My ex-girlfriend is my keyholder

This posting was recently made in one of the Reddit subgroups. As ever I have no idea whether or not it is true or someone writing with one hand on his dick. But it is as close to a Deborah Ford story as you like.


My ex-girlfriend is my keyholder

Our relationship was toxic for sure, but still lasted about a year. It was always built on sexual attraction; we didn’t have a lot in common and honestly she was mentally unstable; she had serious trust issues, but it was hypocritical. I can honestly say that I never once cheated on her, but she constantly accused me of sleeping with other women. I would get texts or calls from female co-workers – they would only contact me about work related questions, but she swore that I was sleeping around. What made it even more frustrating is that she would go out with guy friends all the time; she would even post video clips of her hugging and kissing them on social media. When I would mention stuff like that, she would get very defensive, telling me they were just like brothers to her. She would actually accuse “me” of having the trust issues.

We took a few breaks during our year long relationship due to communication and trust issues, but we always got back together. The makeup sex was great, but we both knew it wouldn’t last. We started to experiment in the bedroom in an attempt to liven things up and keep the relationship alive. We used toys and roleplayed, which eventually led to us trying chastity/keyholding. We found a steel cage that was easy to wear daily, but was still tight enough to prevent erections and wasn’t easy to escape. I was locked up for about a week before we had our next blow-up argument. We tried to talk it through, but it started to look like this was the end. We started collecting our personal belongings from each other, and I mentioned wanting the key back. Before she could give it back, another argument blew up and I ended up leaving without it.

Over the next few days, I asked her for the keys over social media. I could see that she read the messages, but she wouldn’t reply. I called her on the 4th day and told her that I really wanted the keys, she just laughed and hung up. She finally replied to me on social media stating that she “hopes my dick rots and falls off.” I reiterated that I was serious about wanting the keys, but she continued teasing through texts and dm’s, telling me that she’d be “happy if I never had sex again.” She even sent clips of her having sex with other guys and sucking dick… I knew at this point that she was enjoying this and had no intentions of letting me go.

That’s when I started the escape attempts. I’ve actually been able to slide my shaft out a couple times with discomfort, but I’ve always had to put it back in due to the pain. The base ring is so tightly clamped around my balls, I have no way to pull them out. The cage uses a stealth lock, so there’s no way to cut it off with deadbolts. There might be other ways to escape, but I have reached a point where I don’t even think I want to. The idea of my ex having me locked in chastity while she dates and fucks other guys is so erotic to me that I don’t think I want to escape. I think she’s given me a new fetish whether her intention is to be malicious or not. It’s been over 2 months now since I have been locked and she still refuses to return the keys to this day.

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