The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Six



Eden was perched on his Master’s lap, his silky maids uniform tight against the Master’s white shirt.

Still blubbering so uncontrollably that her shoulders shook, Eden just wanted to crawl into his bedroom and close the door. Escape the humiliation.

“Is she alright?”

Eden recognised the voice of Melissa, but kept his wet eyes closed.

Ericka said, “Aw, Eden. Silly maid.”

The wife then mopped at the tears with a tissue, before adding. “No one is firing you.”

Feeling his Masters arm wrap around his shoulder, Eden squeezed tighter against the welcoming warm, comfort and safety of the hard chest.

Melissa’s concerned voice, “Shall I get her a glass of water?”

Eden felt his Master sit up straight.

“For fuck’s sake. If the maid needs a glass of water, I’ll send her to get one herself.”

Everyone laughed and even Eden giggled , catching his breath through the sobbing.

“Maid. Open your eyes,” the Master said evenly, taking control, the way Master’s do.

Eden did so, seeing the blur of the man who was going to stop him being a maid in the household. Eden sniffed up a few tears and gazed into the dark eyes of his Master.

“Dumb bitch!” The Master of the House shook his head as if weary. “No one’s getting in a new maid.” His eyes hardened. “Though I might if I get any more embarrassing scenes like this!”

“Yes, Master,” Eden said as he swallowed.

Marcus slipped a finger under the metal collar locked about the maid’s neck. “You know what it says on your collar?”

Oh! Eden knew the answer to this!

“Yes Master,” Eden tried to say proudly, but was all too aware of his snivelling. “It says Dumb Maid.”

“You know why it says, ‘dumb maid’?” The Master of the House never lost eye contact with the anxious maid.

Eden looked down and giggled softly. “Yes Master. Because I am a dumb maid.”

Erika crouched down so that she could dab at his tears from beneath, smiling at her silly maid.

Melissa settled besides Eden’s wife, with wide concerned eyes, and said, “Aw, silly thing.”

“Right maid,” the Master said, “you get one thing straight in that vacuous hole that passes for your brain …”

Ericka and Melissa giggled at the Master’s words, and Eden found himself giggling softly too.

“ … you’re the maid of this household. What are you?”

Taking in a Deep breath of courage, Eden said, “I am the maid of the house, Master.”

“Right. And you think I’m going to let you go?”

Eden sat bolt upright, resting his arm around the neck of the Master of the House. “Master, I don’t know.”

Then the emotion overwhelmed him again.

“Master I don’t know anything. Because you don’t tell me anything. Then when I ask, I don’t understand. Even if I did …”

“Quiet maid!” The Master boomed.

Suddenly aware of how he’d been mindlessly gabbing away, Eden felt embarrassed again.

“Yes, Master,” the maid said.

“Right. There are grown ups here, who are trying to help you with your job.”

Help him? Eden glanced at the faces, which were all fixed on him. He noticed Mr Hudson staring intently, examining with concern Eden’s features.

“Help me Master?”

Ericka stroked his wet cheek. “Yes, silly.” She then looked up at the Master and said, “Master, shall we send her to her room for a bit? To calm down, while we go through the other business with Melissa?”

Eden looked up sideways at the Master wondering if he was going to be sent to bed early. He hated that.

“No,” Marcus said.

Eden smiled and let Ericka blow his nose. Phew.

Marcus shook his head.

“The maid has embarrassed everyone here with her brainless performance. Acting like a three year old when there is serious business to be done by the adults.”

Eden gasped, pulling his stockinged thighs tightly together.

Marcus continued. “She is going to receive a spanking she will never forget and then continue to serve us.”

A spanking! Eden pouted and said, “But Master, I was upset!”

“You threw a tantrum because, as usual, you didn’t understand what was happening. And now we’ve all stopped working in order to take care of you.”

Eden felt a warmth in his tummy, and his little dick ejaculated into his steel chastity cage. He liked the idea of being taken care of.

The Master’s finger lifted up the maid’s face so that she had to look at him.

“Now girl, are you going to throw a tantrum in the presence of grown ups again?”

“Oh no Master!”

Never had words been more truthfully spoken.

Eden crossed his stockinged thighs. “Master I am so sorry for being so silly and over reacting. I promise it won’t happen again. Please may I serve more drinks and …”

“Quiet maid!”

“Yes Master,” Eden said timidly, shrinking on the lap of her Master.

Now he was making his situation even worse! Why couldn’t he learn to shut up?

As Erika and Melissa rose to their feet, the Master of the House took in the room. “You can see why we keep her gagged for long periods of time.”

They laughed, though Melissa added an “aw” at the end of hers.

Suddenly the maid was lifted up from her comfortable position off her master’s lap.

“Maid,” Marcus said, “fetch the tawse.”

The tawse! So unjust. This really wasn’t fair. Eden stood motionless, his head bowed, desperately trying to think of a way out of this chastisement.

“Master, I really am sorry, I …”

“Maid!” Marcus stopped the maid in her tracks. “Tell everyone what happens to naughty maids.”

Oh God. Not this!

Eden glanced up beneath his fringe at the group who were fixed on his reaction.

He gulped down some saliva and suddenly felt his mouth grow leathery dry. He noticed Mr Hudson fingering his hardening cock beneath his zip on his trousers.

“Well,” Eden closed his eyes, to help him through the ordeal, “naughty maids are punished.” He paused and tried a winning smile aimed at his Master. “Sometimes with lines, or an essay.”

Marcus shook his head. “You were too naughty for lines. Now fetch the tawse before I take off my belt to you!”

For a moment the maid froze in horror. He had never been whipped with a belt. Surely the tawse would be better?

“Yes, Master.”

Eden flew from the room as fast as his heels would allow.

He was aware of low level chit chat behind him, but was too focused on his task to discern what was being said.

When he returned, Marcus was moving one of the dining chairs to the front of the room.

“Oh!” Eden said, as he held out the feared tawse to the Master.

Settling his large frame on the chair, Marcus patted his thighs.

Eden glanced at the others. “Erm, Master. Can you do it in private please? I can make some space in your office and ….”

“You were errant before my guests so you will be punished before my guests.

Oh no. Not in front of the horrible Mr Hudson and cute Melissa, whom his wife clearly disliked! This was just too much. No one ever took into account how upset he was!

He inched around to the side of his Master, dreading what was going to happen. He felt helpless and vulnerable.

He glanced at Erika, his wife, with wide eyed hope.

She smiled sadly and shook her head.


Already he felt like crying again. He bravely sniffed up the tears and lay over the lap of the Master of the House.

There is something soul destroying to prostrate yourself over a man’s lap. He kept his eyes fixed to the floor careful not to share his shame with the visitors.

He felt his delicate short skirt and petticoats being raised, bearing his pantie clad bottom.

Then horror.

Were they nice panties? Presentable to guests? Were they neatly in order, or had they become scuffed up between his bottom cheeks during the emotions of the last quarter of an hour? What would they think of him, if they didn’t look neat and orderly?

“Now maid,” Marcus said, in that calm firm manner of his, “you will count out each spank and apologise to everyone for being so naughty.”

This was worse! He shouldn’t have to apologise to everyone. Nor should he be spanked in front of everyone. It was all so unfair!

He was going to say, ‘no, I won’t’, but what he actually did, was suck in a lungful of air and say, “Yes Master.”

He heard his Master say, “Dumb bitch.”

And then the first blow landed.

Eden squealed. It hurt so much! A line of heat across his buttocks.

Where was the second blow?

Oh! Eden remembered his command: “Thank you Master. That’s one spank. I am sorry everyone for my tantrum.”

He felt sure Marcus would deduct spanks for him being so brave in saying the words correctly.

The second strike.

He yowled, arching his back but managed to say, “That’s two. I am sorry everyone for my tantrum.”

His bottom was already on fire.

But as the blows continued, and he spoke his apologies, his mind thought through the events that had led him here. Had he not been so silly then he wouldn’t have made such a stupid scene in front of the Master’s guests. And all for nothing! It wasn’t a sacking at all. How stupid he had been.

He called out the number of blows and said his sorries as he thought about how embarrassing his tearful outburst must have been for everyone.

It was when he counted out ten blows that he realised how grateful he was to the Master of the House for taking the time to punish him and help him improve as a maid.

So, after 12 spankings with the dreaded tawse, when he was permitted to stand on his heels, Eden spoke without being prompted by his Master.

“Master, I am do thankful for you taking the trouble to punish me for being so naughty. I promise I’ll try to improve in future.”

The Master’s eyebrows knitted as if he didn’t understand, He studied the maid warily looking for sarcasm. Then a slow grin appeared as he realised the maid had actually learnt her place at long last. It wasn’t a pleasant grin, more a sneering, sadistic grin.

“That’s very good maid. See how my training can improve your disposition?”

“Oh yes Master,” Eden tugged down the back of his skirt, ensuring it now covered his stocking tops after his chastisement. “Thank you so much.”

It was ten minutes later, as Eden refilled their drinks glasses with more wine, that Melissa took from her bag a small folder with an elastic band holding it together.

She removed the band and brought out some forms and heavily detailed documents with a bank’s headings.

Eden settled back, close to the wall, hands before his skirt, though he’d like to rub his sore buttocks really, and ensured he was full attentive in case anyone ordered him to fetch something.

“So, banking has to follow set rules,” Melissa said, as if reciting a prepared speech. “Marcus’ needs were not straight forward, but I think you’ll be happy with the result.”

Marcus simply nodded, so Melissa continued.

“We’ve made you a co signatory of all of Eden’s bank accounts and savings accounts.”

Marcus winced, “Look. That’s not what I told you to sort out for me!”

Melissa leaned back against her chair holding up her palms to him, as if to soothe him.

“Marcus. Please. This is the only way to do it. So you and Eden  both sign these top forms where I put the crosses. Then you will be co signatories.” Sensing the Master of the House’s patience evaporating, she sped up her delivery. “Once that is done, then you both sign the second swathe of papers, removing Eden from all accounts.”

The Master of the House relaxed. “Got ya! Leaving me sole signatory of the accounts.”

A relieved Melissa said, “Yes, exactly. That’s the legal way to do it.”

Eden’s head sprang up. Eh? He was going to be handing over his bank accounts to the Master of the House? He had to speak. Sadly for the maid, her sore bottom was a reminder of what happens when she misunderstood matters and sounded off without permission.

But now his brain was on high alert. Though, dismally for Eden, having been locked in chastity for a month, his brain just refused to function.

“Then we set up the new account you asked for,” the cute woman continued. “Eden’s employee account, where you have full authority over it. Eden’s minimum wage is paid into it automatically every month, plus any bonuses her employers feel she deserves.  You of course will be able to summon the account at any time to ensure the maid is not being profligate with your generous employees’ package.”

“Wait,” Marcus, sighed. “Why not make it so that I have to sign off all her purchases.”

Melissa raised a finger. “Well Ericka and I had a chat about that. Obviously, the maid is fed and watered by you  here, and also, she has free accommodation. So the only things she needs to buy are clothes.”

Melissa looked to Ericka for support.

Ericka smiled eager to please. “Master, you don’t want to have to sign off any panties your maid purchases for herself. Masters have more important things to do with their times, than the trivia of their maid’s existence.”

Marcus looked unconvinced.

“I mean,” Ericka continued, “it’s not as if she can buy a car with her earnings. Any big purchases you and I will have to make for her.”

“Yeh, I guess,” Marcus nodded. “Yeh. Who wants to authorising panties being bought? Complete waste of time!”

The two women giggled.

For Eden two separate viewpoints were running side by side. He was being completely demoted to a lowly maid, who could buy only items a maid requires. That was humiliating! Yet, the second thoughts were erotic. The complete loss of power and the need to be subservient to Ericka’s lover made him aroused.

He pumped more useless semen into his already soaked panties. He’d have to change them first time he was sent from the room. He emitted a low groan, as he came so close to an orgasm that he couldn’t quite experience, then quickly took in his Master to ensure he hadn’t noticed his little explosion of lust.

Marcus tapped the table, “and just to be sure. The dumb maid cannot take back the old accounts?”

“Oh no!” Melissa was emphatic. “Once she has signed away her rights, then it is all gone. I would suggest you change the passwords on the accounts to ensure she can never access them again.”

Marcus roared a laugh.


Eden stood up to attention when the Master of the House called his name.

“Yes Master?”

“Get your fat arse over here! Now!”

“Yes Master”

The Master of the House forced a biro into the small hand of the maid, before barking, “sign everywhere you have to.”

“Master, I think we should have a chat …”

One hard look from the Master had the maid hurriedly scrawling her signature to all the places she was instructed.

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  1. Thank you Miss Ford for yet another really exciting part26. I’m so happy for Eden now her job is safe. More to come too…how I wish this story just carried on forever and ever.

    ( I’m sorry but I can’t get the quickchat comment box to post so left here)

  2. First of all thanks part 26
    Pic maid is so hot and sexy in mule and handcuff. You know sissy in high heel mule always walk slowly because mule in high heel are tough for balance and control then sandal or boot specially when hands are cuffed …

    Ha ha lol may be sissy Eden thinking she save her position by one more spanking but she loose bank balance.

    Poor Eden even don’t know whats coming … does anyone know?

  3. Eden’s brain is so mushy by now, just choosing her own panties seems like a bridge too far. Financial humiliation the icing on the cake. Marcus is definitely cock o’ the hoop and clucking like there’s no tomorrow, no doubt. Bravo to Ms Ford, she always leaves us drooling for more.

  4. If Marcus was real and here right now he’d be demanding Part Twenty Seven should be written and posted right away, He’s a totally unreasonable taskmaster, but he isn’t so I won’t. (giggles away stupidly with embarrassment)

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  6. I had stopped reading because too much DF gives me hot flashes. But this last chapter got my attention. Once I had read it, I found myself saying this is a scene that I wished to see in Club ZerØ Nine; A scene like this between Mr. Harrison, Madison and Abbie would have been great.

    I’m almost beginning to think that Marcus really cares about Eden to a certain degree and it’s a rather touching moment to see sissy and master connecting with one another in their own special way.

    You know, it’s not too late to have Eden beg Marcus for a good fucking. Personally, my favorite cuckold scenarios involve the sissy begging to be fucked by the man who’s railing the wifey. Or at least the chance to suck his cock. Preferably just after he smashed her puss while the sissy was watching. Because sissies and sloppy seconds truly go hand in hand.

  7. Frau B, Exactly, it also establishes the maid’s true position beneath the Master of the House.


  8. Forgot to add above….Alternately, the master can say “no” and instead offer up the wifey to the sissy for a Bull-Flavored creampie…licking Master’s cum out of the wifey’s puss is just as effective as licking her cum off of his cock to remind the sissy of her place.

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