The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Thirty

It’s here. The very final part!




Eden had placed the steel garden chair with the white flaking paint, on the stone patio close to the garden.

He was trying to work out where might be the best place to hide from the neighbour’s view for his dreaded spankings by the bully, the Master of the House.

The fence to the neighbours, behind the shed, was six feet, but on the long run between the houses behind his home, the fence shrank to five foot. Worse, to the house on the far side, the fence height fell to a mere four foot. He calculated that if the neighbours behind the shed could not see his punishment, but the houses behind the rear fence overlooked the garden.

Anyone upstairs in any of the houses would easily see what was happening.

He felt ill as he manoeuvred the chair around to create the best hidden position. His head whirled around with fear, making thinking difficult.


Initially fearing it was his neighbours, Eden quickly found himself grateful that it was the Master striding towards him with that direct purpose of his. Alicia was running to keep up.

Eden could hear his daughter saying, “I’m sure she didn’t mean it. You know how silly maids are.”

Jerry sauntered behind them with a huge expectant grin on his horrible face.

How Eden hated Jerry, his daughter’s arrogant boyfriend.

Bastard! Eden thought, I am going to be spanked in public before my daughter and her boyfriend.

As shame made his skin prickle so he saw his only hope emerging from the patio doors. Erika his wife, sauntered up the slope to the rear garden lawns with a sympathetic smile.

At once Eden knew there was nothing that she could do for him. He was done for! He must end this ludicrous game right now. It had gone too far.

Marcus arrived, seeming so large that he blotted out the low-level sun. he was clearly annoyed.

“Not there, dumb maid. Put it in the middle of the lawn!”

Opening his mouth to remonstrate, Eden was shaken when the Bull barked,


“Yes Master!”

He picked up the chair and running as best he could in heels across the grass, he dropped the chair in its new position. He looked back at his Master with eyebrows raised.

“That’s better!”

Led by the Bull, the family group closed on him.

Erika had reached the party, smartly placing herself between the terrified maid and the Master of the House.

She placed both hands on his shirt, fingers splayed and looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Master, I wonder if this might upset our neighbours. You never know. Some people are sensitive about things like this.”

He dismissed her with a wave of his hand and stepped around to settle on the rusting steel seat, patting his thighs with his massive palms.

“Right maid. Over my lap like the good girl I know you can be.”

Eden was suddenly furious! He pulled back his shoulders prepared to remonstrate, but quickly lost his courage the way air gratefully escapes from a balloon.

“Yes Master, of course Master. It’s just that …”

Of course, he didn’t really have anything to add. He would have to stand up to the Bull later, when the bully was less enraged with him.

Never had he felt so sick and so vulnerable. His short dress, which normally he found so delightful, now felt like a weapon against him. As soon as he went over the Master’s lap, the skirt would flare up at the back, exposing him.

“Master, I am really sorry for all my silliness and naughtiness today. Please can I …”

“You want to stay out here for longer by arguing? Getting the neighbours attention?”

As usual the Master was of course prescient, and the maid was foolish and short sighted. Why hadn’t Eden realised this? The Master was always right, and he the maid was always in the wrong.

The maid flung herself over his wife’s lover’s knees. The sooner it is over the less chance of being seen by those who lived around them.

His palms came down on the grass, which was still warm from the earlier afternoon sun.

The one thing he was not going to do, was look up at the family watching his chastisement. The disgrace would be unbearable.

He felt his skirt being raised, followed by the fluttering petticoats. He knew his stocking tops were exposed but couldn’t recall the colour of his panties. Perhaps they were the lacey black pair, but equally they could have been one of the frilly pink pairs. He groaned at the indignity of his underwear being on display.

“Why you get yourself in these predicaments is beyond me,” the Master announced loudly.

Too loudly! Eden muttered, “please be quieter,” under his breath.

The Master was speaking again. “We’ll make it an old fashioned hand spanking. Your cheeks look sore enough as it is!”

“Thank you, Master,” Eden said a little more loudly.

A few splats were heard as the Master tested the warm, pinkish cheeks of the maid with the palm of his hand.

Eden groaned. If the pats felt painful on his already painful rear how fearsome would the actual spanking be? He groaned, was there ever a time when his bottom wasn’t hot?


Eden yowled. As ever with the first spank, the cry comes from the shock as much as the pain. The aching comes a few seconds later. Its just that first impact knocks the breath out of the victim’s tummy.

Second slap.

“Owwww! Please!” Eden realised he was now shouting.

“Hey! What’s happening?”

The voice was male, guttural, and low pitched. Instantly Eden realised it was one of the neighbours from behind the long side of the fence. Worse it was the lanky curmudgeon, Mr Tanner. A man who was forever upset with Eden because he had once called the police to a party at Mr Tanner’s house as it was going on beyond ten o’clock at night.

Erika was in quickly. “It is ok Mr Tanner. We’re just playing a game here.”

“A game? Looks damned hot to me. Hey! You got a maid?”

Eden closed his eyes, but he could easily detect the relish the old sod put into his voice.

Erika shook her head, “Not exactly, Mr Tanner. But if you could give us a few minutes, I’ll call around and explain everything.”

Another voice, that of an elderly woman, “Who’s got a maid?”

A red faced Eden glanced over his shoulder to see that Mrs Tanner was next to her husband, both staring at him!

Oh no, no, no!

Before Eden looked back at the grass, his last view of Mr Tanner was him wearing a big grin and saying, “Go ahead. Don’t mind us.”

Mrs Tanner giggled.


“Yowl! Please.”



“Is that a real life maid?”

This voice was younger. Eden recognised it at once as belonging to Edward, who had recently moved in with his incredibly curvy wife. They lived in the house behind the lowest fence.

Marcus, twisted in his chair to look back at the tall, young man with a wispy beard. “Yeh. She’s getting a spanking for being naughty.”

And then Marcus’ jaw dropped.

Beside the gangly young man, a woman appeared. Blond, big tits with huge fuck me eyes. Just the way he liked them.

Marcus adopted a massive grin and pulled back his shoulders so that the sexy woman could see that he was in charge. He knew women loved that.

The young man asked, “Is that all right. I mean is it legal to do that?”

The blonde became visibly cross with her boyfriend, impatiently saying, “Hush, it’s none of your business.”

Ideal couple, Marcus thought. He could see him fucking her before the week was out. By next week the wimp of a boyfriend would be bound and gagged in a wardrobe.

“What’s the shouting?”

Eden exhaled a long groan. That was easily identifiable as the voice of Mrs Wilson who lived in another house behind them. Mrs Wilson had twin sexy, seventeen year old daughters who Mrs Wilson saw Eden ogling one day and gave him the ferocious stare to make Eden timidly look away.

As an explanation, Mr Tanner bellowed, “That Eden guy and his wife have got a maid. Look. She’s being punished. What you say to that, Mrs Wilson?”

“Well I don’t want my daughters seeing that!” Mrs Wilson said defiantly.

Two giggling girls could be heard. “See what mum? Oh my God! Is she being spanked?”

Mrs Wilson was firm, “Back in the house. Both of you.”

“Aw mum!” Both girls chimed together.

Marcus adopted his reasonable voice. “Why not let them see what happens to a naughty maid? It’ll be educational.”

The Bull noted that the blonde with the weedy tall guy laughed at this. In fact, she laughed so much her tits jiggled. Marcus felt an erection stir. Oh my God, he thought, a new situation just being delivered to him on a plate.

The old crank, Mr Tanner said, “Hey, Erika, where’s that husband of yours?”

Erika’s swallowed and shouted back. “He’s away, with work.”

Eden’s daughter, Alicia added quickly, “Yes, that’s right. Went yesterday. No. Today. He’s away.”

Marcus roared with laughter.

Here was an opportunity to impress the big titted blonde and the sexy twin teenage girls.

The Bull ensured he was speaking in a clear voice, and not appearing to brag. “Na. He’s here. Rather, she’s here. Over my lap!”

Mr Tanner bellowed a laugh, “Eh?”

“Eden wanted to know what it would be like being a maid. So, I am showing him. She’ll be our maid for another week. Isn’t that great!”

Mr Tanner laughed, “Crazy. This is all so screwed up it’s untrue”

The large breasted blonde blushed. “Wow. Really? So you, you’re sorta, in charge here?”

Marcus fixed her hard with his pussy dampening glare, “You’ve got it. Listen all of you. Why not call around tonight for some sandwiches. A few beers. Some wine. See what it’s like to be served by a genuine maid.”

Eden felt vomit rise up in his throat but was quickly able to swallow it. Surely Erika would put a stop to that obscene idea!

There was general agreement by everyone until Mrs Bridges finally said, “My girls are only 17. Maybe a bit young for this kinda stuff.”

“Nonsense,” Marcus bellowed turning his attention to the two giggling girls. “You don’t mind, do you? Come round. Bring your friends. Let’s make it a party. Everyone from around here. Give the other neighbours a shout. Call around about seven. Bring a bottle.”

Triumphantly, the Bull felt his maid flop with despair over his lap, as if her energy had just been squeezed out of her. He had intended on giving Eden six slaps, as you would a child, but a show for the neighbours especially the sexy women was too much to miss out on.

“We’ll make it seven o’clock tonight then,” Marcus announced, fixed on the busty blonde’s reaction. He could see she was loving it. Wait until he dealt with her lanky boyfriend, she’d be orgasming on the end of his cock like there was no tomorrow.

“Ok maid, where were we?”

“Four,” Eden croaked.



“Four what, maid?”

“Oh. Four Master. Sorry Master.”

So Marcus continued the spanking without any compulsion to hurry. He would spank the maid twelve times, at a gentle pace, allowing the big titted blonde and the teenage girls to wet their knickers at his commanding power.

Oddly, Erika was sopping wet too. She felt breathless. She knew it was hurting her wonderful maid, and not just physically, but seeing her husband put into his place like this was making her tummy turn delightful butterflies. This was a chastisement Eden was never going to forget.

For Alicia too, there were mixed emotions. She was uneasy at the fact that this exercise in control was a mega turn on. She justified it with the thought that her dad had, after all, wanted to see what it was like being a maid. He had volunteered for all this and should face the consequences. That’s what the Master of the House had said. So somehow her father’s humiliation could be justified as being his own fault.

After several weeks Marcus had finally hit the button he sought, all that time ago. Now the dumb fuck of a husband would have to address everyone as Sir and Miss, just as he planned. No going back now. Though he didn’t expect this turn of events, in front of the neighbours and friends of the dumb fuck, his plan was realised. He was right, yet again.

As the spanking with ever more relish from the Bull, Eden kept his eyes on the grass before him, he could smell the sweet earth, but his burning bottom was the now centre of his universe. He knew this could never be explained away. Everyone would now hear about him being spanked as a naughty maid in his own garden.

Yet again, he grabbed onto a forlorn straw: Surely the bull wouldn’t really make him serve his neighbours as a maid?

Would he?







In front of his neighbours, though it may as well have been the entire world, Eden was sent to bed for an hour’s ‘contemplation time’, by the Master of the House. Everyone thought this was hilarious, apart from Erika and Alicia who stole a troubled glance at each other.

On his way to his room, Eden managed to slam every door behind him, in the manner of a  petulant teenager suffering the same plight. Once he reached his girlified bedroom, he threw himself face down on the bed and cried. He was no longer crying because of the pain  in his bottom cheeks, but just the misery of his hopeless predicament.

When would it end?

“Aw, babes.”

Sniffling up his runny nose, Eden twisted around and saw the concerned figure of his wife.

Erika quickly sat on the bed and stroked her maid’s long blonde hair.

“Mistress, it’s just not fair!”

“I know, babes. Life isn’t always fair for a maid.”

His wife’s eyes grew huge with compassion, and the maid’s eyes followed suit.

Soon they embraced, with Erika loving the sensual feel of the maid’s silky uniform. She was so pleased she had got the Master of the House to buy the expensive outfits rather than the cotton ones.

Speaking into her welcome shoulder, Eden said, “I can’t serve all those people tonight, Mistress!”

Pulling him back to fully face him, Erika kissed at the tears, “Of course you can. We’ll all support you. You know the Master of the House will be ready to give you guidance whenever you require it. I’ll help too.”

“Aww.” Eden knelt back on the bed. “Will you Mistress?”

She smiled, “Of course.”

The maid used the back of her hand to wipe away the tears. “Do you think I can do it? I’ve never served so many people before.”

Taking hold of both of her maid’s hands, that seemed so weak and small compared to those of her Bull’s, Erika said, “Of course I do. We all do.”

“But that was horrible just now. Being over his knee in front of all those horrible people!”

The smile left Erika’s face, “They are not horrible people, they are our neighbours!”

Seeing his Mistress scowl at him, Eden quickly replied, “Oh yes, of course. Sorry. I didn’t mean they were horrible, just that, oh, I don’t know what I mean anymore.”

Oh, the power! Erika felt her panties dampen and suddenly felt in need of Marcus’ formidable cock to fill her.


Erika softened and put her arm around the foolish maid’s shoulders.

“Yes, maid?”

“We can’t really go on like this, can we?”

Erika had seen Marcus ogling the blond, large breasted tramp over the fence, and knew that her days were numbered. She also knew she would have to work hard to keep her own personal maid. She had to ensure that her own authority stepped up to the plate, once the master of the House left.

“Well,  maid, I’m sure if you work harder and concentrate a bit more, it will work.”

What? Eden’s plumped up, pink lips fell open.

“But Mistress. I can’t always be the maid here. At some stage …”

“But you look so cute in your outfit, babes.”

Eden smiled. “Do I? Do I really?”

“Of course. You have the legs for it. Everyone says so.”

The maid blushed a little and sat on her sore bottom, beaming at the compliment. Then her smile faded.

“But surely the Master will release me from being the maid! I mean eventually. If I’m good.”

Erika noticed the fall in confidence of her maid as he stared so hopefully at her. The Master might release you from being a maid, Erika thought, but I am sure as hell not.

Eden, curled up his stockinged legs beneath him.

“The Master needs to unlock. I so much need to play with myself. To cum.”

She ran her palm down his cheek. Oh heavens, her maid was so helpless and dependent up on her.

“Well,” she said, leaning forward to kiss his nose, “perhaps we should be making decisions without him.”

Wow. That sounded like a good idea to the maid , who immediately beamed. “Exactly, Mistress!”

“Look,” Erika booted Eden’s laptop that the Master had allowed him to keep near his bed, simply so that he and she could laugh at the maid’s attempt to masturbate by pitifully stuffing pillows between his legs.

As soon as the windows screen was open, she sat on the chair before the small desk and opened a browser.

Intrigued, the maid slipped forward on the bed, so only part of her tender bottom rested on it, letting her weight fall on her heels.

A string of pages shot up too quickly for Eden to make them out. Until …

There it was!

“What do you think about that!” Erika exclaimed, knowing full well the reaction of her maid.

On the screen was the most exquisite corset Eden had ever seen. And he had viewed many over the years when he was permitted to masturbate.

He gasped, as he took in the extent of the detail in the garment.

It was a delightful rose colour, with delicate black ribbons adorning it in the most elegant manner possible. It was crushed in at the waist giving a perfect hourglass figure. Eden’s dick leapt to life inside its confines. Had he ever seen anything so sexual before?

Gentle frills in rose with thin black ribbons embellished it around the hips.

Erika pressed the mouse button and the image swirled around, so that Eden could view it from the side and then the back.

“Oh, my God. It’s soooo wonderful,” he squealed, his fingers over his lips.

Down the back the lacing was secured with a long black ribbon ending in an enchanting floppy bow.

“Oh Mistress!”

“It gets better,” she smiled at the wide-eyed maid. “Take a look at these.”

The next screen showed perfect matching panties, again in rose with sensitive black decolletage. There were gentle bows at the front and the back, the rear one tied in large loops, the front being smaller and neater.

Eden pressed his fingers to his pouting lips.

“Mistress, is that the most perfect lingerie in the entire world?”

She laughed. “Yes. And then, just as you think it doesn’t get any better, it does!”

The next screen made Eden hold his breath until he emitted the air from his lungs with a long low gasp.

There were matching heels, in rose with black heels, and thin black stitching.

Allowing him the pleasure of viewing the images, the Mistress of the House paused for a moment, before saying, “There’s only one problem, maid.”

Eden pouted, his inflated lips growing large, while his eyes became smaller.

Looking at the prices at the side of the screen, Eden felt his energy leave him. “We can’t afford it.”

She laughed again. “Well, I can, but your Master controls your accounts. So you cannot.”

Oh! How annoying!

Eden said, “It’s so unfair!”

Erika raised her chin, and said, “Perhaps the Master will allow you to buy them, for being well behaved tonight.”

“The Master will buy what?”

The voice was tetchy, deep and unmistakeably that of the Master of the House.

How long had he been in the doorway?

Erika and Eden immediately stood up, facing him with trepidation, Eden with his hands held before him, as a maid should.

“Oh Master!” Erika threw her arms  around the man she knew she was about to lose to another conquest. “I was just saying to the maid that perhaps you could reward her, if she is good and behaves tonight before our guests.”

“Why reward her? That’s what a maid should be doing!”

As usual he would make statements in a blunt ‘this is a fact’ manner, which allowed for no rebuttal.

Eden nibbled his lips. Of course, he wouldn’t get a present. Bastard! Life was so unfair.

“Well,” Erika continued, as she took the screen back to the corset. “I was thinking this item. As an incentive. You know, if she behaves, she gets treats. But obviously only if you think she has been good.”

The Bull sniffed as if he couldn’t give a shit. “How much?”

“Well, it’s only five hundred quid.”

Even Eden was shocked at the final price.

“Five hundred? On that lazy, dumb bitch? You’ve got to be joking.”

“Oh Master, nice things for girls are expensive. But it’s not as bad as it seems. It comes with lovely shoes and adorable panties. It is a complete set.”

Eden looked up at his Master, his eyes full of hope.

Shaking his head, the Bull said, “It’s a lot of dosh!”

“Stick and carrot, Master,” Erika said with an eager grin.

Sighing, Marcus looked down at the ground. He was never one for carrots, feeling people always took advantage of his good nature. But it would be hilarious to see the dumb sissy in that sexualised outfit.


Erika said, “Oh Thank you, Master.” And kissed him on the cheek. She turned to her maid and said, “What do you say, maid?”

Eden, gripped his fingers harder before his flared skirt, barely able to believe what he had just heard, before squeaking, “Oh thank you, Master.”

The Bull’s face hardened as he wagged a finger at the maid.  “I expect you to behave perfectly tonight!”

“Yes, Master. I promise.”

No maid had ever made a more urgent promise. At that moment, Eden was fired up with being the best behaved maid anyone could want.

The Bull nodded as his eyes blinked as he seemed to be thinking it all through. He looked down at Erika.

“O.K.. Slut, I’ll authorise payment. You do the ordering of that pink getup.” His eyes narrowed to hard slits as he glared at the maid, “Just don’t disappoint me. You hear?”

Gulping, Eden replied quickly, “Yes, Master. I promise!”

With that the Master left the room.

The Mistress and maid stood perfectly still until they heard his feet reaching the bottom of the stairs. At that point, Erika gently closed the door, as if closing it nosily would ruin the moment, turned and she and the maid hugged.

“Oh Mistress, thank  you, thank you, thank you!”

They kissed and cuddled each other as if there no one else in the universe.

Eden giggled, “Mistress. Did you hear him say it was pink!”

Laughing, Erika said, “I know. Men! They don’t get colours. Good girl for not saying anything.”

They held both their hands.

Erika reached her momentous decision, “You know, I think it is time we moved on from the Master. Have a bit of you and me time.”

“Oh?” Eden’s eyes open wide, while his eyebrows rose beneath his cute blonde fringe.

Erika smiled softly, “I think he’s bored with us now. He’s achieved what he set out to do.”

“What was that Mistress?”

She looked at her silly maid and ruffled her hair. “Silly maid. You never understand, do you? Don’t you worry. Leave it all to me. I’ll do the thinking and decision making for us both.”

That did seem the sensible way forward to a relieved Eden. “Yes Mistress. Good idea.”

“Meantime, I expect a well behaved maid this evening. A maid on her best behaviour.”

“Yes, Mistress. I promise.”

They shared a smile that united their souls in prefect understanding.

Finally, Erika opened the door and made to leave. She felt calm, in control. For the first time in her life, she knew herself and understood herself. It was comforting, as if the future was golden.


Erika paused, with the door handle in her hand. “Yes maid?”

“I love you Mistress. I love you more than I can say.”

“Aw. Such a perfect maid. When the Master moves on, you must thank him for all he’s done for you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Studying her adorable, sweet maid, Erika smiled. “Oh my. You and me and are going to have a lot of you and me time in the future.”

“Yes Mistress.”

When the Mistress of the House left, the maid sat on the bed and stared at the darling corset, in its exquisite rose tones, so superbly decorated with the gentle black lining and bows. He giggled at the silly Master thinking it was pink. Then he thought of his new life with the love of his life and the rose coloured images blurred as tears of joy emerged.

20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Erika, Marcus and Eden Part Thirty

  1. Thank you Ms Ford so much for all the many hours of creative effort that’s gone into producing one of your most exciting and lasting creations.

    This has been a real favourite of mine since it started and you’ve never disappointed with that marvellously inventive imagination you have to call on. This a supremely gifted story teller at her very best over such a prolonged period of time, one to remember.

    Would it be possible to perhaps as an epilogue to just briefly call in and revisit Erika, Eden, his daughter Alicia and her nasty boyfriend, perhaps a month or two later well after Markus has moved on, just to see how the hoisehold’s new dynamic settled down? Erika the new mistress determined to keep her maid in her station and feeling the thrill of having this power over Eden while indulging in far more playful episodes too, her new control and authority gained as an everlasting legacy from their time under Markus’ control. Possibly we’ll see that Eden’s mind is forever now in that subspace he entered when the neighbours shared their little secret, with those recurring traumatic flashbacks to actually having to scrape and serve her neighbours as a sissy maid at the infamous party.

    I know it’s asking a lot and I understand entirely if you want to move on completely now, but just one last visit to see life after Markus might be the ideal ending.

    Thank you again for such a sterling effort


  2. Aw, thank you Chislydi. Very kind. You are right, it has been a long time in its creation, and perhaps we have lived with these people for so long they will live longer in our minds than the usual stories.

    At the moment, I feel that story is closed, but it always happens that both readers and myself start thinking about the what ifs of the situation. Often I have revisited a story long after it is completed because it continues to haunts me. I loved your ideas for the reason for the revisit. Yes, indeed, how will it all be for them in a few months time? Can Ericka maintain discipline, will poor Eden have earned a release?

    My words, so many thoughts! Thank you again, for taking the time to write .
    x Deborah Ford

  3. Hi, Deborah! I have to admit I haven’t read the whole story; just the first ten chapters, then I was away from the site for a period, and then this one. (Catch-up is a pleasure to be savoured later.) But judging just by this chapter, I think you have introduced something genuinely new. For the first time, I think, we have actually seen a Bull preparing to leave, and the wife, who realises it, preparing to assert her authority as the Head of a Female Led Relationship. Eden of course is too far in; he is now forever trapped in his role as submissive feminised maid.

    So I can understand Chrislydi urging you to do an ‘epilogue’. Whether you do or not, you have provided plenty of material for readers to imagine for themselves a few months ahead. Interestingly Marcus will still be in the neighbourhood, just over the fence fucking another woman and feminising another wimpy male

    . Yet another highly accomplished story! Any thoughts of putting it out as an e-book on Amazon or Lulu?

  4. Thank you PL. I usually write my stories with a plan, so i know how they are going to finish, but this one I wrote initially as a short story and then it sort of grew … and GREW and G R E W. So it maybe that many readers may have lost interest at some stage.

    I think I have dabbled with the idea of the wife knowing that the Bull will move on at some stage, but you are right, I believe this is the first time in this format of Cuck Bull Hotwife, that I have laid out the FLR universe.

    Interesting you asking about releasing it as a novel. I cannot help thinking that most of followers would have already read it. But i am very much tempted to do a lot of tidying up and re writing, and then possibly release it as a novel. Though not sure if it will sell!

    Deborah Ford

    1. Hi, I’m new to this blog, I’ve read “contact negotiation” so far really injoy it it was a great length, but not to long, didn’t get bored, if anything I wanted to jump ahead to see how everyone is going to get out of there predicament,
      I think I shall injoy hanging around on this site for a bit,
      Thanks can’t wait to read more,. XOOOX

      1. Lexi, hi and welcome. As you can see, there is a hell of a lot of reading material on this site, I hope you enjoy it all, and rarely get bored 🙂

        Deborah Ford

        1. Thanx I’m sure I won’t I’ve been on this site before but it had been awhile I totally forgot about this one

  5. You did publish Property of Harding as an e-book after putting it on this blog – but I think after quite a long gap, and I think you did a lot of revision on it.

  6. Quite right, PL, I did. But Harding was with a completely new second part, doubling the length, as well as altering a great deal of the original part one, with which i never felt happy . So in effect a new book, that I felt justified in asking folk to pay for. There is of course, also the point that most Amazon/Lulu visitors don’t reach my site, so it would be fresh to many. So definitely something worth thinking about.

    Thank you PL>

    Deborah ford

  7. The amount of work that went into this epic must have been incredible, so thank you for sharing your talent and time. The end result is another classic!

  8. Another gem from Ms Debroh Frod– well done and pleasingly sexy.
    All Chapter are excellently suggestive as “forced feminzation” and humiliation stories. All chapter excellently suggestive as “forced feminzation” and humiliation stories. I enjoy the process rather and result – the slow, progressive breaking of mind, body and will as a male is transformed into a helpless simpering sissy. Eden fallow a strict home maid life, but in the end it will be for his betterment as he learns more respect and to serve his or her Superiors.
    I think this is your longest online story which you share on this page hum.. it is a novel wow!! You share a whole novel … THANKYOU.
    I can understand every story is a part of writer life I mean the time which you took to write this type of long novel I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart.
    Keep continue this kind of work my best wishes always with you.
    And some suggestion for future writing like you can write two sissy story or more then two your are good in that too you show your creativity on “The hotel” , “The office Dupe” I know that one also focused on one person but as well as you can handle other very well. Any way hope you don’t mind about my suggestion.

  9. Suggestions always welcome, Arvi and thank you for your kind thoughts xxx. And yes, a great deal of time goes into writing something this long, so thank you for appreciating that xxx

    You are right, the journey is more important than the arrival with these stories, I am sure you speak for many readers.

    Deborah Ford

  10. A lovely, sweet ending to an incredibly erotic tale. Thank you SO MUCH, Miss Ford, for giving us such lovely, lovely gifts as this. I went back and started reading at Part 1 … and only just now read the ending.

    On the one hand, I’m sad there is no more of this story. On the other – it was an absolute joy to tremblingly live the life of Eden. You do such a fantastic job of making it all feel so real.

    I look forward to whatever comes next – whether it’s another story, occasional pics, or whatever else you choose to share.

    Thank you, Miss.

    *deep, respectful curtsey*

  11. And thank you Maid Tiffy. That was a long story! I started it March 2021! But i enjoyed writing it, and funnily enough last night started reading it from part one again!

    Deborah ford

  12. Dear Ms Ford, just wanted you to know that I tried posting a message here a while ago expressing my appreciation for your great, great story but it was lost in transmission. The gist of it was that i felt like the Kathy Bates character in Misery after the author killed off her beloved heroine and that, basically, you shouldn’t go driving into any snowstorms.
    But, seriously, You’ve given me many hours of fun with this story alone and even though now I’m half-blind and impotent, it was definitely worth it.
    I have one suggestion : Maybe you could return to the story at a later date and write a part 2 or write the Continuing Adventures of Marcus and then publish the new material alongside the old to attract fans as well as new readers.
    Anyway, cheers again and hoping your next story is equally good.

  13. Aw. Sorry to hear your post was lost, I always love hearing from the readers and visitors. I am developing a site on reddit which maybe easier to post to.

    I’m sorry to hear of your current misfortunes, and am pleased to know that you enjoyed the story so much. I honestly think this tale has been as well received as the Harding story, some years back.

    I have no plans for further development, but i often think through what my characters are doing long after I have finished a story. So you never know.

    Thank you again xxx
    Deborah Ford

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