Austin and Riley Part 4

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When Riley was flustered, the panic spread to her sissy, husband maid, Austin.

She was stood before the full length mirror, with the fifth dress she had tried in a matter of thirty minutes. It was strappy, red, and clung to her like cellophane, reaching little past her wonderfully rounded arse.

Turning one way then the other she wrinkled her nose.

“Maid, is it too slutty for him?”

“Well, I’d say so, Mistress. The two black ones come down close to the knee and …”

“Oh yeh, yeh, yeh. Making me look like I’m going to the office.” She stopped twirling around and giggles. “At least with this one, he knows what he’s getting!”

Austin folded his bare arms beneath his false boobs in his maid’s outfit, “I’ve told you what he’s like. It will be like waving a piece of meat in front of a hungry lion.”

Laughing she said, “Then you’ve decided for me. Red it is. And I am about to be fed to a lion! Fetch my wrap. I’ll make a move.”

“Mistress?” Worry washed over his face. “I thought I’d get changed and come with you. That’s how we usually do it.”

Looking away from her reflection at the floor she said, “Well, I thought you could make a start on the laundry.”

Her eyes widened with mischief as she watched him grow more sorrowful.

Laughing, she embraced her very own maid. “Silly maid. Your Master Jack always said you wasted too much time thinking. Well, ex- master Jack.” She kissed his cheek. “Now you be a good girl and I’ll call you if there is a problem.”

As she released him, he turned reluctantly to the wardrobe to fetch the long, black wrap she liked.

“Mistress? May I ask … I mean, how was he? When you messaged each other?”

Seeming surprised by the question she cast back her mind, “Well, he is certainly forceful. Maybe a bit too blunt. But he is witty.” She lowered her voice as if indulging in a conspiracy, “Which was really hot. We did audio and then video chat.”

“Video? Mistress. You didn’t tell me!”

Nor did she say that Corbin, her hubbie’s former school bully, had her playing with herself on screen. Behaving like a total mindless slut and loving it.

“Well, I just did, maid. Deal with it. I’m going. You have your chores.”

Aw. He just looked so helpless and pathetic that she embraced him hard, the way a mother might a despondent child.

Kissing him on his nose she said, “Now you be a good maid and I’ll tell you all about it when I get home.”

Then, she was a girl in as much of hurry as her heels would allow, as she made her way down the stairs and outside.

Austin turned off the light and went to the bedroom window overlooking the front drive. She climbed into her Mercedes sports car and checked her face in the rear view mirror, before driving down the gravelled drive towards the street. Here, the outer gates electronically opened and then, just moments later she was gone.

He listened to the guttural exhaust sound disappear into the night and until he felt a shiver of loneliness.

This is the worst point for a subbie cuck. He is stuck, alone in the house whilst his wife is setting off on an adventure with a masculine male. The events of her time with the man will remain in ignorance of until her return.

Even then she will only share what she wishes to share and nothing more.

It is a feeling of gut wrenching powerlessness and weakness.

He hated laundry at the best of times. Like all male maids, he thought being a maid was wandering around looking cute and obeying his superiors and enduring the occasional spanking. But chores were so called because they were chores. Worse they were relentless.

Now he was going to spend his time in the noisy utility room, unable to watch tv or see porn on his PC.

He caught sight of himself in the full length mirror and, like his wife moments before, turned one way then the other, to catch sight his short flared skirt whirl around him. God, it turned him on!

Now I am sure you do not want to spend any more time sharing the maid’s experiences of mindless drudgery with domestic tasks. So, while Austin takes care to separate the whites from colours, before checking the garments labels for washing machine temperature settings, and finally into groups of wools, and silks, we leap to the city centre and the Chillin’ Club.

Riley loved being sexy and the centre of male attention. She even revelled in the danger of being alone in a club dressed like a tramp, surrounded by jealous bitchy women and lusting guys. Elegant, but a dress as clingy and short as this, with heels as tall as the ones she wore, signalled tramp.

At the same time as the excitement made her skin tingle, so she felt dreadfully nervous and self conscious at how she looked. She couldn’t get aroused until she had a few drinks and calmed down.

So as she stood in the club’s foyer, fully aware of guys taking in every inch of her legs and body as she became ever more nervous about her meet.

This would be the first meet without Austin. They always vetted the Bulls together, which made her feel safe but also let her get an early insight into the Bull’s behaviour with her husband. If the Bull kowtowed to her husband’s guidance then she struck a mental line through the guy’s name. A psychological swipe right on the Venus Wives for Fun site in her mind.

On the other hand, if a prospective Bull took control, especially in a relaxed, easy confident manner, then she’d want to know more about him.

But this lunch time, she’d have to make judgements on her own.


She gasped. He was big, just over six foot tall. But it wasn’t his height, he was thick set in a fit athletic, animal way. It gave him a commanding presence she adored in men.

He was more Caribbean than African black with an easy, smiling charm that immediately made her legs feel like lengths of spaghetti, ready to fold at any moment.

She loved his suit, needing to place her palm on it to feel its smoothness. He reeked class and assurance.

“Oh, hi,” she said, as if surprised to see him. She closed her eyes at her dumb reaction. What would he think of her?

“Let’s go and sit,” he said, placing a large hand on her arm and guiding to her the restaurant entrance, the opposite side of the foyer.

“Hey, my man,” he grinned to the Matre’d who appeared delighted to see him.

Corbin, was composed and in full control of all about him.

Relaxing, allowing herself to be led, Riley felt a warm dampness between her legs.

Austin’s former bully was a catch!

So at a table made private by being set in a corner, surrounded by planters, with wine flowing easily, Riley felt deeply at ease with this masculine, authoritative guy.

Over dinner he asked pertinent questions without ever seeming impertinent.

“Your husband okay with all this?”

“Oh yes, he loves it too.” In case Cobin had the wrong idea, she added quickly, “We both do. Love it.” Aargh, she was coming over as a slut. “I mean love it from time to time. You know, part of our erotic games.”

Was erotic games the right words?

Corbin laughed, and refilled her glass, before topping up his own.

He spoke matter of factly, yet also amused, “There is a buzz to this life style.”

So it went on. His questions, and she answering but always feeling her replies were inadequate. Any no go areas? What about her husband, he have any no go areas? The husband want to watch? They do bondage?

She dropped a hand onto his thigh, it felt firm through his smooth suit, and smiled. “No more questions.”

He laughed. “Was I going a bit far?”

She wanted to say ‘no’. Just a gentle, ‘no’. Maybe an apologetic ‘no’.

Instead, she found herself leaning sideways, towards him, eyes closing, whispering, “Maybe you haven’t gone far enough.”

He placed his bear sized palm on her face and kissed her.

Moments later they were in his Audi saloon, tucked away behind bushes in the car park, behind the club.

They were undressing as they were grappling. Somehow they fitted into the rear seats without any problems. Lust does that.

Both in urgent need.

He rolled her over, snatching down her panties so fast he broke the elastic.

Her back arched, and she may have said yes, though there wasn’t any question to reply to.

Corbin entered her in a number of shoves. He knew he was big, and never wanted to terrify a woman. But, he needed her, and he needed her now.

It is known as a quickie. In and out leaving both gasping as if they had been sprinting.

She cupped his stubbly chin in her soft hands and said, “I need to get you home.”

His smile was so arrogant and cock sure, that she felt her pussy flush out more moisture.

Laughing and looking up at him, she said, “Then you can ask him all the questions you like. It’s just that,” she paused, her eyelids falling halfway over her eyes, “I hope you’re not going to be shocked at what I make my hubbie wear when I am on dates.”

His laugh resonated in his broad chest, thrilling Riley.

“You know,” he spoke slowly, gauging the reaction in her eyes. “If he is one of those subbie cucks I have a few tricks to keep him on his toes.”

Her smile grew slowly, her eyes half closed as her body swam in the delirium of the thought of a dominant lover taking charge of her dumb, cuck of a maid.

Her arms gripped him around his strong neck, hauling her body tight into his, and sucking his tongue out of his mouth.

He was already fully erect again, and twisted her around, better to impale her and screw her.

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