Austin and Riley Part 5





Austin always saved ironing her handkerchiefs and panties for the end of his laundry duties. Not only were they the easiest items to iron but also the most fun. There was a warm rewarding feeling as he watched the crinkled silky materials being smoothed into elegant, adorable clothing.

The thrill of gently handling her delightful panties was never lost on him.

So it was that he was lost in his own erotic reverie when the front door slammed shut, shaking him awake from his pleasure.

She was back!

At last.

She would glance around the utility room, at all her dresses, skirts and blouses hung neatly up, freshly laundered and would no doubt release him from his chastity cage as a reward.

He felt a spring of joy build up in his very being as he made his way elegantly into the living room pressing down his short, flared maid’s skirt.

So it was that he adopted his one knee before the other pose that he knew Riley cherished.

It is often true that a silly sissy’s maids dream can come crashing down around her with booming destruction.

Shock. Two people entered the living room.

His wife’s dress was wrinkled, caught up at the hem, exposing more of her wonderfully tanned legs than the dress maker intended. Her blonde hair was a mess of frizzed out straw, so obvious when she was normally as immaculate as a model. Oh, but that grin of hers. A sadistic smile, drifting up the one side of her cheek at the sight of her cowed maid of a husband.

The reason for her grin was standing slightly behind her.

He was big, that way that masculine males can be. Filling what was clearly an expensive grey suit. He was African Caribbean black, his own grinning face decorated with stubble. He had a neat blue tie and a white shirt that wasn’t fully tucked into his trousers, as if he had dressed in a hurry.

His arm curled around Austin’s wife’s bare shoulders. An act of proprietary ownership.

Riley feeling her new lover’s muscled arm gather her to her lover’s smooth as silk suit. So she dipped down a little to let her should push under his arm pit. An act of submission.

This was all wrong for the maid husband.

Austin was betrayed. How dare Riley bring home a man without them both checking him out.

“Hello maid,” Riley smiled. “Been busy?”

He couldn’t speak. He wanted to say, ‘Yes Mistress’, but couldn’t. How could he address her as Mistress in front of this arrogant male.

She used the maid’s troubled silence to say, “Maid, say hello to my lover, Corbin.”


His school bully.

Standing before him, huge, so full of himself. With his damned arm around Austin’s wife!

Like a bursting memory, Austin could immediately smell the school disinfectant and hear the echoing classroom door slams.

His senses were cast back ten years to when Corbin tormented him so horribly.

This was all so wrong!

Austin felt his penis shrivel in his chastity cage.

“Maid?” Riley asked, adopting an act of innocence, “Did you not hear me? Say hello to Corbin, like a good little maid.”

He swallowed and said, “Hello Corbin,” but his mouth was so dry that his tongue seemed to get stuck against the roof of his mouth.

Corbin and Riley laughed.

“Oh, silly maid. You cannot use the first name of my lover. Now,” She studied him, hoovering in his humiliation, “How do you usually address my lovers?”

“As, as, erm, as Sir.”

“Good girl. Such a clever maid.” She raised her eyebrows expectantly before adding, “So go on then.”

“Riley,” he said, his eyes round with uncertainty, “can we speak in the kitchen for a moment?”

Oh, she wasn’t going to let him get away with hiding from his shame in the kitchen. No way! He was going to drown in his humbling.

“Why, no maid. Your first task is to greet my lover. Your second to fetch him a beer.”

Leaning forward so his shoulders were over his heels, his hands clasped together before him, he said, “Riley. Please. It is important.”

His words prompted ‘that look’. That look she adopts when she is unhappy with him.

He had never noticed it when they were dating, nor when they moved into a Female Led Relationship. But he had grown used to watching out for it. Her face hardens, becomes cold. It is the face of a demanding woman who doesn’t wish to hear any objections to her instructions.

It is a face she reserves for her maid when he is unaccountably errant.

“Maid,” she speaks, slowly, her voice flat. “I believe you have been given two instructions.”

“I, well, it is just, please, I really, …”

Smiling, Corbin said, “Hey maid. Don’t worry about me. Your Mistress here has told me all about you. So I know you are usually well behaved.”

Riley winced. How dare Austin be so naughty that her new man felt a need to take control.

Emboldened by Corbin’s remark, Austin said to him. “I think my wife has given you the wrong idea. This is a sort of game we …”

Her voice remains quiet, barely more than a mumble but her eyes are blazing, “Maid, one young lady is heading for a heap of misery and pain, if she is not careful!”

Austin lowers his head immediately. How could such a slight woman as his wife be so terrifying? “Sorry. Yes. Perhaps we can talk later.”

Now her lips barely move, “So greet my man and offer him a drink.”

“Yes, of course,” Austin says. “Good afternoon, Sir,” somehow it was a relief not to have to say the name of his bully, “may I get you a drink?”

Corbin laughs, “Hey. She isn’t just cute with great legs, she’s useful too.”

Riley’s voice is less cold, her eyes less fierce, as she said, “I will deal with you later, maid. Wine for me and a beer for my man.”

“Yes of course,” Austin said, almost bowing.

“And do it now!” Riley said.

Austin flees the room, his hurried heels clanking over the floorboards into the kitchen.

Corbin leads his sexy new girl to the sofa and sits so that he pulls her toward him. He can feel her tension.

“Hey, don’t let it get you down. I’ve known a few sissy maids in my adventures. They’re all the same. I can help you train him to the next level.”

Curling her bare legs up beneath her, she leans back on the sofa. “Wow. Really? You can do that?”

“Sure,” he announces. “You just need to be firm with them. Else they think it’s just a game for them to dress up.”

Her shoulders relax. “Oh my God. Am I so glad I met you. I so much want to take this to the next level.”

He cuddles her, enjoying her praise. As he releases her, he said, “Now you watch and learn. You’re gonna love this.”

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