, stepping back in his short maid’s uniform.

He hated wearing the skimpy maid’s uniform in the hallway when the door was opened onto the world.

Finally, the door closed, and Eden held his breath. He never relaxed until the Master of the House had driven down the path and away.

When the car drove away and the sound of the engine could no longer be heard, he felt the tension in his shoulders subside as he sighed with relief.

Erika giggled, “Silly maid. If you behaved, he wouldn’t have to spank you.”

“Mistress! That’s so unfair. He keeps promising that if I am good then he will unlock my cage and release me so I can play. And he never does!”

“Aw,” she cuddled him, feeling his warm cheek on hers. “I am sure he means it. You know the Master of the House always says what he means.”

Indulging his senses in his wife’s embrace, Eden said, “I know Mistress. But it’s been 4 weeks now. I can’t do it anymore! I need to cum.”

She brought her lips to his and kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth.

Breathless, she said, “Oh my God you are so, fucking adorable!”

“Oh!” was all that the maid could respond with.

Obviously, a maid couldn’t take any initiatives, so he awaited his wife’s next move. He wasn’t even permitted to push his tongue into her mouth. Only she could instigate that.

She licked her lips, staring deep into his darkly made up eyes, before pushing his fringe out of his eyes.

Still he waited. What was she going to do?

She grinned. “Right upstairs, you. The bed, right now!”

The Mistress and maid fled upstairs in a flurry of excited giggles.

For 30 glorious minutes she had her way with the maid, first with him on his back in missionary position, then with the two of them in their lingerie, rolling around the bed. Finally, she ordered him up on to all fours and mounted him from the rear, rubbing against his pantied bottom with her pussy. She tugged at his nipples, hearing him squeal in a pain she now understood he enjoyed.

“You’re just a fucking dumb maid, like it says on your collar!”

Eden groaned, “Yes, Mistress.”

He hated his locked metal collar with the letters spelling out: “Dumb Maid” on the front. It was so gut twisting humiliating. An embarrassment he couldn’t avoid, each and every time he checked his appearance in the mirror. And as the Master of the House insisted on his appearance being immaculate at all times, he spent a good deal of time in front of the mirror staring at those degrading words.

Yet why did it make him so wet between the legs? The thoughts of his ordeals made him spurt into his wonderfully fresh silky panties. And of course, his wet panties made him a point of ridicule for the Master of the House who would always taunt Eden with, “You love it really don’t you, tramp.”

To which a deeply aroused and sub spaced maid would whisper, “Oh yes, Master.”

How Eden longed for his wife to force him onto his back and spread his stocking legs with hers and fuck him. But it was no longer his place to dictate the terms of their love making.

As the Mistress and the maid moaned in their own guttural ways, so Erika’s phone buzzed on the bedside cabinet.

She stopped, and Eden waited to see what she would do, hoping she wouldn’t stop to answer the phone.

But she did.

Rolling her eyes at Eden, she crawled down the bed and lifted her mobile to look at the flashing ident on the screen.

“Oh. It’s him! Wouldn’t you know it!”

She sounded cross.

Eden chanced his luck. “Perhaps Mistress, you should tell him you are busy, and you can’t talk right now.”

She laughed, unlocking the phone.

“Why don’t you tell him, maid?”

The phone was held out to him as she answered.

Eden heard his master’s words, “Hey, slut, what you up to?”

His heart stopped beating as he stared helplessly at his wife.

Of course, a maid couldn’t say to the Master of the House, that they couldn’t talk right now. He shook his head with wide terrified eyes.

Still laughing she took it back and said, “Oh hello Master.”

As Eden nestled back on his knees, relieved, so she smiled at her silly maid and patted his thigh around the stocking top.

She spoke with long silences between her words, as Eden tried to work out what was being said. Oh, how he hated being left in the dark about everything.

“Yes Master … Of course, Master … yes Master, I will. Oh, tonight? Dinner? … Oh!”

Then what ever he said to her made her blush deep red and lower her head, so her blonde hair fell around her face like a curtain.

With the call over, a shocked Erika rested the phone back on to the bedside cabinet, just staring at the floor.

Not being permitted to ask why she was so pensive, Eden just stared hard at his wife, as if telepathy could bring her thoughts into his head.

Finally, she turned to her troubled maid and said, “Maid. Get dressed. You have plenty to do. We have two guests for dinner tonight and the Master of the House …”

“Two guests!” Eden was shocked.

It was only following raised eyebrows from his wife that he added, “Mistress.”

“Yes, silly maid. Two guests. Now pay attention. The Master wants a sirloin joint, with roast vegetables. I’ll go out and get that. You clean the house from top to bottom. He wants them to be impressed with the maid service here.”

“But why, Mistress?”

“Asking questions will get you another spanking. He wants a fine red wine opened an hour before the meal, to breathe and a chilled white prepared.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Eden felt lost. Surely the Master of the House wasn’t going to parade him before more people? It was bad enough with the two football nights Eden had endured, where the Master’s mates came around for beers and snacks which Eden had to serve as the maid. They were brutes! His little dick spurted into his chastity cage at the memory. Oh, why did the humiliations he suffered so arouse him?

Though, he recalled, once the nerves died down, it was fun parading around attired as a servant before lusting guys.

Erika was still speaking, he had to try and pay attention unless he’d be in trouble again.

“He wants a fresh tablecloth. Oh, maid, make sure the dining room is gleaming!”

“Yes Mistress.”

She smiled. “Aw. Don’t pout. You know we can play when he’s gone to work tomorrow.”

“I know Mistress,” the maid pouted. “But he always interrupts our games! Just as it is getting hot!”

Frowning, she replied, “I know, sweety.”

She nodded then as if electrified by a thought, to burst into activity.

“I said get dressed, maid. I’ll show you how to do the sirloin the way he likes it.”

Then she flew out of the door shouting back, “Laters, babe.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Oh, it was so unjust. A spanked bottom and then not being able to play with his own wife unless she authorised some fun between them.

He picked up his silky, short maid’s dress and began re dressing.

Twenty miles away, in a carpark outside a group of offices, Marcus watched the entire show unfold on his phone. He laughed at the dumb maid and so-called mistress not knowing the laptop camera was always on, sending him a feed. His dick was engorged from watching their performance and he was pleased with how she was taking charge of the maid. This time he didn’t have to say anything about what positions they should adopt. They were performing naturally. Mistress and dumb, sissy maid. It was all taking shape now, and after tonight the dumb maid would be locked permanently into his position.

Just over a month ago, the dumb the cuck hadn’t apologised or used the word ‘Sir’ when instructed. Once Marcus had finished with the dumb maid, then he’d be spending the rest of his days addressing everyone as Sir or Madam. He laughed out loud, alone in his car and the only person who knew what was going to happen that evening.


Eden could barely take his eyes off the wonderful brunette.

She was strikingly feminine, and probably in her early thirties. She wore a neatly cropped hair style that made her cute face look elfish. She was elegantly slight and thinnish, with less curves than Erika. Her dress had slender straps, cleaved to her slight body and ended mid-way down her thighs. She smiled eagerly at Marcus the way Eden noticed women did to hunky Alpha male types.

Marcus had introduced her to Erika, as “Melissa, from the bank”.

But he hadn’t introduced Melissa to Eden. Obviously! Because he was the maid. No one cared what the maid thinks! Eden cursed his position as the lowest point in the household. He might as well have been the coat stand in the cupboard.

On seeing the maid, Melissa gawped, her eyes running up and down the short dressed servant, making Eden feel uncomfortably self conscious but damply aroused between his bare thighs above the stockings.

“Oh my. Look at her!” Her voice was upper class, with her inflections mirroring her girlish glee at the sight of the house servant.

Erika and Melissa immediately hit it off in a an excited feminine high, before retreating to the dining room in a hail of whispered exchanges and loud laughter.

Mr Hudson arrived shortly after, a potbellied, balding forty year old who gave off the vibe of being the life and soul of the party.

After the introductions with Erika, Mr Hudson caught sight of the silly maid trying to hide behind the considerable frame of the Master of the House.


Mr Hudson took in the nervous maid with hungry, lecherous eyes.

“Maid,” barked Marcus, “give Mr Hudson a twirl.”

“Yes, Master.”

How demeaning! Nevertheless, Eden knew better than argue with the Master of the House and pirouetting around on his high heels, performing as instructed. His skirt skipped up about his thighs as he did so, though he didn’t make any attempt to  push it down as he was often admonished for making any attempt to hide his stocking tops and panties.

Mr Hudson leaned in close to Marcus, “I can see what you mean! Just wow. Wow and more wows.”

Marcus shrugged, “She’s ok when you keep a firm hand on her backside.”

Eden blushed and lowered his chin.

“Maid,” Marcus said, “Take Mr Hudson’s coat and then get your fat arse into the dining room to take drink orders.”

“Yes, Master.”

Once drinks had been served the maid was dispatched by the Master of the House to prepare dinner.

“And don’t screw it up!” He called after the fleeing maid.

Erika rose from her seat, “Oh, maid, any problems, give me a shout.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Melissa leaned forward with a sly smile, while cradling her gin and tonic, “Or ask me, gorgeous.”

A shocked Eden said, “Yes of course, Miss.”

Eden noticed his wife’s eyes narrow and lips tightening before she said, “Oh, thank you Melissa, but that won’t be necessary.”

Melissa, smiled innocently, “Oh no trouble Erika at all. I can assure you.”

Melissa pulled back her shoulders, maintained her hostess smile. “I think you will find that it is my kitchen and my maid!”

Though his wife smiled sweetly, Eden knew her well enough to know there was icy steel behind his wife’s response.

“You still here, maid?” Marcus asked quietly.

There were times when the Master of the House’s quietly spoken words carried more menace than when he bellowed.

“Oh yes, Master. Sorry Master.”

It was a grateful maid who bolted the room to the calm haven of her kitchen.

It was an hour later, when the maid was checking the roast potatoes that Erika joined her maid in the kitchen.

Straight away Eden noticed, his wife’s eyebrows were tight together and her distracted demeanour,  as she asked, “How you getting on, sweetie?”

“Fine thank you Mistress. Your instructions are easy to follow.”

The Mistress of the House glanced over the simmering pots on the stove and nodded, “Well I did write them with your little brain in mind.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

“Be sure to have the sirloin stand before serving. I’ll check with Marcus if he wants to carve. You know what guys are like. Coming in at the last moment to take credit for everything.”

“Yes Mistress.”

He paused, and thought through his next words as he spoke them. “Mistress what is happening? Who are,” he shook, he almost said their names! Was he permitted to say the names of others if they were guests? “Those, er, two, people.”

For a long while she studied her sweet maid, before smiling and giving her a hug.

“You don’t have anything to worry about little maid. The Master of the House is sorting out everything.”

“Mistress, they keep staring at me.”

Erika laughed. “I’m not surprised, you sexy tramp.”

They both smiled, though Erika’s smile waned as she heard high heeled feet behind her.

Melissa entered the kitchen looking perky, “Oh now doesn’t that smell good. You’re not just a bit of hot arse are you maid?”

“Erm, well, I er, no, thank you, Miss.”

Erika turned to face Melissa hard on. “I’m sure the maid would be better left alone while preparing dinner.”

“Really?” Melissa affected a shocked expression. She stared at Eden, “Is that true maid? Do you really not require my hand to help you?

Eden blushed, awkwardly glancing away as the storm brewed.

“Melissa, dear,” Erika said, “I suggest if you want a maid of your own then you might find one. Yes?”

Eden felt his tummy crowd with nerves. What if the Master heard them arguing? Eden knew that he, as the maid, would get blamed. A spanked bottom would follow, and more than likely, he’d be sent to bed.

“Erm, Mistress, and Miss,” Eden cleared his throat, “I am sure that at the moment I am ok. But I am most grateful for your offer of assistance. Thank you so much.”

The two women locked eyes, and for a moment there was a Texas standoff, but after an eternity Melissa smiled stiffly and walked away.

“See you,” she said over her shoulder.

Eden heard his wife emit a long exhale and saw her eyes were closed. He wanted to reach out and cuddle her, but that was forbidden. Now, as Mistress of the House, only Erika could instigate an embrace.

When her gorgeous blue eyes flipped open, she smiled as if relaxed.

“Watch out for that conniving bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And if you need any help in your kitchen, you get me. Got it? No one else!”

The words were spoken so firmly that Eden found himself standing to attention.

“Yes Mistress. Of course, Mistress.”

As a thoughtful Mistress wandered away, Eden blurted out, “I love you Mistress.”

She grinned back at him, “I know you do honey. But when you are dressed like that, oh my, some women won’t be able to keep their hands off you!”



Dinner went so well, that at one point even the Master of the House said, “Good maid. Clever girl.”

Eden beamed, his mind being blown away by the rare compliment leaving him frozen when he should have been clearing the used plates from the table.

“Close your mouth,” Marcus said cruelly, “there’s not a cock around!”

“Yes Master, sorry Master.”

Eden fled away from the callous laughter around the table.

His cheeks still burning when he returned from the kitchen, head bowed, for the remaining dishes.

Mr Hudson picked up his briefcase, opened it and removed a number of official looking documents with stickit notes protruding from the stack.

“Ok. So, you were asking about employment laws,” he said, with a laugh in his voice. “I think you’ll like this.”

The maid scurried out with the last of the dishes as he heard Mr Hudson say in an emphatic manner, as each word carried weight: “So, the unusual, let’s say unique, circumstances of the maid’s employment …”

Eden was already in the hall but paused. Maid’s employment? He tiptoed into the kitchen, his ears as keen as those of a bat, but Mr Hudson’s words became muffled. He quickly returned for the condiments and to give the table a wipe.

“ … we would have to ensure that the contract will stand up in any court in the land.”

“That’s what I’m paying you for,” Marcus said brusquely, but with his eyes fixed on the forms.

As the maid left this time, he heard:

“Oh sure. Yes. Well, you gotta get your staff nailed down. So first comes nomenclature …”

No men what? Eden hurried to the kitchen, and just dropped the condiments on the kitchen table. He’d put them away in the cupboards later. He had to hear what Mr Hudson was talking about. A contract for a maid?

He raced back on his heels and, being a good maid after a month of firm guidance from the Master of the House, he quietly adopted a pose near a wall, away from those he served. He placed both hands in front of him, on his gorgeously silky short dress and bowed his head. In his mind he hoped he was invisible. Indeed, everyone appeared hooked on Mr Hudson’s presentation, and no one ever noticed a maid until they wanted something.

“So, yeh, the term maid is fine,” Mr Hudson continued. “Often used in hotels and restaurants for staff. But Master and Mistress won’t work. That will nullify the document. So, in the contract you Marcus are referred to as Senior Manager and you,” he smiled at Erika, “and you as Departmental Head.”

Eden noticed that his wife appeared disappointed, but Marcus nodded impatiently.

“So, then we get to duties of a maid,” Mr Hudson pulled a small file over to him. “These are carefully detailed at your preferences following our discussions. So each of the domestic duties is exhaustive with all necessary clauses. It’s no good saying the maid has to do the ironing but not having a clause stating the standards sought. You get my drift.”

“Aw,” Erika said, “she is getting good at ironing.”

Mr Hudson smiled. “Practice. This time next year, she’ll be brilliant.”

This time next year? Eden drew back one of his heels, so his knee was before the other and furrowed his brow in thought. In a year’s time? Oh, this is infuriating! How can he not even be permitted to ask questions? He might have something useful to offer! Of course, truly he knew how dumb his ideas often sounded, especially when the Master of the House would bellow a laugh and take the piss out of his any thoughts he expressed.

For that reason Eden remained crossly silent. Wait till he told them that there was no way he was going to spend another twelve months locked up in chastity as an obedient maid. That just wasn’t going to happen.

What were they thinking?

“Your notes on uniforms were fine,” Mr Hudson said, “but it might be worth having it in black and white when she should use the shorter outfits, like the one the babe is wearing right now.”

Everyone looked at Eden, who became flustered at the attention and quickly hung onto the hems of his skirt, hoping to pull them down lower.

Mellissa had her back to Eden, so she had to twist around in her seat, with her arm over the back of the chair, to gain a good view of the red-faced maid.

“You can’t have your dumb slut preening around a supermarket in an outfit like that! From what you’ve said, she loves attention.”

Oh, that wasn’t true. How hot could his cheeks go? Well, maybe a little attention, as Lynn, the hairdresser and his mentor says, ‘what’s the point of getting yourself dolled up and no on noticing!’

“So, clause 5 deals with this in specific terms.” Mr Hudson cleared his throat and began reading, “The maid must wear appropriate uniforms commensurate with her duties. Though, short dresses may be worn in the garden when carrying drinks and food for guests, or hanging out the washing, all trips outside the household grounds must be in the longer length, official dress.” He glanced at Marcus, “The one you mentioned that stops just above the knee.”

Marcus sat up straight, looking troubled.

“Hang on a sec. This longer skirt thing, yeh? She will still look like a maid to anyone who sees her?”

Erika giggled and said, “Oh yes Master. It’s ideal for outside, or any place with crowds.”

“Well, it better be,” Marcus warned. “I don’t want anyone who meets her being left in any doubt as to her position in life.”

Outside? In shops? Panic barrelled through Eden, fogging his mind. His breathing became short. Then he calmed. Of course! They were so pleased with his maid service that they were going to hire  a proper maid! Sometimes the Master of the House was right about him, Eden thought. He can be so dumb! He smiled at his silliness and then relaxed to hear the rest of Mr Hudson’s talk.

It made perfect sense to Eden that the Master and Mistress of the House would wish to have a real maid, once Eden’s duties finished and he was released.

He smiled to himself. Not as dumb as the Master thinks!

It was so much easier when he knew it wasn’t about him. Oddly, a pang of regret stirred in his tummy. Yes, being a  maid was humiliating and downright horrible when the Master of the House punished him in front of his wife and daughter, but there was something rewarding  about being dressed as sexily as this and serving others. How wonderful when he was told he was a good girl or a good maid. It didn’t happen often, but he worked hard in the hope of hearing those words.

On the other hand, if he was freed then Marcus would have to release his little cock forever straining in its cage.

“The penultimate para is one you’ll both like,” Mr Hudson said. “The maid must service the requirements of the managers, to the managers satisfaction. else face the consequences of her failure.”

Erika and Eden exchanged a shy smile, with both of their cheeks blushing.

Now that was hot, Eden thought. Now that his wife had developed a taste for playing with a maid in bed, she would have to find a fresh maid to play with once Eden hung up his heels. Wow. Hopefully he would be allowed to watch them kiss and cuddle in their lingerie.

Mr Hudson smiled, “So finally, comes the end clause. Really important. Having detailed the maid’s tasks to the letter, it maybe that you will require her to carry out other functions, that right now you cannot predict. So the end clause is, ‘the maid shall carry out duties as and when instructed by management.’”

Marcus laughed cruelly. “Brilliant! Love it!”

“We often add it to work contracts,” Mr Hudson said proudly. “Covers everything an employee will ever be told to do!”

“Ok,” Marcus said, not indulging Mr Hudson’s need for praise. “So terms of service and time scales.”

“Yes. The maid starts the moment she signs the forms.” Mr Hudson smiled knowingly, “but with a six  month termination clause.”

“What’s that. Speak English!” Marcus said.

Eden was often frightened by the Master of the House even when he was shouting at someone else.

“Ok. So there is always a notice period. You cannot just fire an employee. Nor can that employee just leave. Businesses would just fall apart. So you have to add a notice period. Give you time to find a replacement.”

Marcus nodded, unconvinced “Yeh. I suppose so.”

“So two weeks or one month notice are the norm. Sometimes, for essential staff you have a three month period of notice. But for your maid, I’d suggest a full six months. This is the longest period legally enforceable. That way, if the little madam, has a row and storms out, you would be in your legal rights to drag her sorry arse to court and enforce her to work the full six months.”

Eden gasped. The poor maid they would employ would be trapped! No matter how mean the Master of the House was to her, she would have to continue to work for him! Oh my! Eden hoped the future maid would be sensible enough to read the contract. Because even the dumbest of blondes wouldn’t agree to that!

Marcus rubbed the stubble on his chin. “And the court would require the maid to come back and serve her six months termination period.”

“You got it,” Mr Hudson said.

“Love it!” Declared Marcus. “Fucking love it.”

“So that leaves pay,” Mr Hudson said, lifting up a two sheet document and laying it before him.

“Pay?” Marcus growled. “She should be grateful someone is making use of her.”

“Indeed, Marcus. For sure. But to make it legal and binding a contract has to denote something is paid for a service. If nothing exchanges hands the whole agreement is worthless.”

“She gets room and board,” Marcus said.

“Sadly, that comes with a live in position.”

Marcus sighed.

“But,” Mr Hudson said with his merry cheerful countenance, “For such a lowly unskilled position you can pay minimum wages.”

Marcus grunted, “I wouldn’t be paying the lazy bitch more, that’s for sure!”

Aw, Eden thought, the poor maid who was going to replace him would be trapped in a dreadful situation of service.

Mr Hudson pulled together the various documents, with a smug look on his face, knowing he’d hit home with his work.

“Master?” Asked Erika.

“Yeh?” Marcus said.

“Shall we send the maid to get a bottle of champagne for Melissa’s presentation?”

“Yeh! Great.” Marcus turned to Eden, “Get your fat arse out to the kitchen and fetch a bottle of champagne from the cooler. And be smart about it!”

It had been so long since he had been given an instruction that the maid stood bolt upright in shock.

“Oh, yes Master. Right away Master.”

A nightmarish thought crashed about his head as if a dinner plate had been smashed over him. This could be the last time he is sent on a duty. The last bottle he has to fetch. Some young slut would be doing his job! Yes, HIS job. After all he had created the position making it necessary for Marcus to fill it.

Eden paused at the door, mopped a tear from his eye and turned to bravely face the room. He clenched his fist and stamped his heeled foot.

“I don’t want another maid here! It’s not fair. It really isn’t! I’ve worked hard and I try to be obedient. And I try to be dutiful, even to your guests. And …”

At that point a cacophony of feelings exploded within the maid. The thought of not being able to wear the delicious maid’s outfit, the lingerie, the apron, the maid’s hat. Of not being thought good enough to be the maid of the house. So what if his dick was locked away, and he was soundly beaten for infractions? Wasn’t it a price worth paying?

And, and might his Mistress no longer wish to play with him? She would want to play with the new maid!

Suddenly he realised this was all his fault for complaining too much.

Blubbing overwhelmed the distraught maid, and she could no longer think.

“Please don’t fire me,” she blurted before the weeping over whelmed her.


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  1. Oh gosh, poor Eden! So confused. I really, really feel bad for her! She worked so hard, any now she’s facing this? I bet if she tries hard, she can keep from being fired. I hope so.

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