7 thoughts on “Palmer’s education Video

  1. .. that blood … so sorry for her i mean very sexy round and hot looking butt .. fully destroyed… i mean she can’t sit for few days … what wrong she done?

    any way Good lesson for those ‘who think it’s a kink game’ …. but still i feel sorry for poor sissy.

    Any one have those type of punishment? plz share with us.

  2. During my training Once i was pressing the favorite dress of my mistress and i mistakenly burn that dress and then my bottom burn like that i don’t know there was blood have or not because i order to not touch or watch my bottom for 2 days. Even it happens 4 year ago but i still renumber that

      1. Oh, Deborah, how could you have forgotten? A blonde, ‘little Debbie’ moment? (I had to go back to check I’d got it right!) In Palmer’s Education, Mr Rocco is the guy at the back of the classroom filming the activities. At one stage he does a photoshoot with the ‘girls’. Described as a ‘bald, wrestler figure’ – not someone to be trifled with!

        I’ve always rather assumed that he, and Miss Harding, are making a nice profit by selling these picture to fetishists and perverts up and down the country, and indeed abroad.

        1. LOL. I actually searched the internet for a Mr Rocco filming spankings … and they exist!

          Thank you as ever for prodding what passes as a brain between my ears. x DF

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