I know many of you are aware that Sara Girl’s Sissy Confession’s site is no longer around, but fear not, Sara has moved to Tumblr:


My Reddit sub group is updated far more often than this site. So please try the link. It will feature stuff I find on Reddit and elsewhere on the web that I feel is of interest to those who visit this site. You can also add your own pix and thoughts. I’m including material I wouldnt upload here.



7 thoughts on “

    1. No. The absurdity of reddit is that though they trashed the first site, i cannot use the same name! so yes, had to lose the word ‘the’!
      Deborah Ford

  1. Yipes! Frau B, it isn’t private. If you tried to join and it blocked you , please let me know.

    It is set as Public.

    Deborah Ford

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