Austin and Riley Part 3

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It all happened quickly.

Riley pressed the button asking for a link up and put the tablet down onto the bed, bringing her sissy Hubbie, Austin, close to her by gripping his bare shoulders. The kiss was passionate, her tongue controlling his passive mouth.

Austin was shocked. When had she last kissed him like this? He could even feel her wetness through his chastity cage as their bodies pressed hard together and their panties met.

Pushing him down onto his back, she mounted him, their lingerie rubbing against each other, making them both grow mindlessly hot.

She whispered into his ear, “I love fucking owning you. Just fucking love it!”

How often did she swear? When was the last time she had said anything so loving to him? Certainly, before they had started meeting Bulls for their fetish games.

So when the Tablet chimed with a received message, neither of them heard it.

It chimed again, with Riley feeling like she was coming up from being underwater, back to the real world.

“It’s Venus Wives,” she whispered hoarsely.

Austin brought up his palms around her face cheeks, “Leave it, Mistress. He’ll be still there when we’ve finished.”

Laughing, she kissed his cute nose, “One silly maid is going to get a slap if she’s not careful!”

Quickly she pulled over to one side, opening the tablet, her back to her maid.

Austion groaned and closed his eyes. His little dick was running with juices but locked so frustratingly in its tiny cage.

“Oh my God!” She squealed. “He’s replied already. ‘Available now if you are’, he says. Oh my God? Honey what am I to do?”

Propping himself up on one arm, Austin pecked her naked shoulder, “Leave it Mistress. Leave it till later.”

“No way, Jose!”

She pressed a button and Austin pushed his head deeper into the pillow. For now, their fun was over.

A wonderful thought opened his eyes wide, maybe, just maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t reply.

The familiar chime from the tablet, told him that his old school bully had indeed replied, and responded very quickly.

“Damn.” How quickly his needs had fallen behind those of his wife since they had begun cuckolding. Prior to that she actually obeyed him and tried to sate his needs. Now she came first.

“Oh God. He wants to video!” She screamed. “Get my brush. Sort out my hair. Oh, I can’t. I’ll have to put something on. He’ll think I am a real slut in this nightie.”

This couldn’t be happening. Corbin was Austin’s old nemesis from school, a man over whom he still endured nightmares to this day.

“Look, Mistress, maybe …”

She slapped his bare arm with the back of her hand. Her face was set, determined. “Maid. Do it! Brush my hair. Now!”

He said, “Yes Mistress,” under his breath and slid out of bed to the dressing table.

As he gently brushed her hair into her set style, he could hear her giggling. Looking down he could see on the tablet screen:

Corbin: come on. Let’s get a look at you.

Ril001: gosh. You are impatient.

Corbin: you’ve got me nailed!

Ril001: you have to take me as you find me. Went to bed early.

Corbin: Love the idea of taking you anytime.

Austin rolled his eyes, but Riley giggled.

She said to Austin, “Housecoat! No, not the thick horrible one. The silk kimono. The one you bought me for Christmas. Oh, be quick maid. I’m going to lose him!”

Her panic was invading his senses. He fetched the navy blue, silk kimono and wrapped it around her shoulders, over her black and red, lacy nightie.

To think, only moments before, he had been beneath her, seeking to make her happy. Now he was getting her ready to speak to the man he most detested in the world, Corbin.

“Mistress, please don’t tell him about me.”

About to shout at him to shut up, she saw the concern tightening his features. “Aw. Babe. You are so, so cute when you are helpless. Don’t worry. You go to the maid’s room, and I tell you what. As you’ve been so good you can play with the electric butt plug Jack bought you. How about that?”

He was hot and dripping, but he half wanted to remain in the room and check what was said. The other half of his mind wanted to flee and hide.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he said reluctantly.

She smiled and kissed his cheek. “So run along maid. The adults are about to have a chat. Wish me luck.”

He offered her a brave smile before departing the bedroom in his short maid’s uniform.

When closing the door, his mind froze as if he had dipped his head in ice. He heard a voice over the tablet speaker he had not heard in years. Memories returned as if clicking their fingers, and marched into his soul.

“Hey. Wow. How hot are you?”

Riley giggled, “Oh, I look like a slob.”

Corbin’s voice was richer, deeper than he recalled it. But the intonations were the same. Austin could hear his vulgar arrogance.

He returned slowly to the ‘maid’s room’, hoping beyond hope that his Mistress would summon him back. Tell him, it had all been a mistake. Explain that it hadn’t worked out. She would tell him that he had been right all along, before ordering him back into bed to play.

He was still locked in such mindless hope as he changed into thin shortie, nightie and matching panties for bed.

He had been given permission to play with the vibrating butt plug that Jack had bought him as a present, but he didn’t feel up to it. He took it out, and buzzed it against his chastity cage but quickly turned it off. Just down the corridor his adorable but naïve wife was talking to the moist ruthless person Austin had ever met.

So instead of playing the vibrator, he lay in bed feeling profoundly sorry for himself, only falling asleep when he realised that Corbin was so obnoxious that Riley wouldn’t be able to put up him with him for a second. She had liked her guys to have a level of charm, be refined.

So smiling he closed his eyes and allowed sleep to wash away the awful feelings he had been experiencing.

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  1. A storm is brewing for poor Austin. Riley probably needs it pretty badly about now, and Austin is about to get it—though completely different “its”.

    And by now Riley may know how to manage, and maybe even manipulate, the Bull. A damp pussy can be an ever so cruel Mistress!

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