Melissa Chapter One


Chapter one



Had Christian taken a moment before he spoke, he’d have seen how knackered Melissa looked.

But his indignation had been welling up for hours that fateful night.

As she came through the door, Melissa’s coat flapped around her. He could see that she had dressed hurriedly as she was less than her perfect self. Her hair was a mess, and her cheeks flushed. Her tired eyes tried a smile when she saw Christian in the hall.

He wasn’t dressed as she had ordered but she was too weary to fight right now. So she smiled,

“Honey. You still up? It’s gone two.”

“What’s going on?” Hours of fuming burst out of his mouth unregulated by any sense.

She sighed, lowered her head and brushed past him heading for the stairs where she draped her coat and scarf over the stair post.

“I’m tired honey. I’ll check your ironing in the morning.”

“I haven’t done it!”

As soon as he uttered the words, he wished he could recover them. He could do the ironing tomorrow morning and then she wouldn’t have known he hadn’t completed his chore for the night.

She tilted her head to one side, her blonde hair spreading over her shoulder.

“Oh? Is there a problem?”

Now he was livid. “Is there a problem? Is there a problem?”

He stepped forward and paused when he saw her close her eyes.

“I’ll deal with it in the morning,” she sighed.

“No. let us deal with it right now. You said you’d phone if you were going to be late.”

“Honey …”

“Don’t Honey me! It’s gone two o’clock.”

Her eyes remained closed. “He wanted to try stuff. You know how it is.”

“He! He! Always he.” He paused. Fumed some more, put out his upturned palm and said, “Give me the key to this damned chastity cage!”

For a long while she stared at him with sleepy eyes as if reluctantly assessing a maths problem.

“No.” She spoke quietly. “I don’t like your attitude. In fact, this is the last thing I want spoiling a perfect night. You can sleep in the spare bedroom and then report to me tomorrow morning with tea and toast.”

She started up the stairs on tired legs, calling back, “But make it after nine. You are in enough trouble.”


Christian couldn’t believe this. Didn’t she know how annoyed with her he was? he raced up the stairs but too late. He heard the master bedroom lock turn and click home.

Dumbly he tried the handle, even though he knew it would be locked.

“We need to talk!” he shouted through the closed door.

But he was shouting into silence and soon slopped off in misery to the spare bedroom. He was going to use one of the guest bedrooms, with the larger beds, just to get back at her, but somehow couldn’t find the courage.

So he stripped down to the white lingerie he had been ordered to wear for the ironing while she was with her dick head of a lover.

He smoothed his palms down the silky smoothness of the bodice, to the gorgeous panties and then the stockings themselves.

Oh God! So arousing. He rubbed his locked dick through the panties, having to sit on the bed as his head swirled with sensuous joy. He was so desperate to cum. At least the bitch could have let him have the key for ten minutes. Five minutes! One minute! It wouldn’t have taken long to release himself and cum.

As it was, defeated,  he pulled the silky sheets around his silky form and slid up and down in the bed in complete sexual need.

As his erotically charged brain tried to make sense of his predicament. He knew only one thing. He would have it out with Melissa tomorrow morning. Then he groaned and dragged a pillow between his thighs and started to rub futilely at his caged dick.




So it was at one minute to nine Christian, wearing a colourful bathrobe over his naked body, stood outside the master bedroom, with a tray of tea and toast.

He watched his watch tick up to nine o’clock and tapped the door gently.


He tapped harder.

A groggy voice. “It’s unlocked.”

Taking a deep breath, he entered. He was determined not to get angry this time, his locked cock cage a compelling reason to behave.

“I brought you your tea and toast,” he said.

Removing her sleep blindfold, she groggily leaned up one arm.

“What on earth are you wearing?”

“Oh!” He froze with the tray.

“Should a Mistress of the House be served by a slovenly boy in his old bathrobe. Which could also do with a wash and iron!”

“Well … I …”

“Go and get dressed, boy. And consider yourself in serious trouble!”

He had to make a stand! This was ridiculous. Their game was becoming a real grind for him.

“Mel, I think we need to talk.”

She eyed him coldly. “Oh yes boy, believe me, we do need to talk. But with you wearing the white lingerie I laid out for you last night.”

Oh! He would feel so embarrassed wearing lingerie before he when he wanted to admonish her and set her straight on a few points.

“To be honest, I think a five or ten minutes chat would help us …”

“You do want your little dicklette unlocked at some stage, don’t you?”

She asked the question in such a calm, reasonable way, like a teacher rebuking a child, that he swallowed.

“Well. Yes. Of course. The deal is that you remove it when you get home from your lover and …”

“Boy. The deal was for you to be appropriately dressed. Then to complete the chores demanded of you and for you to be tucked up in bed when I return.”

Now he had to speak.

“Yes, and you are supposed to tell me when you are going to be late, so I am not waiting around worried about …”

“The conversation will start when you are dressed as instructed.” She eyed him coldly. “And not before.”

For a long moment he stared at her. Damn this locked cage, it made him feel so docile and dumb.

Finally he said, “Ok. But we will have that chat.”

With that he headed for the door.


She called out after him, freezing him.

“Leave the tray on the table here. It’s no good my tea and toast getting cold while waiting for you to dress as you should, is it?”

Now he felt cheek blushingly foolish and avoided her eye contact as he slid the tray into position on her bedside cabinet and fled the room gnashing his teeth at his silliness.

They had come a long way since Melissa agreed to try a Female Led Relationship. That led to bondage, then male maid play and then, finally, cuckolding.

As Christian checked his face and chest were smooth of hair, and donned the white basque, panties and stockings, he decided that Melissa had to understand this was a two way relationship. If it wasn’t that, then it wasn’t working!

He brushed his dark hair in the mirror, as Melissa was a stickler for his lengthy hair to be neatly styled, before returning to the master bedroom.

It took him a moment to summon the courage, but finally he knocked the door. He had not been allowed to enter a room in which she sat without knocking for a few weeks – which, to his mind, showed how ridiculous their relationship was all becoming.

“Enter maid.”

Her voice was soft, and relaxed. That eased the tension for Christian.

He entered, closed the door behind him as Melissa didn’t like doors to be left open, and stood before her.

God she looked hot!

She always appeared sexy following a bout with her lover. Whoever that was. Christian wasn’t permitted to know anything about her Bull.

Placing her half drunk tea cup carefully on the tray, she snuggled  so that she was sitting up against the bedhead bars, to which he had been so often chained.

She surveyed him and raised her eyebrows.

“You did hang your lingerie up last night didn’t you? It looks creased to hell?”

Had she already forgotten that he was upset last night?

“As you know, you upset me last night.”

He spoke firmly, even though he felt ridiculous standing in girls’ lingerie before his wife. His cock was locked away and all the keys were hidden. It made him feel relegated, perhaps as a real maid might feel before the Mistress of the House.

“Did I maid? Was that when you refused to address me as Mistress?”

“Well, I … er … it was just that …”

“And haven’t we got a rule for when you forget to address me appropriately?”

Feeling his face flush again, he wished he hadn’t changed into the lingerie on her instructions, as now he felt totally submissive.

“Well, we are talking out of character here, Melissa and …”

She smiled, her eyes glittering, “No boy. We said that you should adopt the principle of addressing me as Mistress until we agreed to stop. No mention of stopping if you stamp your little foot.”

He was having his own terms thrown back at him.

“Ok, yes Mistress,” he said with overdue emphasis making his wife’s eyebrows rise. He nodded, and continued with a more subdued tone. “Yes Mistress. We did agree to that. But we also agreed that …”

She held up a finger to stop him talking. “And what was the price of failing to address me appropriately? Can you remember?”

He swallowed. “Yes, I do Mistress.”

He lowered his head and put his hands behind his back.

Oh my God, thought Melissa! It was just as her Bull said. If she laid down the law to her husband, he would submit to her will. Here it was happening before her. She felt wet between her legs, and her lover’s juices were mingling with her own dampness making her feel totally hot. She wanted to dismiss the maid and call the Bull over. She needed a big thick cock. She needed it bad.

Thus she was now doubly irritated. It seemed to her that her maid was denying her access to her own pleasures.

She smoothed out the bed sheets, “And what did you agree as a forfeit, boy?”

“Mistress, can’t we just say I was upset and ….”

“Remind me boy. What is the forfeit that you insisted upon when you failed to address me as Mistress?”

Christian, groaned, clenched his fists and looked down at the ground.

“A spanking, Mistress.”

“Good boy, now fetch the cane.”


End of part one

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  1. It wouldn’t be the first time a Christian has felt the wrath of God.

    An exciting start, Ms F! No full English breakfast for Mel, though ? I thought she enjoyed a big sausage in the morning.

  2. Juggling a few stories now — and all incredibly hot, Miss Ford!

    Melissa – thrilled and needy because of how her little husband crumbles under her power (mmmmm)

    Damon, Jules and Marianna – ready for a training session with the beautiful maid trainer!

    Eli’s New Apartment – has this tale from April disappeared? I hope not!

    1. Maid Tiffy, I am sorta jumping back and fore between tales at the moment. This Melissa idea won’t leave my head. There are a few more parts to come.

      The next section of Damon felt very flat so having a long think about whether its worth continuing. I guess the same with Eli’s new Apartment.

      1. Miss Ford: We gratefully appreciate every little morsel you give us. And if the sissies here can’t handle waiting for some satisfaction … well, they’re in the wrong place! Sissies always need to wait for whatever they’re granted!
        This girl is waiting eagerly for whatever you give us. Thank you for giving us anything at all!

        1. Thank you Maid Tiffy. In the past I’d write stuff, then once it was complete publish it as a book. But over last few years I’ve sorta just written what ever intrigues me and sees where the characters take me.

  3. My goodness, Ms F, you make it so hard to concentrate during THE ARCHERS ! Luckily, after LITTLE BRITAIN, the BBC pays you extra if you masturbate during a performance !

    1. Gosh, I am not sure I under stood that. Feel like the blond in the office when the clever men are discussing something less important than nail varnish colours and heels.

      Deborah Ford

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