Eli’s New Apartment Part One by Deborah Ford

Eli’s New Apartment

Part One by Deborah Ford




Jasmine fussed at her husband’s silk shirt collar with the peter pan collar which was decorated with  the pretty flowers.

After a moment she emitted a deep sigh and said, “Keep in touch. Oh, I am going to be soooo worried about you on your own here.”

Ellis rolled his eyes. “Jasmine, I’m 24 for fucks sake.”

“If only you’d act it,” she countered, tilting her head back before adding, “and you know you’re not permitted to swear.”

Trying to appear brave, Ellis pulled back his shoulders, feeling his corset straps, and replied, “I don’t have to live by your rules anymore! Nor those of that oaf!”

Immediately, his confidence drained like water down a sink.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled, “Oaf? Shall I tell Cody you called him an oaf?”

Swallowing, Ellis squeaked quickly, “I can call him what I like now!” He looked down at his elegant low heeled boots, “but please don’t tell him. It won’t help anything.”

For a long moment, Jasmine stood next to the door, reluctant to leave.

“And I think you should still refer to me as Mistress.”

He wanted to stuff his hands in his pockets, but the slimline tight fitting pants had no pocket, and the only zip was on the side.

With his cheeks turning pink, he said, “We are having a two week break. So I don’t have to call you Mistress nor that …” he bit his lips, “that lover of yours, Sir. In fact, I thought we agreed the chastity cage would be unlocked!”

Still smiling, she stroked his delightful dark hair in its pixie cut, “Oh silly. No one agreed to anything other than you living on your own for a fortnight and seeing how it works out.”

“Well, I thought …”

“Honey, you think many things in that silly little head of yours. That doesn’t make them so, does it?”

Why did she always have to put him down like this? Had she behaved better with his complaints about their sissy maid, hot wife, Bull relationship, then they wouldn’t be in this situation.

“Jasmine, all I wanted was to be released from the chastity once a day and to …”

“You call me by my first name again and I’ll have Cody weld your chastity lock shut! Is that clear?”

Occasionally, Ellis upset his Mistress so much she would do something terrible and cruel to him as a punishment.

He quickly bowed his head, “Yes,” he mumbled, “Mistress.”

“You really are the dumbest maid to ever wear a pair of heels while doing the ironing!”

Now his face was entirely pink and his eyes narrowing with fear.

“Yes Mistress.”

But she continued, “And how you are even going to choose what you wear or what time you go to bed, is beyond me!”

“Well! As soon as you leave, I will dress in men’s clothes!”

She smiled indulgently, “Oh, dizzy honey. There aren’t any men’s clothes here. You have some pretty blouses and some low heeled shoes. You even have some wonderfully girly pants, cut to enhance your figure. But nothing horrible and rough like men’s clothes.”

He wanted to make a stand, “Then I shall order them from Amazon!”

Jazmine pushed her fingers through his silky hair. “Silly. We’ve only left you enough money for groceries and the like.”

Oh, he hated it when he was left looking so foolish! He hadn’t looked ridiculous when he was sold his software company for a million and a half. Yet since he had become the maid Jasmine and her horrible, bully of a lover, Cody, would always make him appear foolish.

He was about to show them, by living without them for two weeks. All on his own.

He pouted, “I thought you might leave me my old credit card, Mistress.”

Smiling at him calling her by her rightful name, she said softly, “You know Cody and I cut your credit cards up a long time back. And all the passwords on your bank accounts have been altered. Silly, maid.”

There! She called him a silly maid, yet again.

“I think you should leave my apartment.” He emphasised ‘my’ to establish first principals. He wasn’t going to be bullied in his apartment.

“Who’s apartment?”

This was too much! He clenched his fists. “Yes. All right. Cody is paying the rent. But he is paying it from my account!”

“Honey. I only just explained that you no longer have any accounts to pay anything. I trust you will email Cody your gratitude for him paying your rent.” She cocked her head to one side. “Silly maid, you don’t remember anything anymore.”

Why was he always in the wrong? She had just explained that to him. Oh, it was because everyone always twisted everything he said.

His eyes were damp.

“Aw Honey,” she smiled, “you are frightened aren’t you.”

His tongue darted out, tapping on his discreetly made up lips. “No Mistress. Well, maybe a little bit.”

She took hold of both his shoulders. “You have the support of me and Cody. Just remember to go to bed early. You know what you are like without bedtime supervision. Do your exercises. And keep in touch with us both.”

“He hung his head, was he doing the right thing? “Yes, Mistress.”

She gave him a big squeeze and kissed his perfumed cheek. “Now, you be a brave little maid and I am sure you will see what is right for you.”

“Yes, Mistress. I will.”

She gave him a final smile and then left with the fearful air of someone abandoning a child at school for the first time.





“Wake up silly head.”

Ellis’ eyes burst open.

With his brain still fogged from sleep, he thought the words emanated  from a dream so closed his eyes to welcome back sleep.

With a satisfying sigh, he drifted away.

“Oi! Sleepy head!”

Eyes open, this time with purpose.

He looked up at the dark suited  suited Cody, his tie secured with a pin. He was standing over the bed looking down at him.

“Sir!” Ellis tried to think. “Oh my!”

“It’s nine o’clock,” Cody said with a sly grin.

In his silky, pale blue pyjamas, Ellis slid from the bed in double quick time.

“Sorry, Sir. Really. The alarm didn’t go off. Mistress must have told me the wrong time. It’s not my fault.”

Cody boomed a laugh at the sissy’s desperation and shook his head.

“You really are the dumbest sissy in the world.”

Putting his fingers to his mouth, a wide-eyed Ellis, said, “Sir? Sorry. Really. I will prepare your breakfasts immediately. I am so sorry!”

“Dumb bitch. Calm down!”

“Yes Sir.”

But Ellis felt anything other than calm. Nine o’clock was way past his waking up time. Breakfast was to be served at no later than eight. A rule Cody instigated on his first day sleeping over at the house.

Ellis took in the strange bedroom. The pink quilt was familiar as were the matching pillows trimmed with lace, but everything else was strange.

Oh yes!

He had moved out!

He had tearfully told his Mistress that he had enough of being spanked and punished whenever he did anything wrong. He was leaving. His Mistress and Sir, rented him this apartment for two weeks to see how he’d get on.

Now he felt foolish.

He slumped down on to the bed infuriated at looking so silly before Sir. The bull had already considered him a dumb maid, what would he think of him now.

He had to recover.

“Thank you for waking me Sir. I wouldn’t wish to loll around in bed all day.”

Cody raised his eyebrows, still grinning. “And what have you got to get up for? You only have one bed to make.”

“Well … yes … I guess.”

It was getting worse. He needed to take the initiative.

“Sir, would you care for a coffee?” Then he blinked hard, trying to erase what he’d said. “No, I mean, Cody, would you care for a coffee?”

It took a moment, as Cody appeared to sum up his need for coffee, finally saying, “yeh. You do that.”


At last, Ellis was enacting a chore with which he felt comfortable.

He pushed his feet into the pink, low heeled slippers and dashed to the kitchen. Ah, wonderful. The same coffee machine as at home. He hated learning anything technical.

He set about his task as the Bull wandered in without a care, and sat at the small wooden table near the door.

The Bull always seemed such a big mass to Ellis. For sure he was over 6 foot, with broad shoulders but some how his presence seemed to fill a room. He was intimidating from the first moment that he and Jasmine met him, following their zoom meetings.

“Just and espresso, Sir? No milk or sugar.”

“What do you think after 6 weeks of serving me? You think I’d have changed?”

Ellis giggled at his silliness. “Sorry Sir, you never know!”

Sir always liked the small china cups for his espresso, and larger one for his americano. Ellis wiped down a silver tray, not that it was dirty, just out of habit. Sir always wanted everything clean and immaculate.

“Those the p-jays we bought for you Eli? For your birthday?”

“Yes Sir,” Ellis beamed, delighted Sir had remembered.

He twisted one way then the other, posing so Sir could see, the tight fitting, silk material curving around his body. He knew Sir liked his rounded bottom, so turned fully around.

“Looks good on you, maid.”

“Thank you, Sir. But I am no longer the maid. And I shall call you Cody.”

Ellis giggled at his initiative and poured the coffee so that it was a few millimetres from the top. Sir didn’t want it to spill, so insisted on it not quite reaching the rim. Of course, Ellis had to be careful not to put in too little coffee either. Sir definitely didn’t like that.

He put the cup onto the middle of the round, silver tray and carried it to the table.

Cody picked up the cup that looked ludicrously small in his beefy fingers, while the maid returned the silver tray to the counter.

“Is it alright for me to sit, Sir?” Ellis asked.

“Go ahead. It’s your place.”

Rolling his eyes at his own continuous silliness, Ellis sat primly on the front of one of the chairs, as if ready to leap into action.

“I see you’re still wearing your corset,” Cody said looking at the two tell tale mounds on Ellis’ chest.

Ellis always felt embarrassed when Cody made comments like that and blushed gently.

“Yes Sir. I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t sleep with out it. I guess I have to try , so I can wean myself off it at night and …”

“Hold it, I didn’t want a speech. I don’t mind.”

Ellis giggled, “Sorry, Sir. Er, Cody.”

“So how you getting on, maid?”

Ellis shook his head so that his Pixie hair style swirled, tickling his cheek. “Sir. I only moved in last night. Its ok. A bit lonely I guess.”

He remembered the previous night, trying to watch TV always on edge ready for the maid’s bell to summon him somewhere. But there was no maid’s bell anymore. Instead, he was alone and directionless. The TV flickered before him, but his mind couldn’t take it in.

Cody nodded. “Guess you’ll get used to it.”

“Yes, Sir. True.”

Deep down, Ellis wasn’t sure he wanted to get used to not having a purpose in life.

The room fell into silence and then Ellis felt alarm.

“Oh Sir. I must look a mess!”

Ellis tapped at his hair and raced to the kitchen mirror. His hair was a fright, with much if it falling over his eyes. He knew how his Mistress and Sir insisted on a neat appearance and Ellis agreed with them. A maid should always look her best.  He was grateful when one of them pointed out a flaw in his attire for then he could correct it.

As Ellis used his fingers to fuss his hair into some semblance of order, he said, “You can hardly blame me, I have only just got up!”

“I know, dumb bitch, I just woke you!”

They both laughed at Ellis’ foolishness, before Ellis returned to his seat and again parked himself right on the edge, as if ready to comply with an instruction.

“Sir, was Mistress ok? I mean without me to brush her hair before bed, and help her choose lingerie without me?”

Cody’s eyes half closed remembering.

“She’s going to miss a maid, isn’t she? And she had to iron her own dress this morning!”

Cody spat the words with such judgement, that Ellis winced.

“Aw. I am so sorry!”

The Bull waved one of his beefy palms. “Don’t worry. If this works out,” he indicated the apartment, “then I’ve told her, she can have another maid.”

Cody sat up straight in shock. Another maid?!

“But Sir. The new maid won’t know her routine. She won’t know how she likes her bed made, with the quilt corner pulled down and her teddies on the pillow. And she won’t understand …”

“Quiet, maid.”

Ellis fell silent, soldierly straight in his chair while he waited for the usual mansplaining – which was always welcome.

“Maids soon learn. If I can teach a dumb bitch like you how to behave, then I can teach any girl!”

“But Sir,” Obviously Ellis couldn’t gain say him, the Bull hated when anyone dared dispute a point he had made. So once more, Ellis fell silent.

The bulky man rose and finished his coffee, banging the cup onto the table.

“Ok. I need to be in work.”

Ellis giggled but felt guilty. He quickly took the cup to the sink to rinse it before putting it safely into the dishwasher.

The Bull was still talking, “Can’t sit on my arse all day like some folk.”

“Yes, Sir. Oh, I mean Cody.”

Ellis had to get his act together. He was no longer a dumb maid! He could use people’s Christian names.

“Anything you need, maid?”

Pressing down the silky front of his pyjamas, Ellis lowered his eyes and spoke quietly, “Firstly, I am not to be called maid in my own home. Second. I shouldn’t call you Sir. I know I did, but that was silly. I just forgot. It was habit and …”

“Stop jabbering, girl. Anything else?”

When Ellis raised up his eyes to the Bull, they were large, as if full of telepathic pleading.

“Yes Sir. If I’m not the maid, then I think I should have the key to my chastity cage. Well, your chastity cage I guess, as you bought it. I promise I’ll put it back on after I play. And I’ll keep it safe so that …”

“That’s a matter between you and your Mistress.”

The bull was already at the front door to the hall leading to the lifts, when Ellis said.

“Sir, she’ll listen to you.”

The Bull saw the hope in the maid’s wide eyes and shrugged as he opened the door.

Ellis spoke on at great speed, so that the words machine gunned from his soft lips, “Oh, and perhaps you should both knock before you come in. I don’t mind you having the keys, in fact I can’t stop you, as you rent the place and Mistress will call around, but …”

“Maid!” He spoke quietly but there was so much emphasis in the word ‘maid’ that he quickly shut up the babbling maid. “I am renting this for you. So I have a key. Jazz is my slut, and your Mistress for at least two more weeks, so she gets a key too. Clear?”

Ellis fumed. He knew how Jasmine hated being called Jazz and she also detested vulgar language like slut. But this didn’t seem an appropriate moment to complain to the Bull.

“Yes, Sir. Of course.” Ellis thought quickly, “But I could be undressed. I could be in my underwear. Or anything.”

“Like we haven’t seen you naked or dressed in lingerie before,” Cody laughed.

Ellis blushed. How was the bully always able to twist anything Ellis said and make it sound foolish.

“Yes Sir, but …”

“In fact, I can see you are wearing those pretty black panties with the red ribbons, your Mistress likes on you.”

Ellis gasped. How do you know, Sir?

“Silly girl! You can see them through the pyjamas.”

Ellis giggled. “Oh!” Before looking serious again. “But if you could mention the chastity key to Mistress, I mean, Jasmine, and then …”

But the door closed as Ellis put his hands to his face. How silly could he look? The Bull was already on his way out  so could not know he was speaking.

For a moment, Ellis stood in disappointment. He so much wanted to be unlocked down below and have a wank. But then he had the delightful thought of being able to choose his day time outfit – all on his own. A bath first though.








9 thoughts on “Eli’s New Apartment Part One by Deborah Ford

  1. Wow, great story with an interesting angle. Can’t wait to see how this relationship develops!

    1. It’s wonderful to have an all new story to read and Eli’s new apartment looks to have all the makings of another epic. I do hope the next part of the Markus, Erika, Alicia and Eden adventure is coming up shortly as this one is do much further down n the road and the possibilities endless

  2. Thank you CW, Frau B and Maid 777.

    I had to make a start on this tale as it is burning a hole in my mind.

    Yes i will return to the Eden tale. Just temporarily sidetracked. 🙂

    Deborah Ford

  3. I’m sorry, Ms Ford, but letting maids live on their own and unsupervised ? Any maid caught reading this story of yours is likely to receive a caning that would make the Marquis de Sade feel giddy.

  4. Glad to see the adventures of Eden & Co aren’t completely over – it’s easily the best sissy maid story I’ve ever read but I understand the urge to explore new territory.

  5. Miss Tykes, indeed so. Maid’s taking any initiative usually leads to mischief and a hot bottom.

    I’m enjoying the Eden story too, but the Eli story came to mind, and I need to write it. Hope you enjoy that one too. DF

  6. It would be so difficult to break the habit of calling Sir “Sir” and Mistress “Mistress.” I can only imagine!

    But the idea of Mistress getting a new maid! I certainly hope maid can convince Sir that’s a bad idea!

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