Melissa Chapter Three

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Chapter 3 

By Deborah ford


So Christian finds himself lying on his bed in his white lingerie, with his hands cuffed through the bars of the headboard.

But not a problem, because the handcuffs are from a toy shop in the town and can be unlocked without the key using a safety tag near the lock.

“Oh my God,” Melissa squeals. “You look so damned hot!”

She rubs roughly through his silky Basque at his nipples. “If Sir wasn’t calling round, then you and I could have some serious playtime!”

“Mistress, he doesn’t have to call around. Just tell him not to. We deserve me time too.”

She smiles, “If one little boy was better behaved then I might agree with you. Anyways,” She kisses his cute nose, “Your Mistress needs a serious cock inside her!”

At this, Christian frowns. He hates it when Melissa brags about the cock size of her lovers, and she knew that! He has told her umpteen times. This present Sir guy, he detests more than any of them. Christian seemed to have no control over the situation, with his wife going off to be fucked by this so called Sir, whenever the guy texted her.

Christian didn’t have any say in it and nor was he permitted to watch. It was so mean.

He sighed.

“Don’t pout.” She kissed him again, “it will help you behave in future. You were so bratty last night! The worst you’ve been.”

He looked away from her, “I know Mistress. I wish I hadn’t.”

She giggled, “Because of your sore bottom? Wow. That’s the worst punishment I’ve ever given you.”

She was right, his bottom had never been this sore before. Sixteen blows to his bare buttocks, and she was also correct in saying he wouldn’t forget the punishment in a while.

The doorbell clanged.

“Oh!” Christian went rigid.

“Mistress. I’m scared. Don’t let him see me like this.”

“Oh, silly boy. You know he doesn’t like involving the guys in this sort of thing.”

A final kiss to his forehead and she shot downstairs in her hot black dress, that clung to her hot black basque, hot panties and stockings and hot heels.

Christian felt his dick try to grow in its little cage. How hot was this? The Bull was going to screw his wife in their house! He may not be permitted to watch the action downstairs but he could lie in the bed and relish the moment. All secure in the knowledge that he could unlock the cuffs at any time he wanted. Maybe he could sneak downstairs and listen to them screwing!

Now his dick was exploding in its plastic confines! And that made him even hornier.

He heard Sir’s voice. Low, quiet, confident. Bulls were always confident, enviously so. But this was the first time he had heard him.

Melissa giggled and then Christian could hear them kissing. What a turn on!

There were footsteps downstairs and he heard them enter the kitchen. The sandwiches and crips were laid out by Christian earlier, and he had put some beers in the fridge to cool, so hopefully they would both be happy with that.

Meanwhile, he lay back and just tested the safety opening catch on the toy cuffs. One wrist was freed immediately with a single click. He smiled and used the fingers from both hands to click it shut, hiding the fact he had escaped from his wife.

In fact. Christian was in a good place. A very good place.

Until …

He heard his wife’s heels pound up the stairs as if she were in a race.


She sounded frantic.

“Is everything all right?” Christian was immediately worried that the Bull had hit her or threatened her.

But his wife was too intent on reaching across him to her side of the bed and lifting up her sleep blindfold. Black, satin with girly frills around it.

“Is it all right?” he asked again, more insistently.

“Mistress!” She warned him. “How could you forget so quickly?”

She wrestled the blindfold over his hair and down over his eyes. She seemed nervous.

“Mistress what’s going on?” he was dropped into darkness with only a sliver of light at the bottom of the blindfold, through which he could see a few millimetres of the decorative edging of his white basque.

She patted his groin, making sure he could feel the impact through his plastic cock cage.

“Don’t forget to address me as Mistress. Don’t you dare embarrass me in front of Sir.”

Sighing and shaking his head, he wanted to say he didn’t give a flying fuck what Sir thought, but worry troubled him.

Embarrass her in front of Sir? Was Sir coming into the room?

There was the sound of heavy bag being put down on the floor followed by a heavy clanking as it settled.

A masculine, easy going laugh. Really chesty and deep.

“So that’s what your maid looks like!”

He heard his wife giggle nervously.

“Well we only use light make up, I could make him look better.”

“Na. She looks hot. Nice legs.”

Oh-My– God. This animal of a guy was in the room! And he was commenting upon his appearance!

Christian’s thumb went up to the release catch on the cuffs. He had to escape! And escape quickly.

But then he calmed. Oddly, the last thing he wanted was to remove the blindfold and lock eyes with his wife’s lover.

It was just best to weather the storm and lie in the darkness of the blindfold.

Melissa was speaking again, sort of breathlessly nervous, as if a little girl. “His bottom’s quite nice too. Have had him doing glute squats and bridges and those crunches you told me to get him to do.”

What? Melissa had him performing those exercises for the last two months, she didn’t say that this so called Sir had suggested them!

Now he felt deeply embarrassed. This lout would know he had been doing exercises that he had recommended.

“Excellent,” the deep voice said.

“And I’ve had his hair done as well, like you said, at a stylist. They really knew how to make it more feminine. Softened his features.”

Christian’s mouth fell open. Had his wondrously hot trip to a woman’s hairdresser’s also been this guy’s idea? He gritted his teeth in humiliation.

Why hadn’t Melissa told him?

“So as you can see, she is neatly dressed, and blindfolded. You know, because you didn’t want him to see you. And her hands are cuffed through the bed head. Isn’t that neat?”

Another deep laugh. God, Sir sounded so self satisfied. Christian hated him. If he hated him for taking control of his wife’s love life and denying her own husband the right to watch her, he now loathed him for seeing him bound helplessly while wearing women’s lingerie.

“OK,” the bull said slowly.

Ok what? Wondered the husband.

Christian heard the bag being unzipped.

Melissa giggled, “Oh my, what have you got in there. I so love your toys!”

“Yeh, well,” he said, absently as if concentrating on something. “Not all toys.”

Christian felt the man close to him at the head of the bed. There was a manly odour. A smell he hadn’t experienced since he was last in the gym in college. Why was the masculine male smell so intoxicating. So overwhelming.

He was knocked out of his thoughts as he felt a heavy metal bracelet run around his wrist. Followed by another one around his other wrist.

There was the sound of clicking before a final clank.

“Wow,” Melissa said, as if impressed, “those are serious handcuffs.”

“Sure. They are FBI ones. Bought a load in a sale. And sure, yes, definitely serious. Let me show you something.”

There was a far lighter click and Christian felt his own cuffs slip from his arms.

“How did you do that?” Cooed melissa, forever impressed with whatever this oaf did.

“Well, Mel, these are toy handcuffs. And pretty cheap at that. They have a safety catch so the wearer can get them off whenever they want.”



“What?” Melissa sounded irate. “Boy!” She shouted, “could you really take these off whenever you wanted?”

Christian groaned and died inside. Why did this dumb Bull have to tell his wife that and spoil everything.

“Erm,” he swallowed. “I never used the safety catch. It was just there. Just in case.”

Her voice rose a few notches, “So all these times I was handcuffing you, you could escape whenever you wanted?”

“No! Well, yes, Sorry. I mean, I never actually used it. Honest!”

Her tone lowered, “I’m so sorry Sir. You must think I’m a complete airhead letting him pull a stunt like that on me!”

“Hey, don’t worry. These cucks always try to play safe. It’s what they do. I told you when we first met that cucks take up too much damned time. You have to put them in their place and then keep them there. Else they are a fulltime job.”

Instinctively, Christian reached for the safety catch on the cuffs. He had had enough and now wanted to release himself and let this so called Bull know what he thought of him ruining his relationship with his wife.

Of course there wasn’t a catch there, and in his blindfolded nightmare, Christian felt a well of panic in his tummy. He was laid out in his lingerie helplessly before this guy who had now truly cuffed him. He felt sick.

“Those cuffs are damned difficult to cut through and impossible to pick. Once you put them on him you can relax knowing they  aren’t coming off until you say so.”

“Oh my. That felt so hot when you said it,” Melissa said.

“You mind if I take down your boy’s panties and see what he’s got for a chastity cage?”

“No!” Bellowed Christian. This was too much. “Unlock me. Quickly!”

Melissa sighed, “I am really so sorry about my boy’s behaviour. It is totally unacceptable. I know you must think I’m not firm enough with him. But I am and …”

Christian heard them embrace, the mans’s voice low and authoritative.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about this. Happens all the time. I see it as like when young children show off if there are guests in the house. Just looking for attention.”

Melissa purred into her lover’s embrace.

The blindfolded trapped husband heard a long kiss.

More rattling of the bag.

Melissa gasped, “What on earth is that?”

“Oh these are decent leg spreaders. I’ll use them on you one day when we are fucking.”

Melissa giggled as Christian felt one of his ankles being gripped and a wide metal bracelet being pushed into place around his stockinged leg. His other leg was grabbed just above the foot and pulled severely away from the first before a second cuff slid into place, locking shut with a hefty clang.

Suddenly, Christian could not pull his legs together. They were locked apart at the ankles.


He squirmed for a while and then settled down, knowing he couldn’t shift his legs together. He felt unbearably vulnerable being spread like this.

“Now I’ll just cuff the bar of the leg spreader to your lower bed head. Like this.”

Oh! Christian felt his legs pulled down so that his body was flat out on the bed and he could no longer curl his legs up.

If he felt exposed before, he was now helplessly vulnerable.

“Melissa,” Christian started.

A sharp slap on his groin stopped him continuing.


“How does my boy address me?”

This was ridiculous. They had never agreed to play their games in front of people, let alone this controlling jerk!

Another slap, harder than before, pushing his cage painfully into his groin.

“Ouch. Mistress!” he called out.

“Now you be a good boy and remain quiet while Sir checks your chastity cage. Which you told me was the best!”

Christian swallowed. He had meant it was the best he could find. He wasn’t going to spend a fortune on it. It was just for their entertainment, at night. Bedroom play!


He felt his panties being pulled down over his suspenders. At the bottom of the blindfold he could make out a little of Melissa‘s tight black dress, her boobs stretching forward as she bent over. But through the millimetres of daylight he could also just about make out a large guy, in a dark blue suit.


His panties were now around his stretched out thighs.

“Ah yeh,” the guy sounded deeply disappointed.

“What is it? One of those nasty cheap generic ones you mentioned?” Melissa asked?

He exhaled a deep sigh. “Worse, Mel.”

He was calling her Mel, hadn’t she told him she hated having her name abbreviated? Christian had been admonished for that when they first started dating.

“It’s a cheap Chinese knock off.”

Christian gasped as he felt the ring being pulled upwards. Should he complain and risk Melissa’s wrath? He didn’t want to be admonished in front of this brute of a man. Yet it was so uncomfortable feeling his ring snapped up and down.

“Just look at this,” the brute known as ‘Sir’ said. “The rear ring is so loose. Your boy could easily escape. No fucking good whatsoever.”

Melissa sighed, “I am so sorry. I didn’t know. He had told me …”

“Hey,” the guy laughed, “Don’t worry. That’s cucks for you. Always thinking everything is a game.”

There was rustling in the bag again.

The guy said, “This will sort him out.”

Christian heard his wife gasp. “But it is so small. Oh God. It looks indestructible.”

“A powerful welding torch might cut through it,” Sir, said easily, “But no cuck is gonna let that happen!”

Melissa laughed and Christian felt he was now just the butt of all their jokes. A sort of toy. But not the sort of toy as he had fantasised about being for a master and mistress.

“Just unlock that one,” he said.

Melissa was busy in her handbag before she said. “Oh, please be warned. He gets very wet inside it. Not very nice.”

“Just like a girl,” the guy said. “Both girls and cucks get wet in their panties when aroused. They can’t help it.”

Melissa giggled as she unlocked the cage.

Christian felt the cage soften its grip on him and then a moment later he was free, with his sopping dick resting on his thigh.

“Yuk,” Melissa said.

“You best clean up your boy. ‘cos once I lock this on him he won’t be getting out in a hurry to clean himself.”

Raw fear flashed through Christian’s entire body. A tsunami of emotions that shook his existence.

“Please Mistress, please don’t let him put that on me. We need to discuss this.”

He felt a damp cloth mop around his dick and balls.

Melissa said, “Oh, so its Mistress now when you want something. Well little boy you best make it Mistress every time if you ever want to be unlocked again.” She added, “Isn’t that right, Sir?”

“Damned right, Mel. In fact, I can assure you, you are about to see a marked improvement in your boy’s behaviour. In fact you can already see it!”

Under her breath, Melissa said, “About time.”

What? This was a matter between Christian and his wife. Why this lumbering bully thinks he can steal into their bedroom and personal space, and start dictating terms for his relationship with his wife was repellent.

The wet cloth was removed, and Christian felt his dick being dried with a flannel.

“I can see what you mean about his size,” the deep voice said.

Melissa giggled. “Oh, it’s cute! Stop it.” Then she laughed loudly. “Also, Sir, it is mine!”

Christian was furious, he knew he wasn’t well blessed down there but to have another guy point out his lack of size was deeply shaming. He again instinctively felt for the safety catch on the cuffs. There still wasn’t one.

He tried to stamp his feet into the bed in protest, but the ankle restraints held him resolutely.

“Ok, Mel. So this is what your cuck needs.”

Melissa gasped. “Oh my God, surely it is way too small.”

“Na. You see. Will fit like a glove. I’ve locked them onto loads of cucks. They always squeal when you do it but thank you later.”

What? Thank him!

Christian felt a cold steel ring against his ball sack, before one of his balls was popped through it. Oh no, it was so tiny! His testicle could only just about manage to squeeze through. He felt strong, rough fingers pulling at the skin around his ball sack before his second ball was pushed through the small circular gap.

At this point he simply panicked. His mind exploded and he screamed.

“Mistress. Please. No!”

Melissa stroked his gorgeous hair and cooed into his ear. “Aw, be brave little boy. Sir is nearly finished. You be a big boy for your Mistress.”

Christian sniffed up some tears and let his Mistress’ soft words placate him. He felt strangely helpless but safe under her protection.


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