The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Eight

The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Twenty Eight

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In his own room, Eden, the maid checked his appearance in the mirror. It was midday, and he needed to prepare lunch quickly. But didn’t want to appear with his skirt tucked in his panties again. The Master laughing at him, before sending him to the corner to ‘think about his appearance’ wasn’t something he would wish to be repeated. Though it made his panties oddly damp to think about it.

So, he was scrupulous checking himself from his strappy heels, up the dark stockings, that thankfully had no runs, to the neatly turned out flared skirt and tummy slimmed down by the ever tightening corset.

His artificial boobs were nicely rounded, though not too big, as his wife, Erika, objected to them being larger than her own. He tapped delicately at his curly, blonde hair on which the cap sat a pointed sign to his position within the house.

And then he stopped.

His examination of his face brought home what the Master of the House had done to him and his wife. The over the top lip implants. His pink shiny lips could no longer close. It was humiliating to witness his forced open mouth. He knew the Master became aroused by his appearance, making him feel doubly humiliated, yet doubly aroused.

He tried to close the fattened pink lips together, which was possible, but as soon as he relaxed, they sprang open like those of a porn star before a large inflated cock.

His panties were no longer damp. They were wet. If only he could turn on and off his position as sexy maid and revert to being a male when he wished, life would be so much better. But he was permitted no control whatsoever. He went to bed as the maid and awoke as the maid. He even dreamed as a maid.

The door cracked open, and Erika bustled in looking frantic.

No one had to knock the maid’s door before opening. That was an annoying new rule from the Master of the House.

“Maid!” Erika appeared flustered. “It is twelve thirty. You should be in the kitchen! The Master will not be happy if you are late serving lunch!”

And then she stopped, as if electrocuted. She stared at her neatly attired maid. Her maid! The maid was hers!

“Oh!” She emitted the oh, by extending it a long time.

Erika’s mouth was also plumped and generally open, but she could close it for longer periods as they weren’t as inflated to the same puffy extent as those of her maid’s.

The Mistress of the House and the maid of the house stood staring at each other, both their panties now soppy and uncomfortable.

Reaching out, Erika ran her fingers through the blonde curls of her maid.

“If I’d known you could look like this, I’d have agreed to your perversions a long time ago.”

Eden smiled, being sure not to say anything unless he was asked a direct question.

His wife stepped closer, running her hands around his narrow waist, her finger tips tingling at the silky smoothness of the uniform.

Their pursed lips melted together before they collapsed to the rug near the maid’s bed, each gripping the other as if they never wanted to be parted.

“My adorable, wonderful maid,” Erika said, struggling for air.

“My Mistress,” Eden tried to say as he pecked at her cheek.

His task made more difficult by the fact she had pressed her thigh between his to prise apart his stockinged thighs.

The mistress’ hand gently gripped the chastity cage of the maid, through the maid’s delightfully silky panties. Her damp arousal matched by her former husband’s damp arousal when they were in bed together. But it was a different experience. Just as white hot, but different.

Ten minutes was an eternity to the mindless lovers. So it took a while for the mistress to hear the voice.

“Maid. Maid!”

Erika pushed herself up off her maid, her eyes wide with concern.

“Maid!” Came the voice, thundering up from downstairs.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “It’s Master!”

Eden required no assistance from his new lips for them to jump open as wide as his eyes.

“Oh no!” Eden said.

“Tidy yourself up, maid,” the wife whispered hoarsely.

She sought to control herself as she stood, brushing down her tight jeans and pink jumper.

Eden rose quickly, the lovemaking might have been part of another world now as he fearfully pushed up his hair in the mirror before checking his make up. A regimented inspection before reporting to the Master.

Erika opened the maid’s bedroom door, cleared her throat, and called back down the stairs, “She’s just coming Master.”

“She better,” Marcus grunted back. “And I want my lunch, maid!”

“Yes Master!” Eden projected, hoping the Master could hear his response.

Eden closed his false eyelashed eyes , took in a breath for composure and made his way to the landing.

As the maid past his Mistress, he lowered his blushing cheeks and smiled.

She in turn gave him a peck on the cheek. “Not a word to the Master, you know what he’s like if we play together without permission.”

The Master shouted up, “That the two of you up there gossiping? Get downstairs both of you!”

“Yes, Master,” they chorused before breaking down into shared giggles muffled by their fingers.





Erika and the maid were desperate to avoid sniggering as they entered the Master’s office.

The Bull was huddled forward, writing a letter on his computer.

The best way Eden and his wife could avoid collapsing into giggles was by avoiding eye contact. If they looked at each other, then they were lost. Like silly school girls they would dissolve into airy laughter.

While still typing, the Master of the House said, “Now listen you pair of dumb bitches,” he groaned as he mistyped a few letters before correcting them by stabbing at the keyboard.

Eden knew Erika was looking at him, ready to exchange a naughty, knowing smile but he dared not take his eyes from the hunched shoulders before him.

“When I say come, I don’t mean in a … for fucks sake!”

He banged at the keyboard correcting the next error.

At this point, Erika pressed her fingertips to her inflated lips to prevent her giggling.

It failed. That prompted Eden, who actually bit on his finger to prevent himself laughing out loud.

The Master flew around in office chair, his dark eyes spearing fire at the two foolish tramps.

“Dumb. Fucking bitches. Anything funny?”

Erika said, “No Master,” before finally giving in, and doubling up in laughter.

Now Eden just couldn’t prevent his giggles bursting from the depths of his soul.

It was only when the Master stood and grabbed the back of the two women’s hair and pulled it tight in each fist, that the laughter stopped.

Both women realised the enormity of their foolishness and stared wide eyed at the Master of the House awaiting his reprimand.

“I’ll give you both something to giggle about …”

His words trailed off as he stared at Erika’s sensual, fluffed up mouth. His eyes slid to examine Eden’s even more inflated lips.

Eden did all he could to close his mouth, but the engorged lips steadfastly prevented him from doing so. He had already realised he would always have a small hole between his glossy pink lips. An open circle in the middle of his face as if beckoning cock.

The Master took in the enticing mouth of Erika again, with his own mouth falling open, revealing a shiny wetness.

With a hand still holding his hair, thus forcing his head to face forward, Eden was suddenly aware of a man’s lust . It was standing within inches of him, a volcano of violent need.

The Master pushed his thumb into the mouth of Eden’s wife, who immediately sucked longingly on it.

The thumb of the other hand pushed through the softer lips of the maid.

Eden felt the intruder in his mouth, already touching his tongue and found himself sucking at the digit.

Oh! His little dick spurted in its confines.

Suddenly, Eden found he and his wife flung together so that his maid’s dress touched the pink jumper of his wife.

“Suck harder,” the Master ordered Eden.

Eden did so. He could see that the Bull was on fire. His dark eyes half closed as he took in one of his sluts after the other.

In his chastity cage, Eden’s little thingee swelled tight against the metal. He knew he was going to gush soon. Pump out his wetness without gaining  any any satisfaction.

AW! Eden screamed around the thumb.

He felt his hair being pulled down and his body bent, before his knees folded and he collapsed before the Bull.

He realised that the Bull had forced Eden down next to him. Where they knelt side by side.

Oh my! The Master’s cock had inflated inside his pants like a monster hard cylinder seeking to explode from its confines.

“Unzip it bitches!”

Still sucking on the thumbs, the two girls put their hands up to his pants, but Eden wasn’t sure whether he should be involved or not. Nor did he know if he’d be punished for not obeying. So he kept his fingers delicately before the Master of the House, not actually touching anything.

He could see his wife’s shaking hands darting expertly at the belt. With difficulty she released it and then unbuttoned the top of the pants.

Looking up for further guidance, she paused.

“Get on with it!”

Erika continued playing with the zip until it slid all the way down. She pushed her fingers through the boxers and plucked out the Master’s huge cock.

It thudded upwards before them, fully engorged.

At once a threat and delight.

Never before had Eden seen another man’s erection this close. It was incredibly large. As if it wasn’t real.

Nothing felt real, down on his knees, his skirt fanning out to cover his heels.

Though oddly aroused, Eden felt fear overwhelm his senses. What would happen when the Master discovered that Erika didn’t like blow jobs. She always found cocks a little bit disgusting and made Eden hide his when ever possible.

How here was this thick, straining erection pointing straight at her. A weapon to intimidate and alarm her.

He watched his wife’s eyes grow wide, no doubt in horror, before her padded out lips opened, and she slid her mouth down the Master’s cock. As she did so her eyes closed slowly, almost as if she enjoyed the sensation of having his erect member fill her mouth as far back as her throat.

When her head bobbed back, she stared hard at the cock and repeated the motion, this time on her return there were strings of grey, thick fluid.

Eden knew she would be disgusted at the sight of his hanging precum forming a bridge between her lips and his cock.

At this point Erika raised her face upwards, as if requesting the next instruction.

There were no words. Instead, Eden felt his blonde curls dragged upwards. He squealed, realising that Erika was screaming too.

Both were hauled to their heels before the Master of the House.

Pulling back his mouth until it was wide, and his teeth showed, like a predator in the jungle, the Bull stared hard at his slut.

“You want my cock, bitch?”

“Oh yes Master. Please let me suck on your wonderful cock!”

“Slut,” he snarled through his teeth.

Erika was hoarse. “Yes, Master.”

“Get your sopping cunt upstairs!”

“Yes Master.”

Finally, Eden felt his hair being released. What was happening. She had never wanted to suck cock before, no matter how he pleaded.

Eden stared at his wife who was bursting with lust and sexual need. Eden wondered if she had ever felt like that with him.

Seeing his lost, little boy expression, Erika reached out a hand and gripped that of her husband’s delicate fingers. Such a difference to her Master’s hard, thick digits.

“Master,” Erika said, dreamily, as she was dragged by the caveman to the door. “Can we take the maid too?”

The Master looked back at the bewildered dumb slut of a maid.

Eden was alarmed. In bed with them, while he screwed his wife! That would be unbearable. Yet, and yet, and yet again his little dick spurted into his panties.

The Bull shook his head. “Nah.”

Releasing the maid’s palm, and wrapping her arms around her Master’s  head, Erika kissed at his cheek, “Oh pretty, please, Master. Pretty, please. It’ll be so much fun.”

“You think I’m fucking gay?”

She laughed, “Oh, no Master.”

With that they swept into the hall heading for the stairs, the way a storm passes, leaving behind an unnatural peace.

Eden crept to the bottom of the staircase watching the intertwined lovers mouthing over each other as they blindly edged upstairs.

“Master,” Eden asked bravely, “please may I play with myself?”

The Bull didn’t take his eyes off his slut, nor lose a step going upwards.

“You’ve got 15 minutes, trampy maid. Not a second longer.”

“Yes Master.”

As the couple reached the top of the stairs, Eden felt confused at the instruction. Oh, why couldn’t the Master of the House be clearer?

“Master, is that 15 minutes starting from now, or from when I start playing?”

Erika looked down at her adorable, but disconcerted maid and then back to her Master for his reply.

“From now!” The Bull growled, “dumb bitch.”

Seconds later, the couple were gone from view and the bedroom door slammed shut.

The bedroom door of the Master bedroom, which Eden once slept in with his sexy wife. The Master bedroom which he now only used when he was making the bed or hovering the floors.

He pressed down his maid’s skirt and sighed.

He felt his panties dampen between his legs.

“Oh no!” He said out loud. He was losing valuable time.

He checked his watch. How long ago had the Master said, ‘from now?’ Surely it was less than a minute.

But it could have been slightly more than a minute.

Eden squealed as he belted upstairs, desperate to make the most of his allotted time for wanking in his chastity device.

It was all so unfair!

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  1. So unfair! 🙁

    That unfairness is the fuel that drives this fetish. Nice job telling that story! 🙂

  2. It was all so unfair! …
    silly sissies or poor eden nicely written with very detail
    Netflix plz make a series on this story it will be Super Hit

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