Austin and Riley – pt 01 – new story


(Not quite the outfit Riley wears in the first part, but she could well be Riley!)




Austin waited behind the closed door of the living room, trying to catch the softly spoken words of his wife, Riley and her lover, Jack. They were in the hallway, whispering too quietly to make out the words used, though Austin could tell his wife was upset.

He heard her sniffling. He so much wanted to embrace and comfort her.

Breaking up with her boyfriend of three months was always going to be painful.

Obviously, Austin kept on the maid dress and heels, just in case they changed their minds and were going to continue their game. Jack was a stickler about Austin’s appearance. A caning and being sent to bed early were the minimum punishments if even a hair was out of place, let alone if he removed the maid’s uniform before being told to do so.

On the bright side, if his wife and lover did part, Jack would be gone and Riley would release his chastity cage and free him from being a maid. He could go back to being her husband again.

Wow, being able to wear trousers and men’s underwear, he thought, how crazy would that feel?

The door closed and all went silent. Had Jack gone? A sudden dreadful painful fear gripped his tummy. Had Jack left, but taken Riley with him? Were they heading for a night out where Jack could try and win her over again?

Heels down the hall.

Austin stepped back from the door and held his breath.

Riley entered without looking at her husband.

She wore a pale blue short tight dress, no doubt to remind Jack of what he was missing.

Sitting on an armchair, she curled up her long legs and sniffled.

“Tissue, maid.”

The words were spoken, matter of factly, almost carelessly. She was clearly still thinking of Jack.

Austin brought her the box and pulled out one. She took it, her eyes fixed on the middle distance and blew her nose delicately, before leaning back and sighing.

“Has Master gone?” Austin asked.

“He has. So you need not refer to him as Master anymore.”

As if he would ever again! He hated having to do that in the first place.

“Get me a glass of wine, maid.”

Maid? Surely the game was now over.

“Yes, all right,” Austin said, scampering on his heels towards the kitchen.

He took a nice Italian white from the cooler, opened it and poured her a glass.

He brought the glass, misted by the chilled wine, to Riley.

She stared at the glass then at Austin.

“On a tray, maid!”

Her words were terse.

He looked surprised.

Her eyes narrowed, “I trust standards aren’t going to fall around here because there is no longer a Master in the house.”

Lost for words he returned to the kitchen and found the silver tray with which she preferred him to serve her and Jack. He returned with the wine glass rattling on the tray.

Raising her eyebrows, she said, “Better.”

“Well,” Austin swallowed, he has spent a long-time fearing being naughty on account of Jack being so firm with him, so he was unused to speaking openly, “I guess we go back to normal now.”

Still distracted by her parting she took in her maid with a vague expression.

Why didn’t she understand?

Casually he said, “I mean, well, you know, now he has gone, you can unlock me, and I can put on men’s clothing again and be your husband.”

Taking a sip, she looked at him for a long time before laughing. “Oh, maid you are always so amusing. Thank you for cheering me up. Sadly, you will be making dinner for just one tonight. Something light.”

Swallowing with an uncomfortable dry throat, Austin gripped his tray tightly with nervous fingers. “Yes of course. It is the least I can do with you so upset.”

She lolled her head to one side, so that her long blond hair fell against her neck.

Sounding tired, she said, “Maid? Have you forgotten how you address your mistress?”

Taking a high heeled step back, Austin said, “But, he’s gone now. So I guess we revert to how we were.”

She tapped a long pink fingernail against her glass. “And what did your Master always say about you trying to think for yourself?”

Austin’s tummy turned over. As much as he hated the physical punishments, he loathed more the endless put downs from Master. Austin was always left to feel like a dumb blond before his wife.”

Not able to think of what to say, he took hold of the silver tray with both hands.

She smiled softly as if to a child, “Kneel down maid.”

He did so immediately, his skirt flaring out around his heels as he looked up at his wife.

She ran her fingers through his curls, so pleased that Jack had insisted Austin grow out his hair and have it properly styled into a feminine shape. It made her husband look so sweet.

“Now maid, with Master gone, we have both lost the focus of our lives. It may take a while to find a suitable replacement. We need to stay strong. You must support your Mistress as she faces this difficulty.”

“Well yes,” he nodded, quickly adding, “Mistress. Of course Mistress. But with him gone, shouldn’t I be dressing as your husband again?”

Her eyebrows slid together, and her mouth pulled down at the sides. “Why? Is my maid leaving me as well as my lover?”

“No. No. I will be here. And yes, we can still play maid games. Like we used to before Jack arrived …”

She held up her palm, her fingers pointing at the ceiling. “I do not want you using the Christian names of my lovers. Maids should know that. Mister Browning is perfectly adequate for you.”

Eh? Over the preceding months, Austin had watched as his wife blossomed into a very powerful, confident and dominant woman under Jack’s tutelage.

But her no nonsense demeanour was a shock. Her authority appeared so relaxed, as if she expected him to agree.

“Yes, of course, Mistress. Mister Browning. Anyways, he has gone, so I think perhaps I should return to being your husband and you give me the keys to my chastity cage.”

She threw back her head and stared at the ceiling with wide blue eyes. Had Jack been present, Austin would have been in for a severe punishment for upsetting her so much.

Her eyes came down to fix hard on the kneeling sissy before her.

“Now maid. Where do I start? Firstly, I am very upset and I need you to be supportive. What do you need to be?”

“Supportive, Mistress. But it is just that …”

She continued briskly, “Secondly, I will need some quiet me time, and then I will need some girly time with you to chat about my break up. The last thing I want is a sulky man in the house.”

“I understand, Mistress.”

Austin enjoyed their girly chats together. When Jack wasn’t present, she was really catty about him and they both had a good giggle about his manliness.

“Thirdly, it is not your chastity cage, is it?”


She closed her eyes and emitted a long frustrated sigh, making Austin feel just as dumb as if Jack were present.

“Who bought the chastity cage?”

He had to look down at the carpet, her eyes were drilling into him.

“Well, Jack, ern, Mister Browning did. But I …”

“So the cage doesn’t belong to you. The keys do not belong to you. And I shouldn’t have to say any of this. Jack explained it to you many times.”

She watched his eyes widen in horror and loved that erotic feeling of sexual dominance she knew she held over her husband.

Waiting until he was about to reply, she cut in, “so I want no more silliness from you! Is that clear?”

“All right. Yes I see,” he had trouble finding the words. “So I should stay as the maid, for a little while longer? Would you like that?”

Stroking his hair, so that her fingers felt every soft follicle, she smiled. “Exactly. Master has gone and we need to find a replacement. We’ll have some time together, just Mistress and maid and then start the search for a dominant male.”

“Of course, Mistress. It’s just that, Master hasn’t let me out of the chastity cage for over four days and you know I need to masturbate a few times a day, so I am desperate.”

Tickling his earring, she smiled, “I know honey. Poor thing. But you have been a bit bratty, and Master did take time out to explain your naughtiness to you, didn’t he?”

Frowning, Austin fought back the urge to say that Jack always found fault with him, for the simple reason that it made Riley hot to watch her husband being humiliated.

After a moment, he said, “Yes Mistress. But I really need to cum. I am bursting.”

“Aw.” She leaned down and kissed his forehead, relishing his discomfort. “Let’s see how you behave without a man in the house to keep an eye on you eh? How does that sound?”

The words were spoken not as a request, or an invitation to respond, but as a simple statement.

“Yes of course, Mistress. What ever you say. But I would like to dress as a man tonight and …”

He squealed as she moved her fingers up from his earring to twist his ear.

“Right. Six stripes from the cane and time out in the corner for twenty minutes.”

“But Mistress …”

She twisted harder, her eyebrows flowing up with curiosity under her fringe. “Shall we say, twelve strokes and an early night?”

“No, please no.” How he hated the cane.

Relaxing with a wide smile she stroked his gorgeous soft hair. “Good. Because tonight we are going to have a full on girly chat about what has happened.” Her eyelids fell half way down her eyes, “It’s so good to have a girl to talk through shit like this. Guys don’t understand, do they?”

He knew the answer to that, “No, Mistress, they don’t.

10 thoughts on “Austin and Riley – pt 01 – new story

  1. An enjoyable start, and I think another new departure for you. Here we’re sone way into the D/s relationship; the bull has just left, and our protagonist thinks he can go back to being the husband. But hs Mistress has other ideas…. I look forwad to the forthcoming ‘girly chat’, and I shall be interested to see in which direction this story goes.

    BTW It took me a few minutes to get the pun in the title. Hehe, very good. (For those of you who haven’t got it yet, think British motor cars c1960s)

    1. Ah. I will take credit for the pun, but it was purely happening behind closed doors in mind. I guess I will have to have a character called Healy too. So well spotted.

      Funnily enough, a few people have asked for more stories from the domme’s point of view. Something i have done in only a small percentage of stories.

      Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for letting me know xxx
      Deborah Ford

  2. Wonderfull job. As a fan of “Sophie takes charge”, I’ll hope you’ll choose to follow a like-minded line… But any way, a big bravo ! And bonjour from a Parisian putative travlopette (french for sissy) 😉

    1. Yes, there is a Sophie Takes Charge element, or a Bunny Trap vibe. Strong female. In this case, Riley is discovering her inner domme.

      Deborah Ford

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