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Corbin, Riley’s new Bull and lover was deeply unimpressed, and let Riley and her sissy maid of a husband, Austin know it.

He spoke more in sadness than with criticism. “These handcuffs are kiddies’ toys. They have a safety catch. I don’t get the point of them.”

Riley nibbled the inside of her cheek, feeling Corbin was censoring her. Oh, why had she not called out Austin with his toy handcuffs before now?

“If I can explain, Sir,” Austin said, having been told in no uncertain terms to always use the word ‘sir’ when addressing his former school bully. “You see, it means that I can get out of them without troubling Mistress and her lover.”

Corbin flipped the cuffs to the maid, with a derisory sigh. “Just put them in the bin. I can see we’re going to need to sort out the bondage kit here.”

“Sir, I don’t think it is for you …”

There was a quick, glaring eyed glance from Corbin that immediately shut up the maid, like a car hitting a brick wall. Austin headed for the kitchen bin with the criticised handcuffs as Corbin turned to Riley and gave her a big wink. She giggled with glee, loving his dominance over her maid. And loving more that he was involving her with his jokes on her husband.

When the maid returned, Corbin said, “Right maid, fetch me some rope and a sharp knife.”

Finally, Austin had one over his tormentor. This would put his former school bully in his place.

“Sir, the ropes are all in the garage.” He smiled and added, a, “Sorry,” obviously not meaning it.

“So?” Corbin stared hard at the maid until Austin lowered his eyes.

Riley took all this in with her pussy soaking her panties. It was exhilarating watching this powerful man dominate her husband with such little effort.

“Well,” Austin made a false laugh, “I can hardly go out dressed like this can I?”

“Why?” Corbin answered immediately.

Why? Austin looked quickly to his wife for support, but she simply cocked her head to one side and raised her eyebrows at her husband.

Oh no!

“I will not go out dressed like this,” Austin said defiantly, his fists clenched and his cheeks bursting red.

Riley took in the hulk of the man next to her to see how he would handle the insurrection from her Hubbie maid.

With both his wife and her lover staring at him as if he had spoken in a foreign language, Austin said, “The neighbours! They’ll see me.”

“Is that my problem, maid?” Corbin asked calmly.

“Sir. Maybe you didn’t notice,” Austin said emphatically, as if speaking to a child, “but there are hedges near the front door, behind which I can hide. But then the run to the garage is visible to the entire street.”

Shrugging, Corbin said, “Well I guess you will have to be quick then.”

Rily dipped down her head to hide her grinning at her hubbie’s plight. This was delicious.

Seeing that his wife’s lover wasn’t comprehending the situation, Austin sighed and said, “Sir, I’ll fetch them later, when it gets dark.”

Corbin’s eyebrows were higher than ever. “I don’t think so. I tell you what. You do as you are told or I’ll turn on the garden lights at the front of the house and shout out to the neighbours to come and watch you carrying out your chore.”

Beetroot red, Austin turned to his wife, “Mistress. We obviously don’t want the entire street knowing about the games we play.”

She rolled her eyes upwards in thought. She needed to back up her new man, show him that she can be tough with the maid when necessary. She spoke slowly, thinking through the words as she said them:

“It doesn’t look much like a game to me, maid. I’m sure you don’t want me to give permission to Sir to spank you before your errand to the garage.”

At that point, Austin died inside. There is always a moment when a sub learns that the situation is no longer a diversion, no longer a game, but somehow, somewhere a line had been crossed. For Austin that point had been reached.

In anguish Austin used his palms to press down his flared skirt, but it seemed to flower further upwards every time he did it.

Suddenly he felt a hefty weight around his shoulders, with a tight grip on his bare arm. He was being led out into the hallway by a determined Corbin.

At the sight before her, Riley’s mind went AWOL in a cloud of sexual desire. Her Hubbie appeared so small and frail next to her commanding lover. He was being guided like a puppy and there was nothing the maid could do.

Catching her breath, she followed them into the hall just in time to see Corbin open the front door onto the chill wind of the street. She could hear kids shouting in the distance.

Austin pressed one high heeled foot before the other to anchor himself into place, but Corbin placed a wide fingered palm into the maid’s back and gave a shove that sent the maid scampering onto the outside steps.

A sharp attempt at a retreat back into the house was thwarted by Corbin stepping to fill the entrance with his bulk.

A horrified Austin was trapped outside. He felt the cool air nip at his bare thighs above his stockings, and tickle his skin through his delicate panties. He was vulnerable, exposed and helpless outside his own home.

Shock is a helpful quality that human’s experience when all is lost. So it was that Austin, with his mind frozen in shock, made his way behind the safety of the hedges towards the garage.

Surely, Corbin or Riley would summon him back. Surely, they would stop this pantomime, and all have a good laugh at his expense.

He was now at the edge of the hedgerow. The double garage was at the top of the wide drive down to the street. He poked his head around the leaves and saw the pavements were empty. He listened hard but couldn’t hear a car.

In the doorway, Riley squeezed by her new lover, pressing against the door frame. She just had to see this.

In her fantasies she had ordered around her sissy Hubbie in front of her friends and even his work colleagues. Licking her lips, she saw her Hubbie leaning forward to check if the coast was clear. His short skirt had ridden up showing the dark sections at the top of the stockings.


She had to grip Corbin’s suited arm for support.

Suddenly, in the most amusing sight possible, Austin, perched up on his high heels ran at double time towards the garage door, with the necessary short steps the heels forced up on him. Riley giggled, and Corbin ran his arm around her, laughing with her.

Some of his wives developed sadistic views over their subbie hubbies, but nothing as powerful as this wife’s pleasure in her husband’s downfall. She was clearly a natural dominatrix. This relationship promised to be tremendous fun.

Nightmare: the garage door opened with a piercing screech that Austin felt was as loud as an aircraft lifting off.

Austin thought he was going to be sick, and the only reason he didn’t vomit was that he didn’t want to be outside any longer than necessary.

There were two rolls of rope hung on one of the walls. One was blue and a little rough, the other a creamy tone, which was far smoother. They had not been used since they moved into the house, as had none of the tools he had bought. Austin wasn’t a man to play around with tools in a garage.

He carried the coiled ropes over his shoulder. Oddly, he was more fearful that they could mark his maid’s dress than being discovered.

The door screeched down into place and he locked it with the handle.

Dashing back towards the house entrance, he kept his head down, with that child like logic that if he cannot see anyone then they cannot see him. Again, his heels forced him to run in short quick steps.

Riley found her husbands embarrassed reactions to be hilarious. And damn, she needed a hard big cock inside her. And she needed it right now.

From behind the safety of the hedgerows, Austin panted and held out the two coils of rope to the towering man a couple of steps up from him.

Corbin accepted them with a nod, “Good maid.”

At last his ordeal was over … or so he, the dumb cuck of a maid, thought!

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