Austin and Riley – new story Pt 2

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It was after nine in the evening when Austin had finished cleaning up the kitchen. He knew Riley hated coming down in the morning and seeing anything out of place so he was scrupulous in tidying the room.

She had caned him six times, in a manner more humiliating than she needed to, in the eyes of Austin.

He had to remain bent over, fingers on his ankles for over ten minutes before she dealt with him. The cuts were just as bad, as if Jack had delivered them. No doubt he had been training her well.

It was so unfair. So much of her and Jack’s relationship was kept from him.

He knew he was squealing like a girl but couldn’t help it. And just the aspect of bending over raised up his short flared maid’s skirt revealing his bare thighs above the stockings and his baby pink panties.

After counting out and thanking her for the six stripes on his bottom, Riley relented.

She stepped back holding her breath at the sight of the savage red lines clearly visible across his pale thighs and under the panties.

“Now then, maid. Are you going to be a good girl for me?”

Sniffing up his tears he said, “Yes Mistress”, very quickly, hopeful the punishment was now over.

For agonizing seconds that drifted slowly past Austin, she seemed to contemplate what to do next.

Finally, she said, “Okay, maid. That’ll do for now. But watch out!”

He rose up quickly feeling as grateful as a child at Christmas. It could have been, oh so much worse.

“Oh, thank you Mistress. Thank you.”

“So no more about wanting to pretend to be a man in my house, right?”

‘In her house’. It was a quirky line as they were both paying the mortgage.

“Yes Mistress.”

She eyed him checking to see if he was being honest and he in turn nibbled his lip, desperate that she would let him off those last six stripes.

At last, she smiled warmly, “Oh you look so totally cute when you are apprehensive!”

She giggled, handing him the cane. “Now be a good girl and put that away and then report up to my bedroom. Oh, and maid, bring the rest of the wine.” She smiled softly, “and an extra glass for my maid.”

“Oh, thank you Mistress. Thank you.”

So it was that twenty minutes later Riley lay in bed propped up by pillows, with her tablet open on her quilt, held up by her legs beneath the quilt. She wore a strappy lacy nightie that she knew turned on Austin. It felt so powerful to be turning on her maid, and her maid’s chastity cage preventing the maid from reliving her sexual needs.

Austin was wearing a pale blue nightie, with matching panties and, at the instance of Riley, the same colour ribbon tied around his neck in a pretty bow.

She held out her half drunk glass to Austin who took it without any instructions and placed it on the bedside cabinet next to his own.

“Let’s see. We met Jack on Venus Wives for Fun. So let’s try that again.”

“Mistress,” Austin said, knowing that there was an irritating whine in his voice.

She opened up the welcome page of the dating site for hotwives and Bulls, and entered her password.

“Yes Maid?” She asked, concentrating hard on the screen.

“I was thinking, and I don’t know how you feel about it …”

She groaned. “Just say it maid! Can’t you see I am concentrating here?”

“Well, perhaps we could spend time together. You know, me and you. Give the guys a rest.”

She saw the hope in his eyes and bowed her head with a blush. “Oh maid. You are sooo fucking cute.” She gave him a quick peck on the nose. “We’ll have girly time together. These guys can’t stay over 24/7, can they?”

“Well, no, I guess not. But they do sort of dictate what you and I can do together.”

She wrinkled her nose, looking away. “They can do.” She jerked up her shoulders, as if saying ‘so what’. “But that’s why we like these dominant males isn’t it?”

He was about to respond, but she had already returned to the screen, entering her conditions for the guy she yearned to meet.

Austin decided now was not the time to complain. His bottom still hurt, and she was in a good mood, apparently excited at the idea of a search for a man.

“I’ll keep my same profile.” She tapped her nail against her teeth. “But maybe add the words ‘accomplished maid’ to yours. The cucks!” She giggled, typing quickly with two fingers. “And add, ‘nice legs and arse!’” She smiled at him, “Because I love the fact you look good in a maid’s uniform. I’d hate it if I couldn’t show off my maid to my men.”

Oh God he felt sick at the idea of having to behave like a girl before another man. A man who would be screwing his own wife.

“Now what do we seek? Hmmm.” She flattened out her legs under the duvet making the tablet fall flat whilst she looked into the distance.

Austin wondered whether to offer suggestions but decided against it. It was nice being allowed in the master bed with her. He could smell her flowery fragrance and it was intoxicating. Better than being banished to what had become known as ‘The Maid’s Room’ at the end of the upstairs hall.

“How about, we go a bit naughty this time?”


She laughed, her cheeks burning red. “A black guy. We’ll go black!” She announced.

He needed to say something. For some odd reason that would be doubly humiliating for him. To share his wife with one of those mindlessly, aggressive guys was one thing, but a black male? He felt a bit sick but knew better than to interrupt her.

“And let us say sporty. Sporty, black guy. Yes, tick the athletic box.” She laughed again. “Oh, he’ll seem so masculine next to you, maid!”

He knew he was somewhat frail looking as a man, and certainly not athletic. But his frame looked good in girl’s clothing which was a bonus. Sometimes he loved the fact he had the body of a twink, especially when he was dressing in hot outfits – other times his girly body was embarrassing.

“How far?” She asked. “Well, no more than thirty miles away.”

“But we might know him, Mistress!”

“Oh, you are so silly. How many black people do we meet around here?”

He wasn’t convinced. Jack lived over forty miles away, which to Austin meant they had very little chance of accidently meeting up in some embarrassing way. That was far safer than having someone from the next town calling around to screw her.

“So, income. Let’s say, oh, how about, above Fifty thou a year. That should weed out the losers.”

He peered up at the screen which was showing a collection of black male faces.

“Awww.” She was disappointed. “Only six guys!”

Austin smiled behind her arm. She was very fussy about men, how they looked, their appearance, cleanliness, personality. So there was a good chance she wouldn’t get a hit.

“No! He’s too short! Damn I should have entered over six two. And he’s fat. And how the hell does he consider himself sporty? Honestly men! They are so delusional. Don’t you think maid?”

Austin nodded. They had quickly learnt that men who claimed to be Bulls were often evidently fooling themselves. “Yes Mistress. I guess they’ll learn when none of the hot wives hit on them.”

“Now you are making me feel sorry for them. But I can’t have a dominant lover I feel sorry for. No way! So that was quickly down to four. My God. The next one lives over the river. It would take hours to get here!”

Austin saw the next male be pulled onto the screen and with just one look at the gaunt face, he felt his tummy quiver. “Mistress he looks aggressive.”

Her pink lips fell open. “He does, doesn’t he. I bet he doesn’t take any nonsense.” She turned to him, “You’d have to be on your best behaviour with a guy like that.”

He gasped and sat up. “Please, no Mistress.”

“Oh relax, will you? I’m only teasing. Hmmm. But I will swipe him up, in case I need to check him out again. This next guy isn’t very handsome. Look!”

Austin couldn’t never tell which men were good looking and not, but stared and readily agreed, “I guess so Mistress. You have to be happy with your choices.”

This was going well, he thought. Only one more guy and the aggressive looking man in reserve. He could see her postponing the meet-up and maybe gain an opportunity for him to be unlocked and permitted to cum.

God, he needed to cum.

“Final guy,” she said slowly and nervously, as if the evening was a total disappointment. “Oh! Well he’s a bit of all right isn’t he. Name is Corbin. I like that. It sounds masculine and hot.”

The maid screamed making Riley jump and drop the tablet.

“What on earth is the matter, maid?”

She could see his face blanche. The skin blended grey in the bedroom light. He looked as he was about to be sick. His eyes were wide and rolling around in shock.

“Maid, you were asked a question. What is the matter?”

He licked his dry lips and took another, longer look at the black male’s head shoulders. The naked shoulders were square and muscular, the face very masculine with a cock sure grin.

“It can’t be him, Mistress.”

Turning around under the quilt, she ran her fingers caringly down his pale cheek.

“Why ever not, maid?”

“I don’t want to say. Just not him.”

Using her palm, she brushed his wavy blonde hair out of his eyes. “Maid, this is an order. Tell me.”

He could hear the steel in her voice, and he knew the consequences even if he merely prevaricated. Riley had become a very determined woman since they took up cuckolding.

His head hit the pillow hard, making it balloon up around his hair and lightly made up face. His eyes closed and Riley was pleased with the blue eye shadow matching her maid’s skimpy nightie.

His words were slow and painful. “I know him Mistress.”

“Oh?” Her disappointment embellished the short ‘oh’ emphasising her frustration. “How do you know him? I mean do you know him well? From work?”

His eyes flashed open burning under the lights. “I know him. So it is no. That was what we agreed when we first started the hot wife, Bull, cuck games.”

Immediately she felt he was confronting her. She hated the thought that her dumb maid could get one over on her, so spoke in a very deliberate manner. “No, maid. We said that on our first outings on the App. We didn’t say it tonight. So, tell me how you know him.”

His face screwed up with misery. “Oh Mistress. He was the school bully! He was the leader of the gang! He is horrible!”

Wow. She felt her pussy twitch, and grow damp in her knickers. She loved seeing Austin helpless and at the mercy of her lovers, though she didn’t confide that of course. She didn’t want to frighten him away. Rather she would sympathise with him and they would have long girly chats afterwards. She relished hearing him be bitchy about her man, knowing he wouldn’t dare say anything like that to their faces.

“You poor thing. How old were you?”

Another sigh, as if the memory was too difficult to even share. “From eleven until fourteen.”

“What happened then? When you were fourteen?”

“He went to University.”

“So he is a few years older than you.”

He nodded, eyes tightly closed as if trying to shake away the nightmare.

Oh, this was so perfect as to be untrue. An absolute erotic dream. She needed to see Austin serve his former bully. It would melt her.

“I guess, he won’t remember you,” she said, searching for words to reassure him.

“No. He will. I am sure of it!”

“It was over ten years ago, and you’ll be dressed and made up. Even your best friends would never recognize you.”

It was at that point that he could see where this was heading.

“Mistress, no. Please no.”

Stroking his gorgeous thick curls she said, “Listen. I tell you what. Let’s see how it goes. If it gets awkward, then fuck it. How about that?”

His lips mouthed words that wouldn’t come, his eyes were shimmering with panic.

Oh my God, she needed a vibrator in her pussy, and she needed it right now!

She turned back to the screen, “Anyways he might just say no.” her fingers crooked over the screen before pressing. “Let’s find out.”

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  1. I think the most powerful thing going on here is her craving, her lust, to do this to him. And he has no idea. How would anyone know?


  2. Maybe if austin dresses full time in his maid’s uniform, the Black Man will not only not remember him, but He probably won’t realize that austin is actually a male!

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