Melissa Chapter Two



Chapter 2  

By Deborah ford



Thus Christian ended up caned but was now lying, snuggled up in bed with his mistress. His bottom may have burnt from the punishment, but he felt very snug and dreamy crushed up against his wife, Melissa.

His head rested near her gorgeous soft breasts encased in the black silk nightie with the delicate lacing that Christian so much adored. He still wore his white lingerie, with the basque , matching panties and stockings.

Feeling his wife’s naked arm wind around him, he snuggled tighter to her, instinctively kissing her tit.

“Boy!” His wife spoke with a humorous warning tone, as if speaking to a small child. “Naughty boys aren’t allowed any treats.”

She grinned as he bowed his head under the sheets before sweeping her hand over his smooth basque feeling his stocking rub against her bare legs. The world felt as if it were in its correct orbit.

Six canings had been suffice to reduce her boy to a tearful sobbing apology of a maid. So she just added another couple, making a total of eight and felt satisfied with her work.

“So maid, how should you address me in future?”

Christians sniffed for a moment before replying, “Mistress.”

“And should a silly maid not carry out her chores as instructed by her mistress?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Christian now realised how ridiculous he had been the previous night in growing so angry that he didn’t follow his instructions.

She tilted up his chin, leaning down to kiss his nose. My god he looked so cute. Why had she spent so many years resisting her husband’s request for her to be dominant. Have him wear girl’s frillies and  cuckold him? What a life she now led.

She was at ease with the world.

From Christian’s perspective, apart from his throbbing backside, he felt perfectly safe and cosy in his Mistress’ arms under the comforting sheets.

Her phone jangled, shaking them both from their reverie.

Christian didn’t want this moment to end, hoping that he would be allowed to kiss his wife’s body at some stage. He didn’t want her to answer.

Nor, initially, did Melissa. Reluctantly she lifted up the pulsating phone from near her tray of tea and toast crumbs and checked it.


Alerted by her shock, Christian asked, “Who is it Mistress?”

“It’s him! Sir.”

Sir? Christian hated how his wife referred to her latest lover as Sir. She had never done so in the past with her previous lovers. Moreover, her past lovers  didn’t mind Christian watching them screw his wife. This guy, so called Sir(!), didn’t want anything to do with her husband. Christian had to stay at home while they screwed, no matter how he complained.

“Mistress, don’t answer it.”

She glanced at him and smiled slyly. She had not intended to answer as she was enjoying the moment, but she was damned if her boy was going to dictate anything.

Staring at him to make the point, she pressed the answer button and lay back on the pillow and said a soft, “Yes?”

She listened, and Christian made an attempt to move up her body to hear what was being said by this guy who was ruining everything.

Melissa brought her hand up to his shoulder and pushed him back down with a warning glare.

Gritting his teeth with the indignity of not being permitted to hear, he looked up through his long fringe trying to discern the conversation.

Melissa laughed. “Oh yes, last night was wonderful. Oh my God! Sir you were amazing!”

Sighing, Christian noted how his wife addressed him over the phone as Sir. Why she had to placate his ego, he didn’t understand. Now he was feeling left out, with his wife’s full attention beamed at her lover.

“Yes, it was late. My boy had a little strop about that,” she laughed.

Now Christian was fuming. How dare his wife share that intimate event in such a humiliating way.

“Oh, he’s fine now. Yes.” She listened for a bit and then said, “Oh I sent him to the spare bedroom down the landing, at the back of the house.” She laughed cheerily at something she heard, before continuing, “Oh no. I caned him this morning. Sorry? Oh, eight strokes.”

This was too much. Christian raised his chin and said under his breath, “Mistress!”

“Quiet boy!” Was all she said back, before speaking into the phone again. “No, it’s ok. He’s just being bratty.” Her eyes locked with those of her husband, “In fact I can see one little boy and having another eight strokes if he’s not careful.”

Pulling a face at his wife, Christian burrowed back under the sheets. How dare she share any of their adventures with a perfect stranger. He was feeling crushed inside. This would be the last day they would play the maid games or let her go off shagging other guys. She had gone too far.

“No. It’s fine,” she smiled into the phone. “ I have made my point. Oh I miss you. Well, I miss your amazing cock!”

She laughed at his response.

“I’ve never felt so full. And last night, you were so aggressive!”

Oddly, in Christian’s chastity cage, his little dick swelled with the humiliation of hearing his wife praise another man’s lovemaking in his presence. But it sounded as if he, her husband, couldn’t satisfy her. He hated it, yet it turned him on. But as his guts gnawed so he wanted the conversation to come to an end, so that they could discuss it.

“Oh no. Nothing for my boy. No sex for naughty boys. Maybe let him eat me later if he his behaviour improves.”

This was too much. Again he tried to squirm upwards out of her embrace, and then, as a warning, he whispered, “Mistress!”

“Just a moment, Sir,” she pressed the phone down onto her body so Sir couldn’t hear her, before saying. “Boy. You are heading for a whole world of punishment if you do not improve your conduct. If you want to be unlocked before next year you’d better behave!”

As a defeated and demoralised Christian sulked under the sheets, she took the phone back to her ear.

“Sorry? Oh, unlocked. I mean his chastity cage …”

At that moment, Christian felt his insides crushed. How could she share such secret personal information with this guy?

“Oh, I don’t know.” She looked down at her blushing husband who couldn’t return her look, “Boy. What sort of chastity cage have you got on?”

“Sorry?” he peered up at her, barely able to hold her gaze.

She listened to her phone and then said, “Sir wants to know if it is just a generic device.”

“I don’t know!” he said sharply to end the conversation. He sure as hell wasn’t going to tell her lover what sort of chastity cage he was locked in – even if he knew.

“I don’t think he knows,” she said before listening carefully to a long message from her lover.

Christian was perplexed, what on earth would that ape be saying.

Finally, she said, ”OK”, and pulled back the sheet over him. “Stand boy. Next to the bed.”

What? He glared at her with angry incredulity.

She simply raised her eyebrows and with a huge huff he clambered out of the bed before standing next to it waiting for whatever was the next daft instruction.

Leaning up, she said, “Pull down your panties boy.”

Again a pause, before a long sigh matched him pulling down his gorgeous silky white panties over his suspender belt straps. Now he felt naked, with his chastity caged member exposed so coldly before his wife.

Suddenly the camera on her phone let off a series of flashes.

An astonished Christian said, “Melissa!”

“Get back into bed quickly and cuddle up to me again.”

She pressed some buttons and as a shocked husband climbed gratefully under the sheets where he could hide, she finally wrapped her free arm around him, again he was held near her breast. But this time he was too much in shock to attempt to kiss the normally inviting mound.

 “You get the picture? Is it a generic device?” She asked.

Then she nodded and listened and hummed as if understanding what was being said. Finally she placed the phone face down on her body and said to her husband.

“Sir, says it is a cheap Chinese generic rip off.”

“Oh so he’s a big expert in chastity cages is he?” He spat back.

Melissa ran her fingers through his lovely soft hair. “Sir is an expert in many things, boy. That’s why you should pay attention.”

Christian seethed.

“Apparently,” she continued to her incensed husband, “It is cheap plastic that you can cut through. Though Sir says most cucks wouldn’t dare.” She laughed at that, though her husband couldn’t see anything remotely amusing in it. “Also the lock is a cheap generic one. Easy to pick and apparently you can order spare keys online. So not very secure really.”

He felt as she was admonishing him. “Mistress! I did research, and this is a good one.”

She smiled and shook her head indulgently at him before lifting up the phone.

“I’ve told him it’s a shoddy rip off. Oh, I don’t know. How do I test that Sir? OK.”

She put down the phone and slid her fingers into the front of his panties gripping the chastity cage.

“Sir wants to know if there is much movement on the ring behind your balls.”

She twisted the plastic hoop one way then the other before lifting up the phone.

“I’d say yes, there is a lot of movement.” She listened, nodding her head and making murmurs of understanding. “So it is possible for him to escape by pulling free? Oh dear.” She gave her husband a withering stare. “But how would you know when a ring is tight enough? Oh I see.”

She lowered the phone and said to her dazed hubbie, “Apparently it is straightforward to get the right size rear ring. So leave it to him.”

Leave it to him? Christian sat up in bed with wide eyes.

“Mistress, what do you mean?”

“Hush boy, your Mistress is busy,” she then continued into the phone, “OK. So how about midday?”


She giggled at something her lover said. “I’ll have the maid prepare some sandwiches for you. Get you a beer. Sorry? His suspenders and panties? Aren’t they gorgeous! I could send you a pic of his entire get up if you like. With the basque. Oh, he has a full white lingerie on when being my maid. I wear black as a Mistress.”

Christian buried his head into his hands, along with his dignity and sensibilities. He was crushed.

“Speak soon.” She gave a series of kisses into the phone.

As she dreamily lay back with her phone turned off she quietly whispered, “Maid, you must learn to behave when I am on the phone. You need the benefit of the cane again, and then I need to explain some things to you.”






So it was that Christian was sniffling from his second bout of the cane when he helped Melissa prepare for her lover, the mysterious Sir.

Thankfully she only gave him six strikes of the whippy instrument, but on top of his burning chastisement from earlier, it was the worst penalty he had suffered. He had agreed at the outset of their arrangement for Melissa to be able to punish him whenever she thought it necessary, She had always seemed so reserved and cautious that he never thought she would ever beat him.


Christian remained in his white basque, panties and stockings while he made sandwiches and prepared bowls of crisps for the so called Sir who was about to visit them. He kept the beer bottles in the fridge so they would be chilled on the arrival of Sir.

After Melissa’s bath, during which Christian completed the ironing with which he had been entrusted the previous night, he had to brush her long, thick blonde hair.

Wearing only her pink light bathrobe, she studied herself in the mirror, occasionally adjusting her make up, as her maid sulked while brushing  her hair.

“You haven’t really released yourself from that cheap cage of yours have you, boy?”

He stopped brushing, feeling offended. “No Mistress. Honestly!”

She didn’t appear convinced. “Well Sir says it is easy to pick, because it only has one cylinder or some such. You know men with their technical talk.”

Pouting at the idea that he was not part of the group called men, he continued brushing.

“I have no idea how to pick any lock Mistress.”

“He also says you could get out of it as the back ring isn’t tight enough.”

“I don’t think so!”

“And it’s made out of cheap Chinese plastic!”

“It is sturdy enough, Mistress. Really.”

She stared at his reflection in disbelief. “You can even cut it off apparently.” She laughed. “Though Sir says few cucks would have the courage to do that.”

Feeling sarcastic, he said, “So, Sir knows a lot about cucks does he? Is he one?”

She grinned. “No. Not a man like him, honey. He makes cucks. He takes great pride and delight in doing so to, so watch out!”

Christian swallowed and froze with fright. Somewhere out there in the world, and heading their way was some strong, alpha male with a big cock who made cucks. And he was going to be in his house soon! In his own home, eating the food he prepared and drinking the beer Christian had chilled for him.

“Mistress, perhaps you should go to his place. I thought he preferred that.”

“Oh yes, he does prefer me going there. He doesn’t like the idea of another man in the house while he’s screwing a wife. But now he’s seen the pic of you in stockings and panties he no longer sees that as a problem.”

Letting his arms fall to his sides, Christian said, “Mistress, I think we need to have a sit down and long chat about this.”

“I agree, honey.”

Immediately feeling relief, his shoulders sagged. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“We’ll hear what Sir has to say and then discuss it.”

“No, Mistress, I meant …”

“Now, I want my black basque that does up at the front, with the lovely detail. The matching panties and my best black stockings. So you in your white maid’s gear and me as the mistress in all black. Be quite the contrast for Sir, don’t you think?”

“Mistress, I don’t want to wear women’s underwear while he is here, Mistress. You can see the basque through my shirts and the stockings under my jeans.

She laughed. “Silly. You won’t be wearing, jeans and shirt.” She turned in her seat to face him, “He has seen what you wear, so don’t you worry your little head about it. Now fetch my black basque, stockings and a good pair of black heels.

Just thirty minutes later she had shimmied into a tight black dress over her cock throbbing lingerie and was ready for Sir.

“Now then boy, lie on the bed with your hands through the bedhead bars.”

Melissa raised the silver handcuffs Christian had bought in a toy shop at the start of their adventures. Obviously, she was unaware that the toy handcuffs had a safety catch, so he felt quite comfortable lying on his back and pushing his hands through the cold bars of the headboard. If it became too much then he could release himself.

What could go wrong if he could unlock his cuffs whenever he chose?


End of part two.



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