Pony Trap Chapter 14 by Deborah Ford

Pony Trap Chapter 14 by Deborah Ford




Chapter 14 


The Master now held the leashes of the three trainee pony girls Sedona, Lacy and Raven. The two girls and one sissy were dragged to the side of the stage in the darkness of the wings, where they stood anxiously in their heels.

Thomas estimated that the audience for his ordeal was almost a hundred people.

The three exchanged fearful, wide eyed expressions.

Sedona whispered, “I think I want to change my mind.”

Raven put both her hands to her pink lips, “I know. It’s all so final.”

Swallowing, Thomas wanted to be brave in front of the two girls, but only managed to splutter, “I’m sure it won’t be so bad.”

They looked at him with bewilderment.

Sedona said through gritted teeth, “Why are you sissies always so dumb! You are about to be collared and tailed for life! This isn’t a game.”

“Aww,” Raven said. “She can’t help it. We’re all a bit ditzy really. That’s why we need dominants to look after us.”

Sedona shook her head, “These sissies, get forced into a tight corset, tights and high heeled boots and they don’t know what is happening to them.”

Feeling defeated at being told he is dumb by a blonde who is clearly a real blonde birdbrain seemed to be the end of the world for Thomas.

Softening, Sedona placed a hand on that of Thomas’. “Oh. I’m so sorry. Didn’t mean to snap at you. Raven is right. We’re all too dumb to get by without instructions.”

The lights in the hall dimmed, the muttering and laughter from the crowd died away as golden lights exploded illuminating the stage. Pulsating dance music started from the speakers, and suddenly the Master tugged on the leashes and walked forward to the raised dais.

Even these noobie pony girls were already reacting automatically to the leash being given a sharp tug, so they  marched out behind the tall, arrogant Master remembering to wiggle their bottoms.

At least The Master knows what he is doing, Thomas thought. It was a tiny bit reassuring that all he had to do was comply with what the brute of a man said to avoid a beating.

Shock. On the wall opposite, over the crowd’s heads, were three video screens, each showing a head and shoulders shot of the pony girls as they looked with shock at each other. Obviously close up cameras were tracking them.

Then he saw similar screens  at the rear of the stage facing the audience. Obviously, no one would fail to see every reaction from the trainees during the tailing ceremony.

On the large screen, Thomas could see himself in his gentle make up and Indigo plume attached to his head by its harness and felt his tummy twisting. He looked ridiculous and wanted to cry with shame.

Standing just behind The Master, Thomas could barely see the spectators because of the lights, just a few dominants in the front seats, and a couple of maids serving them drinks. Here he was having to stand before this audience, with his humiliating apology of a tail, whereas the qualified pony girls in the audience had proper tails.

The Master confidently began a speech, but nerves crushed Thomas’ ability to hear the words. All he wanted was for the tailing ceremony to be finally over. He looked to the side of stage and saw his wife, Izabella. As their eyes made contact, she smiled and finger waved at him. She then blew him a kiss.

Aw. She understood what he was going through. He smiled back and timidly shrugged his helplessness.

For her part Izabella felt her panties dampen in a single long squirt. That was her boy on the stage. Hers! Her pony girl. Her slave. Her maid. Whatever she wanted. And within minutes everyone would know it! Yet she would still have access to as many rampantly hard males as she wanted. Could life get any better?

A sexy guy stood next to her. Tall, curly dark hair, expensive looking suit with a dark blue tie and crisp white shirt. He was carrying a gathered up leash and must have been one of the other trainee pony girl’s soon to be Master.

She looked up at him noting that he hadn’t shaved and the grey stubble gave her a second spurt into her panties.

He was already staring down at her, making her knees feel week.

Weakly she said, “Hi.”

“One of those dumb tramps out there yours?” His voice was deep and warm, like it resounded from his large chest.

She giggled like a schoolgirl at his abrupt speech style.

“Mine is the sissy nearest us.”

He looked shocked.

“A sissy? Fuck. He looks like a real girl. You’ve done a good job there.”
Thrilled at his compliment she beamed and gushed, “Which one is yours?”

“Raven. On the far side.” He laughed, “Looking so scared she could wet herself any time.”

Izabella giggled again, “Aw. That’s mean. But my poor sissy is wetting herself too.”

They both laughed, and the mutual laughter drew her even closer to him. Could he be just as powerful as The Master in her bed?

Thomas was annoyed and distracted at the sight of his wife, standing at the side of the stage, laughing with some stranger. He could tell that the man was her type. Tall, dark, confident. What was happening here? They were supposed to choose her lovers together? And shouldn’t all her attention be on him as he went through this nerve wracking ritual?

Clearly, he’d have to have a word with his wife when he got off the stage.

Just then there was an almighty yank on his leash. Automatically he walked forwards as taught, only to find himself on the edge of the stage with the audience laughing.

The Master announced to the crowd, “Look how dumb this one is!” He then turned to the quivering Thomas, “You heard a word I said?”

“Well, Master, I, er, I was, you know,” he folded one knee before the other, “I was sort of distracted.”

The audience howled with laughter and Thomas felt his cheeks grow hot as coals. Even the two other noob pony girls were giggling on the end of their leashes.

“What I said, girl, was I need you lined up near the edge of the stage.”

Thomas nodded blankly. Oh, if only he had been paying attention.

“I said now!”

Thomas jumped. “Yes Master. Of course, Master.”

Thomas inched to the edge of the stage with the other noob pony girls stood, so they were in front of the Master.

Just a few yards away, Izabella flushed.

“Oh, my sissy is dumb!” she said to her new admirer.

The man laughed gently. “Don’t worry about it. They all are. By the way, my name is Alec.”

She smiled, what a nice masculine name. Nice and short.

“Mine is Izabella. This is my first day as a Mistress. Oh, I have been having lessons from a couple of the Mistresses here online. Over the last few month,” she smiled bashfully, sharing something very private and naughty, “While my sissy hubby is tied up in the spare bedroom!”

They both laughed.

“I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be a great Mistress. Put the fear of God into your sissy and then,” his dark eyes stared hard at the sexy mistress, “maybe you and I could hook up?”

“You think so? That sounds great.”

“We’ll tether the pony girls together and have them watch us.”

The Master at the centre of the stage clapped his hands shouting, “On your knees sluts!”

His voice boomed around the walls of the stables and Izabella and Alec found themselves transfixed at the show, having only a vague idea about what was going to happen next.

Thomas collapsed to his knees quickly, noticing that the other two trainee girls also dropped to their knees, their eyes wide with trepidation.

“Trainers!” The Master called out.

Thomas was aware that the crowd was now quiet. No laughing. Not even chattering. Just rapt attention on the proceedings on the stage.

What the hell was going to happen next? Thomas felt his breathing growing short.

Thomas’ Trainer appeared with two others, they were each carrying a length of wood, a few feet long that had three curves indented into the long edge. The two outer curves being half the size of the inner one.

Thomas felt sick with worry. He glanced to his wife for support, but she was actually in the arms of the strange tall man!

He felt sick with fear about the tailing ceremony and that he was losing his wife to some guy he had never before seen. Inwardly he cursed his wife, they were supposed to choose the Bulls together! Then he could make sure the Bull was right for her.

The lengths of wood were fed into a slot and stood about a foot upright from the stage before the kneeling pony noobs. If Thomas leaned forwards he could have rested his chin on the smooth wood.

The Master commanded them loudly, “Put your wrists into the small curves and your necks into the large one.

On his knees, Thomas leaned forward with foreboding.

Standing below the stage, Thomas’ Trainer smiled, “You’re going to be fine girl. Just make sure your collar is clear of the wood.”

“Yes, Sir,” Thomas said, his brain like mush.

As soon as he was in position the Trainer raised a similar length of wood, with identical curves that slid over the top of him trapping his wrists and neck.

“Oh,” Thomas said, “It’s a pair of stocks.”

The Trainer laughed, as he clipped the two lengths to each other and used other lengths to fix the bottom edge to the stage.

 “Good girl. Clever girl.”

Oh. He was called a good girl! Even from, his humbling position, bent over in the stocks. Thomas smiled warmly at his Trainer.

“Aw. Thank you.”

Despite the scary humiliating position Thomas got a kick from being called a good girl.

The Trainer laughed at the silly, but cute sissy. He put his finger under the chin of the ensnared trainee pony girl and tickled.

“One day, I’ll teach you other things.”

Eh? Thomas pulled at his bonds. What was that horrible leer about? Teach him what?


Thomas’ bottom had been whipped with something very cruel.

With him bent over, on his knees, there was nothing he could do about it. Each of the girls in turn let out a whoop as their bottoms were victim to an assault by the same instrument.

Bastard, Thomas thought.

The crowd laughed at the pony girls’ discomfort.

Thomas turned his head in the stocks just in time to see his Trainer disappear into the dark shadows created by the golden lights.

Suddenly he felt very alone.

He could just look up sufficiently to see his and the other girls faces on the screens on the far wall. They all looked nervous, yet there something erotic in their fearful helplessness.

He could just about make out the faces in the front row, everyone was smiling. Even the pony girls and maids allowed to be present in the audience wore that sadistic grin of observing someone helpless and in peril.

Suddenly each of the screens at the back of the room split into two images, one showing the pony girls’ face and the other her sexy, wiggling bottom in the hose and corsets.

The master’s voice was low and confident, “The big moment ladies and gentlemen. There is no going back time for these dumb sluts. After this, they will never be able to remove their tails without their owner.” He paused, “It will be impossible. Nor can the collars be released by anyone other than their Masters or Mistress. They look what they are. Dumb airhead sluts who are the property of someone. In a moment they will look like the other pony girls and maids here: totally owned. From their toes to their plumes on their heads.!”

The crowd cheered and applauded with delight.

Thomas heard Sedona squeal. “Master. Please. I’ve changed my mind. Please.”

But only Thomas heard her plaintive cries and whimpers lost for most in the whoops from the audience.

On the screen he could see Raven staring blankly.

What had he got himself into? Here he was dressed as a sexy pony girl, collared with some cruel device and his willy locked away in an impregnable chastity cage.

He felt tears swelling to his eyes. He needed this ceremony to stop.

“Masters and Mistresses, have you lubbed the tails of your ponies?”

He heard two men and his wife say ‘yes.’

“No,” Thomas squealed. “Please!”

Swat. His arse sang with pain.


“Quiet girl,” The Master said. “This is the most important point in your life. You’re going to become what you always have secretly sought. Master and Mistress, insert the tail.”

Drum music started up and Thomas could actually hear his heart thumping in his chest. Was he going to have a heart attack?

Then all thoughts were knocked from his mind. He felt the cold lubrication of the butt plug press up against his sphincter. He immediately closed his backside tight against the intruder. What the poor foolish sissy didn’t know, was that the reason the noobs were given a proper tail earlier was not for their pleasure, but was to open them up ready for the tailing ceremony. Their rectums less able to reject the trespassing plug.

There was nothing he could to stop the intruder pressing forward and in a single squishing sound fully enter him.

The three pony girl trainees “ooohed” at the same time.

The audience cheered and clapped with relish.

“Excellent!” The Master announced. “Now, turn the key in the butt plug a complete circle, twice.”

As he heard a clicking sound from behind him, so something filled his rectum. The expanding claws of the butt plug flared out like the fingers of a hand. Trapping it inside him.

Abruptly, Thomas calmed. His tail was inserted. His tail! Just as had wanted since he arrived at the camp that very morning. It was inserted inside him and would wag when he walked.

Oh my! His erection filled its cramped confinement.

The Master was already speaking again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now the final part of the ceremony.” He cleared his throat, as if about to impart a great speech. “Masters and Mistresses, do you accept these dumb arsed pony girls as your property.”

The two masters and Izabella said “yes”, very loudly.

“Do you promise to care for them and keep them disciplined for as long as you all should live.”

Again, the three dominants said “yes”.

“In which case,” The Master said. “Take the leash of your pony girls. Trainers. Release the catches. From now on these dumb sluts will go nowhere other than where they are led by their owners.

Thomas’ Trainer was quickly on the scene to open the stocks and release his charge.

“You did well, girl.” He said and, knowing that it would thrill the pony girl he had trained, he added, “Good girl.”

Thomas melted at the words and knelt up feeling the weight released from his neck and hands.

Sedona looked at him, partly in shock but with more of a calmness than before the ceremony. They smiled at each other. They were both fully qualified pony girls!

Thomas felt a pride well up in him. It hadn’t been easy, but he had passed the test in a single day!

He felt a yank on his leash. As he had been taught, he immediately stood up on his heels. Pony girls do not pause before obeying the leash.

He found himself staring into the eyes of Izabella and noticed they were wet with tears.

“You clever girl!” She said.

Thomas beamed at the compliment. “Thank you, Mistress. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

She smiled. “I know, Lacy. That’s why I have been studying so hard.”

She wrapped the leash around her hand to haul her pony girl closer.

“Lacy, my love,” she whispered, “you won’t always like what awaits you. At times you will weep from humiliation, but I will always love you. You will always be mine. I promise I will never let you get away with any bratty behaviour or speaking back. I absolutely promise you that. You will be the best behaved pony girl I can make you. And when I falter, other dominants from The Manor will help me keep you in your place.”

She noticed her pony girl’s smile fade into an expression of bewilderment.

“Mistress, I, you make it sound real. Obviously when we leave here, you’ll unlock the collar and release my tail and …”

His voice faltered as he saw his Mistress raise her eyebrows in a mocking amused manner. He then recalled Honey recounting how he had been forced to leave The Manor with his tail locked in place. That Honey’s Bull and Mistress kept it locked in his bottom even when they got home! And then Honey was made to cut a hole in her shorts so the tail would always push through his clothes.

“Erm, Mistress, when we leave, you will …”

Suddenly that bully of a man, The Master, was next to them. He took Izabella by her shoulders and hauled her into him giving her a huge, tongue fervent kiss.

Thomas was shocked. Snogging his wife right in front of him. Worse, his wife just submitted to the kiss. She wrapped her arms around the Master’s neck tugging Thomas’s leash so that he was right next to them as they kissed.

Thomas squirmed at the new humiliation. He had seen Bulls kissing his wife before, but never her reacting in that manner. As he squirmed so the butt plug of the tail shifted inside him, and he immediately became erect. Oh God, how could he think with the butt plug constantly arousing him.

Finally, The Master pushed Izabella back, as he had tired of kissing her. Izabella stood, lips still parted, eyes remaining half closed ready for more kissing.

The Master said to her, “I know you’ll want time with your dumb tramp of a pony girl. So come up to The Manor later and I’ll fuck you senseless.”

“Oh yes, thank you Master.”

“But we need to make sure Lacy is in her stables and in bed by ten tonight. Tomorrow, she does the cart training. You know how dumb she is. So we don’t want her too tired.”

Izabella giggled. “Yes Master. Your courses have taught me the importance of early nights for our girls.”

She certainly did know how dumb her pony girl was. How easily she had manipulated her husband from looking to be a dominant at The Manor to being locked in a pony girls’ uniform, collared and chastity caged. All belonging to her! She felt the immense power that dominants often feel when subduing or collaring a slave. The achievement of ownership of an unspecting dumb bitch swelling up her pride.

With that The Master went over to congratulate Alec on his new pony girl, Raven, who was staring dreamily into the eyes of her own Master as he tugged her leash to bring her sufficiently close for a kiss.

Thomas felt a tug on his own leash, drawing him up tight to his Mistress.

Suddenly Izabella looked determined and serious. “Now listen Lacy. You were always crap at licking your Mistress’ pussy. But with your training here and my direction, we can make you the best pussy licker in the world.”

She put her palm on the hot cheeks of her shocked pony girl. “Oh, don’t look so frightened. If you obey, you’ll be fine.” She paused, as if wanting to enjoy his discomfort. “But you step out of line, little girl, and you will endure torments and pain like you can never imagine.”

With that, Izabella embraced her terrified little pony girl promising herself that she would keep him that way – loved and terrified in equal measure.

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  1. Thank you, Deborah, that was worth waiting for 🙂 I particularly enjoyed the stocks (logical and humiliating means of restraint for the tailing), and the revelation that Izabella had been secretly traing for months, and it was she who manoeuvred Thomas into the ‘pony trap’.

    You *could* end the story there, but I for one hope you won’t; there is still more to come, including Lacy’s training in pulling carts, which after all is the basic reason for pony girls, and Thomas/Lacy’s final recognition, however dimly, that this is how things are going to be in the future; there’s no way back to being a ‘man’. And Izabella seems to have found her new Bull! Enjoyable story telling indeed.

  2. Thank you PL. The story did seem to end there, so i am going to add some ‘additional sections’, as there are a few developments are i am desperate to share.


    1. Glad to hear it. You could always do an ‘epilogue’, somrthing like ‘one year later’ or ‘two years later’. We certaily need to see Lacy pulling a cart!

      1. It’s funny, the characters sometimes stay with me for a long while afterwards, Then i get the tug on the sleeve to revisit.

        But there is definitely a scene with Lacy pulling the cart to come.

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