Pony Trap Chapter Seven by Deborah Ford


Chapter 7


It may be a humbling shock to be attired as a pony girl and to be dragged through the inner stables on the end of a leash by man. It may worsen for Thomas as he sees himself approaching the open door at the rear of the stables, leading out on to the sweep of fields.

Yet worse was to come.

At that moment, only a few thoughts went through the mind of the sissy pony girl: one, that he did not want to be taken outside dressed in this corset, tights, high heeled boots and humiliating plume above his head. Two, that the dolt who was pulling him on the lead had set off at an easy pace for a man in flat shoes but made Thomas dash quickly with short steps because of the height of his heels. He needed to stop the man and explain to him that it was all an error, that really his wife was to be the pony girl here and he the master.

But the Mediterranean looking guy had warned Thomas to ‘keep his dumb mouth shut until spoken to’. Such rudeness was inevitable from the same person who had whipped his thighs earlier for some imaged misdemeanour.

Tawney, the dumb blonde pony, also on her first day, had been led away in the opposite direction leaving Thomas feeling alone, vulnerable and exposed. Obviously, Tawny was too much of a tramp and too stupid to engage in conversation but she was also on her first day, thus Thomas felt more comfortable with her around. Like having a friend on your first day of school. His last sight of Tawney was of her giving him a finger wiggling, girly wave as she wiggled sexily away.

And God she was sexy! Thomas’ dick was constantly aroused in its too tight, cruel chastity device.

Thankfully they stopped near the entrance to the fields, around which pony girls were led either in carts or alone by dominants.

At last Thomas could explain the error and get free to escape this despicable hell hole.

“Right,” the dark skinned man said, as if already impatient with Thomas, “You keep your mouth shut unless you are spoken to. You don’t move until you are told to do so. You don’t stop moving until ordered to do so. Got it?”

Thomas relaxed, “Yes, thank you. Now then, as I was trying to tell you earlier, only you wouldn’t listen …”

Thomas stopped speaking as the trainer’s dark eyes burnt into Thomas’s soul. Thomas stood, perched up on his heels, with his mouth hanging open feeling intimidated by the lout.

“You address me and all other male dominants as Sir. The only exceptions are guys who are your master’s and the Master of the Manor himself. Got that?”

“Well, yes, but I …”

The trainer leaned forward, offering his ear to Thomas.

“Oh yes!” Thomas suddenly realised what he was meant to add, “Sir. Yes, sir.” He giggled. “Like in the army. That’s what soldiers say …”

Abruptly, the trainer was speaking over him again, which Thomas found despicably discourteous, and would say so once the blunders had been cleared up.

“Dominant women are addressed as Miss at all times. The only exceptions are your Mistress, Mistress Indigo, and anyone she appoints as your Mistress.”

“Oh!” Thomas was shocked. “You mean she can have someone else be my mistress too?” He pursed his pink lipsticked lips together in thought. “I don’t think I like that. I mean …”

“Turn around so you are side on to me, Lacy.”

A little surprised at being addressed as Lacy, his pony name, Thomas stepped around slowly to comply.

The trainer took up the slack in the leash so it was taut between him and Thomas before flicking the cane at the pony’s buttocks.


Thomas swallowed and looked at the rude man, wondering if he was going to be beaten again.

“Cute arse, tramp,” the trainer said, almost to himself.

“Well, thank you,” Thomas said, “But I don’t think you should call me that horrible name. Tramps are …”

Two slices with the cane to his buttocks followed. Really painful stinging ones.

“Ouch!” Thomas gave the trainer the eye. “I am not sure that was really necessary!”

Two more cuts.

“Ouch! Stop. Please!”

“Back in place girl, and do not move from that position I put you in!”

Not wishing to receive any further punishment Thomas did so, sighing to display his irritation.

“Your first test, girl. So pay attention.”

Oh God. Thomas hated tests.

“Sir,” Thomas said, remembering to address the trainer in an appropriate manner, “I’m not very good at …”

Two more swift slaps, yet again to his increasingly sore buttocks.

Any wrong answers or undue hesitation and you get six slaps of the cane.”

Oh no! His backside was already stinging!

“Question one. How do you address a dominant male?”

The cane tapped at his buttocks making poor Thomas’ mind freeze solid. “Oh, Sir. Always Sir!” Then he thought longer. “But sometimes Master, when they are Masters.”

He glanced nervously at the trainer.

“Good girl, clever girl.”

“Oh, thank you!”

He liked being called good and clever, and if the foolish man had to use the word ‘girl’ then fine.

Two rapid slices to his buttocks had Thomas squealing.

“Oh, thank you?” The trainer asked as if Thomas was a child.

“Oh yes! Sir. I meant, thank you Sir!”

The trainer nodded but didn’t call him good or clever, which felt slightly depressing.

“How do you address dominant women?”

This was easy! “Sir, I call them Miss or Mistress.”

He took in the trainer hoping to be correct for the second time running.

The trainer nodded and said, “Good girl, clever girl.”

Thomas felt proud of himself. If only Izabella was here witnessing him being called good and clever. He always wanted to impress and please her.

“If you forget any of that, then I will deal with you,” the trainer said darkly.

“Yes, Sir, of course. Erm, may I say something now? It really is important …”

Whack- whack.

Thomas squealed, thinking the trainer could have just said something rather than beating him!

“Face me, Lacy.”

Turning to face the trainer forced Thomas to look straight into the eyes of the man who was holding him on a leash and beating him for no good reason at all. Thomas quickly lowered his eyes.

“Now, girl, have you ever been trained to walk on a leash?”

“Duh! No!” Thomas said, as if it was obvious, before smartly adding a “Sir.”

The man nodded as if expecting that answer.

“Even the dumbest of tramps soon learn how to be walked and you’ll carry these lessons forever. A dominant will quickly correct you if you get sloppy.”

“Sorry to interrupt,” Thomas said, again adding, “Sir. But I think isn’t it all too obvious how to walk on a leash. I mean, even dogs can do it.”

The man sighed, “You might be the dumbest tramp we have enrolled here. Puppies learn about being on a leash at puppy training school or with time spent with their owners.”

“Oh!” Thomas felt on the back foot. “I hadn’t thought of that, Sir.”

“So pay attention, something you clearly have a problem with.”

Thomas giggled at the put down.

 “You should always be two steps behind the dominant and one step either side. Clear?”

That seemed straight forward.

“Don’t ever dawdle. You’ll get pulled over and then your dominant will be angry with you.”

“Ok, Sir.”

“If you see you are approaching a corner be prepared to wheel around so that the leash doesn’t get caught on the corner of the wall. It sounds complicated but once you’ve walked into a wall once then you’ll never do it again.”

Thomas giggled, “I’m not that dumb Sir.”

The trainer didn’t appear too impressed. “Dominants like watching pony girls and maids walk ahead of them too. Your arses swinging away and under the command of a dominant is a thrilling sight to a dominant.”

Thomas blushed. Wow. What a thought that just by walking in front of a dominant he could arouse them.

“Ok. I’ll run through the leash instructions,” the instructor said matter of factly. “Perform them as ordered.”

Not understanding the question, he was about to ask for an explanation when the trainer sharply pulled the leash sharply.

“A yank towards from your dominant means you should approach them. A flick of the hand with the leash means you should move back two steps away.”

The trainer brought Thomas up embarrassingly close to him. Thomas hated standing this close to another man, his cheeks flushed and he stared away until he was dismissed back the statutory two steps.

“Downward yanks mean you drop to your knees. Never fight it.”

Feeling the pull downwards, Thomas knelt on the dusty surface of the interior of the training area.

“The leash yanked up, like this, pulls you to your feet,”

As he felt the leash lift his chin, so Thomas returned to his heels and awaited the commendation of a good girl or clever girl. There was none, which was a bit discouraging.

“A single tug means that you should follow.”

The trainer turned, jerked the leash before walking close to the wall of the stables, and Thomas briskly followed.

As they walked past a line of empty carts and chariots the trainer raised his hand.

“When you see your dominant lifts their hand, even slightly, then you stop. Immediately.”

Thomas did so, slightly late and almost walked into the trainer. Thomas quickly stepped backwards, resisting a giggle.

“When we lower the hand with the palm outwards, it means stay.”

Thomas nodded, “Yes Sir.”

After they rehearsed the practices a few times, the trainer tugged the leash bringing Thomas up so close to him Thomas could feel the heat from the muscular body of the trainer.

Close up, the trainers’ eyes burnt in an intimidating manner.

“Eventually, your Mistress will be able to take you shopping in the outside world without a leash. You will walk two steps behind and one step aside. You will watch her leash hand for any movement indicating what you should do and how you should perform.”

“Outside? You mean away from here?”

The crop slapped Thomas twice on his thigh.

He shrieked and added, “Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

“Don’t worry about the outside world yet, girl. You have enough to learn while you are here. No girl of mine has ever not won her tail in the first two days. So don’t you be the exception! Got it?”

Thomas felt a little cowed by the man who held his leash, but was forced to point out, “Yes Sir. I am sure that is an excellent record. But you see, I won’t be winning, as you put it, a tail. This is all a colossal mistake and ..”

Yet again two sharp strokes of the cane, this time on the opposite thigh silenced Thomas.

God it was so unfair!

Thomas frowned.

The trainer laughed, and his manner softened. “Fuck! You look so fucking cute when you pout!”

Thomas’ eyes opened wide. “Do I Sir? Aw, thank you.”

He then giggled making himself feel a little foolish but was glad that the trainer smiled warmly at him.

It was then that a mobile rang in the pocket of the trainer. He snatched it out and frowned when he saw the name on the screen. Nevertheless, he answered it while unwinding the leash so he could walk away from the pony.

“Ah Miss Indigo”, he said.

Thomas gasped. Miss Indigo, his wife, Izabella! At last! The mistake was now known, and he would soon be free. Though obviously he would ask to buy this outfit and try it on in his bedroom when Izabella was at work. It was too hot to leave at this place.

The trainer continued, “well, it’s her first lesson. I’m not sure she’s ready yet. These dumb ponies often need a full day just for the basics.”

The trainer stopped talking  and Thomas leaned forward, urgently trying to hear more of the conversation but not daring to move from the spot in which he had been placed.

“Ok, Miss Indigo, if that’s what you want. Then I’ll arrange it for you and your pony. Yes. Good to speak too and see you in a short while.”

The trainer stood in pensive thought for a moment before wandering back winding the leash around his palm as he did so.

“Aw Sir. I’m sorry it’s turned out like this,” Thomas said softly. “I know it must be disappointing for you to have wasted your time training me like this. But I did try to tell you I wasn’t the one meant to be a pony.”

The trainer’s eyes narrowed angrily, “I haven’t a clue what you airheads go on about sometimes. You speak a language only other dumb tramps can understand.” He pulled back his thick shoulders. “Right. Listen up!”

Thomas found himself standing to attention on his high heels.

“Yes Sir.”

“Your owner wants to see you being put through your paces. Fuck!” He looked away at a cart being pulled by two hot pony girls passing the main entrance. He glared back so hard at Thomas that Thomas stepped backwards feeling the leash grow tight and holding him in place.

“Sir, er, didn’t she mention the mistake and how …”

“Your owner will be here in five minutes and expecting a show from you!”

“What? That’s terrible! No, no!”

The trainer shook his head and glowered at the ground for a moment then burst into life.

“Ok, pony. You need to learn one more trick. Quickly! Stand side on to me.”

“But Sir, you must explain to my wife …”

The cane twice dug hard into the back of Thomas’ thighs making him squeal.

“Ok, explain to my owner. Whatever.”

Two more quick slices.

Thomas yowled, adding, “Sir.”

“Now turn side on and start trotting on the sport!”

Feeling the burning up the back of his legs Thomas quickly complied. When the error was realised, this stupid oaf would pay for these horrible beatings.

“Put both hands up to your shoulders, with palms facing away. And keep them there!”

Thomas complied quickly, wishing to avoid further punishment, raising his open hands as close to his shoulders as possible.

“Get your knees up higher, sissy! Your thighs should be parallel with the ground!”

Thomas raised his legs a little higher, as two pony girls strolled past, gossiping. They elbowed each other and giggled at his attempts.

Oh God. How he hated being shouted at with girls all around him to witness his mortification.

If only this sadistic buffoon knew how hard to is to march on the spot in heels!

“Higher girl!”

The cane splatted to the underside of Thomas’ thighs encouraging him to maintain the precise movement with his knees coming up as high as his groin.

The trainer released some of the leash and said, “Now march in a circle around me, keeping those thighs high!”

Thomas set off on his humiliating passage of trotting around the shouting trainer.

“Back straight, bitch! Don’t let me tell you again!”

Thomas straightened his back, listening to the gentle jingling of the bells around his head.

“Chin up! Chin up!”

This was intolerable but he complied quickly.

Thomas had already completed one circuit of the fierce trainer with the threat of the cane on the underside of his rising thighs when the trainer said, “Trot quicker!”

Thomas quickened his pace.

It was only at that moment that Thomas realised he was mimicking the movements he had seen from some of the other pony girls when they trotted past. They looked so sexy with their heads held high, as if proud of their sexuality, their thighs exposed above their high heeled boots, as they trooped before the amused and aroused dominants. Others trotted past with smaller steps, as if not so much on display.


Thomas came to an abrupt halt. He felt a tug on the leash, and he reluctantly approached the trainer as commanded by the leash movements.

“Ok. You did all right.” The trainer dug in his pocket and pulled out a piece of apple from a polyethene  bag there. He fed it to the shocked Thomas, who nevertheless accepted and ate it.

Not sure whether or not he should lower his hands from his shoulders, Thomas remained bolt upright as the trainer fed him another piece of apple.

“Practice will help girl,” the trainer said thoughtfully, as he pressed a third piece into the pony’s mouth. “We need to work on your wiggle. Just keep your shoulders straight and still, and let your feet move one in front of each other as you walk. The wiggle will come naturally. When you win your tail, it will flick back and fore as you walk.”

“Yes Sir,” Thomas said, swallowing the last piece of apple. “But Sir, erm,” Thomas glanced away from the intimidating, fiery dark eyes of the trainer, “Sir, it will be too humiliating for my owner to see me like this. I mean parading around at your commands.”

Suddenly there were tears dampening his eyes. Using telepathy, Thomas pleaded for mercy from the trainer.

“Lacy, babe,” the trainer cupped  hand under the distressed pony’s chin. “I want you to be a brave, sissy pony for me.”

“But Sir, if she sees me prancing about like this …”

Thomas started to blub.

“It’s worse, babes, and I really feel for you. The Master will be coming with her. And I am telling you this now. He will want you to fail so he can punish you before your owner and then make her want to fuck him even more!”

Fuck him? As if Izabella would do that! But a bitter ache grew in Thomas’s tummy, before floating up through his gullet to his mouth. Suddenly he was terrified. The situation was totally out of his control. He was a helpless performing pony girl at the mercy of whoever gave him a command.

Here he was, helpless, being trained as a pony girl with a brutal, rude trainer, who could sometimes be soooo sweet to him, and his wife was about to come down and witness his humiliation.

“Sir, I don’t feel well.”

“Too late babes,” the trainer said sympathetically, “Look they are coming.”

A shocked Thomas turned to see the woman who was once his wife, and now his owner, coming gleefully towards him on the end of the leash hauled by the terrifying man known only as The Master.

This couldn’t be happening!



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  1. Oh, Thomas is a slow learner, isn’t he? A bit similkar in that regard to Daniel from ‘Property of Harding’. So will ‘Lacy’ screw up in front of ‘her’ owner, ‘Miss Indigo’? We shall find out very shortly. And will Lacy really get her tail within two days? We shall see; we’re all looking forward to seeing the ceremony, aren’t we?

  2. I am sure the experienced trainers of the Manor will guide even the dumbest of pony girls through to winning their tails … though Thomas could be a challenge!

  3. His wife “gleefully coming towards him on the end of a leash”? Oh my! She wasn’t leashed last time. Is Master tightening his control over her? Does she know?

  4. Well Thomas is a sissy pony … so every sissy is slower learner … coz they need to forced them to sissy-hood with punishment that is what they want and miss Ford always take care of this thing. Thanks Miss FORD *curtsy*
    We all waiting for next part.
    Thank-you for new story on different concept. You can do more experiment on more different concept few example
    1.Two friends forded to become sissy husband by wife’s Same time or togather.

    2. Father and Son as a sissy by new wife(of father) and step mother.

    3. Father(-in-law) and Son-in law as sissy by mother(in-law) and daughter(wife of son-in-law)

    And some more different corporal punishment .

    We all here for support and genuine and true view for every story.

  5. Quite right, Arvi. Sissies are slow learners hence why spanking was invented.

    Yes, Pony Trap is a diversion into a new territory for me, and proving quite popular.

    And thank you for the ideas!

    Deborah Ford

  6. Thankyou “curtsy” for liking my IDEA tell me which one excite to write you then other.

    Well you all ready very popular … but yes we all like veracity so do some more experiment with your writing topic . I mean add more item in your menu but keep old and great taste in the menu list always.

    WOW ! “Sissies are slow learners hence why spanking was invented” These type line excite me to know what more invent for sissy maid.

    Thankyou for you valuable time and great stores.

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