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  1. Erm, well that’s interesting. Do they actually have places you can go to for that kind of thing? Not that I would even think of going to one. But if they do exist, it would probably be good to know where they were. I mean, just to know.

    1. I guess there must be some places like that somewhere, simply because of the videos and pictures seen on the web.

      Obviously it would be good to know where they are so that we might avoid them and become ensnared into being a pony girl. Of course, having a visit to one of these places, wouldn’t hurt, would it …

  2. Both are so hot yes i love Sissy Pony … where you find those clips … Thanks for sharing. Miss Ford do you going to use them in your story … Jules going to get this type training Wow that will be very exciting

    1. For years I have had a story at the back of my mind about pony training and a silly husband getting more than he expected. Maybe I’ll shuffle it forward in my head to get it written down.

  3. I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Miss Ford. Being a sissy, it’s hard enough not to give into lustful temptation and end up like one of your characters. I mean, with no chance of going back and all. Being put in a chastity and desperately wanting to see what it is like to be a pony girl might not end well. I would hate to have to feed that fantasy and live the consequences.

      1. Miss Ford, you’re probably right. And I kinda would like to try it. But only once. Just one time. One time can’t be any worse that trying on a bra and panties, can it?

        1. Ah Chloe the trap into which all my protagonists fall – just try it once, what can it hurt?

          Deborah Ford

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