Pony Trap Chapter Five by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter Five by Deborah Ford



The fearsome Master stood, in his crisp white shirt and jodhpurs holding up a small, metallic contraption before the eyes of the alarmed Thomas. Thomas who was secured to a post while wearing the pony girl uniform of thigh length boots, tights and constricting leather corset. A bridle had been secured to Thomas’ head with bells that jingled whenever he tried to speak or make the slightest of movements to his head. The bit secured was deeply in his mouth so that it rested heavily on his togue reducing any speech to indecipherable moans.

“Poppy,” The Master said with a superior grin to the ever obedient, male maid, , “undo the corset between Lacy’s legs and give the pony girl’s little ‘un a wipe down.”

“Yes Master,” said Poppy, immediately tugging at the strap between Thomas’ legs and freeing up the corset.

Thomas felt relief around his groin as the compacting corset fell away, though it still held his tummy in tightly. Poppy briskly returned from the en-suite with a warm wet flannel and raised the front of Lacy’s corset.

“No!”, Thomas made to protest, but the bit held his tongue down and he only succeeded in letting off the jangling bells.

Too late! With the front of the corset raised up Thomas’ erection was exposed and it quickly decreased in size, like air being let out of a balloon.

As his dick and tummy were mopped, clearing away the precum that had gathered since he had been attired in the fetish outfit, so Thomas took a close look at the contraption in the Master’s hand.

A chastity cage!

“No!” Sadly, the words came out as grunts and incomprehensible noises making the two black mistresses laugh.

Poppy stood up on her maid’s heels looking to the Master to see if he was satisfied with her cleaning job.

“Good girl, Poppy,” The Master said.

Thomas noted a smile of relief on Poppy’s pink lips.

The Master continued, “Now be a good girl and take back this small chastity cage and swap it for the tiny version.” He stared at Thomas’ shrinking member and laughed. “I think we overestimated its size for the small version!”

Thomas’ wife, Izabella, took a step forward on her leash and said, “Aw” to Thomas. “I thought you were just small. Sorry.”

The two dominant women, Miss Olive and Miss Khaki, laughed.

Small? Thomas nibbled on the bit. If only he could protest. He knew he wasn’t big, but to describe him as small was deeply humbling especially to this oaf who presided over the Manor.

Poppy returned from the white box and held up a ludicrously small object, in fact it was crazily miniscule, as if it were missing a part. Thomas could see the twin LEDs on it, one amber and the other green at the top of the ring section. He felt sick. He struggled but once again found his wrists were secured inexorably behind the post and ankles to either side of the post

“Poppy,” The Master said, “It seems appropriate that a dumb sissy maid like you should apply the chastity cage to a dumb, sissy, pony girl.”

Again, everyone laughed, and Thomas’ cheeks felt red hot with shame.

Clearly Poppy was an old hand with fitting the cage. Within a few seconds Thomas felt his member caged in the miniscule device. It felt worryingly tight, as if it might cut off his circulation.

“Ok, slut,” The Master said to Izabella, “open your phone and go to the Manor app and call up Lacy.”

Pulling back her mouth in trepidation, Izabella said, “Oh, I told you I’m rubbish at techie stuff like this.”

The Master Laughed. “Even a stupid slut like you will master this!”

Tapping on her phone screen, Izabella said, “Okey. I’m in Lacy’s account.”

Thomas held his breath, what on earth was happening?

“Now enter the chastity tab,” The Master said.

Miss Khaki giggled, “Oh, here comes the fun part!”

Oh God! Sheer terror raced through the mind of Thomas. What the hell was the fun part for this bunch of sadists.

“Now,” The Master continued, “hold the phone close to your pony’s chastity cage and press the lock button. It looks like an open padlock.”

Crouching down, Izabella complied and tapped her screen.

Her phone and the chastity cage pinged at the same time and Thomas felt the ring behind his ball sack twist slightly, squeezing his penis.

His bells clanged as he shook his head in horror. This was terrifying.

“Excellent.” The Master announced. “You see the cage flashing green? That means it is secure. The mechanism can only be released by you or someone in the Server Centre. Your pony is locked until you say otherwise.”

Looking up at the Master with awe, Izabella said, “Wow!”

“How do you feel?” He asked.

“I don’t know,” Thomas’ wife said breathlessly. “Odd, I guess. Like, really powerful. In control, and sort of strong. Empowered. Difficult to explain.”

Miss Khaki said, “This is you first pony. You’ll never forget the excitement of your first ownership.”

The Master became serious. “Nor the responsibility.”

Izabella stared at him with uncomprehending eyes.

“From now on this pony girl is your sole responsibility. You must make sure she is fed and watered and exercised. You must ensure that she maintains her lessons in an adequate manner.” He inhaled in thought, “And you must never forget that should Lacy be naughty or behave in a bratty manner then she is your responsibility.”

There was a heavy silence before Izabella nodded, “Yes, Master. I understand.”

Izabella approached the wide-eyed Thomas, strapped to the post.

“Lacy,” she said softly. “I don’t want you to disappoint me. You must behave at all times and listen to your instructors carefully. I will hear back if you are troublesome or give any back chat. So,” She put her palm to his hot cheek, “so, please don’t let me down, because I know you think you like being punished, but really, the methods of punishment here will not be nice. They are punishments to serve a purpose to ensure you are an obedient pony girl.”

Miss Olive laughed, “Unless we spank you for fun. Then you can enjoy it.”

Everyone chuckled – except Thomas who simply stared in horror as The Master Thomas’ wife led to the entrance, tugging on the leash.

“Lacy’s owner is going to be busy this afternoon,” The Master said, staring at Izabella until she lowered her head with a blush. “So Miss Khaki and Miss Olive, you may start Lacy’s training.” He looked down at the sexy woman on the end of the leash. “Slut?”

“Yes, Master?” Izabella asked.

“Tell Miss Olive and Miss Khaki that they can supervise and punish your sissy pony.”

“Oh!” Izabella gasped. “Master, I’m not sure I want others punishing my pony girl.”

Miss Khaki spoke reassuringly, as if comforting a close friend feeling anxiety. “Don’t worry, Miss Indigo. Lacy is now yours. She will be registered in the server area. No one can take her away from you. Only you can sell her on.”


‘Sell her on?’ Thomas’ eyes grew wide. What the fuck? Sell her? what did that mean?

Miss Khaki continued in her kindly tone to Izabella, “It’s just that in the Manor all dominants help train ponies and maids. It is easier if the dumb sluts know they cannot get away with anything, no matter who they are with. A well behaved pony girl and maid is a happy pony girl and maid.”

“Aw,” Izabella said. “Thank you so much.” She glanced back to the shocked Thomas. “Now you be a good pony girl for Miss Khaki and Miss Olive. I’m sure they will be very fair with you.” She turned back to the two tall, dominant mistresses. “And please let me know if she’s not behaving. The Master said I need to act promptly if she misbehaves.”

Smiling, the two dominant women kissed her cheek in turn.

Miss Olive said, “Don’t you worry. Lacy is in good hands. You go and get what you’ve always wanted from a real man.”

Visibly relaxing, Izabella gave Thomas a little girly wave and blew a kiss before vanishing back into the stables area beyond the door to his compartment.

The Master’s voice could be heard shouting back, “Use an indigo collared plume for Lacy’s head! I want her marked as owned by Miss Indigo.”

“Yes Master,” Miss Khaki and Miss Olive said.

Thomas heard his wife giggle, as they moved away, out of ear shot.

Miss Olive knelt down before Thomas and resecured the strap between his legs. It felt tauter than before. It was as if the tiny chastity cage had compressed his manhood until he was flat the front.

As she rose, she held eye contact with the skittish pony girl, to enjoy the reaction to her next words. “You’ll be relieved to know that your wife is now enjoying the pleasures of a real cock rather than that apology for a little dick you own, or rather once owned. It’s good that your little dickie is quite rightly locked away even from your touch.”

Miss Khaki joined her, again with her attention fixed on Thomas. “The trouble is, little pony girl, once a woman has been properly fucked, by a real man, with a good sized cock, then, aw,” she stroked his hair, “then she won’t even want to consider a little sissy like you. Not ever again.”

With her eyes wide, as if in orgasmic ecstasy, Miss Olive continued, “The sooner you accept what you truly are, then the easier it will be for you. A small dicked, sissy pony girl, owned by his wife, while she is fucking real men.”

Miss Olive held her breath as she added, “Oh no, Lacy. Don’t listen to Miss Khaki. You fight it! Give us a laugh. You and I are going to have so much fun!”

Miss Khaki, stepped back as if flustered. “Jesus I need a real man to fuck me. Or a maid or pony girl to lick me to orgasm!”

Miss Olive shook her head, with closed eyes. “Finding a new sissy pony always makes me wetter than a harbour. I am soaking!”

Miss Khaki snarled at Poppy, “Get this bitch’s indigo plume fitted. Remove some of the head harness bells and take her for refreshments before her first training.” She paused, staring Thomas full in the face until he had to look away. “And you Lacy, if I hear of any naughtiness from you, then I’ll personally deal with you.” She paused for impact. “Do you want that?”

Thomas shook his head listening to the awful clanging bells.

At least once the two tall mistresses were gone, he could get Poppy to release him from his collar and cage and then he could dress in his old clothes ready to escape this crazy place.

6 thoughts on “Pony Trap Chapter Five by Deborah Ford

  1. As if Poppy is going to release her! But Lacy/Thomas is a slow learner, like most of your protagonists. They’re much more fun!

    I get the impression that The Manor is a fairly big operation. Good. My favourite stories have some Organisation or other controlling the feminisation and training: Palmer’s Education, Club Zero 9, Property of Harding. (Other readers may disagree.) So I hope we shall see at least glipses of other Pony Girls. Perhaps to demonstrate to a horrified Lacy/Thomas how a fully trained, totally obedient pony behaves? Perhaps Lacy will find herself harnessed alongside another pony at some stage, pulling a two-pony cart?

    This chapter is excellent, but it does need a bit of editing. Aside ordinary typos (which don’t bother me) you have
    The Master addressing Poppy once as ‘Polly’
    ‘Miss Indigo and Miss Khaki’ when it should be ‘Miss Olive and Miss Khaki’
    The Master refers to Lacy onc as ‘Lucy’
    But this is just tidying up. Deborah, I’m loving every minute of this story so far.

  2. First thank you for the typos! I’m blitzing through this story because there is so much to tell so clearly I need to pay more attention.

    Funnily enough someone else mentioned their preference for the ‘big operation’ stories, as you put it. I love them too.

    Somehow, I think you’ll enjoy the next chapter where Thomas meets a noob like him along with two experienced pony girls. Quite an education for him. Though there maybe a break over xmas before the next section can be posted.

  3. The next chapter sounds delicious – I can’t wait! But I shall wait, patiently, until after Christmas. Hope you have a happy one. [Kandi: Yes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your readers! xxxx]

  4. I would love to see Izabella herself “ponied”, temporarily or as a punishment to her or Thomas. She is a slave, after all. Perhaps in the sequel? Then Thomas would get what he wanted, but with a “catch.” I am imagining her helpless in pony gear and Master taking or punishing her in front of Thomas. Would Thomas be man enough to help her find her place back to Master’s side (or back under his foot)?

    Best for the holidays, Miss Ford. And well done!

    1. And happy holidays to you Chloe. I suspect Izabella will be learning a great deal about herself in the next chapters, so we will see where that takes us!

      Deborah Ford

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