Pony Trap Chapter Ten by Deborah Ford

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Chapter 10


There is a look that a dominant can give to a sissy that will reduce her to terrified mush, remove all the strength from her knees and induce immediate compliance.

This was the exact look Thomas received when he offered a shocked, offended response to the Trainer’s instruction, “get down on your knees, you dumb sissy.”

No way should he be forced down on his knees here in the middle of the stable surrounded by the sexy, wiggling pony girls and the formidable dominants.

It is a look more of curious indifference to the disobedience rather than anger. Though a narrowing of the eyes can also induce immediate compliance. The Trainer, tilted back his head, along with a sigh of exasperation and Thomas found himself hurtling down on to his knees looking up at the Trainer with wide concerned eyes.

“Sir. Please don’t put me on my knees in front of everyone. Please.”

“That Honey tramp being putting ideas in your dumb head?”

“No, Sir. Honestly Sir.” Thomas didn’t want to get Honey into trouble – but on the other hand if he could blame Honey then perhaps he wouldn’t be punished.

“So what she tell you about the tail?”

“Oh, that. Sir, it really doesn’t matter. Honestly.”

Thomas could tell that the Trainer was becoming more aggravated, so quickly added, “Well Sir. She said, and maybe I misunderstood, in fact, that’s the reason I was asking, because, you know I don’t know, and what …”

Oh no! Thomas was jabbering incoherently like a schoolgirl, and he couldn’t stop himself.

“Just say it, pony girl!” The Trainer demanded with that exasperated tone that Thomas was getting used to as a sissy pony girl.

Looking down at the dusty hard ground over which the pony girls clip clopped in their high heeled boots, Thomas said quietly, “Sir, she said that the butt plug pony tail sissies get is bigger than the one the girls get.”

Not saying anything, the Trainer walked over to a table near the wall of the inner rooms housing the pony girls, and opened a large box from which he extracted two beautiful full pony tails. The tails of which were grey white in colour and fixed into the black butt plug.

The Trainer crouched in front of the concerned pony girl and offered up the first tail, butt plug first.

“This is the girl’s butt plug. It is  a standard sized butt plug. Sometimes they come a little larger when the dominant wants some fun, but this is the usual working tail the girls have locked into them.

“Ah, yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Thomas said, not knowing how this conversation would develop.

“This on the other hand,” the Trainer pushed the other tail into the face of Thomas. “Is the butt plug for dumb arsed sissies like you.”

Thomas couldn’t see a difference, but not wishing to show his ignorance, said, “Ah, I see. Thank you, Sir.”

“As you can notice, there is a small nub at the front of this one. See it?”

Thomas peered closer and he could see that part of the black plastic was raised as a bump.

“Ay! Yes Sir. I see!”

Thomas felt relieved that at last, he finally understood something.

“So, that bump taps against the sissy’s prostate. You know what that does?”

Thomas felt his cheeks burn red, and he looked away. “Well, yes, I think so, Sir.”

The Trainer nodded. “That’s it. It makes you permanently aroused. Turns your brain to mush. Makes you always in need and so totally willing to obey whatever you are commanded to do.”

Thomas swallowed, “That’s not fair Sir. It’s bad enough being dressed like this! And being locked away down below with that horribly small chastity cage. I can barely think and …”

“I’ve noticed,” the Trainer smiled. “Ok. Get down on all fours.”

“Sir? Erm, can’t we do this back in my room?”

“On all fours, right now or I’ll get out my cane.”

“Yes Sir!”

Within seconds Thomas was on all fours in the stable areas fearing that everyone was looking and laughing at him.

Still crouched, the Trainer lifted up the blushing sissy’s chin. “Maybe I should tell your Mistress you are answering back.”

Oh no! he didn’t want his wife, Izabella to know that!

“No, Sir. Please. I’m sorry.”

For a long while the Trainer weighed up whether to call the sissy’s slut of a Mistress. Chances are she was being shagged by The Master so maybe she wouldn’t want to know right now.

Thomas was in turmoil. He was using telepathy and his large eyes to plead with the Trainer not to call his wife and say he’d been naughty.

“Ok then,” the Trainer said standing up, “let’s see how you get on, shall we?”

“Yes Sir, thank you, Sir.”

Thinking that the ordeal was over, Thomas made to kneel up. That same expression appeared on the Trainer’s face that dominants adopt when the submissive is being wilful and yet again it was all that was required to drop Thomas back on all fours.

“Were you given permission to rise, Lacy?”

“No, Sir. Sorry, I just thought …” Thomas decided to say no more to avoid any danger of being further reprimanded.

The Trainer returned to the box on the table and placed one of the tails back into it. He returned with just the one pony tail and butt plug along with what looked like a clear plastic hand sanitiser. It contained a whitish gunge.

The Trainer moved around to Thomas’ rear and settled behind him with a pat on Thomas’ bottom.

“Oh!” Thomas said, wondering what was happening.

Thomas heard some of the gunk being squeezed out and moments later felt a cold slimy substance over his arse hole. He was about to protest when he thought better of it and just felt the Trainer’s finger press into his rectum.

He discreetly looked around but none of the other dominants seemed to be paying attention to his ordeal, though a pony girl pulling a trap giggled through her bit when she saw him.


The finger had pushed deeper into his rectum, pushing the freezing glop further into him.

Suddenly the finger was withdrawn and Thomas glanced behind him to see the Trainer lifting up the pony tail and aiming it at his bottom.


“Erm Sir. Shouldn’t we get my owner’s permission to do anything like ….”

Then he squealed, the bulb of the butt plug was larger than he had thought yet slid in easily, obviously aided by the goo.


“It’s about time you experienced this girl. You are far too mouthy for your own good!”

Thomas was trying to expel the invader with his rectum muscles, but it seemed so firmly inside him that no amount of squeezing even moved it. Now he was scared. What if it couldn’t be removed?

The Trainer crouched near Thomas’ face and showed him a small gold key.

“This is the key that will lock away all your defiance. When I turn this in the butt plug lock, the fingers inside will open up and you will be completely unable to remove it.”

“Sir, please. I am scared.”

The Trainer stroked his fingers through the dumb, sissy’s hair.

“There’s no need to be frightened, little one. All the pony girls go through it. You will feel completely helpless. Worse, you will know that everyone who meets you, pony girl or dominant, will know how helpless you are. You are being relegated from person to sex object. So be brave little one, there is nothing you can do about it.”

Why was Thomas so aroused? His brain was bubbling away, his lips hanging open. His little dick pulsating with precum.

Thomas heard a faint clicking from between his legs as the Trainer turned the key. Fuck! The butt plug felt like it was growing inside him. It was painful and terrifying.

An almighty slap to Thomas’ arse brought him back to the real world.

“Stand, bitch!”

Thomas rose to his heeled feet and immediately felt the hairs of the tail tickle at the backs of his legs.

The Trainer manhandled Thomas around and unclipped the belt tail, slinging it onto the table.

“Stand straight, girl!”

“Yes, Sir.”

As Thomas moved, so the butt plug slipped around inside him. Even when he was standing still, he felt the intruder move inside his backside like a continuously probing fat finger.


The Trainer laughed good naturedly. “Hit the button slut?”

And oh God, yes it had. To the extent that Thomas couldn’t think straight, let alone reply. The plug gently rapped at Thomas’ prostrate sending him into raptures of pleasure.

Then he felt the thought that all pony girl’s experience. One of aroused vulnerability. He would be unable to stop it exciting him. Only one of the dominants could unlock the butt plug and remove it.

He now looked at the Trainer with new eyes. This man had awesome power over him. As did all the other dominants in the stable. He was helplessly in need of them to release him.

Suddenly the dreadful bully of a Trainer was a man who owned him.

The Trainer, put his fingers beneath the wide-eyed pony girl’s chin and forced Thomas to look him squarely in the eyes.

“Tomorrow night, during the ceremony you will see that your Mistress owns you. From your painted toes up to the plume fixed in your hair. She will possess every fibre of your being. You will need her far more than she needs you. You will never be the same again.”

“Sir, please will you remove it? I just can’t think straight.”

“No, girl. It remains in place for a couple of hours to let you get used to it.”

“Sir, I can’t survive like this. I so badly need to cum!”

Oh my God, he had actually told a man he needed to cum.

“Exactly,” the Trainer said, “You are a slut. You can’t ever pretend otherwise. A mindless slut like the other pony girls. When they look at you they will know you are like them. When you look at them, you will know that they are you. A dumb, helpless, slut needing to be used.”

For fuck’s sake, even the Trainers words seemed to be pulsating against his prostate. His confined dick just pumping more and more useless precum.

The Trainer moved so close that Thomas could feel the Trainer’s breath on his cheeks.

“It gets worse for you. When I remove it, you will feel empty. No longer whole. It will be like a part of your own body has been pulled away. You will need it to be plugged back in. By tomorrow night, you will be desperate to have your Mistress push it home and lock you away for ever as a dumb, pony girl slut.”

Suddenly the Trainer relaxed, his eyes softening. “I can see why Miss Olive and Miss Khaki are pleading with your Mistress for time with you. You are the most fuckable dumb sissy we’ve had in here for quite some time.”


Thomas spoke while panting, “Sir? Miss Olive and Miss Khaki want my Mistress to let me stay with them?”

“Of course.”

“That is terrifying, Sir. She won’t let those awful bullies get hold of me.”

“You girl, cannot second guess your Mistress’ will. She might loan you out. She might keep you to herself. That is her decision. Not yours.”

“Yes, Sir. Yes. But those two women bully and torment me. You don’t know what they’re like!”

The Trainer laughed. “Get used to it tramp. In fact, maybe I’ll ask your owner of I can play with you. Teach you some pony tricks.”

Thomas’ mouth fell open. He wiggled and the troubling butt plug worked its magic of arousing him further so that he couldn’t quite remember what had just been said.

Suddenly the Trainer released Thomas’ chin and became business like.

“Now girl. Pay attention we need to get you up to speed with walking with a wiggle. Your Mistress was very disappointed with your walking. Your butt plug and tail will help. I want to see you moving with the sexy grace of a catwalk model. Then you get your first language lessons to help your speech.”

“Help my speech, Sir?”

“You heard Honey speaking. You need to talk like a sissy.” the Trainer’s arched forward intimidatingly, “And only like a sissy!”

“Well, okey, Sir.” Thomas knew that once he was allowed to leave this mad house he would return to speaking like a man. So there was nothing to fear with speech lessons. In fact they could be fun for when he was back at home wanking while dressed as a maid.

Yet dark thoughts of Honey’s story returned to niggle at him. Hadn’t Honey been forced to behave like a sissy pony even when away from the Manor?

Still, that wouldn’t happen to him. He wouldn’t let it!

Ooooh! A slight movement of his hips had jiggled the butt plug in his arse. Suddenly he couldn’t recall what he had just been thinking.

Oh no. The Trainer had the crop and was pointing it at Thomas.

“Right girl, let’s see you walk away from me, putting one heeled foot before the other. Relaxing the hips and keeping your shoulders straight.”

Thomas began his walking training, experiencing the full impact of a wobbly butt plug locked in his backside.

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  1. Chapter 10 and 10 inch …Plug with 4 to 6 finger pony tail …. and oh … just imaging how exciting …
    opps …
    i forget it’s not me it’s lacy …
    Wow! Really brain washing story … coz now every sissy maid want to become pony That is the power of writing.
    I pray any producer read this story and make a film on it .. any one agree with me plz write your feeling in comment and share the link so we can spread story more and more plz.. That is how it reach to a producer or director.

  2. So Thomas/Lacy is being given practice in wearing a butt plug before the tailimg ceremony. Interesting. Presumably the idea is that however humiliating the cereemony feels, the ponygirl will enthusiastically cooperate and welcome the return of the buttplug ‘n tail which she had, and then was taken away.

    And sissy speech lessons are always interesting and enjoyable – for the reader. Nothing marks out a true sissy – not even the essential wiggle in the walk – as much as the way ‘she’ speaks. Thomas thinks he can go back to being a real man? ROFL, as they say.

  3. I am afraid that Thomas’ vanity is getting the better of him. He needs to get a grip. Just because he has a cute tail that attracts the attention of the dominants doesn’t mean he should be happy with the humiliations he has to endure … well, maybe it would be a nice payoff.
    Deborah Ford

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