Pony Trap by Deborah Ford Chapter 9



Pony Trap by Deborah Ford

Chapter 9


Honey proved a pain in the arse as he and Thomas made their way back to the café within the stables. They were both attired in exactly the same pony girl outfit, of tight leather corset, thigh length, high heeled boots with colourful plumes attached to their heads by the bridle around their faces.

Honey seemed most put out at having to reveal Thomas the traumatic story that she had been ordered to share with Thomas.

“My Mistress, Miss Ruby,” Honey grumbled, “is trying on lingerie this afternoon. And I am here stuck with you!”

Thomas just had time to utter a quick, “Sorry”, before he realised how feminine was Honey’s voice. Soft and breathy, a little Marilyn Monroe.

As they entered the small dining hall, so Honey greeted two pony girls who were leaving by jabbing  her thumb at Thomas and saying, “Noob! And I’m stuck with her!”

One of the pony girls gave Thomas a delightfully sympathetic pout, saying, “Aw. Your first day?”

“Yes.” Thomas replied quickly, grateful for understanding from a fellow pony girl.

The Pony girl giggled, leaned in close and whispered, “Get Honey to tell you about her first week!”

Then the two pony girls giggled at each other.

Honey’s shoulders dropped. “That is what I’ve been ordered to do! Yet again! Every noob has to hear my story.”

Still laughing the two pony girls wiggled out, and Thomas once again took in their amazing rears with the butt plugged tail rammed deep into their bottoms. His own tail simply tied to his waist by a belt seemed like an apology of a tail. He felt a little ashamed of it, wishing he could have the butt plug tail of all the other pony girls.

He wondered what it would be like to have one of those tails locked inside his backside. Yet again his dick expanded in its confines and pumped a little semen helplessly through his tiny chastity cage and onto his leather corset.

They sat at a table in a corner away from other pony girls and across the room from the windows looking out onto the now busy fields. Pony girls, carts and dominants were very active now. Thomas wondered how many people were present at The Manor. More than a hundred maybe?

A pretty little maid brought them two plates of salad and fruit, and another added a jug of water and two glasses of fruit juice.

As Thomas hungrily nibbled at his salad, he noticed Honey close her eyes and wiggle on her seat. A benign smile emerged on her pink lips.

“Are you all right?” a concerned Thomas asked.

Opening her eyes, Honey’s smile fell away for a moment. “You’ll soon learn. The damned pony tail butt plugs for sissies have an extra moulding to tap at our prostrate. It is a bit different to the one the real girls have.”

She wiggled again, placing both hands on the table and moaned. “Oh my fucking God.”

Suddenly her eyes flashed open at Thomas, “Don’t you dare tell Miss Ruby I swore. I’m not allowed to swear. I couldn’t help it. This silly butt plug …” She shifted her hips and emitted a low guttural sound.

She then shuffled backwards to say with relief, “Ah that’s better.”

Poor Thomas’s mind raced. “But Honey, does that mean that every time you sit down it makes you aroused?”

Rolling her eyes she said, “When you sit down, when you walk, when you run.” She lowered her voice as if sharing a confidence. “Sometimes when you are just standing there. Doing nothing!”

“That’s dreadful,” Thomas said, wondering how it feels to be constantly made horny without even wanting it or trying to make it happen. Wow. It would make him feel so helpless!

“The guys are worse than the Mistresses,” Honey kept her voice low, as if fearful about being overheard. “They damn well know you are sooo mindlessly hot. It makes us more submissive. More compliant. They think it’s hysterical.” She paused looking into the distance. “Well, I guess it is really.”

“Oh no,” Thomas said, pretending to be aghast. “That is just so awful”

“Of course the Mistresses love it too. Knowing we are always in a state of sexual need which we cannot satisfy because we are locked up down below.”

Honey started shifting on her seat, her eyes closing with inward pleasure. She dropped a hand between her legs and squeezed her hose covered thighs together around her fingers.

Her eyes flashed open, big and round and she shuffled around.

“If you arch your back when sitting then it pushes out your bottom and puts less pressure on the plug. Of course the dominants love that. It looks like we’re posing by pushing out our backsides and tits. They think we’re behaving like sluts.” She sighed. “You can’t win.”

“Dreadful,” Thomas said, eating mindlessly as he was learning about the erotic predicaments of being a pony girl. Maybe he should stay at the stables for a bit longer. Experience the permanent arousal for himself.

“Okey,” Honey nibbled at some tomato slices and seemed to reach a decision. “Right. I hate telling the sissy noobs this story, but all the dominants think it’s hilarious.” She pulled a face, “and some of the pony girls too!”

“What happened, Honey?” Now Thomas was desperate to know the nature of Honey’s devastating experiences that she had been ordered to share.

“Well!” She flapped her palms in a girly way, her voice remaining feminine and sweet, “we had this Bull guy. I mean, me and my wife. We had done the cuck stuff for a few years. A dominant man who would shag my wife while I dressed as a maid.” She paused. “It’s a fetish,” she added as an explanation.

Thomas played innocent, “Is it?”

“Then we found this really dominant guy. A real Bull. He put is both in our place!”

Oh God, so hot, Thomas thought. “What did he do?”

“Stuff, you know. Stuff. Anyway, so Mistress always loved it when our new Bull made me look foolish in some way. Or spanked me!” Suddenly Honey looked out of the windows at on the far side of the café with narrow angry eyes. “Or send me to bed early! But Mistress loved it.” Honey came back from her reverie, “Anyway the Bull set a trap for me, and I was so dumb I fell for it! He told me that he and I should conspire to bring Mistress to the Manor and train her to be a pony girl. He showed me all sort of videos and pictures, and God, it looked erotic. Like fetish heaven. Those stunning girls in their pony outfits. So, like a lemon, I says yes, and I even help plan it.”

Thomas finds himself pushing his own nylon covered thighs together with arousal. Shit, this was incredibly hot. He and Izabella had a few dominant guys around, but they had only rarely got so far as to let him dress up as a maid when they were shagging. Honey’s Bull sounded like a fantasy come true.

“So,” Honey continued, “when we get here, I find it’s me being dressed as a pony girl.” She paused. “To this day, I don’t know how I let it happen.”

Thomas nodded. He understood only too well, not that he fully understood how he let them bully him into dressing like this.

Honey was now talking not so much to Thomas as to herself. “Of course I’m pissed off. Humiliated. Under the thumb of every dominant here, whilst Mistress trains to be a fully qualified Mistress.”

Trained? Thomas gasped. That was what the Master had said, and Izabella mentioned her training. Could Izabella be on a course to become a competent Mistress? Na, Thomas smiled with relief. She hated being dominant and only did it reluctantly in the bedroom when Thomas begged for her to do so.

Thomas  froze with a long slice of cucumber touching his lips. On the other hand, his wife had taken charge of him so effortlessly. As naturally as had the terrifying duo of Miss Olive and Miss Khaki.

“What do they teach the wives here?” Thomas asked. “I mean to make them become Mistresses?”

“Oh,” Honey said, surprised by the question. “We pony girls aren’t told that. All I know is that Miss Ruby arrived here a little shy and uncertain and within a few days she was ordering me around as if I was a puppy. I felt compelled to obey her. Like some real confident Dominatrix you see in videos online.” She leaned closer and again lowered her voice, as if fearful someone might hear. “They like to keep us in ignorance. Makes us easier to control if we don’t know what’s going on.”

Thomas was both terrified and aroused. The level of helplessness of a pony girl at The Manor was a devastating turn on for him that melted away his previous resistance. He desperately wanted to experience more being a pony girl.

“Anyway,” Honey continued, “so I am pouting away. Especially after the tail ceremony. Oh my, my, my, that is so humiliating! So now I have this tail locked inside me and I can’t do anything about it. Anyway, this is the part you need to hear. It’s a sort of warning to noobs like you.”

Finding himself holding his breath, Thomas didn’t even dare eat so he could catch every word spoken as Honey went on with her tale.

“This was my downfall. I mean how was I to know that The Manor takes our submission so seriously? Mistress had just given our Bull a blow job in front of me. He always did that because she had never agreed to so anything like that for me. So dumb airhead me says, and oh, I should have kept my mouth shut, at least we’re leaving on Friday and then I can have this tail removed at last!”

That made sense to Thomas. Obviously the tail could not remain locked in place once they left The Manor.

“I should have known!” Honey sighed with real anguish. “They never let us get a win. Master didn’t say anything and nor did Mistress until we got to the Friday morning and she ordered me to pack our stuff. I was a little sad in a way to leave here. It is quite sexy being a pony girl, sort of empowering. Yeh, I know it sounds even more dumb. But anyway, we needed to get back to the real world.”

Thomas nodded but Honey was talking on, as if oblivious to Thomas’ presence.

“So I ask Miss Ruby where my clothes are, so I can pack them and get changed. Oh, you should have seen the cruel smile on her face! She showed me! They were girls’ clothes. A light blouse, and slacks, but girls’ tight slacks. And girls boots with a  low heel. And this enchanting white corset. And stockings with suspenders.”

“What did you do?” Thomas gushed.

For a moment Honey looked surprised, “I obeyed her of course. What else? Mistress unlocked the pony gear apart from the tail and had me put on the white corset and stockings and suspenders. So now I think I’m being really clever. I say to her, Mistress you’ll have to unlock my tail. So I can put on the panties and trousers.”

Honey fell silent, and Thomas couldn’t read the facial expression. She looked in part angry, yet in part aroused.

“That’s when I learn of their plan for me. The tail is stay locked in! So I say, well how can I put on the panties and trousers?” Closing her eyes with a defeated groan, Honey continues. “Mistress shows me how the panties and pants have a hole cut out at the centre of the rear. For the tail to pop through!”

Thomas felt his dick erupt in its chastity. If he could, he would tear apart the metallic chastity cage to cum freely.

“The Master of the Manor comes in and lectures me on never again trying to second guess anyone. Blah, blah he says. I am not allowed to dictate when a tail is removed! So I’m stuck there in girl’s clothes with my tail sticking out of the back. I had a wig in those days, before I grew my hair natural like this.”

Honey patted her thick blonde hair as if awaiting Thomas to admire it.

Thomas said, “It looks very pretty.”

“Thank you. One of the best parts of being a pony girl is that they make you look really feminine. Anyway so I drop to my knees before The Master, my Bull and my Mistress, sobbing for pity. The dominants rarely give you any pity. So it ends up with our Bull driving us home laughing at me while my wife has his hand up her skirt in the front seats. She is loving it! Of course the car bouncing along makes me aroused and they both find that hilarious! When we finally get home, Mistress makes me cut a hole in the backside of all my shorts, underpants and trousers. All so the tail remains in place until she decides I can lose it.”

Thomas can barely speak. He is choking and gasping as he says. “That is awful They were really bullying you.” But he is now so damp between the legs that he is uncomfortable.

Honey smiles wistfully. “In truth it was a lesson well learnt. And a few days later I got down on my knees to thank my Bull and Mistress for the valuable lesson they had taught me. I’ve never forgotten it. Mistress is in charge, and I have no say. And,” Suddenly Honey reaches out and snatches up Thomas’s hands, her eyes are damp with tears. “And I love my Mistress. I adore her. I am so happy to serve her in any way she wishes.”

Thomas is cumming in the inhabited way the chastity cage allows him as he hoarsely says, “I know you do. And I love my Mistress.”

Honey leans forward and kisses Thomas on his nose, “We are such lucky pony girls.”

With that they both gently weep and embrace.

7 thoughts on “Pony Trap by Deborah Ford Chapter 9

  1. This is a very valuable lesson for Thomas and other would-be submissives: never, but never try to second guess a dominant – not out loud at any rate! But I love the way that Honey’s story, though a warning, is seductively sucking Thomas/Lacy ever further down the rabbit hole. And I guess this isn’t quite the end of her story. ‘The return to the Manor’ still to come?

    This thought does arise – do pony girls have to have an enema each morning, or whenever? The Manor is quite hi-tech, so perhaps their butt-plugs have an attachment so they can be given an enema without the tail being removed? [Sorry, but I do wonder about these things!

  2. I was also wondering whether the tail plugs were electrified, like the collars and chastities. One never know when a non-gelded pony might become spirited a try to escape. That might be a good feature, in the name of security, to protect the ponies.

  3. Thank you PL. If my stories prove educationally valuable then it is all worth while. So many foolish sissies think that merely looking cute is the sum total of their ambition.

    The butt plugs don’t have an enema built in, but what a fun idea! Brilliant.

    Deborah Ford

  4. WOW! No body notice Thomas now fully traped and her wife is now becoming strict mistress but …. but …. Every sissy want to know the feature of tail plug … 🙂 Notice every one want to know the feature of that tail plug … because every sissy have desire to get punishment for her coz sissy may be show she don’t like it from outside and do drams but she need punishment this is he way how sissy enjoy their pleasure they are not men they are sissy this is the sign how you know who’s sissy. 😉
    So congratulation to all you there is more punishment coming with many inovative ideas from Miss Debroh Ford. All must thanks to Miss Debroh Ford.
    I start it “curtsy” Thankyou Miss Ford.

  5. Another fantastic tail – err, tale. Thanjk you!

    I always love how you make the husbands seem less and less to their wives – making it clear why the wife needs a real Man. So hot!

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