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  1. The pictures were sent to me from the future. Eden has breast implants in the second year of being a full time maid. 🙂

    Deborah Ford

  2. Be careful, Deborah, or your enthusiastic fans will be insisting you write that story down!
    (I don’t think any of your stories go as faras implants, do they; they don’t even go as far as hormones, though both are certainly *implied* in the futures of several (perhaps all?) of your sissy protagonists.)

  3. Interesting thought! I believe I avoid physical changes, as that detracts from this particular fetish: sissy maid with hot wife and strong willed male.

    In the Erika, Marcus and Eden tale, poor Eden had to have lip implants which entertained the crueler readers here.

    Do you think that is an area into which i ought venture?

    Deborah Ford

  4. Leaving things implied certainly gets the readers’ fevered imaginations working harder. Less, as you know, can be More.

    But I for one would love you to venture into this area, and I suspect quite a few other readers would too. Sending your hero(ine) as it were further down the rabbit hole.

    Here’s how I’m guessing you might do it. In an organisation (Harding/club zero9/school etc) implants are by no means universal. They are Special Enhancements. Sissy must ask for them. Protagoist is shocked but intrigued to discover sissy he admires/is being mentored by has breast implants; he had thought they were just breast forms. Through his therapy, of whatever sort, he is subtly led to become obsessed with the idea of implants. He asks to have them. At first Authority, Male or Female, is dismissive. They are a Special Reward for Extra good behaviour, for going ‘above and beyond’. Undeterred, he asks again. Finaly, aopparently grudgingly, he is accepted for the operation. At first he is delighted with his new ‘enhancements’, but in a moment of (increasingly infrequent) lucidity, he is horrified – what will his wife say? He ends up equally humiliated by, and excited by his new assets.

    I’m sorry, Deborah, I’m not trying to write your books for you. You are the author (indeed The Author). It’s all about what you feel you want to write,isn’t it?.

  5. Ideas are always welcome, and obviously understanding what readers seek is valuable. So very grateful for you to put forward your thoughts.

    I can certainly see the direction you are headed. An aroused, dumb sissy agreeing to anything, especially gorgeous tits and arse, when in subspace, and then finding herself the humiliated recipient of those body curves in the post nut clarity stage.

    I’ve always come from the pov of a defeated sissy, ie a male forced(ish) into his predicament. I can see me looking at the very next stage. Wonder what other sthink.


  6. Indeed yes, that is a logical step forward. The reason I remain hesitant is that I like the idea of a guy forced to be a dumb maid. Major surgery will mean he is no longer a guy and that part of the humiliation is jettisoned.

    I do wonder what others think, and welcome other views.

    Deborah Ford

  7. Yes I can see your point and your problem. Perhaps our hero(ine) rationalises to himself – he’s not thinking clearly – that implants are just to make the’game’ more realistic, and anyway can be removed at a later date. (In theory yes, but – ) He still has all his ‘tackle’ locked away, which still works if he’s not (yet) taking Oestrogen. Above all he still loves his wife, and still thinks of himself as her husband and a man. His humiliatiin as a man should therefore increase rather than diminish.

    I can see that the hardest thing might be to decide on the wife’s attitude to implants for hubbie. Does she want them for him or not? Does she think they make him cuter, or is she doubtful about them?

  8. These are truly engaging questions. From what you said before, i take it you’d go for the knife and scalpel approach.

    I will certainly put it on the back burner and watch it simmer for a while.

    Deborah ford

  9. You know, you got me to thinking, which is quite painful for a wannabee blonde. I think my quirk in this fetish is the lead up to it all. Ie, it stops way before a knife is taken to any delicate parts. Missy on Fictionmania has an excellent story called Uncle, where it ends with surgery for the sissy maid. Well worth a read anyway.

    Deborah Ford

  10. Deborah, thank you for the recommendation. Missy is not an author I know, but the large numbeer of enthusiastic reviews this story has attracted (including one from you!) indicates that it’s worth reading. It’s very long, so I shall take it slowly and enjoy a good read.

  11. Wow! If you don’t know Missy then you may well be in for a number of treats! She has been pretty prolific.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Deborah Ford

  12. Not sure if i remember correctly but didn’t poor debbie in the hotel have some ‘work’ done…

    ‘The one bit that bothered me was, and this is embarrassing, but, well, my bottom. If you remember Mistress Shania had, rather spitefully, asked for my bottom to be increased in size. When I was at last allowed out of my hospital bed I stood in front of the wardrobe mirror. My bottom swelled out like a football.’

    …and little Eden ‘His examination of his face brought home what the Master of the House had done to him and his wife. The over the top lip implants. His pink shiny lips could no longer close. It was humiliating to witness his forced open mouth. He knew the Master became aroused by his appearance, making him feel doubly humiliated, yet doubly aroused.’

    Both were humiliating and arousing x

  13. You know, Louise, I was racking my long sozzled memory for what happened in The Hotel I have an idea that there were even breast augmentations carried out in the last part.

    And yes, quite right, Eden had the humiliating experience of having enhanced lip implants to ensure his mouth was always open. Something I gather was very popular for the readers at the time.

    So quite right there have been physical enhancements carried out on my characters.

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