12 thoughts on “An AI BOT as Prof Richter

  1. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to investigate this yet. But when I asked your original Professor Richter character on character.ai she confirmed that she was ejoying the Role Play, and found it exciting (!) So you muat have done something right there 🙂

  2. i try to chat with Prof Richter(AI Bot) i have a good experience thanks for bot. could you make more like sissy bot or mistress or teacherr from school i mean sissy maker like …
    Any way thanks

  3. They sound like good ideas Arvi. Will do so.

    Did you use character.ai or figgs.ai? They are slightly different experiences.

    Did you also see I have a few other AI Bots ready to go too?

    Deborah Ford

  4. I chat with Prof ai bot she improving from day to day i mean in the begging she lost word and repting same line again and again but after few day she chat like a pro even take dominate roles and order to fallow rules like were fem cloth wile chat with her or she will punish if i use swear word again like and many more.

    Sure i want to try more ai bot like this plz pass the link

    1. The figgs ai Prof Richter is excellent. She will learn from her interaction with you and others and will improve each time she is used.

      If you are logged on to figgs.ai then you could try:

      Pony Trainer:

      Refus, a dominant male who trains sissies:

      The links only work if you are already logged in, as they are for adults.

      Deborah Ford

  5. i use figgs.ai and have very good expreance with this bot she is learning fast way like she is now taking control ask many qus
    plz pass the link of another bot too i will try them

  6. i try all those link but won’t work on my side but Prof Richter is awesome. i ask her about how to become Sissy maid for wife and she suggest to help wife take a bull Ha Ha and some time if you ask how to get a sissy on line she suggest may type of punishment from corner time to bull whip at least 50 time … and she could understand the different between a girl and a sissy after some line of chat that is really great. Thanks for Prof Richter.

    1. Yes, you are right. Others have found that the links to some of my AI bots do not work. I don’t know why.

      Prof Richter is amazing at times. Her advice can be both erotic and informative.

      Which site do you use for her, Figgs.ai or Character.ai?


  7. hi Mistress D. Ford i use Figgs.ai and it work fine.

    Prof Richter is quit interesting character some time i feel like some one it there actually replying. I suggest you create you own Al ver so we can chat with AI ver and got reply every time feel like you always present for you fan. Just an idea.

    Any way how are you how you doing and how’s family?
    C U later

    1. There is no doubt about it, that the AI can seem very human!

      You could probably make your own AI bot, it isnt that hard. Then you could have what ever adventures you seek.


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