Austin and Riley Part 7


To Austin, it seemed that his wife, Riley was hanging onto her new lover Corbin as if she were totally in lust with him. Like a moon orbiting a planet she couldn’t part from him.

Though there was truth in the husband’s thought, the real reason for Riley clinging onto her hunky lover, was that her legs felt so weak. The sight of her flushed hubby in his gorgeous maid’s uniform scurrying to the garage on the instruction of her lover was sending her mind into dizzy eroticism.

Her mouth hung open, exposing her perfect white teeth, her eyes were droopy, half closed. She was a sex object for Corbin, her lover, and she loved it.

Of course, Corbin was oblivious to how she looked, he just loved having her draped over him. His attention was fixed on the flustered male maid. He loved how the dumb sissy was trying to grasp back the initiative. For Corbin, it was like a rugby match when you have to keep trouncing your opposite number. Every time he gets up, you put him straight back down.

They were back in the living room with Austin bursting to let them know what he thought of that stupid prank!

“Mistress,” he began, not wishing to upset her, so addressing her as instructed, “I feel I have to say that was total madness. Anyone could have seen me. People in the street, passing cars. God, a police car could have been going by!”

Corbin laughed merrily, “Yeh. How often do you get the police patrolling this expensive neighbourhood? Like, never?”

Riley giggled, no longer feeling a need to disguise her laughter when Corbin teased her husband or cover her mouth when he did so. “Oh maid, sir here was in charge. He’d have looked after you.” She looked up at her hulking lover, “Wouldn’t you, Sir.”

“Yeh, sure. Of course. Don’t worry about it, maid.”

Sighing through his nose to make a point and doing his best to ignore the brute in his living room, Austin said, “Mistress I really think we should have a chat in the kitchen!”

Corbin settled down on to the sofa, his long, athlete’s legs appearing odd, like those of a preying mantis as he sat. He pulled a squealing Riley into his lap, with her long bare legs kicking in shock.

Corbin embraced her, flaunting his ownership of the sissy’s wife before the hubby.

He smiled easily as he said, “Just unwind. You did really well out there, maid.”

Had he done well? Austin studied the dark skinned man, seeing if he was taking the piss, but he appeared quite genuine. Austin was being complimented by this guy who said it as it was.

Corbin continued, slowly, a man who will speak as long as he likes knowing people won’t dare interrupt him. “I’ve had loads of experiences with you sissy maids. And I have to tell you, some would have panicked. Cried even. But you did really well. You set your mind to it, and went and fetched the rope, as instructed, even though you were terrified.”

“Well sir,” Austin cleared his throat, not expecting the praise, and feeling somewhat flattered, “I guess, I did do that. And,” he added, to make the point, “I was scared.”

Riley dropped down her chin so her dumb maid couldn’t see the was unable to prevent a broad grin getting bigger. Her husband was swallowing all the flannel from her lover. God he could be dumb. Yet bizarrely, he looked so damned cute in his maid uniform, blushing before her lover.

“There you go,” Corbin announced. “Now, how about you fetch me a sharp knife and bring me that cream coloured coil of rope. Will you do that for me?”

It was a request made in such a sweet manner that Austin’s sissy brain overrode all his previous angst and uncertainties. He loved the thought of being an obedient, highly competent maid. One that would be admired by the people he served.

Austin headed to the kitchen to fetch the medium length serrated edged knife from the knife block. That was the sharpest implement they had.

While the maid was in the kitchen, Corbin whispered to the sexiest wife he had ever met, “Just watch this. We’ll have a bit of fun with your maid. You tell me if you think I’m going too far.”

Going too far? Her eyes widened, she wanted him to go as far as he wanted, but didn’t say so, in case she appeared cruel. So, she licked her pink lips, nodded and settled under his arm, ready for the show.

The enthusiastic maid was already scurrying back in his heels with the knife, which he handed to the relaxed Corbin. To Austin, Corbin suddenly appeared less the bully of his memories and more a relaxed alpha male, coolly making himself man of the house.

“Good girl,” Corbin said, making Riley giggle, “Now, have you forgotten the rope?”

“Oh no, Sir. Sorry Sir!”

Austin jumped towards where he had set down the two coils. He picked up the hefty spool of cream rope, as instructed, and gave it to Corbin with both hands.

“Good girl,” Corbin said as if genuinely impressed with the compliant actions of the maid.

Austin felt thrilled.

“Now maid,” Corbin said. “Why don’t you be a good girl and fetch me one of your dining room chairs. Then set it down in front of us.”

Nodding, a breathless Austin headed straight for the dining room.

As soon as he was out of the door, Corbin whispered to the hot wife, “You tell me if you get uncomfortable, all right?”

Oh my God, Riley’s mind was shutting down with sensory overload. What the hell was he going to do to Austin that he thought would upset her? Whatever it was, she needed to see it. Had she ever been so wet between her legs before?

The maid came bustling in with a high back chair from the dining table and placed it before the couple on the sofa. It was an elegantly simple design, with a narrow back.

“No,” Corbin announced firmly, noting with pleasure the horrified expression on the cute maid’s face at being in error. “Further away.”

Nodding, Austin moved the chair back a couple of feet, his eyes fixed on Corbin for validation that he had put the chair in the right place.

Corbin said, “Just back a little more. A foot. You got it. Good girl.”

Good girl! Austin felt thrilled. He had been called a good girl for the second time. His dick filled the chastity cage with frustrated throbbing.

Corbin turned to the hot wife. “You ever tied up your maid?”

She winced, forced to explain, “Yeh. But I’m shit at it. He always gets out. He says I don’t do it right.”

Corbin brushed her hair, “Hey! Don’t beat yourself up! Right? You never do that when I am around!”

No one had ever spoken to her like that before. Her mouth fell open, then she grinned. “Okay.”

“Let me show you. Maid, get your cute arse over here and put your hands behind your back.”

Austin obeyed with a giggle. He was about to be tied up, just like in all his fantasies. Moreover, restrained by a man who clearly knew what he was doing. As he approached, he became aware of the sour, musky odour of Corbin. He and Riley wore fragrant perfume, so his aroma was clear and obvious, and not unattractive. Austin would like to have put his nostrils right up to the large man’s shirt and sniffed in the intoxicating smell. But obviously couldn’t!

“Now,” he announced to the attentive Riley, “I like to have six-foot lengths.”

Corbin held the rope and stretched out his arms until the cord was about six foot in width. He made a visual mark and then cut through it.

“A few of these will do pretty much all we need.”

Riley paid attention in the way she did back at school when she was class swot, as Corbin sliced off four segments, each of the required six foot. He dropped the remaining length, which was about two feet, on the floor next to the sofa.

“All right. So the next thing is how you have your maid’s hands. Some like them tied together, others like them tied together but facing away from each other. Others like them crossed at the wrists. You can choose in future. But this time, I’ll tie them facing each other.”

Corbin was pleased to see the maid push her wrists together at the rear of her skirt, just near the bow of the frilly white apron. He loved submissive cucks. You could torment them all you liked, and they would always come back for more, so long as you took them step by step into their surrender.

This was too easy!

“I like to make the bondage look good, so just watch this. I fold the rope in half then wrap it around the wrists like this and push the two free lengths through the loop in the rope. The you can pull it tight.”

With her mouth dangling open she took in every word, but it was tough to concentrate when she was so electrified by the scene.

Concentrating on his actions, he said, “Then coil it around again, but further up the wrist. Like a pattern. See? It looks much better than those guys who just tie it around the hands in some big ugly mess.”

She watched as her husband’s hands were secured by the thick rope. Corbin was now holding the two free lengths in his hands.

“So you bind this, in a loop going under the wrists and bringing both ends up to secure them. Just tie them in a cinch.”

She watched as he tugged on the free ends and saw the entire hand bondage pulled strictly tight.

“Don’t go mad here. You don’t want your maid having circulation problems. Just make the bondage snug. Then tie it off. A double knot will do.”

Wow. Her sissy hubbie’s hands were bound firmly together. No way could he escape from that.

Corbin held the bound hands, “Can you see, that no way is she going to get her fingers around to that knot? She stays tied until you decide otherwise.”

Riley groaned with pleasure. What a thought. She will tie him up in future knowing that he can never escape until she permits it!

For Austin, he was quite simply out of it. Totally in his vacuous sissy head space. He was wearing his favourite maid’s uniform and best heels in front of his wife and her lover. His dick spurted into his panties. The thought that he was experiencing the same dampness between his legs as a girl pushed his arousal further.

“Sit on the chair, maid,” Corbin said, without any stresses in the words. It was simply a casual statement to be obeyed.

Austin did so, pressing his thighs together, he didn’t want to appear unfeminine as he settled on to the firm wooden seat. His bound hands pressed uncomfortably up against the rear of the chair.

Corbin chuckled, “Hands behind the chair, dumb bitch!”

Riley giggled at her husband’s foolishness and even Austen chuckled.

Having to stand again, before sitting and pushing his arms around the rear of the chair, Austin settled onto the seat, aware that his short, flared skirt had ridden up to expose his suspenders attached to the stockings. He hated that. The slutty sight, it seemed to him, detracted from the elegance of the outfit.

Those who enjoy bondage love the thrill of helplessness. That is, they enjoy it until there is a point at which they wish to perform an action that is denied them because of being restrained. It can be as simple as wishing to scratch your nose. In this case, it was Austin wanting to settle the flared skirt further down his thighs to cover his stocking tops.

Corbin held out a length of rope to Riley, “You give it a go. The maid’s ankles need tying. She is your maid. So have a try.”

“Oh, I couldn’t!” Riley actually took a step back from the ropes offered to her. “I’m hopeless.”

The last thing she wanted to do was disappoint this masculine male.

“Just do as I showed you. You’ll be fine.”

She accepted the cord as if it were radioactive. Her eyes grew helplessly large as she sought guidance from her Bull.”

“Just tell your maid to put her ankles together.”

Oh God! What if Austin disobeyed her? She would feel ridiculous before this confident man.

“Maid,” she said swallowing, avoiding her husband’s eyes, “put your ankles together please.”

For Austin this was exhilarating, so he quickly complied, feeling his heels rub together and his stockinged ankles touch.

Riley looked to her lover for encouragement, and received it:

“Great! So you recall what happens next?”

In her short strappy, red dress, Riley knelt on the floor, doubled the rope and wrapped it around her maid’s ankles.

“Like this?” She asked.

“Great. Just thread the ends through the loop and pull it tight.”

She followed the instructions, feeling her breathing growing shallow.

Corbin crouched next to her, his eyes as much on her half-exposed breasts as her handiwork around the maid’s ankles.

“So just wrap it around again, above where you’ve done it. You want it to look good.”

She did so, wishing beyond wish that Corbin would take over the bondage.

“Great. Now pull the free ends between the ankles wrapping them securely around the ropes.

Her fingers felt like sausages, yet somehow, she managed to do it.

“Now just tie them together. Two knots. Just a little tighter. Great. Mustn’t be too tight, else you’ll be constantly loosening the bonds through the night. And that’s a pain.”

For Austin, this was sheer exhilaration. He was truly bound, just as he had always wanted to be. Self bondage is never satisfying because you know you can release the ties. Riley had never been adept at tying him up. He had always manged to escape from her previous attempts, but he knew from pulling on the wrist bonds that nothing gave.

Spurting through his chastity into his panties, he just needed to be able to cum. What he would give to be unlocked from the plastic chastity cage and spurt his load. But he needed to see how this scene would play out first. His old school bully seemed a much nicer, warmer person. A guy he trusted to tie him up like this.

Riley stood up with a grin, seeking more praise from this solid masculine man.

Corbin grinned, realising she needed his acknowledgement. Now she was dependent upon his approval she had already crossed the line into being his.

“Brilliant, baby. Just magic.”

Her shoulders rose as she took in a deep breath and exhaled with joyous pride. She had actually impressed him.

“So your maid is tied up tight and cannot escape. But we want her fixed in position so she cannot move.”

Riley nodded as if she understood this, but she didn’t.

He offered her a third length.

“Fold it in half like you just did with the ankle tie.”

The couple were standing to one side of Austin, and he had to turn in his bonds to see what was happening next. How could one length of rope stop him from moving?

Riley bent the rope double and awaited the next instruction.

“Great. So fold it between the maid’s ankles and then pull the free ends up to her wrists.”

Stooping down she did as instructed, gaining more confidence in herself and her actions.

It was a bit of a squeeze pulling the looped rope between the maid’s legs, but she succeeded.

“Now just yank the looped end and free end back to the wrists behind the chair.”

She did so, forcing Austin into bending his legs under the chair seat and off the floor.

“Push the looped end between her wrists, above the bonds. That’s it and push the free ends through the loop. Now tug it tight.”

Austin squealed, “Oh!”, as his ankles were drawn up to the underside of the seat and his wrists pulled downwards making him sit up straight.

“Magic,” Corbin said. “Just tie the loose ends to the back rest of the chair.”

She did so, constantly waiting for Corbin to tell her she was doing it wrong. As she pulled the knots tight, she realised how helpless her husband was now. His stocking legs were held up so high beneath the seat, that his heels couldn’t touch the floor. His arms tugged down so firmly that he had to remain sat up straight, his tiny false boobs sticking out through the front of his maid’s dress.

“Oh, heavens,” she said, covering her mouth with her hands.

Corbin folded an arm around her bare shoulders, pulling her so that they were stood before her trussed up hubbie. He loved making husbands totally helpless before taking the wife, making the wife his.

He was electrified to feel the wife settle into his arms, her head pulled back, awaiting a kiss. Why did women always submit so readily to him when he had cowed their husbands?

They kissed before the maid.

Again, Austin felt the thrill of the bondage give way to painful annoyance. Suddenly he hated seeing his beautiful wife in the arms of another man. Austin tried to tug at his bonds but found he simply could barely move a muscle. He was held in place by this lout’s expertise in bondage.

He tried hard to obtain some degree of leverage yet couldn’t. He was held in place while looking at his wife kissing this man as if she was in love with him.

Riley felt her Bull lift his head away from the kiss, so simply stayed firmly in place waiting to be kissed by him again.

“You learn fast,” Corbin said to her.

“Thank you,” she said, barely able to breathe.

“I want to teach you a few more things. Things that’ll keep your maid in her place.”

Austin cleared his throat and tried not to reveal how cowed he was, as he said, “They are good ties.”

Though Riley smiled at him, feeling the words were a compliment, Austin could see that Corbin was riled.

Corbin became very serious, as he said to Riley, “Do you want to hear from your dumb cuck of a maid while we have time together?”

Riley feigned an amused gasp,

Corbin said, “Take off your panties.”

The hot wife stared with shocked eyes at her lover.

Corbin said, “Quickly.”

Blushing and grinning, keeping her eyes from her bound husband, she reached beneath her short red dress, and drew down her red lacy panties to her ankles. With an awkward hop, and close to stumbling, she pulled them off her heels.

She looked lost as she held the delicate red lingerie in her hand.

The Bull snatched it from her and in a single movement pushed it beneath her dress and between her bare legs. He was clearly mopping up her juices.

Squealing before letting her mouth fall open in shock, Riley spread her legs and closed her eyes. She loved his invasion of her vagina. Somehow it made it more intense to have it done to her before her immobilized husband.

She groaned hoarsely, obviously aroused.

Corbin’s movements were quick. He snatched the panties out from beneath her dress and offered them to Austin.

“Open your mouth maid.”

Staring at the sopping red lingerie, saturated with his wife’s love juices, Austin could make out a thicker, more yellow substance. It was only when he realised the nature of that second substance that Corbin used his free hand to hold Austin’s nostrils painfully closed. It was the Bull’s semen. And now it was in his mouth.

As soon as Austin opened his mouth for breath, so the drenched article was forced into his mouth, ending up as a wet ball on his tongue.

It was disgusting. Austin automatically tried to push it out.

But Corbin simply had to keep a finger on the panties to hold them in place.

“Listen up maid. You be a good girl and keep them in your mouth. You only spit them out in an emergency, like wanting to tell us you need a pee. Got it?”

Corbin spoke with such authority that Corbin’s mind simply froze solid. He didn’t know what would happen if he spat them out, but he also didn’t want to know. Somehow that would reduce him further in his wife’s eyes.

So he found himself nodding yes to the command form his former school bully.

Yet the entire notion of being bound as a maid, gagged before his wife and his lover removed any sense from his mind. His brain was overridden by the sissy virus that only other sissies know of. His brain became complaint and horny. His dick hardened, betraying him.

Corbin smiled and said, “Good girl.”

Oh, God, those words again. As humiliated as he was, Austin loved hearing them from the Bull.

“Thing is,” Corbin said to Riley, “we need some noise cancelling headphones. You got any?”

A little shocked, she said. “Yes. Next to that Alexa device, on the cabinet.”

Corbin picked them up, saw they were wireless and grinned down at the submissive hubby, from whom he was going to take everything. Stupid unsuspecting dumb arsed sissy. They are all the same, he thought. Their little useless dicks leading them into trouble, and they don’t even know what’s happening to them, even as it is happening.

Smiling down at Riley, he said, “We don’t want the maid hearing what you’re going to learn, do we?”

Riley giggled, not quite knowing what he meant.

“Always best to keep the maids in ignorance.” His wicked sneer grew larger as he looked at the powerless cuck, “That right, maid?”

Austin knew it was a rhetorical question and simply looked away from the commanding Bull.

Corbin pulled the head set over his own ears and said, “Alexa, play children’s music. For the under fives.”

Through the headphones Austin heard, Alexa say, “Playing children’s music for the under fives from Amazon.”

Riley giggled at the mention of children’s music but felt bewildered. What on earth was this powerful man up to with her Hubbie?

Corbin said, “Alexa, louder.” After a moment he said, “Alexa, louder.”

When he pulled off the headset, Riley could hear a familiar musical track, that she couldn’t quite place.

Corbin pushed the headphones over the pixie hair style of the dumb hubby, adjusting them tightly around his head.

Then he laughed. The poor, dumb fuck wouldn’t be able to get free from the grip of the headphones. This was hilarious.

“Now, babe, I’m going to give you the sort of fucking you have only dreamed about.”

Riley’s eyelids half closed, “Oh my God! Please. Yes.”

She so needed to be screwed by this manly male.

“Then I’m going to tell you all the secrets of being a dominant Mistress of the House and keeping your airhead of a maid in her place!”

They both laughed as he took her in his arms and they, in unison turned to look down at the puzzled looking maid. As Corbin gripped her tightly, talking ownership of another man’s wife, with their cheeks together as they took in the sight of the helplessly bound Hubbie, and laughed loudly.

Not that Austin could hear them, or indeed anything, other than the merry singing of, “The Wheels of the Bus go round and round …”

He could see his former school bully holding his wife tight and had the painful sight of her body melting into the Bull’s with total submission. He watched Corbin say something that made his wife submit even more before they looked at him and their mouths were wide open laughing at him.

He jerked at his bonds but couldn’t move a centimetre. He was held perfectly placed to watch his nemesis take his own wife on his sofa.

No, this wasn’t what he wanted!

He mewed into the disgusting gag.

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