First Known Picture of the Hotel Transform , with it’s first Graduates




Taken around 1911, it shows how early the techniques of turning sissy husbands into useful maids was developed.

Over seen by Miss Evans’ great grandmother it became a picture of Edwardian society, producing elegant, obedient, suitably attired maids for a hungry market.

2 thoughts on “First Known Picture of the Hotel Transform , with it’s first Graduates

  1. Oh wow, Deborah, this is great! Wonderful that you’ve dug up some of the history of The Hotel. At this time ‘petticoating’ (dressing a naughty boy in girl’s clothes as a punishment) was favoured by some mothers, so at least some of these husbands would have previous experience of being feminised.

    And Kandi has a good point to make. Kandi: “Thank you! The good old class system was even more important then. I think the biggest humiliation for middle class or aristocratic men was not just feminisation but becoming a sissy MAID. That’s demotion – to the working class!”

  2. Indeed P.L.. In fact, oddly, boys in some classes in the UK were dressed in girlish clothes until the were five.

    And exactly right about the demotion element. An important part of a Deborah Ford story is to relegate the victim in the eyes of others of whom he would wish to gain respect. It is a tingly electrifying thought, which appears to be popular through out stories of this genre.


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