5 thoughts on “Is the the naughtiest, most mischievous maid in the world. What will the Mistress do when she sees the cage has been removed?

  1. Ella Hollywood looking so cute and beautiful too … that chastity … hum.. yep she don’t have key then who help her to open the cage. I think some one relay lost control when saw Ella and open chastity … opps Punishment ahead

  2. 200% agreed with you she is she is impossibly cute. i forget the name of the move any way Once a saw her online video in which she play role of a boy who’s forcible famines by mistress … she act so natural mean her expression are so good you can feel it happened in realty.

  3. Yes, Ella is now known as Jean Hollywood, or, on twitter, as @ella_hollywood and @sodacatxxx.

    She describes herself as a ‘femboi’ and states she is definitely ‘not a woman’.

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