Pony Trap Chapter Six by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap

Chapter Six

by Deborah Ford

Patio Pony


Thomas planned to explain to Poppy, the dumb male maid, how that been a massive mistake at the Manor. How Thomas wasn’t here to be trained as a pony girl. This was beset by a single but insurmountable problem.

Poppy didn’t remove the bit from Thomas’ mouth until she had fussed about him, removing some of the bells from the face harness that were fixed on a band of Velcro, and securing a tail on a belt around his waist with a tight belt.

So now, every time Thomas moved he felt the tickling of the long haired tail below his corset, over his buttocks and on his thighs above his thigh length boots.

There was an infuriating quality about wearing a collar, chastity cage and outfit he could not remove. Every step reminded him of his position at the manor: a mere pony girl.

Perched upright on the tall heels, his waist crushed by the leather corset, Thomas nibbled on the leather bit in frustration, though thankfully the jangling bells had lessened.

“Just sit down in front of the mirror, Lacy,” Poppy said while taking a small leather bag from the white box.

Thomas had already realised that in this pony girl outfit he felt crazily more submissive and obedient, so quickly complied with the instruction, albeit in a deliberately slow manner, as if pretending the idea to sit was his and his alone.

“Poppy, you need to release me, and do it quickly. I have to leave this madhouse. And then the so called Master will be hearing from me with a very harshly, written letter of complaint.”

Poppy used her fingers under Thomas’ chin to tilt back his head before applying eyeliner to the shocked pony girl.

“What are you doing?”

Poppy shook her head and did that irritated sigh of hers, as if it were Thomas who was dumb and she the cleverest maid in the world.

“Your owner wants you to have light make up.” Poppy held up the eyeliner brush, raised her eyebrows and said in her most superior voice, “Perhaps I should give your owner, Miss Indigo, a call? Tell her you want to disobey her.”

Swallowing, Thomas felt he didn’t want his wife to be angry with him right now. She held so much power with the locked collar and chastity device that he felt it wise to comply – until the major error could be rectified and it was his wife sitting in this chair in a pony girl outfit and he holding the pony whip.

“Well, okay then. Go ahead,” Thomas said as if it were he issuing the instructions.

Poppy shook her head, and then spent the next ten minutes creating a sexy dark eyed look. She added some blusher to his cheeks and pink lipstick to his lips.

Thomas watched his reflection change from a soft featured guy to a look of feminine attraction.

Poppy smiled, “Not bad, is it?”

Not wishing to reveal how hot he found the look, Thomas simply said, “It looks all right. If that’s what Izabella wants, then fine.”

“I think,” Poppy said, her eyes staring hard at the pony girl sat before her, “That one little pony is going to spend a lot of time over a dominant’s lap if she isn’t careful.”

“Maybe you’ll be the one getting spanked when they realise their mistake.” Thomas sneered, “Then I’ll be back in my man’s clothes, and, hey, you never know, you’ll be over my lap.”

Poppy didn’t appear to find the argument particularly powerful, dismissing his thoughts with a shake of the head.

The maid sashayed to the entrance to their room with her bottom wiggling delightfully. Thomas would love to pat her arse. He had to clarify his thoughts. Pat HIS arse. Again, he felt his dick try to expand in the tiny chastity device and again he felt the erotic frustration of it being held fast in place by the electronically sealed cage.

Poppy opened the door onto the main thoroughfare of the stables and Thomas was struck by how busy it had become. The rumble of wheels and the clip clops of heeled feet marching on the dirt mixed with shouts from the dominants and squeals from the girls and canes whipped through the air onto luscious bottoms.

Bustling with activity, as sexy pony girls pranced back and fore along with those scary dominant males and alluring dominant women in their regimental uniforms of jodhpurs, white blouses and knee high boots.

Now aware of his own tickling tail whenever he moved, Thomas noted that some of the more confident pony girls appeared to have the tail attached to their bodies! There was no belt or harness holding them in place. Also, the girls tinkled by with a variety of bells, though none as populous as the ones he wore when being dressed.

Desperate not to be seen in his new, humiliating finery, Thomas was aghast when Poppy waved her hand impatiently for him to follow.

He shook his head.

“Poppy, I am not going anywhere until you give me the keys to unlock and remove the boots, collar and this crazy device between my legs.”

He was now aware of the chastity cage every time he moved.

The male maid sighed, nodded her pretty head to one side and asked, “Shall I phone your owner?”

For a moment Thomas froze, the way a child might before obeying an instruction in order to pretend they had some level of agency. Then he wiggled out of his stall in his heeled boots. It was so awkward walking in the heels!  Somehow the corset made him stand straight and point his small boobs forward.

They were now standing next to the crackling activity of the thoroughfare.

“Now we wait here,” Poppy said, “And please don’t be bratty. As then we’ll both be punished and some of the Doms around here can be pretty mean!”

So they waited as a variety of the most exquisite girls passed by as either pony girls or sexy maids like Poppy. Gathered around them were the intimidating male and female Doms that Poppy warned him about.

Suddenly appeared a sight so erotic that Thomas’ penis sought to erect itself immediately the moment he saw her.

With a flush of blonde curly hair below her blue plume, her collar showed the name Tawny, owned by Sir Navy. Her boobs bulged around the top of the corset as if they were being constantly inflated, and her tiny waist and rolling hips completed the drop-dead gorgeous image. Her thighs were chubbily sexy in her black tights and she too wore the tail attached to the belt as opposed to the fixed tail the other girls wore.

Tawny didn’t have a bit between her pouting pink lips, just the harness like Thomas’ holding the plume in place.

She spoke quickly with great energy as she took in Poppy’s collar screen.

“Oh my God. You are Poppy. Right where they said you’d be, next to Stall 42.”

Thomas noted the number 42 fixed near the door of his own stall.

Poppy giggled at Tawny, “Oh my, aren’t you a picture!”

Tawny chuckled back saying, “Oh my God. I know. Look!”

She twisted around so that Poppy and Thomas had a great look at her sensual body. Her arse was amazingly rounded. Thomas felt precum pump into his chastity cage making him feel damp and uncomfortable.

Tawny continued, “I can’t wait to win my tail”

Poppy laughed, “If you work hard, I’m sure you’ll have your tail by tomorrow.”

Have her tail by tomorrow? Thomas had enough of these airheads and emitted a long sigh of disapproval.

Tawny said, “Aw, your pony isn’t happy?”

“Now, Poppy,” Thomas announced, feeling ridiculous trying to be dominant in his present garb. “I told you before. This is a complete mistake. My wife was supposed to be the pony girl, and me the Dom.”

Poppy offered her usual impatient sigh. “So you said, like a zillion times before.”

“Your wife?” Tawny looked at Thomas with astonishment. “You’re a lesbian couple?”

Poppy guffawed.

Thomas closed his eyes. He shouldn’t feel insulted, Tawny was clearly as brainless as Poppy.

“Look,” he explained slowly. “I’m a guy. And my wife …”

Tawny put her hand to her mouth. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry! You’re a female to male trans person!”

“No!” Thomas said.

Again Poppy laughed, before explaining softly to Tawny, “She’s been like this since she got here.”

Tawny looked sad in such a cute helpless way that Thomas’s chastity cage became even damper. Ye Gods he wanted to fuck her brains out.

Breathing in and then out so that her boobs inflated like a pair of weather balloons, Tawny said, “Oh dear. Now I’m confused.”

Poppy said, “Lacy is a sissy whose wife is studying to be a Dom.”

“Oh,” tawny said. “Wow, you’re not really a girl? With those features and hair?”

“I know. Amazing.” Poppy nodded, “She’ll make a great pony girl and maid.”

“No!” Thomas was beside himself with anger. “No. Not me. I’m dominant!”

Poppy and Tawny burst into laughter and Thomas knew there was no point in explaining anything to these dunderheads.

“What’s all this noise?”

Tawny and Poppy shuffled back cowering.

As soon as Thomas saw him he joined them in a protective huddle.

He was just over six foot, but one of those guys with square shoulders and barrel chest that bellowed out through his white shirt. He wore jeans and boots, the lower parts covered in dirt.

He stood before the three girls tapping a cane against his thigh. He was dark skinned, maybe Mediterranean or North African, Thomas thought.

What he knew was that the man’s dark eyes were shinning at the three of them, and the shinning eyes were a bit scary.

“How can the pony girls concentrate on their lessons with you three girls gossiping like drunken sluts outside a nightclub.”

For a moment the girls were quiet, and then Thomas said, “Actually I’m not a girl. You see there has been an almighty mix up …”

Thomas noticed that Poppy and Tawney had actually stepped back behind him. He also noticed that this belligerent and frightening oaf’s eyebrows had risen up under his close cropped black curly hair.

“I see we have a little chatter box here.” He glanced at her collar screen. “Lacy eh? Owned by Miss Indigo. Does she know you are shooting your mouth off to dominants?”

Thomas felt his mouth go dry. It was like when the bullies hit upon you after school. “W-w-w well, erm, no. I’m sorry, I just …”

“And still she rabbits!” The irate man said. “Turn around. Face towards the stalls.”

Thomas turned so fast, his obedience surprised himself. Now he was looking away from this awful bully and feeling exposed with his buttocks encased in tight leather and his thighs in display.

“I’m really sorry, it is only that …”

The cane whipped through the air and slapped hard against the backs of his thighs, three times in quick succession.

He squealed and pranced about in his heels following each stinging blow.

“Turn back!” The man ordered.

When Thomas did return to facing the dreadful man, he saw some of the pony girls had stopped to watch the show.

“Anything else to say?” The man demanded.

Thomas was about to reply when he thought it best to merely shake his head.

“Right! You never speak unless a dominant needs to hear from you!” He paused and smiled, “Of course we have better things to do with the mouths of pony girls than letting you speak.”

Swallowing Thomas simply looked down at the dirt track feeling the three lines swell up on the back of his thighs.

The man looked at the maid’s collar screen.

“Poppy eh?”

Poppy curtsied, “Yes Sir.”

“You’re in charge of these dumb arsed noobs?”

Again a curtsey, “Yes sir. I’m taking them to the pony canteen before their training.”

“Well get to it. And don’t let me catch any of your idling around again!”

“Yes Sir,” Poppy curtsied.

Tawney squeaked a quiet, “Yes Sir.”

Thomas could see the horrible man’s eyes were now fixed on him as if expecting a response, so he bowed his head and said, “Yes Sir.”

With that a nervous Poppy said, “Follow me ponies. You have some refreshment before your training starts.”

They moved away briskly in their heels, the wiggling Poppy leading them.

When they were safely away from the intimidating man, Thomas asked quietly, “What did he mean, he has other uses for our mouths?”

He noticed Poppy and Tawney share a despairing look before Poppy said, “Not sure. Perhaps he means to get a bit between your lips.”

Thomas was satisfied with that response but found it odd when Tawney looked away from him and giggled.

A few steps later, Tawny leaned in close to Thomas and said, “I bet you can’t wait for your first lessons. Oh my God, don’t the pony girls look something else! I can’t wait to be like them.”

And Tawny maintained a barrage of such nonsense as they walked down the side of the stalls to the end of the units. Here the space opened up on to a massive area of running tracks, frames and pathways. that disappeared around the back of the stalls. Thomas could see wide open doors onto grassland at the rear where even more pony girls were to be seen.

The stables were massive! Pony girls pranced around a variety of tracks and courses under the watchful eyes of the dominants.

“Oh my God! It’s amazing!” Tawny said.

Without stopping, Poppy giggled. “It’s all amazing. When you are allowed into the Manor, you’ll see sights that will make you pussy run like a river.”

How vulgar Thomas thought, but the dumb arsed Tawny giggled. A complete airhead slut, Thomas thought.

Thomas had noticed that the men with the whips, canes and leashes would take in Tawny as they passed by, which wasn’t surprising. What was surprising, disconcerting even, was that they eyed up Thomas as well, making him feel deeply uneasy. They needed to know he wasn’t a girl.

So he was relieved to enter through a pair of swing doors into the welcome safety of the cafe. It was the size of a dining hall at school, with a serving area at one end, attended by maids. There were various tables, around which sat some pony girls, usually eating fruit or salads. It reminded Thomas of a works canteen.

Around the room there were cupboards and pictures of pony girls, including a few being caned!

“Ok, you two noobs,” Poppy said, “Sit here.”

Already sat at the table were two pony girls, one with a pink plume and the other with a fiery orange plume. The two ‘noobs’ took their places opposite.

Poppy said to the experienced pony girls, “First day for both of them. Neither have their own tails.”

Thomas noticed that the orange plume girl had the name Orchard on her collar screen whilst the pink plumed girl was called Dusty. Dusty’s hair was black and Orchard’s ginger, as if trying to match her plume. Their faces were identically made up, with pink lips and dark eyeshadow.

Thomas felt an ache of humiliation in his tummy as he realised that the three pony girls and Poppy, the male maid, had the same make up as he. He also realised it made his groin feel the buzz of excitement. When he was safely back at home he would try and emulate the make up for himself.

“I’ll grab them later,” Poppy said. “If you want to give them any pointers then do so.” She glanced at Thomas, “Especially to Lacy! If she doesn’t wise up soon, she’s not going to sit down for a week.”

Tawny sat down, in that delicate way women do, while Thomas wanted to assert his independence so sat down very slowly.

A maid brought them a couple of plates of salad, including raw vegetables, and set them before the girl’s with cutlery.

The Orange plumed girl called Orchard said, “They won’t let you have oil with your salads until your weight’s down to what they want.”

“But don’t worry,” Dusty said with a  smile, “You’ll soon do it.”

Tawney giggled, “Well I could do with losing a few pounds!”

Orchard said, “Oh my, you’ll do that with your training here. No problem at all!”

Tawny started on her salad, “have you got your tails?”

Dusty laughed. “Everyone wins their tail. Don’t worry. Even if it takes five days!”

Tawny was shocked. “Five days! Oh no. I want my tail today. So I can show it off to my master.”

Dusty said, “Some girls take a few days to pass the opening exams. We’re all different.” She looked to Thomas studying the name on his collar. “Aw, Lacy, what a pretty name. I bet you can’t wait for your tail too.”

This was just ridiculous!

Thomas raised his eyebrows and spoke slowly for the benefit of the idiots with whom he found himself, “I’ve been trying to explain to everyone, and no one is listening, that this is all a mistake! This should be my wife sitting here in this outfit. I should be in the Manor training to be a dom!”

The two experienced ponies took a sly, eyebrow raised glance at each other and carried on eating.

Thomas set about his salad, there was clearly no point in trying to explain the situation to these dumb bitches!

After a moment in which the four ponies ate in awkward silence, Tawny said, “Those tails. I mean sorry to keep going on, but I can’t wait for mine. Do they hurt? I mean when they plug them in?”

Orchard and Dusty laughed.

Dusty said, “They do it gently at the first ceremony. But you get so used to them that you feel empty when they’ve been pulled out.”

Orchard leaned close to the two noobs, and said quietly, “Like when a big cock pulls out and you need more of it. You know, that empty feeling?”

The girls laughed and Thomas tried to make out he wasn’t with these vulgar sluts.

Tawny said, “Oh I know all about that. My owner has a got a good sized one. Don’t you ache for more when they pull it out?”

Orchard only managed to say “Always …”

… when Thomas interrupted. “Wait. You said ceremony? Tail ceremony?”

“Oh yes,” Dusty said eagerly. “Every time a pony girl wins a tail it’s a big deal. You’re up on stage, and everyone’s there. And you’re bent over. Then your owner inserts your tail. And wow! You’ll cum like a train. It’s so delicious and humiliating and you feel broken and owned, all at the same time.”

Tawny squealed, “Oh my God, I so want that!”

Orchard said, “It feels so final. You know? Like with the collars and the chastity. Only the owners can remove them. You- are –owned!”

“You have chastity devices?” Thomas asked, shocked.

Dusty said, “Of course. We can only play with their pussies,” she emphasised ‘their’ while performing rabbit ear quotes in the air, “when ‘they’ say so.”

Orchard said to Thomas, as if asking the time, “They’ve locked you up haven’t they?”

Blushing, Thomas busied himself with his salad, not wishing to share anything more with these girls. It was so demeaning.

Tawny sucked in a hug mouthful of air, “Oh. Owned. Broken. Theirs! Oh My God! I want that! I’ll work so hard at my lessons! I never want to remove the collar or tail.”

Thomas needed to correct the stupid girls. “I understand that the collar and chastity can’t be removed, but you can take the tail out when you want, surely!”

Dusty appeared confused, “Lacy? They have explained about the tail, haven’t they?”

Seeing Thomas’ puzzled face, Orchard tapped his hand affectionately, “Look I’ll show you.”

She went to a cupboard and returned with a horse’s tail attached to a thin metal butt plug.

Tawny gasped while Thomas knew there was no way that butt plug was going inside him. It was fine for these air head sluts, but he’d hardly want it inside his own anus. Maybe he’d buy one so that he could play with it in his bedroom at home while wanking, and obviously when alone. It would be so humiliating if others knew he played with butt plugs.

“So,” Orchard said, “at the climax of the ceremony, your owner bends you over, inserts some lube, and then pushes this home.”

Tawny laughed, “I’d cum on the spot.”

Dusty laughed, “All pony girls do. And the Doms think it’s hilarious. Calling us sluts and everything. And we’re like, yeh? And? So?”

The three girls giggled while Thomas shook his head.

Tawny said, “I so much want my Master to know that I am his slut!”

Orchard said, “Watch this.”

She flipped away the hair from the base of the tail, revealing a small key pushed into it. She turned it fully clockwise and the butt plug fanned open.

Tawny leaned closer. “Oh my fucking God.”

“Yes,” Orchard grinned, but keep watching.

She continued to turn the key and the inner butt plug carried on expanding outwards like a hand opening up.

“Then your owner removes the key,” she pulled out the key, “and hey, what do you know? We cannot pull the tail out.”

The three girls laughed, while Thomas was horrified. He imagined the humiliation of having the tail stuffed inside him so that he could never remove it yet he pumped out more semen into his cage. Oh for heaven’s sake. That was such a hot bondage idea!

Tawny slapped her hands to her face. “I just want that inside me right now!”

Orchard and Dusty laughed.

“You’ll never forget your first ceremony,” Dusty said.

Orchard added, “And just think, all the guys will know you have it rammed up your arse and cannot take it out. Their dicks are on fire. They won’t be able to leave you alone.”

Tawny shook her blonde rings around her cheek, barely able to speak. “I am going to have a permanent orgasm here!”

Dusty smiled. “That’s the idea. With us permanently aroused we are more submissive and in need! Especially as we can’t give ourselves a pussy orgasm, as it’s locked away.”

Thomas needed to go to a bathroom and just try and rub himself to orgasm despite his caged dick.

Orchard nodded at Thomas, and said, “I think our dom friend is enjoying the idea too!”

The girls giggled with flushed cheeks at Thomas’ discomfort.

“No!” Thomas said, “Not all.”

He spoke so breathlessly that the other three girls just laughed louder at him.

Dusty patted his arm again. “Oh, don’t worry, Lacy. You’ll love it. I know. We all do!”

Thomas saw the café door open and Poppy returning but two tall men were with her, each with a riding crop. As they approached Thomas’ table, so he felt his tummy groan with fear as if electricity was tingling inside him.

One of the guys was the ghastly bully who had whipped his thighs! Thomas couldn’t look him in the eye and finished the last of his salad.

Poppy stopped at their table and said to the two powerful men, “Here are the noobs, Lacy and Tawny, which you, Sir,” she smiled at Thomas’ tormentor, “have met and already disciplined one of them!”

Tawney looked at Thomas for a reaction and suddenly Thomas realised that the other two pony girls were staring at him with amusement.


 With that Poppy turned on her heels and wiggled away, calling back, “Have fun Sirs.”

Thomas was close to fainting. It was all he could to remain in his seat and not slide under the table with mind numbing shame.

Then he realised this was chance to make clear the problem!

He cleared his throat ready to explain to them how he was dominant and that it should be his wife sitting here awaiting training. After all these dominant guys wouldn’t be as dumb as the pony girls, so they would listen to him.

Thomas’ freedom was in sight!


8 thoughts on “Pony Trap Chapter Six by Deborah Ford

  1. This was a good chapter, though not quite what I was expecting. I certainly didn’t expect to see four ponygirls sitting at a table eating a salad lunch. Of course Thomas/Lacy has to be unbitted so he can keep putting his foot in his mouth (or his hoof in his mouth?), but I trust when proper training starts (next chapter?), both Lacy and Tawny will be firmly bitted and with their arms restrained like proper pony girls.

    Tawny looks like being another of your wonderfully drawn characters, especially compare and contrast to Thomas/Lacy. Tawny is naive but enthusiastic, and at least she knows what she is and what she wants to be – “a slut for my master” – in contrast to Thomas in heavy denial about his own submissiveness. I hope btw that we will see at least one other sissy pony girl – unless either Orchard or Dusty is a sissy. I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

    A great laying of the groundwork for the ‘tailing ceremony’ – a future humiliation that Lacy will be able to think about. We all expect, don’t we, that Tawny will get her tail before Lacy does.
    Well done Deborah, please keep going 🙂

  2. Indeed, PL, in the next part Lacy will learn a lot more about the position of pony girls, not least how helpless they are when bound to a cart. And indeed yes we will meet another sissy very shortly.

    I think most guys would like Tawney! 😉

    Deborah Ford

  3. Yes, Tawny is quite delightful. She might be a bimbo, but she’s not stupid. (Just as Poppy might be a dumb maid, but ‘she’s’ not stupid either.) Thomas is the stupid one, and will be until as Lacy he learns better.

    Most guys would indeed like Tawny; apart from the ones who would like to *be* her!

  4. Ah yes, all true and indeed many of the readers of this web site would love to swap with Tawny … or indeed Thomas!

  5. I don’t know how you do it again and again, Miss Ford. Just utterly luscious and dreamy. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a fantastic 2023, Miss!

  6. This chapter is amazing! I have a salad fetish, so being in any of these lovelies places is totally a dream for me 🙂

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