Pony Trap Chapter Eight by Deborah Ford

Chapter 8 





Life protects us when faced with overwhelming fear and horror. The brain says: this isn’t happening, allowing the victim an opportunity to deal with life by blanking out the awful parts.

Shrinks unkindly call it denial.

So Thomas was overwhelmed with a sense of being trapped in a nightmare. He wasn’t really dressed as a pony girl, with an absurdly small chastity device, black tights, knee length high heeled boots and a crushing corset. Nor was there an indigo coloured plume strapped to his head by a horse’s bridle that had bells to gently sing when he moved.

He could also dismiss the taut, leather leash running from his electronic collar to an impatient trainer who whipped him with a cane whenever his performance was unsatisfactory.

All part of a terrifying dream.

Moreover, now that he enveloped himself in the idea of a nightmare, he could ignore the ignominy of his cheerful, blonde wife heading towards him wearing her Mistress uniform of light coloured jodhpurs, knee high boots, trim white blouse and the ludicrous top hat.  He could therefore disregard the humbling sight of his wife being on the end of a leash, held by the scary Master who ran the Manor, to whom everyone appeared to be in awe.

“Lacy!” Izabella squealed as she got closer.

Aargh. It wasn’t a nightmare. It was actually happening right before him.

The Master laughed and tugged her back on the leash. “Heel, girl. Heel!”

How dare the horrible man say that to his wife!

Izabella giggled and slowed until she was walking alongside The Master.

“Lacy, you look fantastic,” she enthused as she stopped before her wonderfully attired husband.

Thomas could not recall when she had been so enthusiastically happy.

“Thank you,” he said, before an inquiring look from his trainer ensured he added, “Mistress.”

His wife took hold of his bare arms and looked him up and down. “Wow. I’ve never seen you with make up before.” She narrowed her eyes taking it in, “But it works!”

“Erm, thank you Mistress.” Thomas cleared his throat, “Have you mentioned to the Master about the mistake. You know, that I should be …”

Laughing, she pressed a finger to his nose.

“Oh now don’t spoil it all by talking out of turn. Silly pony girl.”

Izabella turned to the dark man standing beside her.

“Oh Master, please may I play with my pony girl? See if she performs?”

The Master shrugged and released the leash from her collar.

“Go easy on her. She’s not really been broken in yet,” he said, as if Thomas wasn’t within earshot.

As his wife took her husband’s own leash from his tetchy trainer, Thomas noticed the words on her collar had not changed: Mistress Indigo, owned by the Master.

God, Thomas thought, she would hate that. She hated being dominated when they played at home, far preferring to be the dominant, controlling one in their games.

She coiled the leash about her hand a few times and closed her eyes as if summoning courage. As she opened them, she tugged down on the leash.

Thomas felt his head yanked towards his feet and immediately collapsed to his knees before his wife.

“Oh my God!” Izabella shouted. She turned to the Master, “Master, it works! Just like you showed me.”

From his viewpoint of being on his knees, he could hear high heels passing at a trot behind him, as life continued in the stable areas of The Manor. But for now his concentration was fixed wholly on the leash holder: his wife!

She tugged upwards and he rose smartly to his heels.

Izabella’s eyes were wide with wonder.

“It’s so hot!”

Twice more she took her pony down to his knees and then back up to his heels, each time grinning like a child at Christmas.

She pulled back her shoulders, as if to steady herself.

“Ok, Lacy. Let us see you marching on the spot. And,” she narrowed her eyes with purpose, “keep those knees up!”

As he had practiced earlier, Thomas trotted with knees rising up to being parallel with the ground.

The trainer said, “Hands girl!”

Oh! Thomas immediately pulled the back of his hands as close to his shoulders as he could. He was determined to keep them there so that the trainer wouldn’t slash the back of his thighs in front of his own wife.

Izabella’s tongue spat out between her own smiling pink lips as she walked forwards, head high, giving the leash a sharp tug.

As drilled, Thomas marched behind her, his knees rising up to his belly button with each step.

A gobsmacked Izabella kept looking back at her pony with wonderment. This was her pony! Her toy! All hers!

“Right, just walking now!” She walked towards Thomas and then passed him again yanking on the leash to drag him in the opposite direction.

Thomas followed obediently looking away from the grinning men watching him being put through his pony paces by his own wife.

Izabella stopped dead, Thomas immediately did so too, keeping the required two paces behind.

Izabella looked to her Master, brimming with excitement. “Master. That is brilliant. Shall I reward my pony with a treat?”

The Master laughed, “Lacy is your pony. You decide.”

Giggling, Izabella stepped up to Thomas and gave him a light hug with a kiss on the cheek, the way girls greet each other.

“Here,” she said, taking a piece of apple from a bag in her pocket and popping it into Thomas’ mouth.

As Thomas chewed mindlessly on his piece of apple, he was wondering how to remind his wife to point out the awful error. It should be him as the dominant and her in this sexy pony girl outfit on the end of his leash.

She smiled softly, and once again kissed him on the nose.

“You’re so fucking cute! That getup, the boots, the corset! All of it. You look stunning.”

When before had his wife been this excited?

Thomas’ trainer said, “What do you say pony?”

Thomas swallowed the last part of his apple and said, “Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.”

Izabella pouted and twisted around quickly to look at her Master.

“Master, she doesn’t sound like the other ponies!”

Thomas’ trainer interjected, “Don’t worry. Voice lessons will be later today and tomorrow morning.”

Izabella looked back at Lacy with uncertainty. “I don’t think she’ll ever sound as nice as those pony girls I’ve been training with.”

The instructor smiled warmly. “Don’t worry. That’s our department. She’s only just begun her lessons.”

She nodded thoughtfully, perhaps still not believing that her pony will sound like the other ponies after only a few lessons.

Finally, she said, “Ok,” as if accepting the promise.

She removed the leash from Thomas’ neck, but rather than Thomas feeling free he suddenly felt lost. What should he do. Was he allowed to walk away? Or move at all?

Thomas was learning the emptiness a pony feels when unleashed or released, even temporarily by its owner. It is far easier being under the command of a dominant as the pony always knows what it should be doing.

“Pony!” Izabella announced loudly. “Walk away from me and then come back.”

What? Thomas was bewildered, why should he do that?

“Yes Mistress.”

He walked away wanting to glance back over his shoulder to ensure he was complying properly. What if he had misheard the instruction?

After a moment, he turned on his heeled boots and marched back, his eyes fixed on his Mistress to ensure he was fulfilling her instructions as she wanted.


Thomas stopped in his tracks on his wife’s command and worry filled his senses. He could tell she was unsatisfied with his performance. Would he be punished?

“Master,” she said, like a little girl who has not received a birthday present, “Her tail doesn’t wag like the pony girls I trained with this morning.”

The Master was sympathetic. “Again, it is all part of the training. Ponies are not known for their ability to learn quickly. That’s why we needed your permission for Lacy’s trainer to beat her when appropriate.”

The trainer added, “Walking is what we were working on when you called me. Also, after the ceremony, when she has a real tail, a wiggle will be part of her movements. It will be second nature to her.”

The Master laughed, “Wait till you have a barbecue at home. Get his friends around. Even without the pony rig on, or even the maid’s outfit, when your boy will be wiggling around always eager to serve your guests. Honestly. You’ll love it. It is hilarious.”

Thomas bristled so much his bells gently rang. If that idiot thought he would be used as entertainment at a party in his home, then the Master was dumber than Thomas had thought him!

Yet … and yet … between his legs, his little dick twitched in its cage making him feel damp and uncomfortable between the legs. There was something mind numbingly hot about being humiliated like that. In front of people he knew. Being under the control of others.

Fantasy should always stay fantasy, he decided. What was being proposed was so scary that Thomas knew it was only being said to frighten him.

Again, his mind sought refuge in thoughts that mitigated the events about him. It still could be a dream.

“Miss Indigo.”

Thomas and Izabella turned to see a ravishing woman with dark hair under her short top hat, tugging along a delightfully sexy, very tall pony girl. Even with out her heeled boots, Thomas felt she would rise to well over six foot.

The attractive pony was blonde and wore a plume of fiery red as she was guided closer by the leash to her mistress. Thomas could read the words on the girl’s screen embedded in her collar: Honey, owned by Miss Ruby.

The dark haired mistress, Miss Ruby, embraced Izabella and they French kissed each other’s cheeks.

Miss Ruby said, “I got The Master’s call and came as soon as I could.”

Izabella blushed slightly. “Aw. So grateful. My pony is like so new!”

Miss Ruby ogled Thomas from heels to his indigo plume, making him feel self-conscious.

“Well now,” Miss Ruby said, “Isn’t she adorable!”

Izabella giggled. “You’ll have to get in line, Miss Olive and Miss Khaki have put down their names to play with her once she has won her tail.”

Thomas felt himself spurt in his chastity cage. He wasn’t going to get that damned tail, he would make sure of that, but was excited at the thought.

The Master said, “That’s what we want your Honey to do. Tell Lacy all about the tail when a girl is naughty.”

Everyone seemed to find that hysterically funny, save for the bewildered Thomas. Honey, the tall pony, simply smiled blankly ahead.

Izabella approached Thomas and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“Miss Ruby here has kindly allowed her pony to have a sorta welcoming chat with you.”

“Erm, Mistress, I …”

“Hush now,” Izabella said. “Honey is just like you. A silly, air head sissy.”

A sissy!

Thomas took in the girl’s curves and demeanour. She looked just like a genuine pony girl.

Izabella continued, “And she wants to share with you a little adventure she had.” She smiled at the pony called Honey, “Don’t you girl?”

Honey’s needy smile never wavered, “Yes Miss.”

Thomas wanted to protest but the sight of his trainer with the cane withered away any attempt to speak out of turn.

The Master re-leashed Izabella who smiled adoringly at him as she heard the link clunk home.

The Master said, “So Honey, be a good girl and take Lacy here for a light bite to eat in the pony’s canteen. Tell her all about your, er, adventure.”

“Yes Master,” Honey smiled.

Honey approached Thomas to tower over him, even though there were only a few inches difference. Perhaps it was the confidence of Honey’s confident deportment, but somehow Thomas felt in awe of the more experienced pony girl – who, he had just learnt, was actually a guy like him!

“Well, come on then,” Honey said impatiently.

Everyone laughed and Thomas winced at being dominated by a mere pony girl.

Thomas was struck by the fact that her voice so was so feminine. No one would know she wasn’t a girl.

Honey set off with an enchanting wiggle that was so pronounced her tail flicked back and fore as she walked.

Thomas quickly set off behind her, as he heard the trainer call out to him: “One foot before the other, Lacy. Make sure your hips wiggle!”

“Yes Sir,” Thomas called back, trying to comply with the instruction but finding his gait to be too awkward for words.

Again, laughter from the two men and the two mistresses.

Suddenly Thomas was intrigued. What was this ‘adventure’ that the Master mentioned? Now he was desperate to get to the pony canteen and listen to this gorgeous pony’s story.

3 thoughts on “Pony Trap Chapter Eight by Deborah Ford

  1. Kandi says: Wonderful! Thank you so much, Deborah, for introducing another sissy ponygirl. Both PL and I are as eager to hear Honey’s story as Thomas/Lacy is! I expect her story will be a learning experience for Lacy, and p’raps a warning too.
    Oh, thanks also for the cool pictures you’re giving us for each chapter.
    Kandi xxx

    1. And thank you and Kandi.

      Ah yes, I am afraid Honey’s story may prove as a warning to any errant naughty sissy.

  2. new pony hoeny sharing her adventure with lacy great Idea…. let’s see what’s coming hoeny store how she become pony or more training for lacy or more pony intro or her wife’s training … i meaning many thing come into mind so i am confuse like always a sissy confused when she have to think.

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