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Why Chastity is so Effective at Emasculation, Feminization, and Behavior Modification


First and foremost, a chastity cage works because the “men” who where them are typically betas that are incredibly submissive. However, just being submission alone isn’t enough to create a sissy. We aren’t looking to have a kinky night between a husband and wife. We want to take a man’s masculinity, lock his cock up and turn him to a female sissy boi that takes orders from men.


Chastity is an essential tool to this process. The sissy no longer controls his cock and balls and has a male keyholder. The sissy must start understanding the psyche of women. What it’s like to pee sitting down. What it’s like to be penetrated. What it’s like not being able to cum while having sex. Or if they do cum what its like to squirt. What it’s like to service cock and swallow cum. This is on top of the other things such as wearing a bra and panties daily and looking pretty for their man.


Chastity doesn’t let arousal happen physically as it prevents anything resembling a boner; however, ironically chastity is a great way to generate pre cum as the sissy tries to grow in the cage they are met with resistance in the cage and over time the throbbing on the cage can feel like a rough hand job or some stimulation causing the sissy to leak but never to come remotely close to orgasm. This is the secret sauce to get your beta boi to drop for cock and become a sissy sub. Your sissy will be leaking the entire night and will be in a constant state of extreme arousal with no way to release. At this point they are most receptive to cock and service to gain release.


Lastly the sissygasm is what makes chastity so rewarding. Making your sub cum like a little sissy in her cage will be the new norm. They will have to focus on being aroused by penetration to even have a small opportunity at squirting through the cage. 3 days in chastity, with balls full of cum, will turn almost any beta into the most obedient little sissy just for the chance to squirt out their cage and drain their balls just a little.

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