Melissa Chapter Four



Chapter 4 



By Deborah ford


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Having some hefty guy force a chastity cage onto your privates while you are cuffed down to a bed and blindfolded is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Once it may have been a fantasy for Christian, especially in his erotic thoughts of being a cuck to a dominant male, but right now it was soul destroying.

“Surely that won’t fit over his shaft?” Melissa said, “I mean, it’s so narrow. And God, there is no shaft on the cage!”

“Yeh, it’s fine,” Sir said. “You’ll see. It just pushes back his little willy into the body. Watch.”

Christian jumped in his confines, his wrists still secured through the bedhead by genuine police handcuffs and his ankles locked in a steel spreader bar, attached to the lower bedhead.

An icily, metallic object  had been pressed against his freshly cleaned dick and Christian was as terrified as any man would be with someone pressing steel up against his manhood. He held his breath as a firm, but persistent pressure was pressed against his groin.

“There you go,” the self styled Sir, announce.

Christian heard a delicate click from between his legs and heard a God-awful chuckle from the guy. A man – a man! – had just put a cage around his dick! Even melissa had never been allowed to do that.

“I’m amazed,” a breathless Melissa said. “It’s vanished.”

“Now we lock it shut,” her man replied.

“What sort of key is that?” Melissa asked.

The Sir guy grunted an unpleasant laugh.

“Well those cheap plastic chastity devices your boy plays with are a complete waste of time. There is only one pin tumbler on the key. So a piece of piss for even a dumb cuck to pick.”

The fury within Christian was building like an earthquake. His indignity got the better of him.

 “Mistress. I have never tried to pick a lock. I wouldn’t know how!”

“Quiet boy,” Melissa said, sounding as if she was speaking through gritted teeth. She then lowered herself close to his ear, so he could smell her perfume and calmly said, “Everything is fine, boy. Honestly. Relax. Sir has done this many times.”

Something about her soothing tone calmed him, but only briefly. A guy had locked him up down below!

He heard his wife stand.

“Sir, do you see what I constantly have to put up with?”

The guy exhaled, long and hard. “Don’t get me started. Constantly trying to top from the bottom. Like all cucks. Don’t worry tramp, he is about to learn his place big time.”

He then snorted another ugly laugh while Christian’s fury gave way to deep fear. He was secured to the bed, had no say in this, he couldn’t even see what was happening. This so called Sir guy was controlling everything!

“You see, babe, this key has three separate pin tumblers. It is impossible to keep two up, let alone three at the same time. Your boy is officially locked into his chastity and can’t get out without your permission.”

Christian heard his wife emit a soft gasp before feeling gentle fingers running over the device secured to his dick.

“Oh my, Sir,” she said in awe. “His thingee has completely vanished. It is amazing!”

Christian felt a light kiss on his forehead, as his wife whispered, “Oh my God, little boy, are you mine now!”

Christian moved into that dozy, soporific state of bliss subs enter when aroused but unable to cum. His new weighty steel chastity cage ensured he could never get satisfaction, so he lay back, hands cuffed through the headboard, ankles secured to the leg spreader and his blindfold held in place. Feeling totally submissive.

The male voice spoke as if from a million miles away. “Best pull up your cuck’s panties. Nice and tight. He’s going to take time to get used to being locked in a serious device like that. Especially without access to any keys. Cuck’s often find it traumatic, so we need to move slowly now. Only let him see the locked cage when you think he is good and ready.”

“Oh, Sir,” Melissa, Christian’s wife purred, “You are so thoughtful.”

Christian heard more embracing and kissing.

“I so much adore you, Sir.”

A deep male chuckle.

“It’s also because it isn’t his cage. For the first time in his life, your cuck is locked good and proper in another man’s cage. Without any access to the keys. He will feel owned and helpless. He’ll need a lot of after care, this afternoon.”

More kissing.

“No wonder you are so popular. You think about the feelings of others.”

“Wow, bitch! Do you get my motor running!”

A giggle. There was movement as they made their way to the other side of the bed, away from Christian.

More snogging noises, this time wetter and deeper. More passionate.

He felt the bed beside him give way to their weight.

“Oh my Sir!”

There was the rasp of clothes, particularly Melissas silky dress and stockings against the rougher material of her Bull’s neat suit.

Desperately Christian tried to peer through the narrow space of his blindfold to witness the action he had so long been denied. All the other Bulls were happy with him watching, but this guy, the so called Sir, had ruled out his presence. But now he might catch a glimpse through the thin gap near his nose. Exciting!

He could make out the man’s shape, in a dark blue suit, though it was blurred. He was massive! Maybe sis foot six, but broad too. Twisting back his head enabled Christian to see a little more through the tiny gap.

Suddenly they stopped moving and he heard the man laugh. God, he was learning to despise that laugh. It was so superior and cock sure.

Seconds later the blindfold was pulled down completely over Christians’ eyes and he was dropped into total and empty darkness.

He heard his wife make an ‘er’ noise, as if questioning the Bull’s actions.

“Your naughty boy was trying to see us through the bottom of the blindfold.”

“Oh, I am so sorry Sir. He can be so naughty. Just like I say, he is very bratty at times.”

“Don’t worry about it. Cucks! They’re all like that. Always seeing if they can get one over on their mistresses.”

Melissa sounded down, “I don’t think I’ll ever manage him, Sir.”

“Na. You gave your boy ‘what for’ earlier yeh? Two lots of 8 spanks with the cane? And he felt them?”

“Oh yes, Sir. Yes. He was very contrite then. So ready to please. Just how I adore him. He is gorgeous when he is like that.”

Christian felt his two cheeks embraced by his wife’s palms and received a monstrous tongue kiss.

“Hey,” the brutish guy laughed, “he’s the one who’s supposed to be jealous. Come here, tramp.”

Christian sensed his wife crawling over the bed before there was some whispering, just too quiet for him to make out.

His wife giggled. “Yes, Sir. I’ll get them now!”

With that, he heard Melissa’s heels leave the room and he was left alone with the man who fucked his wife, had cuffed him with genuine police handcuffs and attached a new impregnable chastity cage to his dick. He swallowed, wondering if he should speak.

Say hi? Complain about what was happening, perhaps? Tell this yob that, as the husband, he should be involved in the discussions about the scene.

A giggling wife clip clopped back into the room at pace.

“Got them, Sir.”

In seconds a leathery feeling of soft moulded headphones slid over his head and gripped his ears.

Then Abba started in his head. It was quickly turned up. It was the music, Melissa loved dancing too! Dancing Queen!

Then the bed sunk down next to him, and he felt them moving. Rhythmically, but could only hear the rasping music from another century.

His vision was blotted out and now his hearing was blotted out by the incessant music. He had no senses other than physically feeling the bed pulsating.

Oh! So frustrating. They should let him watch surely! And not even hear? So unjust!

Again, he tried to kick his stockinged feet in misery, but they were locked firmly to the ankle spreader, so would not move more than an inch. He attempted to bring his hands down through the bars of the headboard, but the steel handcuffs were unforgiving. He even tried to use the pillow to dislodge the headphones. But all to no avail. He was trapped.

So damned frustrating he felt like crying!






They had finished screwing and, breathing hard, lay besides Christian. There was little movement from the bed now, after the frantic bouncing as they fucked like animals. Of course, he could do no more than lie there, feeling the stillness and waiting to be released.

The track, Winner Takes it All was presently playing when the headphones were slipped from his head. Very appropriate, Christian thought. He was getting nothing out of this …  well all right, his body was reacting to the humiliation and helplessness by seeking to erect his trapped prick, but it was true humiliation and helplessness. Gnawingly painful, as well as hot and erotic.

This yob and his wife were locking him down from all directions and he had no say whatsoever.

He felt a kiss to his cheek and his wife whisper, “I love my boy. So hot. I’ll just show out Sir and we can have some serious me time together. How does that sound?”

“Mistress! Mistress. I don’t think this is fair, it’s not ….”

“Hush boy!”

Her voice was more serious, but with a slight giggle in it. God, he was little more than a toy for her to play with in front of her lover. His dick grew rigid in its steel confines.

Christian heard her lover stretching and rise from the bed.

“Yeh, sorry. Really gotta get back to work. Look I’ll call round tonight. Maybe your boy can serve us dinner?”

“Oh my God. Is he up to that?” She gasped as if in a quandary.

“He’ll be fine,” the guy sounded confident and relaxed, as he always did.

“I hope he doesn’t show me up.”

“Listen, tramp,” he said. “I’ll be there. It’ll all work out just fine.”

There was more cuddling and kissing in the darkness, as his wife exhaled long and hard as if she were about to feint.

“Oh Sir. You are amazing!”

Christian heard them walk downstairs and again tugged forlornly on the handcuffs and ankle spreader.

Oh! Being helpless was so exasperating! All his life he had wanted to experience it, but now he just felt infuriated. But he was also deeply aroused! He could feel his little dick actually spurting in its confines. Obviously, his body was in a different place to his mind, but his mind was being tugged along too.

He heard the front door close downstairs and his wife’s heels tapping quickly up the stairs.

“You must behave!” She said as she closed the bedroom door.

She pulled up his blindfold, snatching it from his wonderfully layered hair style. The girls at the salon had worked wonders in feminizing his features, which were already soft to start with. He looked so gorgeous. Helpless, lost, prettily wide eyed.

The bright light made him blink incessantly. Gradually his wife’s beaming face came into focus.

“Oh Sir, likes you. He thinks you’ll make a wonderful boy for me. How about that! I’m not such a bad mistress after all!”

“Mistress!” He announced, but not quite sure where to take his speech, he petered out into bewildered silence.

He knew he needed to state his needs. Boundaries had to be made. Yet for some reason he couldn’t find the words.

She patted a finger on his lips, “Hush now, boy. Please don’t get yourself into any trouble. I need you for some real ‘me time’. Just you and me.”

“Oh?” he thought and then smiled. He loved being with his wife. “Can you release my ankles please? And my wrists?”

She laughed, “Silly boy. No. Of course not.”

“But Mistress …”

He stopped as she was pulling down her sexy panties under her black dress. My God they were sopping wet with something sort of creamy that caught the light. Oh, he realised what it was. It was some of Sir dripping into her panties. She tugged up her black dress over stockings so they gripped around her hips leaving Christian to marvel at his wife’s incredibly hot pussy, with the gentle shaved landing strip.

“Oh Mistress!”

She knelt on the bed and then pushed a leg over his face so each of her knees were either side of his face, with her facing down his corset towards his stockinged legs. He could smell her odours. That elegant sweetness. But he could also detect another odour. Oh God, it was him! The horrible Sir.

The so called Sir had left their home, but he might as wells till be here.


Something splashed down on his nose. He looked up and could see even with the darkness between her legs, that her lover’s cum was already gathering at her pussy lips.


Too late. She brought her virgina down over his lips with practiced precision. For a moment he panicked. She covered his mouth and nose, and he gasped for air, but then she slid forward, and he could make out the scent from her bottom, as sweet as her pussy, but different.

Now her lips were grinding at his mouth, and he knew what he had to do. He had no choice. He was secured on his back and totally helpless.

A hard slap to his thighs above his stockings.

He wanted to scream ouch but his mouth was gagged by his wife’s pussy.

“Work, boy!” He heard his Mistress demand.

So he did. But as soon he pressed his tongue into her mound, he felt that unmistakeable texture of cum oozing down. And then more. All mixed with her juices which were spraying now. He tried to use his tongue to press it back up, away from his vulnerable mouth. But it was hopeless. There was too much jism.

Oh! His tight panties were pulled down and he felt Melissa’s mouth gather over his metal cage, sucking and kissing.

He groaned, desperate to cum. So, so close.

But Melissa had no problem in coming and did so all over his face, like squirting out a container of fluid. Then she pounded thunderously on his face, screaming with her orgasm.

“Oh my God, my Boy, I love you!”


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